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Rumor: Has the DROID BIONIC Been Cancelled? (Updated)

First of all, we want to make sure you are all clear that this is just one giant rumor at this point, but that we’ve heard enough behind the scenes to at least raise the question.  We have always tried to keep you guys in the loop when we start hearing murmurs of things, and this is no different.  Here we go…

While I can’t go into a lot of details on what I’ve been told, just know that word on the street suggests that the DROID BIONIC has possibly been scrapped completely or severely delayed for the Targa.  This is a subject that has been tossed around with our sources for a couple of weeks now, but things have really come forward in the last couple of days.

Update:  Looks like Howard Forums members are hearing similar things.

Update 2:  Mr. Panda weighed in the other day at AC forums… (Cheers Paul!)

The Bionic will not be cancelled and is well on track for the expected release date. The issues that alot of people are claiming are due to release to larger testing group. Does the device have issues?? YES.. will be kill a release? NO chance in hell.. Its a 4.3 inch display dual core proc device running LTE, so battery and performance tweaks are ongoing with Motorola on a almost daily basis.

Update 3:  Our Panda friend is now hearing that changes are in order…

A recent story came out about the much anticipated Droid Bionic from Motorola being scrapped.   I checked into it and yes there are legs to it, but the final nail in the “bionic” has not been hammered as of yet.

Take it all for what it’s worth, but also know that we have reached out to Motorola for comment.

Update 4:  You can pretty much ignore the paragraph below.

And to counteract this rumor, let me just say that the device not ever seeing a store shelf would surprise the heck out of me.  Other than the Atrix, this was THE device to see at CES this year and has been the #1 requested phone on this site since January.  Many of you are waiting to upgrade because you want this phone and no other and I don’t blame you.  Let’s just hope we have more details soon, but a delay sounds more likely to me than anything.

Keep it here…

  • tpipher

    I was going crazy over the on again, off again rummor of the Bionic so I went to a corporate store and asked the store manager when the Bionic would be available and he told me with no hesitation that it had been cancelled! This suck!

    • Nkmett15

      Thanks for the useful info on this subject! Too bad if your right, which it looks like you are, I waisted months of waiting in suspense for the Droid Bionic (“The End of Waiting,” lol) for no reason other than to now have my hopes of getting it shattered. Dang it Motorola!!!!!!! Now…. with my contract over two months up because I was saving the upgrade for the Bionic, I guess I’ll have to get the Droid X2.. which really is suppose to have equal if not better specs, besides the front facing camera and the 4G LTE that I can’t or don’t need to use anyways. Still, Motorola…. that was kind of a harsh thing to do to your die hard fans. I mean it had 15,000 likes on facebook on your website and it hadn’t even been announced officially to the public………..

  • So what’s the expected release date as of now? Because my contract is not up for renewal till May 23rd.

  • After what is going with the Atrix… NEVER BUY MOTO. Wait for another dual core. Moto does not stand behind their products like HTC. Big mistake, thats my warning to you all.

  • LaFever

    so when exactly is this phone rumored to be released?

  • reese124

    I think they post this to build this phone up . The Bionic will come out soon destroying all other phones period . One thing to think about Verizon will cap their data plans soon . So its time to pay for the fastest 4g in America. Good luck . I love Verizon regardless they are the best period .

    • Karena Crawford

      I can’t wait. I was spazzing out when rumors were started about this phone being cancelled. I was like noooooooooooo….! I am soooooooooooooooo ready for 4g, bring it!

  • Blackmar

    the bionic is not cancelled. it is all over the motorolla website and even states it is coming soon. http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/US-EN/Consumer-Product-and-Services/Mobile-Phones/DROID-BIONIC-US-EN
    so all u haters can suck it. DROID BIONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • og droid

    Check the twitter page Twitter.com/droidbionic its states that the rumors are false.

  • Iwilli985

    Ok, so I just called VZW and spoke to a rep. Upon request, i gave her my information and she informed me that i’m due for an upgrade, something i already knew. She asked if I wanted to go through with it today and I replied no. I told her I was waiting on this particular phone but didn’t know very info on it. She went on to say specifics about the phone and actually mention Motorola Droid Bionic. When I asked for a release date, she then caught herself, and said that VZW didn’t have any information on the phone. In my mind, I said “BS.” I mean, she had just given me a full description and name of the phone. Too funny! So, there’s a possibility that the phone will be coming out soon. I don’t think it has been or will be cancel. So, I’m just going to keep rocking this OG Droid and wait it out.

