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HTC Merge Appears on Verizon Site for a Quick Photo

The HTC Merge which was originally supposed to be part of the big Droid celebration tonight in Seattle, made a brief appearance on Verizon’s website before being pulled just minutes later.  Usually when 360 degree pages show up for phones, they are about to be announced, so stay close as we’ll be snooping around the interwebs for more details.  We also have a secret spy heading to the Incredible party tonight, so we’ll be sure to let you know if the device makes an appearance.

Pretty nice looking phone though right?  Try your best to ignore that Bing icon for a second…

Via:  Android Central

  • Nice posting, Well What about the gpu, I know the D2/X(and I think even the original Droid) has an improved gpu over the Snapdragon gpu? Thanks

  • ndog21

    Bing burns my eyes

  • It isn't a Droid? Then who was phone?

  • Cmod

    froyo, 8mp camera, 720p video, 3.8inch screen, 4 gig internal, 512 ram, 1ghz processor, gsm capable. Oh and a 8gig pre installed micro sd.

  • Mando14

    what time is this party going down?

  • ieatapples

    Not very impressive. I'm just gonna get an X.

    • ieatapples

      With an extended battery, black silicone cover, and 32GB SDCard. 😛

  • Donnydee

    Man I wish this didnt have a keyboard!!!! Wheres the Incredible HD

  • kimir

    so does it have bing?

  • Cleetose

    Looks like a great phone, but I'll only get it if it's going to have LTE, and it doesn't look like it will.

  • Droid_life_sucks

    Kellex is a posse he uses a MacBook n iPod but says he hates apple what a fagboi

    • Cleetose

      When has Kellex ever said he hates Apple?

    • ieatapples

      Boi? Posse? The correct terms are boy and pussy. Are you in pre-school? I think you are. Don't like Kellex or Droid-life? Get the f*ck of the website and go back to MySpace h0m3b0iii. 🙂 Us educated folk will be here and on Facebook. 😀

    • OtisJay

      simple question, Why are you here?

  • DF4

    OMG! hurry up and get hear!

    • kimir


  • It's a nice looking phone, but even if it had been on my list to get, the delays and hardware/software problems would probably put me off. There are enough problems with any other phones' release, knowing that they're struggling with this one and trying to fix and push it out would make me wary.

  • Mario0x11

    it looks like its has the new sense 😀

  • Michael_NM

    “We also have a secret spy…” It's nice to know that Droid Life has a black ops division. 😉

    • kellex

      DL: Black Ops Game of the Year Edition.

      • ieatapples


  • KleenDroid

    Google needs to shut this Bing thing down now. They need to set some conditions for using their free operating system.

    • Cleetose

      Setting conditions would defeat the purpose of being open source.

      • I respect that Google is being all idealist with this open source thing, but setting standards wouldnt be so bad and as an end user I frankly dont give a damn about idealist theories..Just let me customize a bit.. Standards shouldnt stop you rooters and devs from trickling down goodies to me should it

  • ckeegan

    I will never figure out why HTC took a step backward from the 5-row QWERTY on the Touch Pro2.

  • Can anyone just show up to this party, or is it invitation only? I'll be in downtown Seattle anyway. Might be fun to pop in.

  • Skyskioc

    I just pooped myself…..gotta have it……

    • Michael_NM

      It sounds like you'll need to wipe more than Bing.

  • Kosmoskid

    Can't wait for this. I will root and fix the Bing problem quickly

  • robotnoize

    Yeah how the hell are they gonna put Bing on a google Android phone?

    • Same way the Moto backflip had Yahoo as the default everything on AT&T and you weren't even able allowed to sideload sh** on to it.

  • DubyatheYa

    No. F* HTC. If they want me to buy their phones, stop putting that unremovable crapware on the damn phone!

  • EC8CH

    Try your best to ignore that Bing icon for a second…

    I can't… it burns my eyes!

    • Root that SOB, then de-bing!!! Yee hawww!!! 😛

    • EC8CH

      IDK… I have a suspicion they are paying to have Bing installed as the default search on all these Android phones, which to me seems sleazy.

