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Android Gaming Madness: Need For Speed Shift, Spiderman and Dungeon Defenders

It seems like only yesterday that we were all sitting back and complaining about the gaming situation on Android and how in order for us to compete with the i*hone, we would need bigger companies to start releasing some of their big titles.  Well, it looks like that time is more than here, as we’re seeing major releases drop on a daily basis.  GameLoft with their anti-market approach is still pumping out amazing games, EA is ready to push forward with their lineup, and of course we have the dozens of titles out from companies choosing to release through OpenFeint.  Times are good right now, but this is only the beginning.  

Dungeon Defenders, the first Unreal Engine game, should be out by the 23rd of this month and we’re hoping will start an amazing new wave of  games.  Anything made on the Unreal Engine is usually ridiculously polished, so we can only hope that there are more games from this platform around the corner.


Need for Speed Shift is available in the market now for everyone.  It had previously only been available to select handsets like the Droid X, but the rest of you can enjoy it for $4.99.  An incredibly popular racing game that is about as solid on graphics and gameplay as you’ll find.


And finally, GameLoft released Spiderman:  Total Mayhem which for now, seems to only be available if you visit gameloft.com from your mobile device.

Too many great options for gaming.

Via:  Droid Gamers (2), Android and Me

Cheers James!

  • NFS Shift is currently on sale for $.99 in the android market

  • Erygxftrhgyjhh
  • Trdracer

    spider man game looks real good and its fun!!! they charge me an extra $1.00 but return it right after

  • ScoobySnack

    Wish I didn't buy NFS directly from Verizon Wireless when it came out on the Droid X. Pretty pissed I can't use it on future devices now!

  • I picked up Need for Speed Shift and it's probably the best racing game on Android.

    I picked up Spiderman and it's probably the best game on Android. I couldn't put it down for 6 hours till I beat it, amazing stuff here. Combat is fast and fluid and very reminiscent of Batman Arkham Asylum. I shot some video, check it out.


  • Jon

    With 300,000 activations per day of Android phones, you gotta think that developers are chomping at the bit to make games for Android. My main problem is that all the best games are not on Android Marketplace. My phone is rooted and I install different Roms about once or twice a month. There is no way I'm going to buy a game from anywhere but the market given that I would loose it when I tried a new ROM.

    I'm relying on Nesoid quite a bit.

    • I have flashed a dozen roms to my Galaxy S phone and the games have always worked. The games I have bought from Gameloft are just in the download folder on my SD card in APK format, just reinstall them. But I usually don't have to install anything as I use Titanium backup.

  • Poopshot

    You all are the biggest bunch of *#cking dorks!!

  • macsmister

    I'm sorry but Android is still lacking way behind compare to iOS when it comes to game. It's not even close. There are so many exclusives from major game studios on iOS I would get sore thumb if I was to type everything on here. Don't get me wrong I'm an avid Android user but I feel very jaleous and disgusted I can't play Capcom, Sports Interactive, Square games on Android. You have got to be blind if you don't recognize that iOS is the only credible gaming platform able to take on the likes of Sony and Nintendo.

    • Dredamanfoo2

      Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Even with a library like the one on the i*hone, they will never, ever, EVER have either the credibility nor the library to “take on” the likes of Nintendo and Sony, who are, by the longest shot ever, the juggernauts of the handheld gaming world. They sit on a throne that is about as reachable for i*hone as a man trying to touch the surface of the sun using nothing but slinky shoes, a running start, and a trampoline.

      • Pocketr2004

        I hate admiting it, but no matter how much I hate apple, their app store has far superior games which, hopefully with gingerbread and future updates we will see some more developers come over and start making or porting games.

    • iPhoneBestPhone

      Also Popcap, Firemint, Freeverse, Sega, and the dudes who make Fieldrunners. Also they have Civilization Revolution, Monopoly, Hook Champ, the Game Center support, and so much more. I hope Google realizes that games are actually a major component of a smartphone. Even Microsoft realizes it with the XBL stuff in their Win7 phones.