  • Karena Crawford

    I have it on good authority that the DB isn’t cancelled. This morning I talked to reps from both Mortorola and Verizon that said the phone isn’t cancelled. The Moto rep said its just a matter of it coming out, but that the phone is scheduled to be released soon. She said the phone’s pics are still up on Moto’s website. So, I’m going with the officials on this one, I have been reading so many different blogs and hearing different things that I’ve developed a headache. Nothing’s official for me until something is announced by either company.

  • Go Raiders 😛

  • If a delay will bring us 1Gb of RAM, count me in. 512Mb is so 2010.

  • Anonymous

    I could care less if it fails, because I probably wont be getting it. I had the OG droid for a year and then got an incredible and I must say I do love sense, I messed around with the Atrix a few days ago at an AT&T store and was unimpressed.

    The one thing Moto has over HTC is build quality, and one of my friends has the same thought as me since we essentially swapped phones (he originally had an incredible). The OG was a brick and could definitely take a beating, I didn’t have to worry about the screen cracking/getting scratched or the chassis/case/bezel cracking or breaking since it was aluminium. My buddy cracked the screen on his incredible moving a table and he babied that thing. The Inc when I got it also felt like a toy it was so light and plasticy feeling.

  • Greg

    I just seen the Droid bionic twitter..looks like it was put up recently to promote the Bionic for a soon release?lets hope:)

    • Greg

      Check it out!!!

      • Piro518

        WTF is going on in that site? did i just get hacked?

  • Djstar2k2

    while i wouldnt by askinned android let alone a slurr(moto blurr) i can see delays due to lte support. same as the tbolt about the 4g radio sucking the battery dry. besides thats just another phone to slow the insane lte speeds im hearin ppl are getting on the tbolt

  • Kfath1978

    Spoke with my friend that works for Verizon and he said that they still have no idea of a date and heard nothing of it being scraped. I know that the people that work in the store dont know much about dates but he did tell me that you can get locked into unlimited 4G w/ the Thunderbolt right now w/ a 2 year contract. According to him this can/ will change at anytime. Tiered 4G or something. I really really wanted to Bionic but with this news I may pick up the t-bolt. To me it sounds like Verizon may be pushing back the dates so they can change the data plan and make some more money. Think about it they know how much/many people want this phone among others that are due out real soon…. I cant make my mind up…this sucks!!!!! LOL!!

  • shr1k3r

    I hope they drop it. The build quality and overall design looks lacking of a flagship phone, not to mention the atrix clearly takes that spot. The targa should definitely be their main focus

  • Piro518

    I swear, if this phone is canned, i will never buy a motorola product again. The hell they put me through the last 3 months for lack of a better word is hell.

  • I believe panda he’s always right so looks like this beast will be out on time

  • LinuxLover

    I’m one of those that have been waiting. It’s been between an iPhone and a Bionic, and frankly, I’m waiting on the Bionic. If it falls behind, I just might get an iPhone, instead. I’m not partial to either.

  • Anonymous

    If anything, cancel the X2. No LTE? What is this, 2010?

  • Anonymous

    ….Tmobile’s sounding better each day…

  • jj

    ironic, i seem to remember that the bionic was touted as “the end of waiting”

  • Nkmett15

    I’ve been waiting for so long and now there’s a chance it’s all been for nothing. I mean come on!!!!!!!!!! If this is true then I guess I’ll be getting the Motorola Droid X2 or something. I sure hope that this is just a rumor because if it’s not I’m gonna be really pissed…. as many other people would be I’m sure….

  • jj

    could it just be bullsh1t?

  • Targa is what im looking for right now. DB was nice but the 2 phones im actually looking forward to are the D3 and The Targa

  • Anonymous

    I think most of us who wanted a bionic are looking at the targa ever since it was leaked… I like my DX with gingerbread so much that I can hold off until the targa is released

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t matter. If the purchase of a Motorola device is on your horizon, the Targa is the one you want.

  • My theory for canceling the Bionic is 4G isn’t doing so hot now or isn’t as popular as it’s 3G counter parts. Costs for the devices are a factor too.