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Download: Liberty UHC – Honeycomb Theme for Liberty ROM 1.5 (Updated)

Themer extraordinaire mobile_sensei hit me up on Twitter about an hour ago with this new Honeycomb theme for Liberty ROM 1.5 that he’s been working countless hours on.  Thing is beautiful, right?  He’s themed all of the framework, a ton of icons, and most of the stock widgets to give this a really solid Honeycomb feel.

Update:  We want to add in a notation about the original creator of the majority of the images used in this theme.  Haxzamatic started the Honeycomb theming craze and almost any theme you’ll see is based off of his original work.  This one included.

Download:  Liberated_UHC.zip (mirror)

Quick Instructions:

1.  You need to be running Liberty 1.5 on either your DROID X or 2.
2.  Download the file from above and drop it on your SD card.
3.  Boot into recovery and make a backup of your current setup.
4.  When that finishes, “mount system”.
5.  Then install the Liberated_UHC.zip from the SD card.
6.  Enjoy!

And if you want the Honeycomb wallpapers, grab them from the market.

  • JimInWoodstock

    Has anyone test this on Liberty 2.0 for gingergbread?

  • Dudehonestlywtf2

    will this work on liberty 2.0?

  • clockWidgeter

    what clock widget are you using in the left-hand screen? I can find it anywhere, but it looks sick.

  • clockWidgeter

    what clock widget are you using in the left-hand screen? I can find it anywhere, but it looks sick.

  • johnny

    I root my dx with 1.5 and lost my contacts verizon has a back assistance but cant get it are they gone forever lol

  • Cody Mcgee88

    i would love to have a similar theme in red using the battery indicater but with color red and maybe a droid x eye lookscreen would be awesome

  • Portertm

    Anyone else unable to uninstall Facebook after using this theme? Very odd.

  • Tbissler

    Swype theme?????????

  • Now that I got this ROM on my phone, which is sweet, I’m running into a problem. I CAN’T ACCESS THE ANDROID MARKET BECAUSE IT CONSTANTLY FORCE CLOSES! Somebody help me, please!

    • Thorsthunder865

      wipe data

  • Farqan Kamal

    Love the theme but the only thing is.. lockscreen is not as the picture showing.. any suggestions how to get the correct lockscreen.. Droid X

  • [email protected]

    Best theme I’ve ever seen. More like this would be great.

  • Anonymous

    clean as all hell

  • I need help, when ever i boot up my device it stays at the liberty spinning boot logo please help!

    • traction

      Turn off your phone. Hold down the home button (Droid X) or X button on the hardware keyboard (Droid 2), then turn on the power. When you see an image pop up, hit the search button (the one on the keyboard for Droid 2, the one of the front for X). Use the volume keys to select wipe data and cache. Let it do its thing. Reboot when it’s done. It should boot now.

  • Tayeva166

    Looks great thanks!

  • JeffyC

    Anyone else notice that the calendar widget is extremely dark? The Date, and Day are fine, the actual event is black, which you can barely see.

  • OG Droid ROM please?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Oh my gawd, Kellex thank you! I’ve been waitin for a HC theme for a while. This site kicks so much ass. Gonna flash this right meow.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Droid Life.

    Why do you feature this garbage? This guy stole my work and I see no credit. Can you please remove it or something. My Honeybread theme works on Droid 1 and themes over 70+ apk’s. Honeybread is an innovation this is pure imitation! To top it off he claimed on twitter it was the most complete honeycomb to date. How? LMAO! The Honeycomb battery looks nothing like that btw. I gave Jsin Legacy permission and he was working on Honeybread for Droid X. This really is supporting piracy, he stole my apk and took all my work like he made it. Oh and let me guess he wants donations, who do you win zip themer’s think you are? You steal my work then get money for something I have yet to make a dollar on? Really this beyond messed up. When I call him out he disappears, what a stand up guy ya know…

    *I can assure you this theme is junk when I decompile it gives errors to no end! How this even boots is a amazing. Seriously every apk is bad! I don’t think any apk is signed or zipaligned!

    • ASDF

      So what you’re saying is that him making a theme that resembles an android OS = stealing your theme…that resembles the same android OS? You sound like Apple trying to keep their touch screen patent. Chill out and embrace innovation. Economics tells us that imitation is the bread and butter of a market economy, so you can be happy that you helped to initiate progress.

      • Anonymous

        I made every selected and pressed graphic smart guy! I made from nothing over 1000+ png’s! So if you made an app and put endless hours into making android themes awesome you would agree. I let everyone use my work first off, he never even mentioned me or asked! Then to here people like you defend them like I’m wrong! Are you serious…

        • ASDF

          Dead serious.

          • Anonymous

            All my bootloaders are UNLOCKED, br0. The kiddie with the locked bootloader tells me I’m like Apple? I compile all my roms, compile all my themes and contribute back to Android. All my stuff is free and I include source for all my apps except Honeybread. I don’t even take donations at all right now, and I never have. You are standing up for guy making win zip themes and stole my work and is claiming it as his own! Just stop cause you make absolutely no sense.

