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Twitter for Android Sees Significant Update

A new version of the official Android Twitter app is available and includes some pretty major tweaks.  Overall the app refreshes the timeline much faster, looks sharper and features a new details page for simple retweeting.  Nice timing right?  Same day that the Facebook app drops.  

Some of the new details include:

  • Tweet details page. We changed the layout of the timeline and introduced a Tweet details page, which you can access by simply clicking on a Tweet. This feature – which is already available in Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for iPad and Twitter for Windows Phone – makes it easier to click on links and reply to, retweet, or favorite a Tweet.
  • Speed. The app is now even faster. In this version, we’ve tried a new way of drawing a timeline of Tweets that optimizes for scrolling speed. Try it out, and you’ll see how much faster and smoother the timeline loads and scrolls.
  • Polish. We added some more nice touches to the application as well:

-Pull to Refresh: This popular feature, which was first available through our iPhone app, functions just as it sounds – when you’re at the top of your timeline, simply pull down to load new Tweets.
-Swipe to Reveal: Swipe across a Tweet to get quick access to several options, such as viewing a user’s profile, sharing a tweet, or replying.
Quote a Tweet: Clicking the retweet icon now gives you the option to quote a Tweet. Of course, you can still retweet as you normally would.
-Hi-res avatar photos

In the market now for free!

Via:  Twitter

  • Booklikeabook

    From the stock and recently updated Android Twitter app, WHY can't I share or retweet to my FB page?? I have been trying to solve this for a couple days now…

  • I tried the official app when it first came out and I didn't care for it. Not sure if it's worth trying again.
    I have been using “Touiteur” because I really like the UI of it, though I prefer the Launcher Pro Plus widget.

  • Pete

    I feel like the last two Android Twitter versions have mostly been regressions. I'm all for improvements to speed and handling in the app. And adding features. But the debut version had the cool animations, the options menus (retweet, reply, etc) were animated and bounced a little, and all around it felt like what an Android app had the potential to be.

    The next version lost the animations, and my biggest peeve is the loss of orange highlighting on links or usernames or hashtags when you click on them.

    Now we still have no distinctive animations, the animated context menu is gone in place of a swiping context menu that looks blah, and there's annoying sound effects that don't even have an option to turn off. And I still don't have a remembered timeline position, or the ability to view full size profile photos, or custom retween options, etc.

    I really want to like the official Twitter app because of its simplicity, but it's aggravating on a number of levels!

  • Lola

    Now if they would just update Tweetdeck to not kill my battery….

    • Mac

      If you set the column settings in Tweetdeck to manually update instead of timed that should help you out, you have to do it separately for “Home”, “Me, and “Direct Messages”.

  • Chris.Go

    Twitter is lame.

  • i like the new update…swiping left or right on a tweet allows you the option to reply, retweet, view profile or share tweet. it's nice, i like the auto refresh…overall nice job. im still a tweetdeck guy but with the updates to twitter and facebook i might start using the separate apps for a while and see how it goes.

  • for those that are using the BlackGlass deodex theme and are unable to update to the new twitter/android, here's what i've done to get it to work. you lose your themed FB/Twitter, but as far as i know this is what you have to do to update it. first, make backups of those 2 apps in Titanium Backup. then open up RootExplorer, and navigate to your System>App folder. What i did was just mount as R/W, then press/hold facebook and twitter .apk's and i just moved them to a different folder, and they disappeared from the phones icon list. Then move them back. After that i rebooted the phone just to be on the safe side, and when you boot the phone up either you'll have the app or not. Twitter appeared back on after i rebooted, but not facebook. if your app doesnt show up, open up TitaniumBackup and click the restore option and that should somehow put the stock twitter/fb on the phone and make it able to update. hope this helps people who were in my situation :p

  • mhoe

    I'm confused, isn't this the type of article for Android-Life? I thought that was the purpose of creating a new site- seperate the droid news from the android news… no?

  • yo

  • fgonzo98

    Not bad…though I still like Twidroyd with the Live Preview feature…also use Tweetdeck



    Does anyone know what steps I should take in unrooting my OG Droid? My power button became faulty all of a sudden this afternoon and it's pretty annoying. I press it and it jiggles, turns on, then when I press it again, the restart/airplane mode/ shutdown options come up. I don't think I can go much longer like this. I got in on Launch Day so I would have to bring it to Big Red to change it out soon since it's still under factory warranty.

    The Catch: I don't want to lose all my stuff on the phone….please help.

    • PigHeaded

      I think you are screwed.

    • while still rooted get titanium backup it will back up all apks on to your sd card, then copy the backup folder you your computer. As for text messages i use SMS backup & restore to back all that up. Cant thinl of what else you'd need

  • i get installation unsuccessful 😮
    any ideas?

  • Pete

    What's with the sound effects that you can't disable?

    • 11knives

      Seriously… Absolutely annoying! None of the setting options are functional. What the hells that about?

  • Eaturcrap

    I like it.

  • Argenysherrera

    Does it save your place in the timeline yet?

  • possomcrast1

    the layout is just like the facebook app

  • Themiddleman07

    I'm still using tweetdeck…..

  • Its good however tweetdeck is just better

  • blah……TWEETDECK!

    • Chris G

      Exactly. I just wish i could remove this one.

  • nblufire12

    It won't let me login 🙁

  • This would appear to be in line with the “clean” theme Gingerbread's API Level 9 showed us in Maps. Less lines, less beveling, more clean space. Can anyone confirm API 9 anywhere in the app?

  • RMDesignz

    It isn't allowing me to save my settings…to sync my data…I need that! FOLLOW ME! @rmdesignz

  • Sunny4o4

    Is it still better than Twidroid?

  • When you click on a person's picture. Can I see it big? I hate that it couldnt before.

    • RMDesignz

      No you still cant

  • FIRST!

    • Michael_NM


    • akanealw

      first FAIL 🙂

      • akanealw

        nvrmnd, comment FAIL

    • CONGRATS!!! You win a Jerry Springer bobble head!!!

      • PigHeaded

        That's a sweet prize.

    • motograter7

      haha nice