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Motorola DROID FRG83D Update Rolling Out Today

Remember the Motorola Droid FRG83D Android 2.2.1 update we told you that was coming in the next week or so?  Verizon has reached out to inform the world that it will indeed happen this week and some devices could start seeing it as early as today.  The update itself isn’t all that big, but it will bring your Android version up to 2.2.1 which is as new as it gets unless you own a Nexus S.

+ Updated Twitter® application with new authentication support.
+ Updated Amazon widget.
+ Updated News & Weather widget.
+ Improvements to Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync®:
• Handles server-side inactivity timeouts of 34 minutes
or greater.
• Continues to sync emails after a policy refresh.
• Support for Exchange 2010 connections.

+ Added new Gmail® user interface

More info here.

  • Got the Update and everything looks great. Also check out Google Maps cause its much faster now!

    My only thing is what is the amazon widget? I saw some things with news and weather that were improved, not sure about the twitter thing, but can't find the amazon widget anywhere. Any ideas?

  • I got this today!!! I couldn't believe it!!! but since my build.prop file is modified and my phone is rooted the updated got aborted. It Downloaded and then it canceled itself after rebooting since when checking the build.prop file was at it suppose to it cancel it self!!! U guys know if I flash my phone with the sbf file, would it update it self?? or it wouldn't? is this frg83d that they are pushing OTA is a test right, like a prelease like they always do to know if everything is alright?

  • Tony

    I'm rooted using z4root but using stock ROM only rooted for a few apps and to setCPU . . I also changed the stock kernel . . Will I receive this update or do I have to unroot first?

    • See, I'm curious too. I don't know if I have to unroot or what.

  • angrykid76

    it killed my phone. all i get is the motorola symbol on the screen and it wont do anything.

  • Aaron Vail

    will I loose root? If so could I root it again? Please reply! I have to the notification on my Droid right now!

  • Luckyr1981

    Everything pretty much looks the same. No Madden 11, no new gmail user interface and no Amazon widget…. I feel left out

  • baioc

    my build number says FRG83D but the android version still says 2.2, not 2.2.1 unlike the screenshot above..is this supposed to be like this?

  • Brandonogden

    guy from verizon told me to delete app killer for the laggy screen cuz 2.2. has one built in that actually saved my battery and the laggyness of my screen.

  • renerobert

    i got the update this morning….what did it do? i cant tell…nothing seems to have changed at all…

  • Olemiss2319

    My droid began the update and got stuck it seemed like so I turned my phone off. Now its saying my system is up to date bit I have treatment 22 build still. How do I get the update?

  • I just got this, how do I make sure I stay rooted?

  • Qudwls6933

    i was running on the new miui rom

    so in order to get this update..

    i used rom manager and got stock image rom

    version/92.2) froyo 01B and then updated to 22D

    now can i get this update too?? or no??

  • Jcapp82

    Please tell me it does fix it! That has been driving me crazy!! Reminds me of my bb storm. If it doesn't I'm rooting for sure.

  • Bensnake82

    i still dont have it and

  • im rooted and using the latest miui rom..

    how do i get back to 2.2(froyo) 22D version

    in order to get this update?? help me..

  • Papadopoulos

    We want froyo on the milestone 😮

  • Any tips on how to disable the FRG83D update notice if you don't want to upgrade? IIRC, you can dump new strings into the build file, but how to figure out what those strings should be? (I guess someone who upgraded to FRG83D could post the info from their build strings; is that how it works?)

  • Still waiting for mine … :/

  • Verified – received my update notice this morning.

  • Dirty Muff

    I got it about an hour ago. Dont use or need any of that stuff, Gmail is ever so slightly different that if I wasnt looking for it I doubt I would have noticed. Overall I give it a solid meh/10

  • Misphit917

    This update was ported over for rooted user a couple weeks ago. There is really no need to update if you have that version installed already, but if you don't have it and your not rooted then expect longer battery life and i have also notices that the picture gallery load faster and smoother.

  • Jeff

    Well it still does not fix the infrastructure WiFi bug or the AAC+ streami bugs introduced with Froyo…. I do not thing they will ever get fixed……

  • I actually got it a few days ago.
    far as screen lag… I haven't seen any improvement. ><

  • Chris

    So I'm on the stock ROM but rooted and I've manually disabled OTA updates. Will this break my root?

    • I have the same question too, Chris. I'm running the stock ROM (no special themes or anything), but I actually received the OTA update. Now, I'm looking to install the FRG83D update, but I don't know how to install it, considering I don't want to loose my root =/

      Can anyone give me any advice? (Pisst: Dr. Root!)

      • Chris

        You will lose root anytime you do an OTA update, yes.

  • Hoojoo

    Does this fix the the home screen redraw lag that came with the Froyo update?

