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Android Fans Take Down “Best Mobile OS” Poll from WSJ in Classic Rigging Fashion

Over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal started running a poll which asked users “Who makes the best mobile operating system?” and after Apple jumped out to an early lead, the Android posse brought us back to take over the top spot.  Then out of no where came Microsoft, who basically over night, managed almost 13,000 votes to take a substantial edge over everyone else.  This definitely pissed off some Android faithful who have apparently rigged up a bot or some sort of hack to drop vote after Android vote on the poll.

As you can see from the shot above, the Android numbers are well over 400K and if you refresh the poll page, can see that they aren’t stopping now.  Oh Android peeps, I love you so.

Via:  Phandroid

  • Kim

    Androids #1 hands down

  • JHartlovePDX

    It wasn't rigged. The problem was no other mobile OS could vote on it because it required flash…

  • Edlopez99

    I don't think I could ever go back to any other OS than Android! I love everything about Android!! 🙂

  • Soon the poll will out number the number of humans on Earth lol. Okay just kidding but its near 1Mil now.

  • eryk

    800,000 now. lol

    • BAoxymoron

      over 1,000,000 although i think the bot stopped because its going up at around a pace of 3 per 5-10mins… not regular at all

  • Looks like the bots have stopped – 814k votes ate 4:40p east.

  • Typeo28

    Currently at 813800 votes at 4pm est.

  • ieatapples

    WinMo7 SUCKS!!!!

  • Chris Nimon

    wouldn't it be great if the total votes for Android exceeded the Earth's population 😀

    • DaveIsAwesome

      We all know that the Droid was secretly given to Motorola by aliens whose technology has far surpassed anything us humans could have passably come up with.

  • Chris Nimon

    Well for microsoft to get 13,000 votes over a few hours wouldnt we have to suspect them of using a bot also? I mean come on.

  • SjB

    LOL…it's going to hit a million.

  • mattiepl


    • mattiepl

      Oops. That was the last count by the way.

  • jag28co

    lol, The apple fanboys are waiting for Jobs to create a bot to get more votes. They probably will have to wait for next year to get something up and going. Meanwhile Androiders can easily create one without any help from big brother. Love android

    • lol nice

    • DaveIsAwesome

      Then they'll have to wait even longer for their bot to be approved.

  • It may not have proved which OS was best but, on the bright side, it pretty clearly showed which user base is the most technically proficient.

  • Mabuse

    Hopefully this voting bot is also running on an Android phone! 😉

  • What's other???

    • Phobic

      Nokia Symbian OS for starters

    • Jacob Woodward

      thats a good question i would like to know to

  • Nate

    beautiful – and the number keeps growing.

  • Fthfulltimehustler

    Microsoft? Yeah right window mobile is trash!!!!!!


  • Dont mess with the android community … once we get a flux capacitor it is all over with,…

    • and a couple spare giga-watts. 😉

      • EC8CH

        It actually only takes 1.21

        • if it is a oneway trip … just sayn

        • DBK

          Great Scott!!!!!!!

    • hahaha!!!! yusss….

    • Zero

      $20 says Google is the first to implement a time machine.

      Just saying.

      • Bob

        I just made one, you owe me $20 🙂

    • M1ghtysauc3

      Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.

    • sslayer22

      I fuel up on beer and junk food, why shouldn't my phone?! …no brainer

    • /me wishes I had a dollar for every person who, just like me, searched the android market for 'flux capacitor' right after reading this post. LOL

      • yea thats why it probably comes up in suggestions! lol i did!

      • Edlopez99

        HAHAHA Agree!!!

  • holy moly we absolutely DOMINATED that poll.

  • Patch89esch

    It jumped 1,000 votes in a span of 20 secs haha.

  • Michael_NM

    WSJ: Whining Steve Jobs… you've been pwnd! 🙂

    • Droidzilla

      Seriously, who makes an internet poll challenging androids? That's just begging for t3h h4x.

  • android world wide!!!!

  • android world wide!!!!

  • JohnPA2006

    I turned on my old Blackberry Storm 9530 for about 10 minutes just to check something on it.
    and I remembered why I love my Motorola DROID 1 so much. good god.
    However Windows Phone 7 is going to be a good competitor.
    But thats ok, that will just push Android to put on bigger boots and kick even more butts.

    • Harbo99

      3 of those 10 minutes was just waiting for it to power up. I was so glad when Verizon allowed me to trade in my 3rd storm in 2 weeks for a DROID.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, add me to the Storm hating crowd. Going from Storm to Droid was like night and day. I hated that Storm.

    • i hated my storm too. it sucked

  • Andrew Hewitt

    Let's see what Jobs has to say about this one

  • rals

    I chose Symbian

  • Gggd

    Go WINMO

  • I think it's kind of stupid personally. WSJ had a chance to make a legitimate story based on that, which Android probably would've won anyway, and now it's skewed and useless. I don't think any un-biased person can deny Android is clearly taking over the mobile arena

    • kellex

      Blame Microsoft.

    • Anonymous

      The original story is that someone had already hacked it to give MS a massive lead over a couple of hours. We just hacked better.

    • Saltorio

      WSJ was stupid to post such a ridiculous poll question. Come on “Who makes the best mobile operating system?”

      The majority of people haven't ever used the latest iteration of the mobile OS' they are offering in the poll (especially Windows Phone 7), so people can't give an informed answer.

      As I posted elsewhere, it's like asking which is the best movie, when all people have to go on are the reviews they've read.

      • My favorite is Microsoft 2003. haha

    • fish1552

      The WSJ failed when it set the thing up to let things be skewed. How does MS come out with 13k votes in 24 hours? Do you think *that* wasn't skewed by someone. So in a way, I like that someone screwed the poll because now, no, they WON'T be able to use the data.

  • MikeCRock


  • bravoleader2

    hahaha… great job everyone!