        • Vinzky

          I feel you Hax…why don’t you just include Droid X to your fine work? I bet you there are a lot of us who would appreciate it very much. Maybe next time you can just assign someone to port your awesome work to DROID X users and then you won’t have any problems like this.

    • Dear Hax,

      I sent you gtalk invite to gmail account you listed. Let us discuss this real quick. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    My rooted Droid X won’t reboot into recovery!!

    • You have to have droid x bootstrapper. It costs but it’s worth it.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks a lot man, I got it working!

  • Meltdown03

    Try the Honeycomb theme for Project Elite if u don’t like Liberty! PE FTW!

    • Guest

      link please?

    • Guest

      link please?

  • Anonymous

    lockscreen doesn’t look as the picture. at least mine doesn’t

    • Anonymous

      very disappointing removed

      • Black_Dre_X

        Funny, I said the same thing about your mom. Bawwwwwwwwwww

    • go to settings and then liberty settings and select use rotary lockscreen and it will look like the screenshot.

  • Dinofan01

    I really wish this was for APEX… :

    • Anonymous
      • Dinofan01

        I will have your children now!

      • oh so beautiful. I would have never known

      • Ecffighter7232

        Thanks for posting the link to the one I put together for ApeX (with Haxzamatic’s permission)
        I’m glad to see how much love its been getting on the forum. I sent a link to droid-life to the thread but they never wrote back.
        Glad you all on ApeX are enjoying it! and thanks Haxzamatic for all of your hard work

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been looking for something like this all over!!! Thank you 😀

  • Dshudson

    yeah.. this thing is all f’ed up.. don’t install

  • Flyguy

    OK how is this any different than the Honeybread theme that is posted on on Droidforums.

    I have Honeybread installed already, can this be installed over the top of HB?

    • Ranger4Life

      how is it NOT different.. this is finished & all slick. finishing touches everywhere. not a rush job

  • Anonymous

    Just installed and the dots for the pattern lockscreen are not centered and the gmail icon is not themed (looks out of place since all the others are…)

    • Anonymous

      its because the gmail apk is updated and unthemed on install or you updated before you flashed it, thats my theory..cuz its what happened to me.

    • Ranger4Life

      gmail IS themed… did you bother reading the install instructions?? There is even a screenshot of the gmail… noob

  • Why do these honeycomb themes always seem to come with hideous icons? Theres a CM7 honeycomb theme that makes the homescreens look gorgeous and the app drawer look cartoony and busy and uggh. Judging by that launcher and browser icons this one is in the same boat :/

  • Ahnyeong

    I think I might root my phone just to get this look lol..

    • Anonymous

      You should!!!

      • Ahnyeong

        Haha, I’ll definitely think about it after my final exams are over with next week!

  • Computer Dreams

    this is very nice lookin, i think i might flash that over today

  • I’m sad because I had to leave Liberty 1.5 because of the restart and lock up issue with TXT messages.. Anyone else have those issues?

    Currently running Apex, stable as ever.. But I loved Liberty when I could stand the small bugs.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I ran into the same issues. I’m running rubiX Focused 2.0.1 and it is hands down the most absurdly well-implemented DroidX ROM that I’ve come across (I’ve found it to be much smoother than Apex, personally).

      • Anonymous

        um i have NO issues what so ever with my Dx Liberty 1.5

      • Nybadboy11

        hey is rubix better than liberty?

      • Nybadboy11

        sorry i was talking to u …do u think rubix is better than liberty?

    • I like when a question is asked such as “Who has a tie?”. The response is then from someone “I do not have a tie..”

      Thank you good sir, I am right where I started…. Droid Life 4 …errr Life?

      • Anonymous

        no its 4 life to the 4th power 😛 idk?

    • Anonymous

      I currently have this problem on my Droid X with Liberty 1.5. It’s definitely a ROM problem? I thought maybe it was freezing only due to overclocking. I would love to know what the real source is so that i can stop it.

      • The freezing after receiving a txt while the screen is sleep is a memory problem with Liberty 1.5, the reboot issue is also a ROM problem that alot of “blurless” ROMs encounter..

        If your lucky enough to not have it then yay but I couldn’t find a for sure fix so I went to Apex…

    • NastyNoodles

      Yup.. getting the same problem

  • KAZ


    • Anonymous

      Uploading now.

      • KAZ

        Thanks, much better!

  • Anonymous

    Off-topic, but I can’t resist: I love the news widget. Wisconsin news in the Los Angeles Times. I hope every person who questions Droid Life content will contact the LA Times and ask why they’re writing about a story in Wisconsin: http://goo.gl/2EpuW 😛

    • Anonymous

      Haha you are the best.

      • Porschephile2k3

        Duh! Thanks Kellex!

  • Porschephile2k3

    Love that wallpaper! Can someone please share this with us? Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      I did. Link is up there for the market app. 😛

      • Porschephile2k3

        Duh! Thanks Kellex!

  • Mike

    I love the look of Honeycomb and may never need to theme my Xoom because of it. Great to see Honeycomb themes for phones too.

  • Markopolo1022

    Im downloading now

  • MK17

    That looks so awesome. Really wish I had a D2 or DX to put this on.

  • DanSke

    Wow, this actually looks pretty slick.