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How to: Pick an Android Phone

Need help choosing an Android phone?  Gizmodo just created this handy little chart, which whether you like Giz or not, is spot on.  The only thing I could really argue against is the T-Mobile selection.  I’d say, screw the Vibrant and just wait for the G2 to come out (which I now realize it says) and then it would be about perfect.  There could be an argument against the Droid X as being the best phone on Verizon, but it would be a hard one to win.


Source:  Gizmodo

  • muk kum

    There seem to be a hundred phones in androphones.com . Is this flowchart updated?

  • Gwlaw99

    No Incredible or for Verizon? Not everyone wants a phone as large as the Droid X. No Fascinate?

    • Thornfullessrose

      The fascinate isn't a google phone.

  • Rfutty

    Good choices but why the g2? Heard it doesn't even have a ghz processor cuz far as space there's sdcards an all that. Now the mytouch hd <3

  • I never understood why people are so defensive of their phones. Buy what you like. If it works…keep it…if it doesn't sell it. Obviously one person is going to like the Epic/X/Incredible/etc….that's why they all SELL.

    I have an X right now, and when the next worthwhile upgrade comes along (probably a 4G verizon Android 3.0 droid), I'll eBay it and cop the new one. If that's December…so be it. Next September, fine. It's not like we're stuck with these things for 5 years….and if you are, you probably shouldn't be buying it anyway.

  • GuestWho

    I have the fascinate another option

  • MBS

    Stupid chart. Where's the HTC Incredible? No mention of the N1? Lists but two options for Verizon?

    • Thornfullessrose

      i also wonder where the DInc is! thats not fair. but i do understand the Nexus1 though. that phone isnt even purchasable through contract and discounted price. developers know but alot of average people dont even know about it because of that. they only know the phones listed. correct me (anyone) if im wrong. but the incredible should definitely be up there!

  • qmartman711

    one of the readers..noble robot made a corrected version..haha. actually is pretty legit!


    • JTE

      I think I like that one a lot more!

  • Thornfullessrose

    Loving my droid 2! Happy to be with the best nerwork and have one of the best phones!

  • lakerzz

    Seems to me that everybody's forgetting about personal preference…just get the one that you think is best for you. They are all awesome phones. I almost had to “flip a coin” to decide on which one to get. Went with the DX…doesn't mean it's the best, but I do like it quite a bit thank you very much. 😛

  • burpootus

    The Droid X and the Droid 2 have locked bootloaders and therefore don't deserve consideration. They are not true to the open source Android philosophy, except that Moto had a free OS to profit on. I only have myself to blame, bu this aspect of my X disgusts me. No more locked bootloader phones for me. They ran nearly all the development community away. S-A-D sad.

    • Thornfullessrose

      Blah blah blah dude. Everyone isnt into rooting there phone. The people who want to arent the only ones buying the phone. The droid x and droid 2 are two of the best phones out right now. Don't deserve consideration? Your tripping!

      • burpootus

        I guess you'll have no problem with the next computer you buy if Dell decides they will maintain the administrator account and they will allow you to be a user account? People should say NO to these phones with their pocketbooks.

    • snowblind64

      I agree the locked bootloader sucks, but it's now as bad as you make it sound.

      My Droid 2 is rooted and has Koush's Droid 2 Recovery on it. I removed all of the bloatware and I'm using LauncherPro. I can even load custom ROM's (thinking of trying Matt's Unleashed 2.5).

      Only thing that can't be changed right now is the kernel and that's only a matter of time.

      • burpootus

        There are no custom ROMs for these phones. There are themes and semi-ROMs that remove some apps/blur and add others. This is NOT what I came to Android for.

    • r0landct

      I would imagine this chart was for the masses, not the people who live on Android forums. Though of course there is nothing wrong with living on android forums, lol.

  • To73

    Another choice I just heard about is Virgin Mobile's Samsung Intercept that got released this week. It is a low-end Android phone and you are on Sprint's more limited network, but for $25 a month you get unlimited text, data, and 300 minutes of talk with no contracts. While any of the phones above would be superior, this could be a way for people on a budget to break into the Android market.

