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z4root is the Newest 1-Click Root App, Should Root Almost Anything

You no longer need a PC to root your device and can instead complete the task with the freshly released z4root from developer RyanZA.  I haven’t had a chance to try it yet as all of my devices are rooted, but the early reviews coming in are quite favorable.  The app contains one button that will perform all of the behind-the-scenes dirty work.  It should also install busybox when finishes, but if it doesn’t, you can grab it from the market.

Download: Download from Market!  (RyanZA version.)

Confirmed to work on:

  • Droid X
  • Droid 2
  • HTC Hero
  • HTC Eris
  • Galaxy S devices
  • Galaxy Tab

Doesn’t work on:

  • Original DROID
  • Motorola Milestone
  • HTC Desire
  • Nexus One
  • HTC Incredible
  • Samsung Epic 4G

Let us know if you have any luck!

Full support thread can be found at XDA Forums.

  • mylifesopera

    I am always amazed to come onbthese stescand discussions and the very thing people are talking about is no way to download it or even finf it onvte sitevthat is discusding it and showing links. Never links to the app. Where is it?

  • .rootnoobie.

    im new i have z4root instaled i had to do it this way… download from net ( using laptop running linux mint 11) then i plugged my phone into the computer copied the file into the main 14g system of my samsung i897. i restarted my phone and my anti virus picked it up i disabled it restarted and its still not working please anyone help i want root asap.

  • Mrknowall85

    Dont know if you have heared you get to download and and use rooted. App apparently you have fun you hear y oh acne also brown your files in a file manger and overlook your phone. And make your phone seem like it can concert with an apple iPhone cause really the T-Mobile g2 is f uh long of it mine will never work.

  • Imperitor

    Ok, so I finally found the z4root.apk and downloaded it from the internet but when I try to run it (version 1.3.0) on my DX it tells me USB debugging must be enabled even though I checked the button to enable it. Any thoughts?

    • Imperitor

      I mean DX2

  • Silverside_7

    If I root my phone and it messes up will i have to do a master reset, Im in alaska and verizon doesnt have network up here so if i have to a master reset I will only be able to manually program my phone making it to where i cant use 3g or any kind of data, 

  • hbsurfer

    can i use this on the incredible 2?
    really want to root today like the inc1

  • Iamizdamann

    It’s not on the market anymore so I tried getting it from xda developers and I can’t open it on my Mac. Help me!! I need the internet for work off my droid x thanks

  • Nicki

    yea this app has been taken off the market

  • Jaylon Calhoun

    Where can i get tha cool stuff now tht i rootef

  • Masalmehh

    sony x10

  • Yazhiboy83

    Restart the hero. I rooted mine and was laggy but restarted it a few times and uploaded the rooted apps and bam better than when i first got it now i got free wifi 🙂

  • Cruzncell

    Please help: will this root let me use my Droid 2 as a modem for my computer as well as my laptop and run off of the unlimited data plan I have on my Droid 2?

  • Tarnette

    Z4root is no longer in the market. What happen??????

  • Rldfixup

    z4root is no longer in the android market. I'm running the 2.2.6 market app, please help.

  • Android Guy

    this worked for my htc hero but made it lagy and slow. But still got super user. But i unrooted it.

  • Ladybug1827

    It's no longer in market……will it come back?

    • ScoobySnack

      Weird… just noticed the same thing- it's not in the Market anymore. It was missing from my Downloaded apps list, too, but I know I downloaded it.

      I could only find it with phone search.

  • Al

    I have a Droid X that won't ring when calls come in. Verizon told me it is because there is a kernal version 2.6.29 on my phone. I don't know what that is or how it got there. I want to get it off and just use the original systems that came with the phone and Verizon, but Verizon won't help me with that. What is the safest way to do this without frying my phone?

  • Vincentmorri Mac

    the z4root on the market workes for the orignal droid Don not use the one on droid life or xda it does not work
    (do not get the japines z4root on the market only the american one)

  • J_pavsek

    does this work on 2.3.10? because its taking awhile… its been running for 5 minutes now, just the little spinning wheel in the middle of the blue screen where it says z4mod and the top, and “running exploit in order to obtain root access…”

  • Does it work on the DX 2.2?

