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Winamp Beta Released on Android

Winamp, one of the top media players of all time was released into the Android market yesterday.  While it may carry the “beta” tag, it definitely doesn’t act or look like a one and actually comes pretty feature packed.  Not only does the UI look prettier than most music players, Winamp also allows for wi-fi and USB streaming of you library and comes with a widget.  For those of us that have been lifelong Winamp users, today is a great day.  

You can read the rest of the release notes at the Winamp blog.

Free in the market.

Download Link

Cheers John W!

  • Anonymous

    I prefer itunes I am afraid.
    Calpe Villas

  • jamisles02

    Wireless adding of songs from my desktop to my Droid + My loyalty to WinAmp on the desktop = Best Android App yet (sorry Angry Birds, 2nd isn't TOO bad tho)

  • Anonymous

    Oh this winamp is tight, it even allows me to set a song as a ring tone. SWEET

  • k1ng617


  • Kpp516

    Does anyone know if I can play .pls (internet radio streams) with this mobile winamp?


  • BAoxymoron

    wait is there true streaming or just wireless transfer?

  • Rogue_5

    Pretty good for a beta, going to try the wifi and see how that works.

  • This app is win; I have used WinAmp on my computer for years, now I can have it on my phone too. Wireless sync works great!

  • louisut

    I love winamp, but there's something wrong with this app. If I switch from portrait -> landscape or back, the playlist starts over. Anyone else getting this?

    • louisut

      I'm using the original droid. I've tried rebooting to no avail.

  • sherri64

    This is now the 6th music player on my phone…..Such choices!

  • Whiteandnerdy55

    Needs genre support

  • Michael

    iTunes is still the best, hands down!

  • FrenchToast

    i nabbed this yesterday. tis amazing.

  • Inramana

    Nice app! love the lock screen with artwork. And yeah.. Brings back memories.

  • BigLa

    And I'm still dying to know what Clock/weather widget Kellex is using up there.

  • Haztv

    Only issue I'm having as with most media players short of meridian is that it doesn't allow you to select where it pulls ur audio from so I end up with ringtones and voicemails in my songs playlist… am I overlooking an option to pull from my music folder only?? Thanks

  • BigLa

    All it needs now is Lock Screen control and Milk Drop

    • BigLa

      silly me, it already has lock screen controls.

  • Great. It awesome a player like Winamp on Droid mobiles. But when I see something like ” Itunes app able on android phones ” it be wonderful. (Not about Apple, just only Itunes). Who knows, could be funny read: Steve agree developers build Itunes to Android, hahahahah

  • Just downloaded/installed Winamp on my Droid X. I like how it even says “Winamp..winamp..it really whips the llama's ass!” when you first start it up. Sweet!

  • Fantastic!

  • Important question for the DX; Does it support the media buttons on the lock screen? ANY replacement media player MUST do this. Android's media player sucks, but any replacement will need to have this one feature.

    /IDK if this is a feature of Moto Blur

  • Hey Kellex, would you be able to make a poll on which music app everyone likes?

    Right now I'm still using Btunes because I like how I could use the camera and volume controls to change or pause tracks.

    I experimented with mixzing and like it as well. But it didn't have the camera and volume control feature. But I do like that it has an eq and the option to check out where your tracks come from when you use shuffle.

    I wish one music player could integrate all of this.

  • The350zWolf

    This app really kicks the llama's ass! I was devoted to meridian, but then meridian started getting stale and somewhat buggy…I'm all turned into wimamp…and it's only beta!!!

  • John Galt

    Still needs sorting by genre and album artist. I haven't found a music app that handles both of these.

    I love shuffling my music, but if the different genres on my phone shuffle in the correct order it will make my head explode (e.g. bach to misfits to bonobo).

    Also I have too many albums mixed by DJs where the artist is artist A, and the DJ mixing them is artist B. play by artist doesn't work, play by album plays a single song b/c it thinks there is only one artist per album.

    This isn't really that much to ask, is it?

  • Mrdat

    A must on any music player… swipe art to advance/rewind. This shoul dbe a universal standard for all touch music players. Winamp fail… for now.

  • Kaufkin

    it it just me, or are the permissions a bit aggressive. I mean this is AOL we are talking about here. it took me MONTHS to fix the old PC after AOL / Winamp “fixed” my computer years ago…

  • Dammit, I really wanted a replacement music app. And even Winamp won't work 🙁
    I'm using HTC Droid Incredible and it doesn't detect internal memory. Neither does cubed or PlayerPro. And PlayerPro has no plans on adding support from the email I got.

    • oscarahj

      I have my music on my SD card. Winamp isn't recognizing my music files…???

      • oscarahj

        Oh. I guess you need winamp on your desktop too.

  • Raven

    As a long time Winamp user since the original Beta let me say Yeah! that's pretty Llama Whippin' cool. As far as a quick review goes it looks very nice, but it is still missing a couple of major features. I do not see any genre support, so it still will not replace Meridian Player and it does not appear to have any Shoutcast integration so it will not replace those players. The one thing that does really intrigue me is the local wi-fi streaming, but that is only going to be useful at home. I also hope that it does not succumb to any AOLiness.

  • I used Winamp for year, but it's become so slow and bloated that I had to find something else. Definitely going to give this a shot on my phone, though!

  • Msombloski

    wait… wi-fi and usb STREAMING or wi-fi and usb SYNCING???

