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Go Launcher Enters the Android Launcher Arena

Yep, another launcher that has a huge goal of trying to take down LauncherPro and ADW.  Does it stand a chance?  Actually, it does.  Go Launcher has a ton of the functionality that you’ll already see with those other two launchers, but has it’s own take on how Android should function.  It doesn’t necessarily use an “app drawer” and instead opts for a “function chart” which includes your apps but also as a task killer.  Interesting right?

The developers also threw in the scrollable app tray, custom icon settings, gestures and many of the other features you’ve all enjoyed in LP and ADW, so this might be an alternative to consider.

Full gallery after the break.  Anyone been using Go?  Thoughts?  

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Cheers Jim!

  • jacko

     it is the only launcher i will use. i try others, like regina and panda and launcher pro, but i always come back to go launcher. for one, it is free. it is even more customizable that launcher pro, it is very smooth. i use it with rubix focused 2.01 and my droid x runs very fast. love it.

  • Anonymous

    9 Screens Running, widgets everywhere. Seems fast so far. I like to scale down the widgets in my dock. Maybe someday.

  • Guy

    I have been using GO for a couple of days now. It’s really good. Together with the circle launcher app I could redesign the whole structure of my walls as I wanted it from the beginning.

    My phone isn’t rooted so I still have some unwanted stock apps on my phone. That’s why I like the ‘hide apps’ function a lot. (similar to poof for iphone)

    Also the hand gestures and the extendability of the dock bar made everything more convenient.

    All in all the whole thing reminded me a little of my iphone with sbsettings on it. That’s probably why I enjoy it so much.

  • Ishi

    If you added a looping function like LP I will change for sure. It's not a big thing I know, but I'm so used to it now, that not having seems weird. Widgets would be nice, but it's not a big deal for me, since I don't really use any apart from beautiful widgets. Otherwise fantastic job. 😀 Keep up the great work.

  • We have supported resizable widgets now .
    Just have a try and we are always listening to, and working for our users!
    If you have any feedback / suggestion / bug, please reply to this thread or send us email. ([email protected])

  • We are fixing this bug now .
    If you have any feedback / suggestion / bug, please reply to this thread or send us email. ([email protected])

  • We have improve our app since 2 weeks ago .
    Just have a try and we are always listening to, and working for our users!
    If you have any feedback / suggestion / bug, please reply to this thread or send us email. ([email protected])

  • We will release a new version to support hiding app this week and already have supported alphabetical app order now .
    Just have a try and we are always listening to, and working for our users!
    If you have any feedback / suggestion / bug, please reply to this thread or send us email. ([email protected])

  • Kikilongsocks

    Had it for a day then switched back to launcher pro plus. I love the set up, but for starters almost half of my apps weren't showing up in the drawer, I didn't have my lp widgets, it wouldn't let me resize things (which I do a lot) and my phone was working at half its speed. (Which is REALLY slow for the original droid) maybe if they come out with an update to fix the lag and the missing apps, then ill try it again. But till then its LP all the way.

  • Hmm i need to be able to use custom icons, have i missed it?

  • tareq samman

    I respect ADW and LP devs, they are awesome and constantly updating and making their app even better so please don't get me wrong when I said: I am not a big fan of ADW or LP, they both are not my idea about “open” that's why we have bought androids right? coz its open! anyway take a look at this: http://www.droidforums.net/for

    • Ugly as sin, but I like the concept. Very Zune like. I think it's really interesting what's occuring with Android Launchers. We're not really starting to see people think outside the box. Incremental improvements are giving way to some very different ideas.

  • Stevigan

    Whats the clock called?

  • Cleetose

    I'm really liking this launcher. Only two issues for me. The function chart should have an option to be alphabetized (and perhaps other quick sorting options), and the screen should rotate when I open the keyboard.

  • Br549

    Anyone using scrollable widgets? I use PureCalendar and Go doesn't seem to like it. Will not load the full widget and FC when I try to scroll.