  • Resources like the one you mentioned here will be very useful to me!..Got it to work on the original Droid. But only after downloading the app from the Android market. Thanks a lot for sharing

  • Bryan Wade

    Worked perfectly on my OG.

  • Droiduser27

    can someone point me towards the directions of how to install roms now that I'm rooted? It seems i am getting more unsuccessful installs now and i figure a new rom would work plus I want to change my kernel so I can overclock to 1ghz I'm at 800ghz now things are ok but I think my kernel needs a change.

  • Zak

    Ok…. going to root soon…. Other than the backups and such… what do I need?

  • Quesitonmarke

    Is it suppose to take a while? Because I have been on the Z4 Mod screen with it saying “saving required file…” with the loading circle on for quite some time

  • Mthomas2953

    Worked on my brand new “Droid2 Global”. Only took like 2 minutes for the whole root process to complete. SWEET

  • Pcrowley59

    Use the app from the market, it works on the DROID 1

  • Amd683

    works on droid pro

  • Wapmi

    Definitely worked on my Droid Eris.

  • viewthis66

    I z4rooted first. i am now rooted. I have Bootstrap Recovery. i downloaded the Deodexed zip file. When i boot into recovery mode and try install the zip file from SD card the zip file isn't there. what am i doing wrong?

    Please help Droid Lifers 🙂

  • Mdawg64e

    if you download version 1.2.1 from the market, it will work on the Original DROID

  • demoltionman

    This rooting app really works!!!! I once used easyroot to root my OG Droid and it screwed it up. BIG TIME. Verizon was kind enough to give me a Droid 2 as a warranty replacement and now I've rooted it. ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barlog

    Tried it on my DX and after an hour of it loading it froze up and I had to batt. Pull?

  • Ad0131065

    tried it on the g tab at verizon an dit rooted in less than a min

  • Jimmycap

    It's hardly accurate to say “…should root almost anything” when the list of devices it wont work on is larger than the list of devices it will work on.

  • For people saying it doesn't work on the D2, I have sbfed 4-5 times since I saw this app and it has rooted my D2 every time.

  • nexus2fanboi

    does any one know if this works on the tmobile g2? thnx

  • Add Droid Pro 😀 Just rooted my friends.

  • I got the new update in the market DX Rooted YES

  • noles

    How do you know if it worked.

    • Pcrowley59

      I loaded several apps that said for root only, set up screen shot boosted up the cpu Took the speed from 800 to almost 1200, if its not rooted what is it, also several other people said theirs worked, it wasn't easy, it wouldn't take at first, I keep trying, then it took, also my z4root screen now has a unroot button…..

      • Pcrowley59

        Also the version I used came from the market

  • Pcrowley59

    It took several tries now I have a droid 1 rooted, everything rooted only I've installed so far works great, better put the Droid 1 back on the list, it works…

  • Leon

    Bad ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…..hoorayyyyy

  • viewthis66

    So once I root using this method what steps do I use to install a custom rom?

  • Jay P

    So question do I need to back any files or should I just root the DX with this app. Please let me know I'm a rookie. thank you Jay P

    • we call them newbies here and no not really but if it makes u feel better go ahead

  • Garmin Asus A50 Work

  • erocetc

    This worked for my Droid 2. The first time I tried to root, it started up and seemed to sit there for a while, then froze. I then pulled out the battery and restarted, then tried again. The second time it rooted just fine (and really fast).

  • This worked perfectly on my Droid Incredible!! You say it doesnt but it is now rooted and is sweet!!

  • Bobby

    CAN SOMEONE HELP MEEEEEE my email is [email protected]
    Hey Guys,
    I read this website every single day and try to keep up with everything. I bought the Droid 1 the day it came out and love it. Recently I bought the Samsung Fascinate to have and I wanted to use the Droid as a root phone to experiment. I have always wanted to root but never had the guts, but tonight I decided to do it. I downloaded everything I needed for it and went into Rom Manager to download Bugless Beast. I installed it and it said wait for the phone to restart and do not touch. It has been sitting there for two hours and the only screen that is there is the droid eye and then the screen that says Droid and it keeps going in a loop. I tried taking the battery out 10 times and nothing happened and the power button wont do anything either. What do I do ?!?!?!?!?!

