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Qik Releases Video Connect, Live Video Chats to All Android Users

Previously, Qik was only available as a video chatting option to those that purchased a device with it pre-installed, but as of today, everyone with a front-facing camera can enjoy the service.  Video chats from everywhere and with everyone are supported, including those with your random friend that owns an iPhone.

One thing I’d like to note is that Skype actually owns Qik.  Yep, the same Skype that was supposed to release a video chatting app of their own on Verizon almost a month ago when the Thunderbolt was released.  Odd, but whatever.  Grab Qik for free in the market!

Market Link

Via:  Qik

  • Mike

    It’s still no good if the audio doesn’t work. The Thunderbolt has a problem yet to be addressed. I tried tango with a friend on his iPhone, we could see each other, I could hear him – but he couldn’t hear me.

    None of these video apps mean squat to most TB users until HTC fixes the Thunderbolt.

  • Doesn’t work at all. My friend and I both have the thunderbolt and installed this. After we set up an account and both tried to video connect chat to each other. We both got the same error message of Russ is not a Qik user, and also we got Russ is not available. What the hell. Any ideas anyone?

  • tried it with my friend. My TBolt was on 4G, and his Evo was on 3G. working good.

  • Cincycats51

    Force close on Xoom WiFi.

    • Finire

      Same, I get a force close on my wi-fi xoom. Oddly enough it’s just for the 2-way calling. Video mail and everything else still seems to work.

  • 11knives

    Why not allow video chat with non front facing camera devices to desktop? I want to be able to share what I’m looking at, not show my ugly mug to every caller.

    • Skype should be able to do that.
      Also, why Skype has both apps now? Don’t make much sense to me…

  • OCLanMan

    Force closes on my Xoom even after a uninstall/reinstall.

  • Pauly814

    would love to try this out with people. Feel free to add me and give me a call: plpauly

  • doxie

    DX gets nada

  • Mike

    So is Qik able to video chat with users on a computer through Skype or does Qik have its own desktop client?

  • Anonymous


  • Datbizzybone


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    • Petersen5

      Thats what all the Qik Comments look like

      • Datbizzybone

        Thats so funny haha. Reminds me of AOL IM back in the day OMG 17/f/Ca SHOW ME UR BEWBS PLZZ KTKSKSKSKSKS

  • Angry Turd

    Odd indeed

  • Angry Turd