    • seems to as of right now.

      • I’m not getting really any fix on that. Only a very small improvement in time it takes.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, same here. It’s a little better.

  • Jawshua

    Oh boy that means my DROIDX will see this update after Gingerbread finally confess out! Damn slow Verizon in Cincinnati.

    But yet, after I write this I'll probably still go and check and be disappointed.

  • Steve-O

    I'm actually running this update now, I was invited by Motorola to test =)

    • Jawshua

      Well, oooh la la! No you didn't post that for attention, no that's silly.

  • Kris5151

    how do i get this

  • Is there really a difference between the FRG83 and FRG83D? I'm stock rooted and FRG83, am I getting the OTA?

  • Alex9483

    Is this just for the OG Droid? I have the D2 and still on 2.2

  • EC8CH

    This is just a prep for when they release the 2.3 rom :-s

  • Connora87

    If i've already got 2.2.1 running on my current ROM am i still going to get the notification?

  • Chris

    this update has nothing useful in it. They should at least add something useful to the update before releasing. it's not like we will be missing out if they delay a useless update another few months to make it better.

    • You notice that with every update they try to block rooting. To Moto and Verizon that is useful. To business users, the rest is VERY useful.

    • Nxus1ne

      If you don't think bug fixes are useful, then block the update and quit whining. I bet you were one of the ones complaining how buggy Froyo was when it was released on the Droid.

      I'm happy they're continuing to fix and update my phone.

      • I still bitch about how buggy Froyo is… I remember when I used to be able to select hundreds of photos and have the gallery upload them to Picasa overnight. Now if I try that, about half of them get uploaded and I have no way of figuring out which half unless I go through every one. Crappy Froyo.

      • I still bitch about how buggy Froyo is… I remember when I used to be able to select hundreds of photos and have the gallery upload them to Picasa overnight. Now if I try that, about half of them get uploaded and I have no way of figuring out which half unless I go through every one. Crappy Froyo.

  • Ryan C

    Is there really any point for me to do this if i just manually updated to 2.2 FRG83?

  • Username

    Just bought one on ebay yesterday for 120 (I already have a droid x), can't wait for stock and then cyanogenmod when I get bored with it, then back to stock for gingerbread.

  • The350zWolf

    Have all of you noticed that Verizon (follow the link provided above, the one that says “More info Here”) is calling this a “Mandatory System Update? I suppose that if it's up to them you really don't have any choice!

    • My ROM blocks updates, thank you very much!

      • Frebax

        My ROM blocks it too. How do I get the update then?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I bet it will unroot rooted droids

    either way, I'll pass… nothing of interest in this update so I hope the OTA blocking patch I have in place stops me from getting this.

  • Darinr80

    Does this take away root access? If so can you re-root afterwards??? IMO no update is worth updating if I lose my root!

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I bet it will..

      “typically” if you had a backup of your ROM in place (using clockworkmod for example) the OTA would try to update and fail and reboot. There are also OTA patches that can block the OTA announcements.

      and BTW, Pete seems to have this already rooted for you to run in a vanilla ROM if you want it


  • Ace87

    yay for updates

  • I'll just wait for my Gingerbread ROM, thanks anyway!

  • garbagedick

    to anyone who has tested this build; does this fix the LED “bug” where the touch buttons stay lit while charged? it annoys me to no end since i use my phone as my alarm clock

    • kellex

      Touch buttons are off on my phone and it's charging.

      • garbagedick

        sorry i didn't elaborate, i mean while using it as a clock in the charging dock, it dims to the night light, but the touchbuttons are on and bright as ever with stock 2.2

        • Kelly

          if you hit the dim button on the clock screen the touch buttons dim, at least on my phone, pre and post root

        • scrizzo

          Mine does that to. Theres a icon you touch in the top-right of the screen (cradled) to turn the screen dim. Tap it once and the screen dims and the lights turn off. Press and hold it and the screen turns black and just the time is displayed.

          • garbagedick

            right, but while its just displaying the time the touch buttons stay lit. i was wondering if it still does that in 2.2.1

          • acquaz10

            Just lock and unlock it and the lights should go off.

        • Nepherim

          With the phone in the dock, and the clock running, hit the Sunshine icon top right. Turns the LED off.

        • I have the update and the phone is in the dock. I presently have the floating time in very dim green and no other LED’s are on. But my phone didn’t have any buttons or LED’s on before the update, sorry.

  • ZOMG new Amazon Widget!!! Yay!

    • kellex

      You love it.

    • Where did you find the Amazon Widget? I can’t seem to find anything like that on mine

  • Michael_NM

    As much as I like to hate on Moto developers, I'll say kudos this time for keeping up with Daddy Droid! 🙂

  • Inquizitor

    oh, joy!

    also first