      • bigdav1178

        That is exactly what happened. Verizon signed a contract with Microsoft to put Bing on phones as the default search engine (obviously in turn for some kind of monetary payment). I don’t recall where I had read this, but it was definitely in the news a few months back. A web search should turn up something on it if you want to know more.

  • What advantages does this have over the D2(or D2G as they both are suppose to be world phones)? I just got the D2, and I do like sense(but the D2 has also showed me what third-party widgets can do). Is this really worth the extra $50 vs the D2?

    • theineffablebob

      One advantage is that this phone is faster. The gen 2 Snapdragons are faster than the OMAP 3630.

      • Anyone think that faster speed wroth the extra 50? Because I upgrade from the Droid Eris and D2 on stock rom is just amazing so far(waiting for the latest Fission to be released before seeing how it really flies).

        What about the gpu, I know the D2/X(and I think even the original Droid) has an improved gpu over the Snapdragon gpu? Thanks

        • theineffablebob

          The 1st Snapdragon has a slower GPU than OMAP, but the 2nd Snapdragon has a faster GPU than OMAP.

          • Any links comparing the two, since the gen 2 snapdragon is in the Desire Z/G2. Also read that Desire Z(not sure about G2) has this 5 second start up mode(kind of like hibernate for PC), but do you guys think this will have it? Does the G2 even have it?

          • Gabe

            It’s hard to say if the Merge will have the new sense with Quick Boot, but I doubt it will. Remember the Mecha (Incredible HD) listed on htcsense.com? there was never a Merge. Also, the G2 doesn’t have Quick Boot, only the Desire Z/ Desire HD do.

          • Ben

            T-Mobile MyTouch 4G has Quick Boot as well…

          • Gabe
          • That video just showed the MT4G to have it? Or is that a rooted and custom rom off the Desire HD?

          • Gabe

            That video proves that the MyTouch 4G does NOT have quick boot. This is Quick Boot:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6droPt2v8o

            and no, that is the actual mytouch 4g.

          • Then what is the difference between fast boot and quick boot? Because the MT4G if you look at the second half of first video had a boot that was pretty fast(like 4 seconds).

          • Gabe

            actually, i was wrong. very sorry. however. the g2 doesnt have fast/quick boot. that i am for sure on.

          • Then what is the difference between fast boot and quick boot? Because the MT4G if you look at the second half of first video had a boot that was pretty fast(like 4 seconds).

    • EC8CH

      Keyboard looks like an upgrade over the D2's.

      also D2 is a world phone… WTF? Pretty sure it's lack of a G indicates it's not.

      • In both I was referring to the D2G and the Merge.

        • EC8CH

          OK, the wording of your question is somewhat confusing 🙂

  • This is killing me. One second I read how it'll be LTE and won't come out until February, then you post this. WTH? I definitely want a keyboard with Sense, so that wipes out everything Verizon has right now….

    • KillaPenguin

      My friend, I think you are referring to the Incredible HD, which IS holding off for LTE. This is definately not the Incredible HD.

      • I know. There have been rumors that they delayed the release of the Merge in order to get LTE going on it, which would push the release off. I’m ready to roll with a new device…

      • no, he is correct, i’ve been watching the merge for a couple of months and there definitely was an online article about it being put off until next year to get LTE. Not saying it was a CORRECT post, but he is not imagining it or thinking about something else.

    • i likewise saw the piece about the delay for LTE, so i bought a droid 2 global. if the merge comes out soon, i may still send the droid back.

  • KillaPenguin

    I like it, accept for the goofy mustache looking think by the HTC logo… Oh, and the big. And the inevitably locked down hardware that “prevents” rooting. Well, at least it prevents it for a week or two.

    • EC8CH

      I think those are its turn signals into indicate it's intention to “Merge”

      • Cleetose

        Ba-dum tish

        • EC8CH

          Thank you very much, I’m here all weekend.Don’t forget to tip your waitress… and try the veal!

  • No front facing camera? Why is Verizon so opposed to that? Is it just that their 3g can't handle video streaming?

    • Cleetose

      Why does everyone suddenly need a front facing camera?

  • fattyj


    • you win a autographed picture of some hippie!

      • Best prize you've ever awarded!!! 🙂

      • i love that you post that someone has won something everytime they get first. it makes me laugh.