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DROID ROM Friday: RZ Baseline By ‘RZ’

Remember the Alien theme? Well my buddy RaidZero has gone and outdone himself yet again. Developing ROMs! Pardon my French, but may I just say, “zOMG?!?” I really enjoy the Alien theme and the colors it offered, but now he has taken FRG22D and trimmed it down into one of the speediest ROMs I’ve had the pleasure of testing and running.

With this ROM, and during the SPRecovery (needed) flashing process you are given the chance to choose colors (9 in total), and also kernels. The RZ Kernel is stripped almost bare bone meaning no Wi-Fi, no Apps2SD, and no tethering. So for all you advanced users, I recommend choosing the Slayher kernel where all these things are still possible. The reason for the lack of features is actually a very good reason:  Performance, speed, and battery life. Your phone will not be dying anytime soon running this one, that’s for sure. There are a few really neat features such as the “Long press back to kill app.” While in any app, you hold the “Back” button for 5 seconds and it kills the task. Also a very nifty Power Menu which he thinks we should all like. Have fun!


For “OG” Droid1 Only.

1. Using an SBF or ROM Manager – Flash SPRecovery “Alternative Recovery”.
2. Download
ROM File Here.
3. Place the .TGZ file on root of your SD Card. Do not rename or change file extension.
4. Boot into SPRecovery (Power+X) and select “Choose Zip from SD”.
5. Select the RZ Baseline file and hit the Camera button.

At this point it will automatically create a Nandroid Backup for you. (Neat, right?) After it completes the backup proceed to step 6. You will now be prompted to “wipe system>data>cache.” For first installation you MUST do so; there is no way around it.

6. Select “Yes” to Wipe System.
7. Select “Yes” to Wipe Data.
8. Select “Yes” to Wipe Cache.
9. Select which color you would like.
10. Select which kernel. (Slayher kernel recommended)

And that is it! Reboot system and you are good to go!

Now I am sure there will be people who run into issues. Please visit our Live Support Channel on the Freenode network or leave comments/questions down below. You guys know the deal.  Have a great weekend!


  • Bert336

    can we get this for the DX plzzz 😀

  • shocktarts17

    I've tried both kernels and I can't seem to use live wallpapers. Is that a part of the ROM or am I doing something wrong?

  • Digthistrash

    kernelrom absolutely flies on my phone… even with the slayer kernel. Nice work brother.

  • Mth2134

    What's with the pre-Froyo baseband in the screenshot?? Is the old baseband included in the ROM?

    • I don't fix what ain't broke 😉 lol

  • Shadydave10

    I think ill keep my darkedge with pink theme…. thank you

  • Atavanhalen23

    Omg that black droid life wallpaper looks dope! is it included in the rom?

  • raidzero

    btw, Tim didn't mention that this rom was not built from source. Any AOSP features you see (long press kill, reboot recovery, volume button music controls while screen is off) were added in the bytecode via the smali/baksmali disassembly suite

  • raidzero


    fixed handcent, uninstall you rold one and install this one

    • Theandyplan

      thanks a lot! not to be a pain cause i really appreciate it, but any plans on making a more concrete fix so handcent can still update from the market and include the newer featres?

      • skltr21

        just uninstall it and download it from the market rather than his link and it will then get updates. it just won't be themed.

  • raidzero

    you have to reinstall setcpu if you kept apps when installing. I assume this is because setcpu is a paid app.

  • Theandyplan

    love the theme. my only problem with it so far is that in handcent when you want to start a new message the text for the persons name and when youre typing the message is white, so you cant see if you made any typos. if theres a way to make it black instead then it would be awesome.

    • shocktarts17

      I'm having the same problem. I love the colored themes and how quick the ROM is, but I need to be able to see what I'm typing. (I make a lot of typos) If you could fix that, I wouldn't hesitate to use this.

  • shr1k3r

    What's with the 666?

    Also is there a way to keep your angry bird progress when wiping data and cache?

  • skltr21

    tried it out….. needs more work. im sure if he keeps it up it'll be up there with the big dogs. just needs more customization options. be nice if the settings menu was themed as well. but it's a nice ROM. just needs a tad more work.

    • raidzero

      what do you mean settings menu needs to be themed? I have added all the features I missed from source-based roms, but am open to more things. Things like custom color wheels and such are out of the question since I cannot do that without source code…

      • skltr21

        the settings menu doesn't “need” to be. just be nice if it was. and by setting menu i mean when you click the settings app….. the screen it takes you to with your call settings and display settings and applications and accounts and sync…… etc. but it's not a deal breaker. i just hate the boring black and white =) but that's just a personal preference….. im sure not everyone agrees. and notification bar customization would be nice. being able to change colors of things. but again…. it's not a deal breaker. just be nice to add those features to updates of this ROM. im still running it though. its a good ROM. you know how sapphire has GEM settings and CM has CM settings and UD has UD settings built in the settings menu to be able to customize the hell out of things???? stuff like that.

  • Wallpaper Tim???? Please???

  • Trying it out right now

  • Bleek1760

    Hey its a real cool rom but now it doesn't let me overclock when I try to set it to one 1gz in setcpu the app it forece closes plz help

    • raidzero

      uninstall and reinstall setcpu

  • Sexy theme 🙂 To bad I didn't get in the damn screen sot xD

  • where can i get that tough wallpaper???

  • aczm1988

    Wow i made the front page on tims gtalk. I feel special lol.

  • 1bad69z28

    Third Hey Thats Me “All Hail The Redskins” Thanks TIm I am famous 😛

    • aczm1988

      I made it on there too, were the “special” ones lol

    • Redskins baby!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Redskins will beat the bears this weekend.

  • Keithsmnr


  • AnDroidSepTIX

    heyo in ya face like eggnog

    • Dalkhoutoff

      Im downloadin, sounds pretty hot. Idk, I would still want WIFI though I just would like to option to turn it off instead…

      • raidzero

        then install the Slayher kernel. Tim was not very clear, my kernel does not have wifi, apps2d, tethering, etc. the slayher kernel has all the features every other kernel does. I included it so people could still use all those features with the small sacrifice of a little speed

        • Dalkhoutoff

          The slayher kernel didnt work. Getting wifi error still.