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Sentio UI Steps Into the Home Replacement Arena, We Approve and Want More

It’s been a while since we last had a new home replacement pop up to drool over, but fortunately for all of you, one landed in our inbox  this morning from someone you may recognize.  Anyone recall the name REALigion from the DarkEdge days?  Well, he’s reappeared with a new goal of making an installable UI for every single “powerful” Android device on the market, including tablets.  Say hello to Sentio UI.  

As you may have expected, the Sentio project is far from being complete, but that’s exactly the point of this post.  Ethan (REALigion) has asked us to help spread the word on this new project and to get some public feedback from all of our readers.  You could play a big part in the future of this new UI, so make sure to let him know what you think in the comments.

Some important notes:

  • It will be months before anything is actually shown
  • It *should* be available to NON-ROOT users on the Market
  • There will be tiered payment plans including a limited Free version
  • There are several wonderful features planned
  • Since it’s non-root, it should be compatible with almost any powerful Android device – INCLUDING tablets

Pricing for the final project would likely be tiered, starting with free and paid versions, but could allow users to move up to a subscription service if they want that much control.

The Sentio UI mockup:

  • So would the music portion pull in all my sources? Meaning would I have all my music on the device, plus pandora and others? If so then that is AMAZING. I’ve always wanted a way to replace what my widgets looked like. But is that possible without root?

    • Irish22022

      this is exactly what I was wondering. What will happen to all of the other widgets people like? What if I want a wifi and gps shortcut on my homescreen? I love having the google search bar. I just wonder how this UI handles widgets, I’m dying to know!

  • Anonymous

    I would definitely pay for this when it is released. Can’t remember if I saw these in the other comments but I would just want a minimum of three screens on this so that I have room for a few widgets to put on this awesome looking home replacement app.

  • darksharpie

    its not on the market. where can i find it?

  • Wyveryx

    Don’t know, it looks like fun to try and configure a little, but..

    The multitasking buttons look a little small.
    Would there be a way to have timestamps on texts, cuz I like knowing when I send and receive so i can complain at three in the morning
    When switching tabs to, say playing music, will the current playing song be on top similar to notifications?

    Like I said, looks fun, and I know there is a lot of work you have to do, but without putting finger to pad it’s hard to tell, but I definitely have to agree with Rishi Jain. There has to be a way around the market’s 15 minutes. There really isn’t enough time to incorporate the new and see if it works for you before time’s up.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve heard that a few times so they’ll likely be either enlarged or handled in such a way that their size doesn’t matter that much.
      Timestamps = yes
      If I’m understanding you correctly, probably not.

      Yeah we’ll figure out a way around it and let you all play around with it and configure it how you want it then get used to it. Thanks!

      • Wyveryx

        Sorry, when the video showed going from John Doe to Rdio, you scrolled down to the playing song. Is it possible to have the playing song show up first in the list?

        • Anonymous

          That’s a great idea. I never considered it. I’ll definitely talk this over with the other members, thanks for the input!

  • 2013nader

    Looks sick!

  • I don’t think half of that can work the way they want it to. Especially the part where you can filter all the texts/emails/etc with a contact. Someone would’ve done that by now and I don’t think there are actually any hooks provided in Android to do that.

    Plus, outside of Microsoft’s Metro UI suite, typography can seem very pretentious.

    • Anonymous

      Of course you can. Go to your messaging app and tap on the contact’s picture – that’s all it is that we’re doing.

      The typography has been done on my DarkEdge theme and was pretty successful, in my opinion.

      Thanks for the input!

    • Irish22022

      in blur contacts you can go to a name, then swipe left to sms and right to see facebook status. but you can’t see notifications from facebook, or emails.

      pure messenger can though. I think it can be done. pure messenger basically does that, he’d just need to add the contact filter, which is already built in to android 2.+

  • diordna

    very very nice. Will definitely be keeping my eye on this one

  • why show when you we can’t have it yet? I’m an impatient person. if you don’t tell me, I don’t have anything to wait for… This does look awesome.