  • Yevgeniy_2003

    download to my OG droid,,30 sec ..reboot,,and turn on,,,,and nothing..setcpu not work,,,,did c10 times,,and no luck…any idea…i just wanna overclock my phone…

    • Pcrowley59

      Each time u try reboot between trys……..That what worked for me, took about 6 or 7 trys

  • mrbrniz

    Hey there…I just tried to root my droid x phone. I clicked root on the blue screen from the URL and it is just sitting there. I tried rebooting it and trying it again but, the same thing is happening. Can anyone help??

  • King

    Now works on Droid 1

    • Pcrowley59

      Mine 2, I did have to reboot and try several times, rebooting between each try

  • Mike

    Just awesome! Don't know anything about hacking a phone but now I'm rooted, overclocked, removed bloatware, and loving life on a droid x.

    • Barlog

      Just rooted my DX 🙂 could you tell me what u used to overclock and remove the bloatwear thanks 🙂

      • Use Jrummy16’s overclock tool in the market! Enjoy!

  • Bensnake82

    The app was updated it works on OG droid NOW

  • sherri64

    This is now working on the Original Droid! (Just took a Xanax….) Two taps, installed and done! Drocap2 works…

  • JayBird

    Just rooted my Droid 1!

  • Mdawg64e

    new version works with DROID (D1 or OG, whatever you call it)!!!

  • rawveeda

    Or I should say. I had the same exact issue as Jager07. I downloaded the new version v1.2.1 from the market & ran it worked on my D1.

  • Srovida

    this just in new version in market fixed the D1 issue 🙂

  • DV8

    after reading this entire string [so far], seems like only 3 people claimed that this works on their original D1… and even *then* have confirmation that the steps they've done indeed work, and the device is properly rooted. -until then, im just going to remain apprehensive about rooting my phn.

  • didnt work on my friends backflip

  • Pizzlewizzle504

    Thanks…i already bricked my phone and had to find 2.2 sbf…but all is working now…i had rom mannager and bootstrap for my DX but couldnt create a backup….guess I should do a little more research next time

  • Je49424

    This also works for rooting the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab! Just got my Tab and love it! My Fascinate is feeling left out!

  • Jasonh128

    If it can root just about anything. Why can't it root the incredible???

  • Klacarrubba

    How do you delete apps once you root?

  • Lance West

    According to the message received…my X is rooted…however…Busy Box will not install…even as a stand alone APP. Suggestions? Thanks…

  • clay

    I would like to have a light saber too… Has anyone had luck with Moto Droid 1?

  • Ecubuntu

    Failed with motorola droid 2 with android 2.3.20

    • M1ghtysauc3

      Same happened with my droid 2. I rebooted and tried again. Worked like a charm.

  • Jager07

    Just downloaded this from the market for my OG Droid. App installed fine. Clicked on it and let it work for maybe 30 seconds. It then rebooted my phone with no problems. I checked the App drawer and found Super User. I tapped that and it said there was a new bersion of su binary available, press “Ok” to attempt to install it automatically. I said ok. It says “Automatic Update failed: An error occured and su was not updated (su-2.3.1-bin-signed.zip) has been placed on your sdcard, please reboot into recover mode and flash it to update your su binary.” My only choice is to tap “Ok.” Within the app itself, it says Superuser v2.3.6.1 – Added clear log to menu in log ta…… (the rest is cut off, but I assume the last word is “tab” and not sure if there are other words after it). Downloaded Clockwork Rom Manager. Ran it and it says “You must root your phone for ROM Manager to function. Superuser was not found at “/system/bin/us” or “/system/xbin/su”…. So even though Super User is present in my app drawer, apparently I'm either not rooted, or have to flash the su-2.3.1-bin-signed.zip first. Guess I'll go explore how to do that……….

    • Quentin8171

      I'm having the same problem on my dinc

      • Jager07

        I've had 3 “successful” reboots through Z4, 3 manual reboots when Z4 hung, and one battery pull when the phone locked up when running Z4. Superuser and RomManager still don't work for me. Superuser still wants me to flash the su-2.3.1-bin-signed.zip and RomManager flat out tells me I'm not rooted. So I'm assuming Z4 doesn't root the OG Droid. At least not *my* OG Droid.

