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z4root is the Newest 1-Click Root App, Should Root Almost Anything

You no longer need a PC to root your device and can instead complete the task with the freshly released z4root from developer RyanZA.  I haven’t had a chance to try it yet as all of my devices are rooted, but the early reviews coming in are quite favorable.  The app contains one button that will perform all of the behind-the-scenes dirty work.  It should also install busybox when finishes, but if it doesn’t, you can grab it from the market.

Download: Download from Market!  (RyanZA version.)

Confirmed to work on:

  • Droid X
  • Droid 2
  • HTC Hero
  • HTC Eris
  • Galaxy S devices
  • Galaxy Tab

Doesn’t work on:

  • Original DROID
  • Motorola Milestone
  • HTC Desire
  • Nexus One
  • HTC Incredible
  • Samsung Epic 4G

Let us know if you have any luck!

Full support thread can be found at XDA Forums.

  • mylifesopera

    I am always amazed to come onbthese stescand discussions and the very thing people are talking about is no way to download it or even finf it onvte sitevthat is discusding it and showing links. Never links to the app. Where is it?

  • .rootnoobie.

    im new i have z4root instaled i had to do it this way… download from net ( using laptop running linux mint 11) then i plugged my phone into the computer copied the file into the main 14g system of my samsung i897. i restarted my phone and my anti virus picked it up i disabled it restarted and its still not working please anyone help i want root asap.

  • Mrknowall85

    Dont know if you have heared you get to download and and use rooted. App apparently you have fun you hear y oh acne also brown your files in a file manger and overlook your phone. And make your phone seem like it can concert with an apple iPhone cause really the T-Mobile g2 is f uh long of it mine will never work.

  • Imperitor

    Ok, so I finally found the z4root.apk and downloaded it from the internet but when I try to run it (version 1.3.0) on my DX it tells me USB debugging must be enabled even though I checked the button to enable it. Any thoughts?

    • Imperitor

      I mean DX2

  • Silverside_7

    If I root my phone and it messes up will i have to do a master reset, Im in alaska and verizon doesnt have network up here so if i have to a master reset I will only be able to manually program my phone making it to where i cant use 3g or any kind of data, 

  • hbsurfer

    can i use this on the incredible 2?
    really want to root today like the inc1

  • Iamizdamann

    It’s not on the market anymore so I tried getting it from xda developers and I can’t open it on my Mac. Help me!! I need the internet for work off my droid x thanks

  • Nicki

    yea this app has been taken off the market

  • Jaylon Calhoun

    Where can i get tha cool stuff now tht i rootef

  • Masalmehh

    sony x10

  • Yazhiboy83

    Restart the hero. I rooted mine and was laggy but restarted it a few times and uploaded the rooted apps and bam better than when i first got it now i got free wifi 🙂

  • Cruzncell

    Please help: will this root let me use my Droid 2 as a modem for my computer as well as my laptop and run off of the unlimited data plan I have on my Droid 2?

  • Tarnette

    Z4root is no longer in the market. What happen??????

  • Rldfixup

    z4root is no longer in the android market. I'm running the 2.2.6 market app, please help.

  • Android Guy

    this worked for my htc hero but made it lagy and slow. But still got super user. But i unrooted it.

  • Ladybug1827

    It's no longer in market……will it come back?

    • ScoobySnack

      Weird… just noticed the same thing- it's not in the Market anymore. It was missing from my Downloaded apps list, too, but I know I downloaded it.

      I could only find it with phone search.

  • Al

    I have a Droid X that won't ring when calls come in. Verizon told me it is because there is a kernal version 2.6.29 on my phone. I don't know what that is or how it got there. I want to get it off and just use the original systems that came with the phone and Verizon, but Verizon won't help me with that. What is the safest way to do this without frying my phone?

  • Vincentmorri Mac

    the z4root on the market workes for the orignal droid Don not use the one on droid life or xda it does not work
    (do not get the japines z4root on the market only the american one)

  • J_pavsek

    does this work on 2.3.10? because its taking awhile… its been running for 5 minutes now, just the little spinning wheel in the middle of the blue screen where it says z4mod and the top, and “running exploit in order to obtain root access…”

  • Does it work on the DX 2.2?

  • Resources like the one you mentioned here will be very useful to me!..Got it to work on the original Droid. But only after downloading the app from the Android market. Thanks a lot for sharing

  • Bryan Wade

    Worked perfectly on my OG.

  • Droiduser27

    can someone point me towards the directions of how to install roms now that I'm rooted? It seems i am getting more unsuccessful installs now and i figure a new rom would work plus I want to change my kernel so I can overclock to 1ghz I'm at 800ghz now things are ok but I think my kernel needs a change.

  • Zak

    Ok…. going to root soon…. Other than the backups and such… what do I need?

  • Quesitonmarke

    Is it suppose to take a while? Because I have been on the Z4 Mod screen with it saying “saving required file…” with the loading circle on for quite some time

  • Mthomas2953

    Worked on my brand new “Droid2 Global”. Only took like 2 minutes for the whole root process to complete. SWEET

  • Pcrowley59

    Use the app from the market, it works on the DROID 1

  • Amd683

    works on droid pro

  • Wapmi

    Definitely worked on my Droid Eris.

  • viewthis66

    I z4rooted first. i am now rooted. I have Bootstrap Recovery. i downloaded the Deodexed zip file. When i boot into recovery mode and try install the zip file from SD card the zip file isn't there. what am i doing wrong?

    Please help Droid Lifers 🙂

  • Mdawg64e

    if you download version 1.2.1 from the market, it will work on the Original DROID

  • demoltionman

    This rooting app really works!!!! I once used easyroot to root my OG Droid and it screwed it up. BIG TIME. Verizon was kind enough to give me a Droid 2 as a warranty replacement and now I've rooted it. ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barlog

    Tried it on my DX and after an hour of it loading it froze up and I had to batt. Pull?

  • Ad0131065

    tried it on the g tab at verizon an dit rooted in less than a min

  • Jimmycap

    It's hardly accurate to say “…should root almost anything” when the list of devices it wont work on is larger than the list of devices it will work on.

  • For people saying it doesn't work on the D2, I have sbfed 4-5 times since I saw this app and it has rooted my D2 every time.

  • nexus2fanboi

    does any one know if this works on the tmobile g2? thnx