  • Kdiperi

    I have to agree, I have a Droid incredible and its simply one of the best pieces of technological equipment I have ever purchased for communication. I know about 10 people with the incredible who all agree as for the droid X its a nice phone but Motorola version of the Android OS needs some work , one person I know has one and he wishes he wouldve got the HTC for more than a few reasons but his grip is the HTC sense UI its smooth , super fast , extremely user friendly and just simply put beautiful . Anyway there should be more than one choice not just moto-crap-ola

    • lakerzz

      Launcher pro takes away that blur crap, but you really shouldn't have to feel like you have to get a new home launcher replacement. On the otherhand, I'd probably be using launcher pro now matter what phone I had…idk. :/

  • Meh. Still waiting for a phone that blows all the other phones out of the water, like the Droid did. I'm thinking along the lines of a 2 GHz TI-OMAP processor, 1 gig of ram, 4G radio, and a 4.3 inch 1280×720 resolution LCD screen. Probably won't happen, but that's why I'm calling it the Droid Impossible 😉

    • lakerzz

      Haha, *Droid does IMPOSSIBLE*

  • Adatt69

    DROID X is the best, got rid of Droid and Incredible for this one, wouldnt even change if

    iphone came to Verizon!!

  • ilikebikes

    love the epic to evo arrow…cracking me up

  • RanballX

    Chart looks right to me. I am sooooo glad that I have Verizon and have the DX!

  • Sslayer22

    The dx actually fits my pocket way better than my d1. Its width doesn't let it turn sideways all the time and its thin as crap.
    I've tried them all in my pocket and the ex stays where it should and doesn't stick out. Its perfect man pocket size! WIN!
    oh and blur goes away real easy. LP rules!

    • lakerzz

      Man…I have to agree with that 100%…

      • The camera hump makes mine feel more secure in my hand, like there's something to hold onto and it won't just slip through my fingers.

  • DX

  • Jpb282

    The Incredible is a better phone than the Droid X

    • Evermour

      It's just a bigger Incredible. Idc what others say I saw a guy talking on his dx it looks ridiculously huge.

      • Lakerzz

        Thats not true. You don’t realize it unless you really know what you are looking for. I got my DX after having an OG Droid, and my coworkers didn’t even realize I had a new phone until I happen to mention it to them about a week later. Doesn’t mean I think it’s the best phone though…just sayin.

        *judging by what I personally prefer in a phone, I thinks its the best phone for me*

        • Jpb282

          That sounds like your co workers just don’t care about your phone. My buddy at work has the X and next to my Inc, it’s enormous.

  • A1

    Helloooo?!?!? I have had the DI, the DX and now finally the Fascinate which clearly blows the doors off the DI and DX. Gave the DI back cuz you could not see anything in the sunlight whatsoever. Gave the DX back(acutally did not have to give it back, they let me keep it after 3 replacements, i know how to manipulate verizon…wink wink) because it was a bit bulky though screen was nice in the sunlight. The Fascinate is just smooth in every way. No gps issues or anything other than the lack of Froyo….anyway, those are my 0.02.

    • the fascinate should have the same issue in the sunlight.

      • themiracle2012

        Have you noticed that in the Big Red commercials for the Fascinate they make no mention of android whatsoever?

  • rals

    I would love to have a G2

  • Richie

    My stock DI 2.2 destroys all those phones hands down! The sense UI is so smooth unlike that blur crap also its small with that amoled screen colors pop way better than any other screen on the market! only draw back is the f$%&ing battery it blows!

    • Dpry3580

      The only thing I like about the Incredible, is the $400 I got for it on eBay when I bought the much better X. It paid for all of my X accessories too. I've had all the droids, except the D2, because it's the D1 rooted, and that would be back tracking and stupid.

  • Jtwildman1

    Just came from the Verizon store, have to admit the Facinate is very impressive. I went to look @ the X, but not sure I liked it better.. which surprised me… just saying

  • Michael_NM

    Edit to the chart… Do you have Verizon? > No > Get Verizon > You don't need a physical keyboard. Get the Droid X. 🙂

    • Is your name Steve Whack Job? Then why the hell are you telling me I don't need a physical keyboard? What if I like still having the entire screen up while I'm typing something? My phone could function fine without a keyboard, but I use the keyboard 90% of the time. The keyboard is about the most used part of my phone

      • Good thing we have choice! Thanks Android team!

      • Does anyone actually like the keyboard on the D2? I kept trying the D1/D2 keyboard and keep saying…”gimme my X back to type this.”

        This coming from a 3times+ ex-blackberry user. (All with physical keyboards)

      • Jrecufan

        You ever use swype and you'll say “screw my keyboard forever”.