    • Wglisso1

      same thing have super user but im not rooted!

    • rawveeda

      Same exact problem. Please post your findings

      • Jager07

        Doing a search on su-2.3.1-bin-signed.zip revealed no help. The closest thing I found to a solution was here, but it required an ADB push (which certainly doesn't amount to a “one-click root”): http://forum.androidcentral.com/lg-optimus-s/43108-how-root-lg-optimus-s-2.html Look for KSmithinNY's response stamped 11-06-2010, 02:50 PM. Even so, that's for the Optimus 1 device. And the zip file that he refers to has apparently been removed……

  • Ken

    so the apk is not availible any more, i found the files in the form of a zip but no apk when i unzip them. how in the heck to you get that to run?

    • Ken

      ok figured out that needed to rename zip to apk then it installed, but su gives me access denied . D1

  • running Droid X on the leaked 2.2 update. should this be taking an INSANELY LONG TIME?

  • Quentin8171

    Does not work on dinc

  • Droiduser27

    works for Droid 1 FRG22D … finally rooted!

    • Wglisso1

      what did you do to get it to work, ive tried like 20 times with no luck!

      • Droiduser27

        pressed like by mistake/ I loaded it from the market instead of sideloaded it and turned on the usb option the app wanted then pressed root and let it do its thing and reboot. took less than 5 mins

        • Wglisso1

          yea I downloaded it from the market as well and followed all the instructions all it is doing is rebooting my phone, but when i try to use set cpu it is saying i do not have root access

          • Droiduser27

            Do you see the super user app in app drawer? if u do you're rooted if not you're not…I haven't tried any root only apps yet but I see the super user app

          • Wglisso1

            yea it is there, but its from where i rooted before frg22d and never went away, so i guess i need to find away to get that off and then try it again, but it wont let me uninstall super user

          • 11knives

            I'm with you on this one. I was root before OTA as well, so superuser was already on my device (droid x). I'm wondering if this is why the app runs but I still am unable to run any “root required” apps. I installed busybox from the market and when I run it, it says “your phone is rooted”. Once i click to install it says “busybox not found! either device is not nand unlocked or unable to remount. Not sure if my issues are with Z4 mod, BusyBox, or Superuser… this sucks!

          • Wglisso1

            That is identical to the problem I am having!!!

          • Cleetose

            I had super user left over from previously rooting too. I tried the off market version a few times and it didn’t work; so I uninstalled it and got the version on the market and it worked perfectly.

          • Jager07

            Superuser appeared on my OG Droid as well after my first attempt at Z4root. However, it doesn't actually do anything except say that it needs to be updated. I downloaded RomManager and it said my phone still wasn't rooted. I tried Z4 10x or so with no joy, even when Z4 continued to report my phone was rooted, and successfully rebooted it. I uninstalled Z4 and still have a non-functional superuser sitting in my app drawer. yay. Maybe a fix/update is coming…

          • Anonymous

            I have the exact same problem…SuperUser icon is there (can’t be uninstalled…) but no app needing root access works. Also tried installing BusyBox. Says “not rooted”. Also same message and results on the su binary…

  • papawiskas

    Does anyone know if this works for the Droid (D1)?

  • Ileemarty

    Whatabout dinc?

  • Miguel Caballero

    Will it work for D1?

  • 11knives

    I've been fooling with this app for two days now and every time it seems to work and it reboots my Droid X, then I try and run an app that requires root they all say no root established. What am I doing wrong? All you DX people that say it worked, are you positive you actually have fully rooted your device?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I have this same problem. It says im rooted, reboots, and then I have no busybox and no apps requiring root work…

      • 11knives

        I just downloaded the latest version from the market and it finally works on my DX!

  • Nwolfe

    Just tested it on My DROID (Original / DROID 1) and it works great.

    Happy rooting.

    • Pcrowley59

      Is there a unroot button? Droid 1

  • NAM37

    Does this work with the original Droid (FRG22D)?

    • John

      read the comments, yes

      • Danceswithpenguins1

        Alot of the comments actually state that their D1 did not successfully obtain root access through this process. Me being one of them.

  • Cleetose

    Got it to work on the original Droid. But only after downloading the app from the Android market.

