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DROID Incredible 2 Confirmation on April 28 Launch, Full Spec Sheet

A couple of days ago we saw April 28 pop up as the “All Channels” launch for the DROID Incredible 2 and we’ve got information to further confirm that.  We’ve also got the entire official spec sheet for the device in case there was something you didn’t already know.  Again, it’s global, comes packed with a 16GB SD card, a 4″ Super LCD screen, 1GHz processor and SRS WOW HD surround sound.  Yeah, I’d say it’s a nice addition to the DROID family.

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  • Bear

    Does it have a FM radio?

  • Why is everyone speaking about leaked specs, when it’s always been clear that this was going to be the US version of the smartphone already released in Europe as Incredible S? In fact all specs are the same, the only news here is the pre-installed 16GB memory card!

  • Anonymous

    Froyo? Common HTC 🙁

  • jester4281

    Now who is actually going to want one of these with it having the same specs as the HTC Thunderbolt and HTC saying Sense 3.0 will not be available for due to the specs on the Thunderbolt, ya got to figure its going to be the same BS with the Incredible 2.

  • Gee, I would get this phone if it had a keyboard. OH WAIT IT DID IT WAS CALLED THE MERGE AND VERIZON IS A BUNCH OF JAGOFF TOOLS.

    Sorry, I like qwerty keyboards, and I’m almost at the point where I’m going to buy a Merge from Alltel off-contract and just activate it on Verizon.

    • DBK

      Actually, I think they are still going to release it. It just may take a while. I was waiting for that phone, too. :/

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to reply to all the comments here…

    1) Verizon has turned the switch on for SVDO (simultaneous voice and data over 3G). The thunderbolt can do it, but I think the performance isn’t there yet so they don’t advertise it. I haven’t tried it yet since I am in a 4G area.

    2) The Dinc2 – while the update looks minor, it is packing a 2nd gen Snapdragon and more ram so there is a performance increase over the Dinc (which is still a GREAT phone and one that can probably last a few more years if you still have one and it still does what you want it to do).

    3) This is still a pretty high-end smartphone for Verizon and global (great for travelers and supposedly if you have been with Verizon for a bit, you can get the phone unlocked by calling them. I don’t know how true it is, but that’s what I’ve read). A lot of people who don’t live in a 4G area will love it especially if coming from the original. The only reason to get a TBolt if you don’t live in a 4G area is if 4G is coming within the 2-years of signing a new contract and you want to lock in unlimited data during that time. It is currently unknown how Verizon will do their tiered plans in the summer and if they will differentiate between 4G and 3G data (they currently don’t right now).

    4) I still wonder why HTC decided to release both the Desire S and Incredible S/2. The difference between the two are minor and could have saved money by just making one of the phones.

  • Andrew

    This is a pretty incremental improvement on the original. Bigger screen with the same resolution? No thanks. Same processor speed, a tiny RAM upgrade, and a front facing camera. Meh, I would’ve expected more. I’m happy with the original Inc.

  • Craigg

    Does this phone do simultaneous voice and data over 3G?

    • tjhrulz

      no 3G will never be able to do that on verizon

  • Thugnizzle2003

    Does anyone know if the Inc 2 will have htc hub Enabled?

  • Do not want. Want 4g. Want LTE. Want 4.3″ monster. Want Eithernet Thunderbolts. Want kickstand. Do not want weird shaped bump on back of phone. Want kickstand.

  • Letsgohokies

    Does “Global” mean quad-band like the Blackberry global phones? My “global” TouchPro2 doesn’t work in a number of South American countries because it’s not quad-band.

    • Anonymous

      The specs list four bands — not sure if that answers your question or not though. I’m also interested in the answer, as global is why I’m thinking of getting this phone.

  • Phil Hamlin

    For everyone saying they don’t want to part more for 4G….neither do I! And I don’t…the plan pricing is the same, data is still unlimited, etc.

    • DBK

      For now.

  • hal

    I have a Dinc and love it, I want the LTE to but have no Problem with waiting another 2 years. HTC does the best jobs on their phones. 3G is fast enough and WIFI at home. There is no mention about the prysm that is built behind the home keys. When the phone is turned side way the home, back button etc turn sideways to. Who cares? me super cool!

  • still loving my incredible, but if im gonna upgrade its gonna be for a dual core, not this

    • Johnny


  • How is this better than the Thunderbeast err, bolt? 😀

    • Viper

      as far as I can see it is only missing 4g but is global, better resolution since it is a smaller screen compared to the thunderbolt, and wireless charging. So it basically comes down to if you want 4g or not.

