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Wolfram Alpha is Amazon’s FREE App of the Day

Time to get your geek on with Wolfram Alpha.  It’s normally $1.99, but Amazon is offering it up for free today giving you the chance to search for the most random scientific information on the planet and receive an answer back like “Distance to moon / length AAA battery” or “Words containing letters mpg.”  Make yourself smarter today with Wolfram.

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Cheers Owen and Murph!

  • Qing3636
  • KO

    The only apps ive downloaded from Amazon are the Free paid daily apps. If it were not for these I would simely not even have amazon on my phone. There just isnt a good reason to have two (Three if i count the god awful Verizon app store) on my phone. The free apps however do get me to use it, but I doubt I will ever choose to download a paid app from it when theres the Market.

  • Rizzidy

    Useless. Force closes all the time. D1.

  • Mr.Joe

    WELL I guess I’ll give it a try 🙂

  • Jim Dandy

    I’m catching flashbacks of thermodynamics :p

  • Anonymous

    Seems pretty cool for math, but it utterly sucks as a search engine.

    I tried “breakaway electrical connectors” hoping to get a list of distrubitors… it hung up on “breakaway” and never got beyond that.

    Then I tried a trivial question: “How many stop signs are in north america?” … it gave me general stastics for north america, like population and GDP…

    Then I tried “price of gasoline in china” and got no results.

    I tried “price of gasoline in Texas” and got 3.66/gal…

    So maybe it has some uses, but it’s not nearly as magical as the product description makes it seem.

  • Hatesmath

    why is this any better than Google? It’s just a more advanced version of Google calculator. I got it just in case I’ll ever need it, but I don’t see me using it.

    • Anonymous

      because it can do calculus

      • Hatesmath

        but so can a calculator

        • Does your calculator show the steps? I know my TI-89 does not. If I put in integral xe^x it gives me the answers plus shows the method used to determine the integral. If I put it into a TI-89 it will just give me the answer. It also automatically plots the integral. This search engine basically has wolfram’s computer program Mathematica built into which is more powerful than any calculator I have used. It’s a nice tool to have just like any app some people made have a huge use for it while other do not. Give the wolfram alpha website version a go.

          • Hatesmath

            alright, I’ll give you that, but I don’t know what mathmatica or integrals are. I’m a history major lolz0r

        • Anonymous

          But it gives you every single step

  • Guest

    I’ll just use google search

  • I bought it 2 weeks ago, darn you Amazon free apps :p

    • Seripr

      This is a great reason why this model may not work. I. Would hold out for it to be free before buying most if not all of these.

  • This app is truly wonderful it will do integrals and show you the steps same with differential equations. If you do a simple search such as earthquake it will show a map of the world and all the earthquakes that have happened over a specified time period. The only problem is it can do so much that it would take you forever to read all the examples on the site.

  • this helped me not fail my calculus class 😀

    • It would’ve helped me had it came out 3 years ago >.<

    • Davros / aka Chris Nimon

      Good. Maybe it’ll help me when I retake it lol.

    • Urugami

      Really… Why didn’t this come out twenty…hmmm………….. well, maybe not

  • Great, GREAT app. I bought it a long time ago and it helped immensely with the 5000 level cryptology class I was taking at the time. For lots of things involving gigantic numbers, strange functions, etc, this is WAY better than a calculator.

  • YourMomsTwaht


  • Jeremy Gentry

    good! i always wondered how long my AAA batteries were, now i don’t have to use a tape measure 😉

  • Downloaded.

  • Davros / aka Chris Nimon

    I haven’t tried it yet but it says it can do trig/calculus, for those of us taking it right now 😉

  • I like to just get the free app but never download so I can have them for future use even though i know I probably won’t use them 🙂

    • I do the same thing…it’s JUST in case I ever want to use them in the future.

    • ha me too!!!!!