    • Msombloski

      cause if it's STREAMING i will cream

  • Rain_king46

    I have been begging Winamp to create this app since the day I got my DX. In my opinion, the media players are one area where Android is behind iOS. Which unfortunately makes since given the origin of the iOS devices. Now that Winamp is in this market, all bets are off. Winamp has been my desktop media player of choice since the mid 90s days of downloading MP3s from news groups on my 56k modem. So far this is a great app and if I know Winamp, it will only get better. Today is a good day for Multimedia on Android.

  • Wow Winamp just brought back so flashbacks.. Does it let you change the skins in the android version too? Very cool

  • kev7n_g

    The widget is fugly.

  • kev7n_g

    The widget is fugly.

    • Higher_Ground

      virtually the same color scheme as the LPP widgets. Not my favorite, but at least it fits in.

  • This puts doubletwist to shame.

  • Abraham3660

    How does this compare to doubletwist?

  • What an oldie!..

    GREAT APP!…. like it

  • this just made my day. winamp is my favorite music player for years.

  • JohnPA2006

    I'm an animal doctor, and I represent the Ethical Treatment of Llama's Association.
    I think its going to be a bad day today….

    There are a lot of Llamas in my office's waiting room , and their rumps are all red and hurting.
    What is going on here today…??? :oP

    • kellex


    • hahah animal doctor, you mean veterinarian?

  • Illiniguy73

    Already 100 times better than the stock media app (haven't tried any paid apps). I have hundreds of loose mp3s not associated with an album so I tagged them as album & album artist=”Singles” and Winamp sorts them properly. When I select a song when browsing artists, the stock app pulls up every “Singles” song by hundreds of different artists whereas Winamp only pulls up the song by the desired artist. This is how my ipod touch deals with loose mp3s and is a much more logical way of sorting songs when browsing by artist.

    • Toonz

      How do I tag them as “Singles” ?

  • Timoh

    No EQ settings that I can see. If I missed them someone let me know, otherwise I hope they include it in an upcoming version.

  • Just became my favorite music player. Thanks Winamp

  • Can any1 help me clarify … why Winamp needs “Phone Calls: read phone state and identity” permission? And what does it actually mean?

    • Timoh

      It will pause the music when you have an incoming call.

      • Just that! cool, will install it now. I thought they get all my call info & stuff.

        • Droydhead

          I don't think you would have to worry about winamp anyways.. They've been around a few years. 😉

          • You’re right!

  • Higher_Ground

    Pardon my French, but can I just say “F*&# YEAH”

  • RLJSlick

    I still love that player, it's better then Media Player and I won't touch Quicktime. Good job. I wonder if AOL still own it?

  • vonny571

    Nice! Downloading now!

  • Ryan

    Sweet! I've been using winamp since its original beta days (1996ish) and love it, the android version is pretty nice and much nicer than the built in music player IMO.

    • Droydhead

      haha.. Same here.. Definitely remember when I first discovered winamp and shoutcast..

      • Rain_king46

        +1 and Winamp still kicks the Llamas A$$!

  • El El Kool J

    I still love my lithium music player.. especially the widgets.. 🙂

    • villian1998

      Yeah the volume rocker controls are a nice touch

  • So what does this mean for my Rhapsody app? :-/

    • Krayzee

      It kicks it in the teeth 😛

    • Josh

      It's means your Rhapsody app just got pwned 😛

  • dont care!

    • Ben

      You're about two minutes too late…

      • i know thats why i changed it. im a sore loser lol

  • Yes! This is awesome. All time best music player EVER!!

  • zepfloyd

    It (still) really whips the llama's ass!

    • Zing! And hell yeah!

    • I wish you could make it not say that every time it opens. It gets annoying.

      • I quit out of Winamp and started it up again and it didn’t play for me. And besides, it’s awesome!

    • mikb261

      just loaded it up at work and that blasted from my cubicle. I wish that hadn’t happened ha ha ha

  • Kate

    “Winamp also allows for wi-fi and USB streaming of you library”

    Downloading this right now!

    • Anonymous

      My question is what the heck is USB streaming? Do our phones now magically support USB sticks?

      • Calculatorwatch

        Haha, I think it means when you have your phone plugged into your computer via USB. Which doesn’t seem all that useful since your computer probably has a music player and headphone jack anyways.

      • 1108

        Tricky concept here, but let me try to explain my best guess of how it works…..

        1. Your phone came with a USB cable. If it did not, you can purchase a new one.
        2. Your phone has a port to plug the USB cable into it. Try it out; it’s pretty nifty.
        3. Your computer probably has a port to plug the other end of the cable into. If not, ditch the commodore 64 and upgrade to something made within the last 10 years.
        4. Stream music through your USB cable, from your computer to your phone.
        5. ?
        6. Profit?

        He also never said stick in his comment, nor did it in TFA.

        Bad troll is bad.

        • Anonymous

          First, I wasn’t trolling. I honestly was confused. The reason is that it said “streaming”. I don’t see the point in streaming from a PC that you’re physically connected to. That’s why I said what the heck is USB streaming (since it would be just about pointless).

          But now that I read other articles about it, it does not support WiFi or USB streaming at all. It only supports USB and WiFi synchronization (Which is nice, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not streaming).

    • jcdagget

      I use MixZing as my everyday music player. Can someone spell out the advantages to using Winamp over it? Thanks.