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Amazon App Store Distribution Agreement Leaks

Rumors of an Android app store launching from Amazon have all but been confirmed today through a leaked distribution agreement meant for developers.  Among the terms listed, we see that devs royalties will “equal to the greater of (i) 70% of the purchase price or (ii) 20% of the List Price” and that Amazon will retain a free copy of each app submitted for users who have already paid for the app even if it has been pulled from sale.

There is also a rumored $99 annual fee to be a part of the store.   We’re all still waiting for confirmation from Amazon, but you’ve got to think it will be coming any day now.  To read the full agreement, hit up the source link below.

I’ve got to admit that I’m more excited to see an Amazon app store than I am a Verizon VCAST version.  Thoughts?

Source:  Slashgear

  • I really just dont know how to feel about these alternative app stores showing up……

  • I honestly like the idea of Google letting Amazon and Verizon create there own App stores. Creates more competition, hence dropping prices……or hopefully!


  • iPhoneBestPhone

    This owns if it replaces the Android Market. A big name like Amazon would surely know how to sell quality apps and maybe even compete with iTunes App Store one day.

  • RanballX

    Bring this on… This has to happen in order to bring some quality into the market place. It was also inevitable. I'm glad to see it be Amazon rather than some jippo outfit that cannot bring any expertise to to arena.

  • Jerryarose

    Stupid, no need. It's like Wal-Mart and K-Mart suckers….

  • Jdstell

    At first I was like, “This sounds terrible, it will fragment the Android OS in new ways.” but after thinking about it, it may actually be a good idea, especially if devs on each market can compete against each other. Competition means more innovation to try and out do your competitor, it also means lower prices. If Amazon screens the apps for malware, it can be even better for the end users. I actually like this idea.

  • tjpeco

    Why the hell do we need more than ONE marketplace?!

    • WhereIsTony

      Novice users may want more carefully screened apps. Develpopers may like the benefit of Amazons traffic and marketing power.

    • Rain_king46

      I dont really get it either. Seems like the official Google Market would be the smart place to sell your app unless Google is screwing you somehow which I have not heard reports of. I do not know what benefit Amazon or VZ are going to add to anything.

    • Serqet

      I'm wondering if this might help people like Fede with LauncherPro and being able to sell his plus version through Amazon where Google won't allow paid apps to be sold in his country…

    • RanballX

      The current market is never going to attract the quality developers in its current state. Give the developer an environment where their product will be seen globally and get them paid for their products fairly and they will come.

    • huds

      Because I won't have to deal with paypal, euros, pounds, yen, etc, and taking out my credit card. I will be able to checkout through Amazon which is a known entity. You would be able to use Amazon gift cards to pay for apps. Lots of good reasons. The purchase experience is much more pleasent in the App Store (Apple) compared to Android Market. If Amazon can make buying apps as easy as it makes buying books on a Kindle, this will be a huge win for all android users and developers.

    • Alan B

      Why the hell do we need more than one place to buy gas?

  • ericsorensen

    With verizon's $9.99/mo navigation app, I can't wait to see all their other great deals. Maybe $6/mo caller ID app (plus $2/mo to see what city they are calling from)?

    • ericsorensen

      Yes, I'm much more excited about an Amazon marketplace!

  • Doolidg


  • whats that you say, first!