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Download: Droid-Life Theme for Liberty 1.5 by CamDroid

The pretty hath returned.  You all know how we feel about pink themes here at Droid Life, so when @CamDroid hit us up yesterday with his latest creation, we had to share.  It’s been a while since we’ve featured something with our lovely color scheme; too long really.  This pinkness themes a ton of icons, widgets, and framework, bringing you a classic DL look.  Compatible with Liberty 1.5.

Download:  Droid_Life_Pink_1.0.zip [mirror]


1.  You need to be running Liberty ROM 1.5.
2.  Download the file from above and drop it on your SD card.
3.  Reboot into recovery and make a backup.
4.  Then “mount system” and “install zip from sd card.”
5.  Choose the Droid_Life_1.0.zip and install.
6.  Enjoy the pinkness!

Feel free to donate!  


(Big shoutout to my friend Justin for creating these back in the day. Glad to see ’em still getting love.)



Base credit to Justin at DroidPirate.com for some of the theme.

  • The designing portion of this site is very nice and because
    of it  , Interface of this blog becomes
    user friendly . But there is a problem that is there is no particular article
    or description about the blog is provided.

  • Joanna Jadore

    FINALLY!! Thanks guys 🙂

  • Whys it pink? Whys Droid-Life pink? Its a theme for the Droid-Life users. Definitely one of the nicest themes out for the X/2. Great job man love the look.

  • Anonymous

    if i were a pink guy… would definitely rock it. hot stuff good work.

  • Anonymous

    if i were a pink guy… would definitely rock it. hot stuff good work.

  • Brookehoetz

    hey does anyone have another link i can download this from? for some reason i keep getting error messages

  • Wow, they stole icons from my theme… thanks copycat

    And you’re not gay if you use an android theme which is pink and your a guy, it just means that your outgoing. Dur dur dur.

    • i didnt steal any icons from your theme. the only icon that i see is the same is the music in the notification bar which im pretty sure you didnt make. i changed the color of that icon anyway. its called open source for a reason. so thank you.

  • David

    i love the pink on the site, most other sites seem cheesy

  • kimmy

    Um come on, what about the girls on this site? Some of us are techy nerds too. I’m all for the pink.

  • thanks for all the support everyone. i made this to support droid-life so if the color scheme isnt for you, sorry. i am in the process of making this available in blue and cyan as well. follow me on twitter for updates @CamDroid

    • I think its great work, just cant please everyone, who needs em? *exits*

    • Maybish

      Hey cam…im loving this. But have a little tiny thing. When you hit the hard menu its kinda hard to see. The background is white and the letters are white. Not sure if you know this yet.

  • Themes?

    Wait….am I on the right site?

  • Mr.Joe

    Droid Life needs a ROM. Not a theme.

  • Chris Nimon

    “ahh man Kellex whats that battery widget?” just figured I’d get it out of the way 😉

    • I think its circle battery widget

      • Chris Nimon

        WOW i recently turned on the Push Notifications on my DX and your reply showed up on my phone before it did on my computer. How awesomely fast is that?

        • How do you do that?
          I have a D2, Not a DX 😛

          • Chris Nimon

            sorry, took me a min. to remember. open your email, click menu, click email settings, click email delivery, and check the data push box.

          • Thanks!

          • Chris Nimon

            Did it work on your D2?

            Sent via DROID  X

            —–Original message—–

    • Lakerzz

      Its Simi clock widget. I’ve been using it for a while, and love it

    • Lakerzz

      Its Simi clock widget. I’ve been using it for a while, and love it

  • John

    have never liked the pink associated with this site. just found a way to overlook it for now. oh well.
    congrats to those who like pink as their fav color?

  • Definitely would rock this if I had an X. All the haters can take a hike 😛

    • Anonymous

      I’d rock it but I love my honeycomb theme too much!

  • DJyoSNOW

    Yeah admit im gay but, rockin the pink… 2nd that No thanks lolz

  • Javonte

    Make it in cyan and we’ll talk lol

    • Reysan86

      use the drop theme

  • Mike

    If my girlfriend gets an Android phone, this will be her theme.

  • Liam

    Whats up with the girlie pink! Cmon, no straight man is gonna have a pink colored theme on their phone!

    • Maybe a man secure enough with himself would enjoy sporting this.

      • Mazz0310

        I’m rocking this!

        • John

          so you’re gay?

          • Carl

            you don’t have to be gay to like pink. this isn’t 1954. I’m gay and I like every color.

          • John

            obviously…it was just a joke.

  • Greeknasty1

    no thanks