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Verizon’s 4G LTE Webcast Starts in 45 Minutes, Viewing Info Here

Verizon COO Lowell McAdam will be on stage at CTIA in 45 minutes discussing  the company’s plans for 4G LTE rollout.  It is expected that 30 cities will have 4G coverage by the end of the the year, but we’re hoping to hear additional details including some device specifics.  At this time, we have zero confirmations on any 4G Android devices for Big Red and this would be a great time for them to announce one.

Watch the LTE webcast live:

Via webcast (view/listen-only): http://www.verizonwebcasts.com/vzw/10825

U.S. toll free: 800-857-1380 / International: +1 773-799-3385
Passcode: 3243400

And be sure to hit up our chat in the toolbar (bottom right)!  We’ll be in there discussing all things LTE!

  • Killer4247

    This screwed up no detroit I am enraged right now we never get anything here

  • Stray1

    The webcast summary:

    what are the devices we will see on LTE?
    check back with us at CES.

    What are the speeds we'll see?
    Better or equal to 3g

    Where will this be implemented?
    Places, and more every day, some closer than others.

    What is this?
    Its 4g.

  • 1bad69z28

    I will be at this event tomorrow evening for the CTIA party at the W hotel in downtown San Francisco, for work and play. THis should be a fun event. Let me know if anyone else will be there or wants to attend it's free. Will pass on the information to you.

  • You can actually already read about it here:


    Verizon posted it early on their website.

  • Endisky

    For the “Company” section I put “Droid-Life”… Give Verizon an Idea of who is getting them customers, Do the same!

    Like this to bump it to the top!

  • mattyboy1013


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