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Miren/MIUI/Charming Browser Now has Official English Support

Just last week an XDA Forum member took the time to translate the Miren “Charming Browser” (aka MIUI browser) into English for all of us to enjoy and this week, the company behind it decided to release an official version.  While it’s not in the market yet, it will be after we all test it for a bit and report concerns to the source thread linked below.  

Changes to this version:

– English translation
– Adjustment of Top sites
– Remove certain feature not ready for English version
– Add user agent support (in Settings->Advanced->Web page)

Download:  Miren.OfficialEnglish.apk

And I noticed in the comments on the previous post for this that some of you were concerned about Flash support.  I can confirm that Flash does indeed work, at least on embedded Youtube videos anyway.

Again, be sure to drop comments or concerns in the comments and at the source thread below.

Source:  XDA Forums

Cheers @aczm1988!

  • fssacha

    I love this browser it is really quick

  • Miren= Major scroll and zoom lag on droid-1 with android 2.2.1. Stock browser on same phone and same sites screams. Love the interface but speed will always be king.

    Hey google would you just buy them for the UI already. You make great products but your gui's have the same level of design acumen that my first Geocities page had in 1997.

  • Chupaturkey

    Wow. I'm able to go back to my previous page after a wikipedia page without having to punch the back button 50 times.

  • Guess what just became my default browser? This. I love it.

    • Guess what? I successfully commented (the above and this comment) with disqus on Miren while it always fails on stock.

      • g00ber

        never fails on stock for me….. PIGGIES!!

  • Mysterion

    my favorite web browser

  • Pilotbluemike
  • Andres

    love this english version! 🙂

  • The350zWolf

    Unless there are a few comments mentioning that it tops xScope, I'll pass on it.

  • Chris.Go


  • Tex

    I get “application not installed”, I used the previous versions and I do like this browser. I'm trying uninstalling the older version now to see if this one will install.

    • Pilotbluemike

      make sure you uninstall any old version you have first.. then it will work (i had the same problem)

  • Puck

    ” The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable “

    • Same here.. :'(

    • Maizekid

      Same here.

    • JubbaTheHutt

      Not sure what the deal is when Kellex uploads these APKs, but there's a period of time in which the file is posted to the site. In other words, Kellex, you should post the file first, than the post you plan on adding it to – give enough time for it to be uploaded.

    • Someday he will stop using megaupload as a mirror, someday.

  • I have been using the translated version for a while. It is a rather nice and stable browser. It's performance is better than Skyfire as far as regular browsing and the tab interface if nice. It does auto hide for those concerned about screen size.

  • Pfrie4


    • tanknspank


      • kimir

        : – [)

        • Mth2134


          • kimir

            That's awesome