  • anyone know if this works on the original droid?

  • InvaderDJ

    So I'm assuming not for the original Motorola DROID running FRG22D? Just got my phone replaced by Verizon and have been too lazy to do all the SBF stuff. UltimateDroid 2 just released so I will probably end up doing it over the weekend, but it would be nice if I didn't have to worry about all that other stuff.

    • Jasalom

      It worked on my Droid 1 running FRG22D. If it doesn't work the first time reboot and try again.

  • stillings

    droid incredible?

  • psuDROID

    Ok so I rooted and idk what to do about the superuser. I checked the “Su binary v original” and it says there is a new version so i ht ok and then it says the file has been placed on my sd card and i need to flash it into recovery mode and flash it to update my my su binary. do i need to change the name of the file to something because when i went into recovery the file didnt appear to be there. any help???

  • Asc1693

    This is not working on my Motorola Droid1.. all it does is reboot my phone but it's still not rooted.. any1 know what the problem is?

  • Genisis

    Used it and it worked great on my D2, but, if there is an “unroot” option with this app like some people are saying there is….Im not seeing it.

    • reyrey

      would you be willing to help a fellow droid 2 owner out i have a few questions im a lil lost

      • Genisis

        Dont know if I can help much, this was my attempt at rooting.

        • reyrey

          same here i just had questions about bootstrap and deoxed and oxed

          • Genisis

            Sorry bro…havent gotten that far myself. Would like someone to jump in here and tell us both a few things on those things. Would also like to know where the “unroot” option is that ppl are speaking of.

          • reyrey

            ya i rooted already downloaded all the necessary apps im just confused on the boatloader and deoxed and oxed thing and the unroot feature

  • Daveknight001

    work great on dx, after overclock, its fast as hellllll

    • 11knives

      I tried this several times yesterday on my DX and every time it seems to work, then I try an app that needs root to work and it says “no root established” did I miss something?

      • Anonymous


  • PAKmann2k

    Once I finally rooted my phone became self aware and cleaned out my bank account and moved to panama with my tivo. My caution to you, don't give it the power it wants, it just becomes a stuck up bitzh.

  • Since I rooted my Droid OG, I am overclocking at 1.2 ghz. Gets a little hot when viewing flash videos. 😉

  • It did NOT work on the DI

    • Jasonwayne123

      Lol, is this the real michael swaim?

      • Jasonwayne123

        From cracked.com that is..

  • Phongg1

    Will this app unroot as well?

  • reyrey

    ok so i rooted now what to do i downloaded rom manager root explorer titanium backup.so is bootstrap included or do i need to download it? and is it Deodex or Odex ? what else is needed to use a custom rom? help would be great greatful and really appreciated

    • Flash Clockwork Mod Recovery, backup your current ROM, and then start flashing away with custom ROMs.

      • reyrey

        i flash that with rom manager right? what about bootstrap and that whole deodex odex thing? thank you very much for replying your truly kind to take your time to answer my question

        • Anonymous

          I’m not much further along than you but the first thing I downloaded after rooting was Clockwork Mod Recovery ($2.00 in the market)

          • reyrey

            sweet buying now let me know if you make progress

        • Yes, flash that with Rom Manager. Then, you can download ROMS from ROM manager. I recommend the premium version as it gives you much more choice of ROMS. As far as the Deodex, odex, and bootstrap question, I am running the Droid 1 and that is not something I remember having to deal with.

          • reyrey

            thank u very much really appreciate that corey

        • Jason w.s.

          @reyrey, are u using a droid x? that is the only device (i think) that requires koushs bootstrap. you can download it from the market. you need to do that before you flash clockwork recovery in ROM Manager

          • reyrey

            hey thank u for repying im usuing a droid 2

  • Pcrowley59

    Can't get Droid 1 to work,am I missing something?

    • Your missing the fact its not a confirmed device so its not likely to work.

  • Genisis

    Worked great on my D2 2.2

  • Pizzlewizzle504

    just rooted my DX… Any suggestions on files i shouldn't touch when removing bloatware????

  • Amtrombley

    works on Original Droid too

    • rafa2376

      How? All what my droid does is reboot. What did you do and I'm on 2.2 FRG22D

      • Cleetose

        Worked on my Droid with FRG22D just fine. Just make sure you get this app from the Android Market, it’s been updated to work with the Droid better.