        • I have swype on my Droid 1. I still find the physical keyboard more useful because I can still see the rest of the screen as I’m typing as if on a laptop. Don’t get me wrong, I love swype and use it exclusively as my virtual keyboard, but still doesn’t offer the convenience of the keyboard

      • Michael_NM

        Haha, my name is not Steve, but some people think I'm whacky and I do have a job… For people like you, the chart could read… > so… you really want a keyboard? > we've got a Droid 2 for you. 🙂

        About a year ago, I swore I'd never own a phone without a physical keyboard again. The Droid X made me eat my words, and they weren't too tasty. YMMV. 😛

        • But then it would have to say “want an unlocked bootloader? switch to sprint and get the Epic” 🙁

          • Sn1p3r6992

            I would never buy something made by Samsung besides a television. They don’t even seem to run android….more like a colorful, buggy samsung OS. Ewww.

          • kevin

            You are very wrong about samsung ruining the android os. it’s great, colorful but fast and effective at the same time…I am a ex die-hard physical button supporter. txting has never been easier on my fascinate, I was blown away with swype and it’s easy to use keyboard. I don’t miss my buttons anymore!

          • DROID INDEED

            Sprint FAIL

          • DROID INDEED

            Sprint FAIL

  • Holding on to my D1 until gingerbread phones start hitting the shelves…just doesn't make sense to upgrade until then.

    • Anonymous

      im doing the same way. cant wait to rub my gingerbread phone in DX faces

    • I completely agree. Nothing out today really qualifies as an “upgrade” to me. Still waiting for the next superphone like the Droid.

  • 1bad69z28

    I really want to get some of the thoughts of the HTC EVO 4g and it's performance compared to the DX. I have read several blogs on the HTC EVO 4G as the best Android phone on the market and even puts the DX to shame.

    I am D1 Rooted fan, but I really wanted to get everyones thoughts on this device, we really don't talk about this phone. Thanks 🙂

    • quiklives

      The main complaint I've heard (in retail) is battery life for the Evo….

  • shr1k3r

    no one liking the fascinate?

  • BigEd

    EVO ftw!

  • Br_d

    This chart assumes you are locked into a carrier. What if you're not? I'd like to know what the king-of-the-hill phone is regardless of carrier, or with the carrier as a factor.

  • Phone

    Saying “screw the Vibrant” ignores not only its built in 16GB if storage, but the 2GB of app space that other phones don't have.

    • Rizzidy

      Neat story.

  • Rain_king46

    Its seems like they are only suggesting the DX if you HAVE to cuz you have Verizon and want touch screen. That is silly, mechanically the DX is the same phone as the D2 with no keyboard and a big screen. Yet they are recommending the D2 and not the DX? Why?

  • Droid Incredible for the modding community, which HTC has given far more leeway.

  • maax

    I don't get it. Is this some kind of dig at Verizon? I'm guessing Giz doesn't like them by implying that nobody would “choose” Verizon.

  • droidn

    X FTW!

  • Jjconrad1450

    Droid x is awesome…along emwith the droid 2. But I just got the Samsung fascinate for Verizon and it is awesome and can compare to the incredible I think.

  • Voxx

    You have to post the DI as an option.

  • Great chart! I need to show this to my mom. 😛

  • kulz

    very comprehensive indeed 😉

  • Fascinate or x

  • droid inc…hands down

  • Finire

    I'm going to have to voice my opinion… Verizon, non-keyboard… Gimme the Droid Incredible any day, till HTC comes out with the next rumored phone for hopefully VZW without a keyboard…

    • bobo

      I agree…there should be one more option “Do you mind having an aircraft carrier in your pocket?” or “Do you want to use MotoBlah?” point to either the Incredible or the X.

      • This isn’t the iPhone, if people don’t want to use Motoblah on the X they can install launcherpro. I have met to meet an X user who thinks their phone doesn’t fit in their pocket

        • Anonymous

          LauncherPro doesn’t fix the underlying problems due to Moto replacing core functionality in Android with their own Blur garbage.

      • Lol. From now on I’m officially calling MotoBlur “MotoBlah” 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Dx has more features (HDMI, DNLA, etc), better battery life, better benchmarks (for what they’re worth). The only reason you can not want a DX over a DInc is if you truly don’t like the size. I have never met someone who doesn’t like the size who has used it for more than an hour. And don’t start the blur talk, it is no big deal especially if you use Launcher Pro, then you don’t even know it is there. Not saying DInc is bad, but how can people not at least see how they came to that determination, even if they dont’ totally agree. Remember, it is just someone’s opinion, though judging from sales, it is a lot of people’s opinions.