    • Anonymous

      In order to see how interested you all are in it. We’re investing a ton of time and money into this so I don’t want it to fall flat 😉

  • Anonymous

    I like the concept other than all the win7 references design wise.. I have always thought and WebOS Android mesh would be sweet. When that comes out let me know lol.

  • Rishi Jain

    I think its brilliant, and i’m even open to paying for it. But instead of making simply a limited functional free version, i think its important to let those who want try out the full version for a limited time, and longer than 15 minutes. I have no problem pay for it, but i’m not going to spend money to find out the paid version has new features that i really didn’t care about when comparing to the free or lower priced tiers, know what i mean?

    • Anonymous

      Great idea, I will definitely take that into consideration and we’ll discuss it. Thanks!

      • Rishi Jain

        that’s great news realigion. Also, even open to paying sounds rude…i definitely would pay for it. 🙂

  • Wow, i am down for this..LPP has been forceclosing on me, i really dont mind paying for this…i hope it comes with some scrollable FB, Agenda and Twitter widgets though, that will be so cool

  • Greg

    OOOOH! GREAT, another UI that will probably be bought by google and never released. Interesting

  • The mock-up looks great. But when have you seen an ugly mock-up?

  • Anonymous

    I would with no hesitation pay for it

  • Anonymous

    hopefully it’s not another project like TAT Home… that one looked very promising!

  • love. it. 🙂

  • Liquid Amber99

    Very elegant looking. I’d say if it comes out without any performance hiccups and anywhere close to this aesthetic, it’s a clear winner.

  • i would get the complete paid version i think this might change my mind abut the thunderbolt and might wait for bionic

  • diggin it. cant wait to see whats in store.

  • diggin it. cant wait to see whats in store.

  • This looks really nice I gotta say. I will definately be one to try this out when its released. Great work to the dev.!!

  • I like the looks, just read the post though and payment plans, I dont think so

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately some of the features we’re working on aren’t able to happen without payment plans. It would not be any exorbitant amount though as we’re hoping to hit a very large market.

      • Anonymous

        Also, the payment plan is optional – that’s only the very very top end package.

      • Anonymous

        subscribe to a launcher replacement? lolno.

  • Anonymous

    i couldn’t find it. anyone have the link to it in the browser?

  • Looks great, and I really don’t take issue with the fact that it resembles WP7. One thing we android users need to get used to is that the stock UI is pretty bland and that others do it better. There is nothing wrong with trying to emulate what has worked for the competition and attitudes to the contrary are what keep good technologies isolated when they would work great together. Basically, android is great but a skin that makes the UI more interesting and fun to use is always a good thing.

    • Anonymous

      That’s been my view as well. I’ve always been disappointed with stock Android’s UI, and overlays have always fallen short in my opinion. So hopefully this will sort of merge some good ideas from each of the leading OS’s as well as throw in some brand new ideas.

  • Bryan

    open up testing for rooted users 🙂

  • Anonymous

    That looks really cool and super nice, but with the launchers available and the limited animations that they can do with a some times laggy response, i can only hope that this UI figures out a way to let me have a bunch of my short cuts on my pages with out lagging out or having to re-draw. Good luck!1

    • Anonymous

      This isn’t just a launcher. It’s a home replacement, a launcher, a system app suite, basically on top of a different ROM.

      However, laginess and that sort of thing is the number 1 priority, then features, then looks.

      • Justreboot

        Don’t pay attention to them / I loved your work with DE and was one of your earlier supporters. When I switched to the X was a little dissapointed that u and Kov and the gang dropped support, but I understand. It was a huge project. Glad Kov got on boardwith Liberty…. Anyway. This looks sick. More like my treasured ZuneHD. Often copied, never duplicated… Got me wanting more 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for the support! Yeah I got way loaded down with school again after DE haha. So this will be kind of considered my coming back – with something obviously significantly bigger. Thanks for the input!