  • tunemeup

    Anything for the droid x that is one click?

  • Couldnt root droid 1

  • Bmac

    Worked perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  • Nghtmare

    Anyone tried it on the droid pro? I have seen in some forums that people are already getting there phones and wondered if this was working for it? If it is i am probably going to buy the pro and try it out.

  • psuDROID

    Downloaded the apk but for some reason my OG Droid on FRG22D is saying, “There is a problem parsing the package” – What does that mean and can anyone help. I been waiting to join the root community forever now!!!

    • Bensnake82

      Get the app in the market

  • i tried this on my DI when i saw it on xda a couple days ago and it didnt work but i might of did it wrong but i pretty sure i did it right but nothing happened.

  • Nybandit2000

    Worked for my DX on second try. Froze on first and had to do battery pull. 2nd try a charm. Busybox did not install. Will get that from market.
    Also worked first try on my friends DX and busybox did install.

  • Pcrowley59

    Has anyone Rooted the Droid 1?

  • Higher_Ground

    Finally took the plunge! Rooted my friend's eris the other day to get some confidence 😉

    • I like the “test it on an Eris” method of rooting

  • Pcrowley59

    Does it work on Droid 1 ?

  • M1ghtysauc3

    Would not work on my droid 2. Just stayed on the blue screen for like 15 minutes. Oh well.

    • jacksondahl

      This same issue happened to me on DX. any ideas why or fixes?

      • M1ghtysauc3

        Reboot the phone then retry. Worked like a charm for me.

      • Anonymous

        Worked on my Droixd X first try. I love it!!!

  • Ralubin14

    I think it worked? It said it did but I've never rooted before so I don't know what to do or what to look for … DX 2.2 … help??

    • Amcloud80

      you should have a app called super user, if this shows up your rooted and just need to get rooted type apps from the market

  • Paul706

    it works on oeignal droid

  • Danimal319

    It doesn't even root Droid 1 running FRG22D?

  • Danimal319

    Does it root Droid one

    • Cyandvai

      Tried several times, not according to my experience. No love for Droid 1

      • There are already 1 touch apps that don't require a computer that work on the OG Droid.

        • Flombardo

          Please suggest one that roots w/o a computer for OG Droid 2.2 OTA FRG22D

        • Sprotthedestroyer

          Where? Looked on this site. All involve computer. Where is the 1click root app for the OGD OriGinalDroid?

        • not ones that root FRG22D. I gave up waiting for one a couple months ago. If you feel like taking the plunge sans 1-click, the instructions on this site are fantastic. If you run into issues, there's a good chance someone else has a fix in the comments below

  • Pbaum88

    In order to get wireless tether, do you need to do anything else after rooting?

    • Amcloud80

      you will have to get a rooted wifi teather app from the market

  • Amcloud80

    There is an update for this and it supports unroot. I found it at xda-developers

  • Weissdana86

    Besides this app, what are some other things that should be downloaded to ensure your phone will be safe? I think what's holding me back is that I'm worried rooting will destroy my phone.

    • Rooting is actually quite safe. Once you root you should immediately download the “Wireless Tether” app from the web.

      Also get Rom Manager. Rom manager is a one stop shop sort of application that gives you access to all the custom Roms available for your phone.

  • Cyandvai

    Tried 4 times on original Droid.. no luck.

  • Amcloud80

    Will this unroot if you are already rooted?

    • Amcloud80

      they already updated it to version 1.2 and it supports unroot

  • Jsn_w

    damn i JUST used super one click then came on here and saw this! oh well Im rooted that all i care about…btw they already nabbed it. said the file wasnt available anymore when i clicked the link. super one still works wonders. for D2 at least

  • Kritskyk1

    Any update on droid incredible working?

    • Rousellbrandon

      Tried just keep resetting my phone

  • finally went to download it on phone and the link disappeared while i was waiting for the mega upload timer

  • Cowboydroid

    If I'm already rooted, and I want to install this (for unroot purposes), do I need to unroot first? or can I just install it and unroot, without any damage?