      • Immolate

        Saying a screen is better resolution because it has a smaller screen is like saying you’d rather have a 32″ HDTV than a 50″ because it has better resolution. Obviously a small screen with the same resolution has more pixels per inch, but that doesn’t make it better. There are trade-offs of course, but generally a larger screen is more attractive with the same pixel resolution…. to a point. Where that point is will no doubt be different depending on who you talk to, but put a 32″ 1080p TV next to a 50″, both LED or LCD or plasma, and ask your friends and family which they would rather have.

        Give me a 4.3 qHD over a 3.5 qHD any day.

        • DBK

          Depends on the person’s preference. I’d probably go for the 3.5 qHD. Want to be able to fit the phone in my pocket. 🙂

          Btw, I have a 32″ 1080p HDTV and it’s a beast, so step off! 😛

  • ThePaintPirate

    No 4g out here in Iowa for some time. Don’t want to pay more for something I wont use. This will be my next phone, event hough I’m not a big fan of Sense.

    • Hpickus

      this phone does not have 4g

      • cowdog

        And that’s the point. Why buy an LTE phone for an area that won’t see LTE for a couple of years?

      • ThePaintPirate

        Yes, I know. I’m just stating that I’m not swayed by 4g as a major point for buying a phone since we wont be getting it for some time.

        I have the OG Droid and was going to hold out for the Droid 3 but got to thinking, why would I want to wait for basically the same phone design just with updated specs. X2? If it didn’t look like the original and had an upgraded design (kind of what they did with the Droid 2) I might go for that instead. So far the Inc2 looks to be the choice for me, also HTC seems to update and stand by their phone better than Moto does. I’ve never had a HTC phone so I’ll go for something different yet familiar.

    • cowdog

      Same for Montana. Global is nice, the Inc2 is far more interesting to me than the Droid 2 global. I suspect the Inc2 will have better battery life than the Thunderbolt.

      The main thing that will hold me back is a 2 year commitment. This would be a great one-year phone for me. As such I’m likely to wait until the first ice cream (or whatever is next) phones hit the streets, hopefully one that is more of a nexus type phone on Verizon. I am also not an apple hater, and will be curious to see what the iPhone 5 with iOS5 looks like.

      • Andrew

        Montana represent!

    • tjhrulz

      would you rather have blur?

  • Mike

    does this have a dual core cpu?

    • palomosan

      Nope, it has the same as the Tbolt.

  • Mariobros27772

    How come this has landscape home screens and the Thunderbolt doesn’t? And if this has Skype on it, will the Skype update be soon for every other HTC device?

  • Hitch

    How can the usage time be higher then the standby time in the spec section? so much for proof reading

    • Hurricane219

      That’s b/c it’s not. Usage is in minutes and standby is in hours.

  • Kevoskee

    Looking stylish but I’m glad I purchased my Thunderbolt when I did

  • Or any new Android smartphone on Verizon, for that matter… Why bother with non-LTE?

    • Joelm

      I for one live in North Dakota where we will not see 4G until 2013… So one more round with a 3G phone is not out of the question, and by then the 4G phones will kick serious @$$. I really love my DINC, I paid full price the day it came out and have not regretted yet, so I am in line for the DINC2 already! Can’t wait

      • DBK

        Agreed. Believe it or not there are still some out there that like 3G (myself included) or that don’t get 4G for awhile and would rather not pay for something they are not able to use. A couple 3G hones in the mix is a good thing.

      • Brandon

        Glad I’m on the same page as some people. I live in TN and don’t see getting 4g here for quite some time. I’ve had an OG Droid since launch, tried out the Thunderbolt, loved the speed of the phone, but not so much the size and battery life. I think a 4″ non LTE will suit me just fine for now. Definitely going to be getting this.

  • Can someone help me with… why would you want to knowingly purchase a non-4G phone when there are currently 4G options available? I know it’s only the Thunderbolt (for now) and I know 4G is not in every market in the US (yet) — but dude, to tie yourself to this thing for another 2 years…? I dunno. Feels silly.

    I’m surprised to see any new DROID-branded phones released without 4G.

    • Wctaylor79

      I have 4g and a thunderbolt and would agree, but.. None of the 4g phones on the horizon arte global.. Some areas won’t have 4g until the contact would be up. If I didn’t have 4g or was a world traveler I would be all over this. Alas though my thunderbolt kicks ass and I will never go without 4g from now on..

      • Anonymous

        Global is definitely the key here.

        • Cjreyes666

          agreed but since verizon got rid of the unlimited data plan i see no more use of thier global phones

    • 1. LTE is still not in all areas and might not be for a while.
      2. LTE sounds like it’s quite a drain on the Thunderbolt.
      3. Some people don’t like buying 1st gen of new tech.

