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BeejiveIM Lands on Android Market, For $9.99?

If anyone has an extra $10 laying around and loves to IM their friends through their phone, then you have a new option.  BeejiveIM, which became famous on the Blackberry is now available on Android for a not-so-minimal price.  I’d list out the features, pros/cons, but I’m not the IM’ing machine that many of you are, so I’m going to ask for reader input on this one.  Plus, we have Trillian for free, and it’s amazing.

BeejiveIM worth it?

  • Abc

    Changing the settings in the menu don't do anything. Auto-rotate is on even though i have it set off in Android settings. You can shut down the app after you start it. Otherwise, seems to be working pretty good.

  • This is a great app and worth the 10 bucks, only if you are hardcore about instant messaging and are frequently using it.

  • sherri64

    Beejive sent their beta testers an email asking if we would like a free copy of their app. They offered, so this is not a “pirated” app.

    I replied that I would like a copy. Have not received the link/apk yet.

  • homindroid

    I tries the beta and thought it was well put together and the UI was great. But, not 9.99 great! Trillian Beta for me!

  • Was Trillian suppose to have the sync to contacts feature or have I misread?

  • droidsloth

    I know Trillian is still in beta and has some minor bugs, but I'll happily put up with them knowing it is actively improving.

  • Meebo has absolutely satisfied all my IM needs, and it's totally free. I haven't looked back.

  • Trillian is all kinds of awesome. Can't see paying $10 for any application where the free, or baked in, option is just as good…

  • Jdstell

    Someone probably just added an extra “9” to the price when they were putting this on the market.

  • Validoption

    I've tried the Beejive beta, and it was buggy as all hell. I would not spend $10 without first getting a trial version of the final copy.

    The Trillian Beta is fantastic, though that will probably have a similar pricetag when final hits market, just judging from Apple's App Store. I don't think I'd pay $10 for that, though, either. Most I could see spending on an app like this is $4.99, and it'd have to be in a moment of frivolous spending immediately after I get a paycheck.

    So unless the Beejive price comes down significantly, I'm sticking with the free Trillian beta until it's no longer supported. And if the price there isn't right, I'll switch back to the inferior-yet-still-free eBuddy.

  • Ulnek75

    if you've ever used beejive you'd know trillian doesn't even compare. tried trillian and i hated it. have used beejive since i had a blackberry and it's been great.

  • MyDroidxBeatUpUrHonorStudent

    WHen I was in amsterdam, you could get a lot more for your money for $10… or like 13 euros….. ALOT BETTER. Just sayin

  • chaos

    Yes it's worth it. Beejive makes quality apps, and this is the price for their app on all platforms I believe. That said, they should of realized how cheap Android users are when it comes to buying apps and put it at $5 or something. (I'm getting a free copy for participating in the beta though. Ha!)

    • Cheap Android User

      check piratebay, it will be there soon enough 🙂

      • Mrpicolas

        we do not condone nor influence this community to use pirated apps please support your developers for without them you would have none of the very cool things we have today

  • mo

    blackberry users are used to such awful apps they're more than willing to shell out 10 bucks for an app that most other smart phone users would pass at purchasing.

  • usnmustanger

    Bee-what? Who cares? What I want to know is what theme is that in the screenie? I wannit!

    • Imajinaxn

      Droid x invertnito

      • usnmustanger

        Droid X? Aw, man…I'm on an Incredible. Bummer.

  • cyberclaus

    WAAAAAAAY! over priced. $1.99 seems to be the sweetspot for apps. This is a POS that I will never try for this price. Ebuddy does the same for free, what wocket does this joker have in his pocket to make me change for $10. I will support the dev community, but you have to have some kind of carrot, and a really big one for $10. PASS!!!!!

  • Dirtyshroomz69

    Only benefit beejive has is push notification so that battery drain is virtually non-existent.

  • The350zWolf

    worth it? Of course not!

  • Djlowproz

    ebuddy FTW

  • Trillian all the way!

  • I have to agree with everyone. Between Meebo, Trillian and eBuddy, paying $10 for an app that does the same things as them just seems utterly pointless.

  • Sep

    I'm perfectly happy with Meebo, which is free.

  • I had it on my iPod touch. It is definitely not worth it. Yes, that is making a judgment for another platform, but if they thought that was worth $10, this cannot be at all. Enjoy trillian everyone.

  • I'll stay with Trillian especially since I use it on my laptop too.

  • Matt4542

    This isn't the best. I like imo better?

  • Matt4542

    Haha I got this before it was released! I win

  • No. Not at all. Especially not with Trillian on the loose.

  • do they have push support yet?

    • Jason

      Trillian just added push support today

      • validoption

        Awesome, thanks for the heads up!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    $10? that is $9.01 to much

  • I'd rather use Trillian and it's free.

    • kellex

      Trillian is awesome.

      • I use eBuddy but I'm gonna give Trillian a try. Makes me think of the Hitchhiker's Guide movie. eBuddy has some quirks like poor autocorrect functionality that they haven't fixed in ages.

  • mattyboy1013

    considering the price…? id have to say that a simplistic app with competitors with free apps is outragous. not worth it for me at least!

  • Armyof2

    meh Trillian is pretty much the shiznit for this anyways so not worth the 10 bucks to me

  • aczm1988

    Ill get on my pc and buy a pizza with the 10$ haha