  • Just rooted my DX Stock 2.2 in under 2 minutes including reboot, I have root access because I checked it with Setcpu and another cache cleaning program I use that requires root. By far the easiest and best rooting program for the DX PERIOD. Now if someone can tell me how to get rid of the bloatware without installing anything else that would be great 🙂

    • iBowToAndroid

      use root explorer to rename or delete the stock apks

    • Cgmartin33

      Rom manager, boot strap, download Apex (with just a hint of Blur) for the best experience. Grab the black notification bar and you are all set. Still not happy?…use Titanium backup to freeze our remove the few blur items that are left. This is the only setup that I have been truly happy with…and I've tried them all.

    • Jason w.s.

      freezing the bloatware with titanium backup is easiest.


    how fast does it root on the DX mine has been spinning for like 4 mins and not changed

  • Shepherd Jared

    Just rooted my Droid X in lightning speed!!! Great Program!

  • thewalker303

    The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable. Is what it says when I attempt to download it.

    • Debrihmi

      It's in the market.

      • mokeanL


  • Curious if there are any unroot one click methods or any way to unroot droid incredible after using this app

  • Bensnake82

    Can some one tell me if the droid 1 works with this

    • Flombardo

      No luck so far, 3 tries and Z4root does it's thing, phone reboots but busybox (downloaded from market) says phone not rooted. someone pleaase tell us that it will work on OG droid!!!

  • This is on the market?

  • Mjm1996

    Does it work on the Droid Incredible?

  • Will it root the latest Moto Droid firmware?

    • M1ghtysauc3

      I just rooted droid 2 running froyo

  • M1ghtysauc3

    I am tempted to finally take the plunge, however I have no clue what to do after I'm rooted.

    • The350zWolf

      Let go of your emotions and free your anger Luke, step into the dark side and rule the empire along with me young skywalker.

    • Brendan

      What device do you have?

      • Droid

        I have the same sentiment now and am on DX 2.2.

      • M1ghtysauc3

        Droid 2

    • Michael_NM

      It took me forever to finally root on my own. What you can do after rooting is up to you really, but removing bloatware, taking screen shots, and wireless tether are quite simple and a lot of fun. Beyond that, read the “Root” section at the top for your particular phone. Read it well. Also, don't forget to backup, before you start fiddling. 🙂

      All you need to get started is nicely laid here by Dr. Root:

      • Almost nothing but runn some apps that require admin permissions to work like screenshots and over clocking your phone, you can also see more files on your sd card and get free wifi teathering app.

      • M1ghtysauc3

        Well I'm doing it. God help me.

        • Cgmartin33

          You will honestly kick yourself in the ass for waiting soo long…happy rooting!

          • M1ghtysauc3

            doesn’t work on my droid 2. Figures.

          • I’ve seen several reports of it working fine on the D2. What’s your output? Are you even getting the SU icon?

          • M1ghtysauc3

            No. It gets stuck on the blue screen for like 15 minutes.

          • Anonymous

            Did that with my dx… I rebooted and tried again and it worked fine. Second try did the trick

          • M1ghtysauc3

            Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that.

          • M1ghtysauc3

            I am officially rooted and immediately my penis became a light saber.

          • MowDownJoe

            …Uhh… I don’t think that’s a good thing.

          • Anonymous

            Same thing on my D2

          • The350zWolf

            Just be patient and don’t rush through it, although it seems that one click and that’s all you have to do with this app. If you run into trouble there are plenty of kind souls lurking here and on the forum will to give you advice. If you need to talk to someone go to the live support link on top of the Droid-Life page.

    • It is proven that rooting makes you cooler, so that is always a plus. The main reason to root besides the couple of cool apps that require it is the ability to install custom ROMs. It is crack for phone nerds.

      • Chrisvaios

        we sir, are phone GEEKS… not nerds. Nerds eat their boogers!

        • Mrpicolas


        • Anonymous

          don’t try and hide your inner Nerd by coming up with a new name. “Geek” = modern Nerd. deal with it, just we’ve all had to over the years!!