      4. Regardless of items 1-3, I agree and won’t be buying a non-LTE phone, as much as this looks nice!

      I think it’ll fill a middle gap as the price comes down. Some of the older models will move on, and in a few months this will be a GREAT $50-$100 phone for people looking at a newer but cheaper Android device.

      • DBK

        You forgot one:
        4) There are people out there that like 3G (or just got on to 3G) and would rather not switch (or at least not yet).

        A couple of extra 3G phones (and thus more options for 3G users) in the mix is a good thing.

      • LionStone

        WRT # 2… It can be if you are not careful and don’t know how to manage the 4G. For instance if you leave it on 4G the whole time you are in a 4G area, it will put a drain on the battery. If I’m in a 3G area, it has good battery life. Having 4G is like having a V8 in your car when you want the serious power, but when you don’t need the power, put it down to V6, or 3G. It’s really nice to have that option. I noticed even idling overnight, if I leave it in 4G, I notice a chunk of battery life missing in the morning. However, when I drop it to 3G, it is fine, hardly uses much for just idling overnight.

        I really like the Inc2…hopefully down the road we’ll have 4G and a global option.

        • DBK

          That’s just it. If you get a 4G phone, then why use 3G? Plus, you should be able to always be on 4G without penalty. That’s why many are sticking with 3G until 4G is more stable and the 4G phone’s get more advanced batteries.

        • Dan

          This is exactly why people might not want a 4G phone until the technology matures.

          “if you leave it on 4G the whole time you are in a 4G area, it will put a drain on the battery”. That’s a joke. You shouldn’t have to do that. The technology just isn’t there yet.

          • LionStone

            To explain further, why use 3G? Well, if I’m not browsing, streaming or downloading and I’m using the phone for just a phone, 3G is all that’s necessary. The same as if I’m using navigation, I’ll turn on the GPS…should I be able to leave the GPS on all the time without penalty? We know the answer to that already. So managing 4G for better battery life is much like other things we already do with our smartphones. Yes, it’s still new and evolving, and it’s only going to get better. I can understand if people are on the fence about making the 4G purchase if they aren’t in a predominant 4G area, but if you are and manage it carefully, it makes for a nice experience, regardless if the technology isn’t as efficient as we’d like.

            This morning I tested my first Skype video/chat with my friend in Budapest. The call was about 40 minutes long and it used almost 25% battery with a 4G connection. Is that good or bad? To me, that’s great. The capability and the quality of the video/audio was a great experience.

          • DBK

            Using 4G and using Navigation are two different things. Navigation utilizes more resources than using 4G does. (it’s just data being processed by the radio that then gets filtered into the many apps/widgets that use it). Using 4g SHOULD NOT kill your battery like using Navigation does.

            I do agree that if you are in a 4G area that switching to it would be more beneficial than staying with 3G, but if you are not in a 4G area, then it shouldn’t even be a consideration (at least until your area gets it).

          • LionStone

            Yes, the two are different but I was just saying the ‘task’ (which is really just a few taps) of turning it on then off only when needed, was the same, because they both use up the battery to some degree. Even though the technology is still new and the efficiency levels aren’t where they ‘should’ be. I mean yea, if/when they come out with a 1750mAh, that’ll be one thing that helps prolong battery life, but even with the 1600, it’ll last me anywhere from 8-12 hrs (80% in 4G area) and for me, that certainly meets my needs. What we are talking about is an equation that everyone will have to weigh up on their own really.

          • DBK

            True enough. That’s why many are going to benefit from a few more 3G phones. Not everyone wants to be an early adopter. Why switch to a network that’s not quite “there” yet and is still not widely available? Better to wait until it is more stable and other, superior 4G phones come out.

          • Hab60

            Global !!
            Without global capabilities, no go for me. Some people do leave this country once in a while…

    • Missthetrain

      Have a look at the following map.
      At this moment, about 97% of the country don’t have 4g coverage. Only the green dots are covered, the green stars are coming soon…?
      Why would you paid for something you can’t use?

      • Why does everyone think that 4G plans cost more than 3G? They don’t. As I said in another comment, my 4G data plan costs the same as my 3G plan, and my data allowance is still unlimited.

        So, whether or not 4G is in your area, you’re not paying for something you can’t use. You’re protecting yourself against obsolescence if / when within the next 2 years Verizon throws a few 4G LTE towers up in your area.

        And in case it wasn’t totally obvious, the Thunderbolt has 3G capabilities as well… it’s not like the thing dies when 4G isn’t around.

        But when it is around (80-90% of my daily life here in Columbus, OH), I sure do enough my 15-20Mbps download / 3-5Mbps upload speeds… 🙂

        • DBK

          It’s the same for now. But the plans will be tiered soon, which is why many are going to 4G now, to lock in that low price. superdry explains it better. Read his post.

  • Mth2134

    Yay. New phone overload……..