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Motorola Milestone Froyo Status Updated, Headed to Operators and Retail Partners for Feedback?

Poor Motorola Milestone users.  The original Droid has been on Android 2.2 for months now, yet Moto continues to test it again and again for its worldly brother.  It’s the exact same hardware as the U.S. version which is running Froyo flawlessly…what’s the hold up?  Well, they posted an update to their Facebook page yesterday that has as you can imagine, left Milestone owners even more frustrated than before.

Testing seems to be done, but now it’ll be up to operators and retail partners to decide if Froyo is good enough.  And I’m speechless.  So we’re another 6 months out then?

Via:  Motorola Europe

  • Almi

    I've got an european Milestone and I hate it,.. Always the waiting … for what? So they can shake theirs balls and do nothing .. argh !

  • juan

    hahahaha, thank god my milestone was stolen or I will be posting s$$”t about motorola all over. It is a disgrace that the milestone still hasn't receive froyo !!

  • Looks like it may be time to upgrade phones. Etna comes out when?

  • Piedy

    i'm working in one of the HK operators in the device team and i received nothing

  • froyo running perfectly? ha!!! whatever. they only reason mine now has less problems then it did is bc i rooted it. when i got the OVA 2.2 update i had nothing but trouble even with the patch updates i still has a huge amount of trouble

  • Fake

    exept the hacking community has had a release of 2.2 for over a month now. Been running perfectly fine for me in Canada on Telus Milestone running 2.2.1

    • Aciampoli

      how did you do this?

  • And all this time us OG owners in the states (myself included) whined about how long it took to get Froyo lovin'. I would be absolutely tweaking


  • sounds like they will still get before any of the samsung's in the US, obviously besides the Nexsus S.

  • Efjbdejong

    I am them……grrrrrrrr
    Still waiting……………….zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • 1bad69z28

    Third lol I totally agree it sucks to be them

  • youdoneyo69

    I wouldnt exactly say that it runs flawlessly….

  • Ryan C

    wow. all i can say is wow. Motorola, why do you treat us US Droid owners so much better?

  • evltwn

    Man that sucks to be them.