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Android Life Contest: Win 1-Year Subscriptions to Lookout Premium

This morning, Lookout made their new Premium service available for $29.99 and to help kick off the launch, they’ve asked that we give away ten 1-year subscriptions to our readers over at Android Life!  Of course that means all of you as well, so head over there now to get in on the action.

Thanks Lookout!

  • For the kenyan children

    I will donate this to underpriviliged Kenyan children if they can afford an android phone.

  • Savagetone

    i should win because i busted 3 different people with my lookout siren lookout thieves beware

  • barky710

    I deserve to win since I have recommended Lookout Mobile Security to approximately 20 android phone users!!! The app is fantastic.

    BTW, I also recommend to them the Droid Life website.

    Keep up the good work!!

  • Chris.Go

    Just what we need something to slow down our phones like our PCs. Thanks!

  • Me

    If we currently have the free version of Lookout, will we be automatically upgraded to the premium version?

    • Jake

      No. If you've had the app in the last month you should have received a couple of emails about this.

  • 11knives

    Is this app really needed

    • Chris.Go

      No but brains not included.

  • fssacha

    Lookout is great !! I want to win.

  • Guest


  • Sboman32

    I wana win this! NOT!

  • El El Kool J

    oh this is so exciting.. a one year free subscription.. wow! thanx lookout.. worried maybe that $30 price tag might not get you no love..lol

    oh… and ya.. first!! 😛