  • Cgmartin33

    It was brutal attempting to buy Spiderman last night. I watched a youtube video of it and it looked amazing. After about 45 minutes I gave up…but im a stubborn basterd and I was going to get my Spiderman game. Apparently it doesn't like credit cards because I tried two of them. Then I grabbed the ATM card and it magically worked. Awesome game though. And they end up charging you a total of six bucks after a “small service fee”. (Droid X by the way)

    • Did you make your purchase on the desktop or phone. I have had issues with the desktop so I stick to the store on the phone. It has worked great for me.

  • your face here

    I grabbed the spiderman game yesterday and it's awesome, one of the best games on android I have played. The graphics are sharp and look as good as it can get on a phone right now and the gameplay is somewhat hackand slash but awsome considering if you get t right you can tally up 50+ hit combos which is awesome and is has some real time button pressing to avoid things and perform cerain actions which is good . All and all the game is great pick it up

  • scorpion77

    can you play the need for speed agent other people or is just in game ??

    • ScoobySnack

      Single player.

      Hopefully future updates will change that!

      • scorpion77

        i would be all over it if it was .. something about talking smack to your friends ..when you beat them …

  • Towelie420

    Gameloft is pushing out games that I'll never f***ing play

  • InvaderDJ

    Until Gameloft puts their games on the market is couldn't care less about their games. But happy to see EA embrace the market. Will definitely be picking up the Need for Speed game.

  • TheDrizzle

    I bought Need for Speed: Shift and let me say it is one of the best quality games I've played on Android, and it's really fun. EA really captures the console experience. I think everyone should buy this game to push EA into bringing more stuff over.

  • The350zWolf

    How much is need for speed if you get it through verizon?

    Edit: Ok, I checked on my D2 and is $9.99 if you get it through Big Red. Are both versions (market/VZW) the same?

    Cool in the video the backgroung music is Ghost-n-Stuff from Deadmou5 :^)

    Dungeon defenders looks really cool, too bad that I suck big time at these games :^(

    • MOTOX

      Yah i had need for speed first, but now i feel ripped off…

  • Jmreeves13

    I just bought need for speed shift thought the demo that came on my phone and it was ten bucks. I do believe I'll be calling verizon tomorrow…

    • ScoobySnack

      Did they refund the purchase? I bought through VZW a while ago and I wish I waited for the Marketplace offering.

  • hernando

    *Eighth* …or so.

  • Dungeon Defenders looks great, I've been waiting for something like this for a long time.

  • ok, so im all for gaming, and i really do LOVE this forum…..but to the people out there that put up a post with “first” on there and nothing else….who gives a f*&^?

    grow up and enjoy these forums….dont belittle them…thats what makes people stray away….

    thank you, and goodnight

    • Even Kellex participates in the First game sometimes. If you don't like it just ignore it and move on.

    • yea… like firsts really make people “stray away” from awesome sites like this. Its not that serious dude.

    • balthuszar

      funny, i thought we were past the making a big deal about the *first* thing 3 months ago…yes its irritating, but they have resorted the comments so those *firsts* actually come in last, get over it

  • 1bad69z28

    I can't waite to see these games on the new 4LTE phones and Moto pad. I think some big and exciting games will be available soon to us.

    • Jonbo298

      LTE and Dual Core. Don't forget the Dual cores 😉

  • Jawshua

    I wouldn't say the time is here yet. We have a while to go before we get more good games. Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja were a start but we need a lot more before we match the awesome selection of games on iPhone. We need stuff like Cut The Rope, which I know will be real soon, and Iblast Moki and stuff of the graphical caliber of Infinite Blade. Although three actual gameplay of Infinite Blade sucks bad, it's just repetitive garbage. But I will say that the graphics of that game are truly amazing and I hope we get games that look that awesome!

  • Mth2134

    What we really need are matching games. And puzzle games. And a few adult apps.
    Right now you should almost be able to hear the sarcasm dripping from these words.

    Thank god for real games on the horizon.

  • Sboman32