    +1 on the ability to use custom icons. That is one of the main attractions for LP+. However, the lag with LP+ is dragging down its functionality. In this regard, Go is much more snappy. (As is Zeam Launcher, but Go is more customizable.)

  • Stanger

    the only thing i don't like about it is that the apps in the app drawer aren't alphabetical. i'm sure there will be a fix for that soon

  • Freestyle270

    It's a nice simplistic launcher, I'll give it style and performance points. Personally I've become very fond of the LP+ widgets (FB, Twitter, People, Calendar, and even bookmarks), moving to another launcher, ADW included, makes me feel like I'm loosing too much. If I can get away with not installing apps to handle functions that the launcher can do, I'm all for that.

  • Rain_king46

    Fast and good looking. As of right now I would vote this launcher second to LP. One bug I have noticed is that if you turn the message count function on, after you read the message the count does not reset. At least it doesnt on my DX

    • Rain_king46

      Does anybody know if there is a way to change the dock icons to custom images?

    • Barlog

      It does the same thing for me on my DX with LP. It really bugs 🙁

  • I tried it out for only 10 minutes and switched!

    It offers up some of the features that are in the MIUI Rom. I love it thus far, have been using it for almost a full day and it's great. Really fast and only occasional 1 or 2 second delays when I press the Home button. Usually loads in a snap.

    Allows for you to change the icon of anything, even folders! That's a first that I've seen. There are apps that allow you to change folder icon, but not like this. It's a pain in the ass to use those apps and unintuitive. With this ROM you just long press and choose “Replace”. You can also rename any program icon.

    Also gives you the option to replace the launcher icon with something else. If you do this, then just use the swipe up gesture in the settings to bring up the launcher instead. Also set the swipe down to bring up notifications, which allows you to not have to be so precise about swiping from the very top of the screen.

    Has SMS, Missed Call and UnRead email alerts, that seem to work flawlessly unlike Launcher Pro.

    • Rain_king46

      my alerts are not working flawlessly. it counts unread sms messages but then after I read them the unread count stays until i restart the phone

      • We are fixing the alerts now .
        If you have any feedback / suggestion / bug, please reply to this thread or send us email. ([email protected])

  • Dggardner773

    This launcher will definitely give both ADW and my favorite LAUNCHER PRO a run for there money.

  • Paul

    So… I'm getting an iPhone vibe from this one too. At least in that function chart / app tray. Otherwise, looks good.

  • Bucho2k

    So far this is running so much smoother than Launcher Pro and ADW on my Droid 1. I'll stick with this for now.

  • Bkn0x

    What clock is that?

  • John

    Tried it, went back to ADW.

    I want to be able to resize widgets. I dislike the app drawer not being alphabetical.

    GO launcher is plenty smooth (but no smoother than ADW), but offers nothing fresh or anything that I need.

  • Ctxx24

    I can't add shortcuts…and I can't set the home screento themiddle one hmmm

  • I only see 3 home screens and you can't resize widgets.

    • Bucho2k

      Finger gesture up on the screen to reveal the home screens and add 30 of them.

  • Wow it looks like…just another launcher. yawn.

    What's the big deal? Aside from /not/ sorting the apps in the tray (wtf, guys?) I don't see the allure.

  • Droidaholic

    I figured out how to have the apps scroll up and down instead of side to side so that's all good. My clock widget won't load, though, so I am trying a new one. I really wish they would allow us to resize the widgets like LP does. I am sure as they update the app they will start to include these functions…or at least I hope they do.

  • Peetie

    I like it but wish the function chart would sort the apps in alphabetical order and it would be nice if I could keep the home screen background from moving when I go to the other home screens, other than that, it's good!

    • Droidaholic

      You can move the apps around and place them in whatever order you want…but it will take time. It would be nice if there was an automated way of doing that.

  • Go launcher runs well on my Gentouch tab….i wont run it on my Di tho….Sense UI ALL THE WAY…