    • kellex

      I've got both the DI and DX and the screen is what makes the DX the winner. If the Desire HD comes to Verizon, then we can battle cuz that would be hard to not want.

      • The screen is what makes it a loser, IMO. Way too big for my hands. Plus blur = omg ew.

        • kellex

          After typing on this 4.3″ screen, I could never go smaller. 🙂

          • Alex

            After have the DX for a few months holding an iphone or a DI seems weird. The screen looks a lot smaller than when i never had a DX.

          • Droydhead

            yeah dude.. I might even be able to handle a 5 incher.. That sounds f’n nasty.

          • Anonymous

            If you have Swype screen size is kind of irrelevant though isn’t it (for typing anyway, I’m sure games/videos are awesome)?

          • Anonymous

            I agree, I loved the screen being big when I got it. After about a week with the phone and the screen doesn’t even feel big anymore. Blur is virtually gone from my phone, yes it’s technically still there but ADW hides it completely. Launcherpro works too.

          • Tyrian


          • jeffxallen

            agreed. <4.3=for babies and ladies.

          • The reactions are priceless. Everytime someone grabs it…even iPhoners…

            “DAMN! This thing is HUGE.”

            Where’s Michael Scott when you need him?

        • quiklives

          Blur pretty quickly becomes beside the point, really.

          • Blur is never beside the point…

          • Mgillster

            ignorance is bliss isnt it, when you dont own something you talk about. Dude motoblur is a name that people throw around as if they know but they dont know….I own the DX, and im telling it is pretty much Vanilla Android. I personally use LauncherPro, because its smooth like butter. You wouldnt even know its the same phone.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, I am convinced anyone who complains about blur has never actually used the phone for more than an hour. While it is far from perfect, it is far from distracting.

          • Eric

            Blur is nothing like Vanilla Android and if it was you wouldn’t need to really use Launcher pro to cover it up.

          • Anonymous

            Blur is not “pretty much Vanilla Android.” Not when they replace core functionality (esp Dialer, Contacts, and account management) with their broke-ass versions. If it was just a skin, I wouldn’t care as I could just use LauncherPro like you said. But that didn’t fix the problems I had when I was issued a Droid 2 to replace my broken Droid. Blur’s problems were much more than skin deep.

        • Rizzidy

          Way too big for your hands and you claim to be male?

          The 4.3″ size is great. I wish it were bigger.

          • Insulting now are we? That’s also what she said to you.

          • Anonymous

            It was just a question, no need to get so defensive…

            .. unless it’s a sensitive issue.

          • Jrecufan

            Agree with Andrew. I’ve seen and held them both and don’t care for the X. It is an awesome phone no doubt, but it is bigger, bulkier to carry, heavier … all for negligible additional screen space. Nah – I’m content with the DInc.

        • Andrews Mom

          It’s because you got little girl hands. DX > DI

      • Anonymous

        I have both as well and the X is laggier and less responsive.

    • Jrecufan

      You hit the nail on the head Finire. This flowchart is woefully lacking – only selecting based on carrier and keyboard. I’ve had the DInc since May and there isn’t a phone on the market that would lure me away from it….. right now at least.

    • maax

      I wish HTC would upgrade their build quality from cheap toy to $600 electronic device and refine their ugly UI. It might make their phones less appalling.

      Full disclosure: I had a DI since it launched and sold it for a DX when it launched.

      • F.U.

        yeah your are a moron! The DI is a $640 phone and so is the DX. The blur UI on moto sucks more than the a hoover vac! The DI UI is so simplistic when you get it. its not loaded with a shit-ton of useless widgets that people end up deleting in the long run. The DX UI also conflict with droid software… the devour is a perfect example of how the blur UI ruined a phone. The DXs UI shadows blur and is IMO is good concept but bad idea to put into a phone unfinished. To sum it up DI is simplistic and the DX is chalk full of blur which was a fail on one phone already!

        • LPP. problem solved

        • Anonymous

          Both are great phones! We are not supposed to hate Droid phones we are supposed to be hating on IPhone.

        • Lakerzz

          You could’ve at least said sucks more than a Dyson vac…because I personally think the Hoovers build quality is…oh wait…thats a totally different conversation…lol

    • I will never get a phone with a smaller screen than the Droid X ever again…UNLESS they completely rework how phones function/input data/etc.

  • bravoleader2

    We've all been thinking it. Glad someone wrote it down all flow-charty like

  • No you didnt……

    1st? 🙂

  • jester4281

    First…….where is the DI love