  • Mke236

    Looks great so far but I want to see more before I vote for it. Widgets, notifications, customization…..etc.

  • Nxus1ne

    don’t really like the iphone like notifications over the icons.

  • I really like this, right now I am using SlideScreen, but I would switch in a second.

  • Jrosario101

    it feels real WP7ish idk im going to have to wait and see

    • Anonymous

      metro ui

  • viewthis66

    that looks great! i would use that for sure.

  • Meh….looks too WP7 for my taste.

  • love it…..DAMN the waiting GAME!

  • Guest

    Looks interesting. If there’s a free one ill download, but if not ill pass. It looks like it has potential, but like what was already stated. We’ve been showed a few others that have seemed to fallen off the chart. I await a release, then ill get excited.

  • dude I want that haha!

  • Nylabrookes

    I want to test it!!!

  • Lets get a QR for it!

  • Anonymous

    whats the chance it gets finished though? youve shown us like 3 in the past 6 months that looked AMAZING but they’re in the same state now as they were when you showed us them
    im not going to be holding my breath for this

    and honestly, i clicked because i thought it said sense ui launcher as a home replacement app
    oh well

    • Anonymous

      There are no guarantees, but everyone involved is very serious about it. Unlike a lot of others, we actually do already have programmers on board as well.

      • I’m sure you get this a lot, but i would be very interested in alpha/beta testing, on the Incredible currently running miui

        • Die.

        • Anonymous

          Testing is almost definitely going to be closed. Sorry about that! Thanks

          • Anonymous

            Closed to donators ;)?

          • Anonymous

            Haha, I made that mistake with DarkEdge. People called me out saying I was purposely withholding release in order to get more money even though donations had dried up about a month before release haha.

          • Anonymous

            May need donations to pay the royalties to Kid Cudi for using his music to advertise the product. Unless you already got the ok. 😉

          • Anonymous

            Haha, I made that mistake with DarkEdge. People called me out saying I was purposely withholding release in order to get more money even though donations had dried up about a month before release haha.

    • haha i thought it said sense ui launcher too

  • Anonymous

    but i dont want windows phone 7

    • Anonymous

      That’s the best part! It’s WP7 on your ANDROID phone!

      All kidding aside, I’m certain it’s pretty different from WP7. It uses similar fonts and a (kind of?) similar UI theme, but it’ll be different.

      • Anonymous

        Looks way better than WP7, imo (hats off to you for making a better interface, appearance wise, than a multi-billion dollar corporation). All of the benefits of WP7, but since it’s Android, none of the drawbacks. Where can I download it?

    • palomosan

      I think they are taking a different approach since it looks like they’re mixing a lot of different softwares, it looks like it has Some Android, Apple and WP7 plus some MIUI.

    • Just because something is ‘minimal’, doesn’t mean it’s all of a sudden windows/zune.

  • omg i need the bestest android so i can have this on it

  • Anonymous

    It does have possibilities, I would like to see more

  • Anonymous

    I’m sort of ify about anything that I have to pay more on android but I’d definitely give it a try

  • That looks absolutely gorgeous – wondering how it’ll turn out!

  • I’m loving it. I can’t wait to try it out. If it looks good on the screen, it doesn’t mean it necessarily feels good in the hands…

    • Anonymous

      I’m glad you mention that, UI/UX design is the focus of this entire thing. I want this thing to *feel* good. Fast, responsive, and customizable. It’ll also be sexy of course 😉

  • Does anyone else besides me want to try this right now? Or yesterday even!? Looks sexy.

    • Anonymous

      Um me.

  • guest


  • I would be very interested to see how this pans out… It looks very cool!

  • Anonymous

    Oh snap. Looks good.

  • Anonymous

    Huh, nice stuff.

  • Ooh, that looks interesting…

    • Frosted Butts

      No argument there, but I will really celebrate when i see it running that smoothly on my Nook Color. 🙂