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Both Droid Life Apps Updated, New Notification System plus Direct-to-SD Installs

Both of the Droid Life apps received updates over the weekend and I think you’ll be very pleased with the new goodies.  First of all, can you believe that we have 2 apps now?  It seemed like just yesterday when we had some semi-hacked together blog running on Blogger and now we have 2 apps!  Amazing and humbling stuff.  Thanks everyone for the continued support!

Droid Life News App:  Download Link

  • Android Life feed added!  You can get all of your news from one spot.
  • Includes a new alert system which should fix any issues you were having in the past.
  • The ads have now been pinned to the bottom and are a little more out of your way.

Droid Life Wallpapers App:  Download Link

  • Android Life argyle wallpaper added.
  • Now installs directly to your SD card to save space.

Big thanks to JRummy and Notice Orange for their amazing work!

Oh and speaking of the good ol’ DL days, we’re quickly approaching our 1 year anniversary. Crazy.

  • Ivan_m68

    It just says loading.

  • when do we get comments in the app? it's the only reason I don't use it.

  • joe oberster

    Anybody else not able to install the wallpapers app?

    Droid X 2.2 rooted

    • McKnightrider

      I can't either – DX 2.2 non-rooted.

  • Jeyrivera89

    Love it… nice job guys!

  • Michael_NM

    Recommendation: The Droid Life News app warns that it will prevent my phone from sleeping. Can you also add a warning that it will prevent me from working? 😛

  • I don't like that Droid-Life news app. I keep using my Blur News Widget.

    But I love the wallpaper app!
    Still rockin' my green Droid-Life wallpaper! Support DROID-LIFE!!! 4 LIFE!!! lol

    • Higher_Ground

      agreed, it's easier for me to use the blur news widget. Been hoping that LPP would come out with some more widgets (RSS, toggles) but I haven't heard much from that camp lately.

  • DBK

    Looks like I'm adding these two apps to my list of apps to download this week 🙂

  • The350zWolf

    Thanks DL, I already updated over the weekend!

  • Awesome!

    • DBK

      Congratulations! You win a spoonful of sugar!!!!

      • Great! It helps the medicine go down, or so I hear.

        • DBK

          lol depends on the “medicine” 😛

    • CONGRATS!!! You win a talking dog!!!

      • That actually sounds pretty cool… Does it have a British accent?