          -aging Nerd 🙂

          • Gadgetskopf

            I’m a frayed knot. (love the punch line…joke was stupid…). Anyway, here are definitions from Merriam Webster:

            Definition of GEEK
            1: a carnival performer often billed as a wild man whose act usually includes biting the head off a live chicken or snake
            2: a person often of an intellectual bent who is disliked
            3: an enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity

            Definition of NERD
            : an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person; especially : one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits

            While the first definition of geek is not as flattering as the 2nd or even more the 3rd, it *DOES* bear a striking resemblance to some of us in our most passionate “android yay, iphone nay” moments.

      • Caprich96

        My name is also Jeffrey how are you? I am still trying to root my phone to make it faster and use the other features. IF you mess up your phone can you do a master reset and it will go back to the way it was? I also wanted to ask you where can i get the z4root now that it is not on the android market? Let me know when you can take care.

      • Caprich96

        My name is also Jeffrey how are you? I am still trying to root my phone to make it faster and use the other features. IF you mess up your phone can you do a master reset and it will go back to the way it was? I also wanted to ask you where can i get the z4root now that it is not on the android market? Let me know when you can take care.

    • Once you root you should immediately download the “Wireless Tether” app from the web.

      Also get Rom Manager. Rom manager is a one stop shop sort of application that gives you access to all the custom Roms available for your phone.

  • I have tried every method for my Droid X runiing Official OTA 2.2 to no avail. This app worked perfectly. Been rooted for 2 days now. I love it again

    • rockymtnhigh

      Was just going to ask about DX, since in 9 days I am eligible for an upgrade, and I want rooted froyo goodness on the DX. Good to know this works.

      • Anonymous

        Love my Droid X. The easy root works wonderful.

    • 11knives

      I’ve been fooling with this for a couple days now and I can’t seem to gain root access on my DX. Maybe I’m missing something here? Tried downloading the app from the market and also downloading to pc then copying to sd card. Seems to run fine and reboot my device but when I try to run any apps that require root I’m told “no root established”. The only thig I can think of is the fact that I already have superuser on my phone from EasyRoot app that rooted for me back before the OTA update. Any help would be great

      • Please help us im on twitter @radster24

    • Daniel i also have a DX but the app isnt working for me is there something extra you did

  • AznEngr

    Yep, tried last night on a Droid X Froyo and works!

    • AznEngr

      And you can Unroot. Make sure you have USB Debugging enabled.

  • Jaymez

    So, is rooting alone enough to be able to uninstall the version of SWYPE packaged on the DX?

    • jaymez

      For reference I want to update to the latest version through the beta which I had on my D1 =(

  • DFan

    Link is down.. “The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable.” :/

  • Frank Zappa

    Definitely works on the DX (might take a freeze and reboot, but will work!)

  • LinuxLover

    Ok, one question: If one roots a phone, does that mean he's permanently running in root? Can he not run in user mode normally, and enter root only when he has to do something?

    I'm a long time Linux user and I know that running around in root is dangerous. We in the Linux community practice safe computing by having proper user and root accounts.

    • Guest

      “We in the Linux community practice safe computing by having proper user and root accounts.”

      is that ribbed for her pleasure???

    • Ishy3

      why exactly is it dangerous to run in root?

      • LinuxLover

        Because in a user account, if something malicious comes along, it can only do damage to the user account because that's the only permissions the user account is capable of. In the root account, something malicious has access to everything, and everyone's data (in the case of a multi-user system). Therefore, it can do system-wide damage. Now, there are rootkits in the wild that circumvent that system, and there has been a long standing argument that the system is not what's important, but that data, so running root isn't so dangerous. There are arguments for everything that have valid points. However, the basic assumption is that a user account has limited access, therefore any security concern will have limited potential for harm. Not so with the root account.

    • Running rooted on a phone is much different than on a PC. Only specific applications use the root function, not the entire OS. Yyou have to approve all applications that request root access. Therefore, it is not dangerous.

    • AnDroidSepTIX

      “Running in Root” just gives you access to all the system files. You are basically setting up an administrator account. Before you were just a user trapped in the manufacturers bubble. Also you cant flop back and forth because the apps (the whole reason your rooted)you will be using need access to these files.

    • KleenDroid


  • Ohrioh

    Confirmed to work for DX.

    • Really???

      • Pizzlewizzle504

        yeah i just rooted my DX

    • Anonymous

      Yep, rooted and un-rooted mine

  • AnDroidSepTIX