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Download: Swype or for DROID Incredible and EVO

A couple of semi-new versions of Swype are available to download for the Droid Incredible and don’t require an installer or an email address to get rolling on your phone.  Version 1.61 looks and acts just like what you’ll see on the Galaxy S lineup of phones and version 2.4.44 is the beta that many of you were unable to sign up for.  Grab whichever one you prefer after the jump!

Download: Removed by request from Swype.

(Of course there are plenty of spots to find them near by.)


1.  Uninstall any previous version of Swype from your phone and reboot.
2.  Download the .apk file from above and install.
3.  Enjoy!

Swype for the Original DROID at this post!

Via:  EVO4G Forum, XDA Forums

Cheers Nicholas!

  • YankeeDudeL

    I had this but accidently deleted it when getting rid of all the Swype Installer crap that did more harm than good. I don't suppose anyone still has this file, do they?

  • TLH

    Can you swype on the new Verizon Droid Pro?

  • Boblack47

    wheres the download link at?

  • Alvinm 77

    Its expired on me….

  • C_law23

    Need this for the incredible. Can someone direct me to a download?

  • alee

    I can't find the download. Can someone post another link?

  • Daddy

    Do I have to be rooted to get this? I went to download from my incredible but it said it failed to open

    • @Daddy
      no you do not have to be rooted, just visit this page on your device (easiest way) and click on one of those links above (brings you to MegaUpload), wait until file completes downloading and install the .apk after that. To “activate” it go to Menu->Settings->Language&Keyboard->click on Swype. Long press on a text input field tap on Input Method->Swype, and voila!! you are now using the Swype keyboard on your device

  • Ilhe1s

    Can some one please theme me a red one for the Incredible like the Droid and Droid X have?

  • Javier

    Can I install this in the Droid X, If I remove the original Swype.apk and I put this instead.

  • Alvinm 77

    Finally, after all these expired beta apk's, registering with swype beta's, waiting on emails or the d*amn beta to open, I finally got swype! The first download worked fine. Not even trying the second one. Just wondering how to add themes. I really want the red and black theme to match my droid incredible. Any help?

  • Matt

    I have a rooted DI and I installed 2.4.44 first and the keyboard does not show up when I enable it in my settings. I uninstalled it and installed 1.61 and same thing happened.

    Bug? Or need to do something else?

    • Mark

      I had the same problem on my non-rooted DI. DrDrew suggested this: do a long-press on a text field, select “Input Method,” then select “Swype.” Worked for me.

  • Matt

    i like swype mainly because the keyboard is easier to use then the regular one, the magnified letters dont appear and i can type faster w/ both thumbs!

  • koolshaggy

    I had Swype for 6 weeks before my beta expired. I then switched to SwiftKey. I downloaded Swype again, and decided to put myself to a speed test. With Swype. I had 15.6 Words Per Minute with 100% accuracy. With SwiftKey, I had 21.6 WPM and 100% accuracy. I think I'm sticking with SwiftKey.

  • Tyrion
  • Micah

    After you install it go to language & keyboard settings and enable it

  • I frikkin' love Swype. Been a Swype beta user since January – and I think I was one of the first to pile on with the Voice-to-Text requests. 9 months later – still no joy. But the DX and some other units ship WITH Swype & VTT? Switching input methods when doing something else (driving?), sucks. Come on Swypies, we need our voice!

  • Scotty89

    man I forgot how much I missed Swype….FINALLY! Thanks DL!

  • DrDew

    ok so finally got it work..if your having problems with it not running. Basically after you download it and select it in the keyboard settings. make sure you long press in the tap to compose area when your doing a new text method. Input method should pop up pick swype and you'll be good to go.

    • DrDew

      thats long press in the tap to compose area when your doing a new text message..lol not method.*

  • Normanb20

    I have ben searching since my copy of swype evo tts expired on the 18th. Does anyone know where to get swype with voice input. I am a beta member but hate not having a vtt option.
    Maybe there is a ported version from the dx or d2?

  • jeb

    I have down loaded it twice clearing out the old each time and nothing???? I am running DI 2.2 not rooted went to the link on phone browser then doloaded it did download file size is 16.37 shows up under settings but not under general app list. I is there but won't run. Do I need to down load some kind of additional app from app store?

    • jeb

      can someone give me instructions as what to do I did not previously have swype. I downloaded it but it is not running I have removed my battery twice but I seem lost???????

      • Jlii4

        I installed by copying the apk file to my SD card. Installed it. Then turned it on in settings. From there everything worked.

    • Axel

      Alternate keyboards don't show up in the general app list. After installing, and enabling it in the settings, you can switch input by long-pressing on a text field and choosing “Input Method” (I'm not sure if all work, but as far as I can tell, it comes up anywhere “Paste” does). Then just choose Swype for Swype or Touch Input for the default Sense keyboard.

  • JD

    If I downloaded it to my pc, where do I need to save it on my Incredible to install?

    • Scotty89

      plug your Dinc to your computer via your usb cord and place the .apk into whatever drive that your root files come from. I go to My Computer and then plug in my phone to see which folders come up (Usually F: drive or G: drive) and then I place the folder in one of them. Astro is a good app to have on your phone to find this .apk if you don't have it.

  • jeb

    I am sorry I read this twice and I am not clear swype works on base 2.2 without rooting, Is this correct?

    • DincDinc

      Works on my dInc 2.2 nonroot phone!

  • Ajl06808

    I downloaded it but it still doesn't sho up hen I click on it as my keyboard? What do I do? im on a DINC

    • Scotty89

      did you goto Settings>Language&Keyboard to see if Swype is listed in the text settings?

      • Scotty89

        once you did that, you have to get Astro from Market, assuming you don't have it. Open Astro, go to your sdcard and then find the file. Install it, it'll probably ask you to check off on the “Unknown Services”. Check if off and then go back to Astro and install. Once it's done, go back to Settings>Language&Keyboard. You should see Swype there. Check off on it and hit ok. Then go to your place your gonna use the keyboard, say Facebook, and long-press on where you entered your status update. A menu will come up saying “Input Method”. Click it and then choose Swype. Go back and press where you enter your status update (or text) and there ya go. Easy as pie.

  • k

    Installed it but it's still not working for me. Doesn't seem to be able to start the services. I'm running an Incredible.

  • j0hnnyRingo

    Downloaded the file, emailed it to myself, trying to install.

    There must be an easier way to do this?

  • Gatti Chris

    does this need a root?

  • Kevin217

    i downloaded both versions and when i try to open them i get an error that says “there is a problem parsing the package.”

    • Devilprobably

      I am getting the samething. DI 2.2

  • Scott in MA

    OK, so Droid and Droid Incredible & EVO 4G, what about Droid X?

    • kb

      doesn't the DX come with swype already installed…..?

      • quiklives


        • Scott in MA

          Yes, it does, but a newer version is always of interest.

  • Gambrel022

    Just got it… first time user of Swype and ummmm yeah… learning curve, but I already LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KiriusKris

    It wouldn't let me download the file when I clicked on the “Download” link after waiting the 45 seconds or so in the Droid-Life app browser. I had to go into my browser and do it from there. FYI.

  • That's a big difference in version numbers..

    Does the 1.61 not expire since it's not beta?
    Which runs better on 2.2?

    • To answer my own question, I tried the 1.61 version. So far so good. thanks D-L!

  • DincDinc

    No voice to text integration?

  • Micha

    how do i save my new learned words ??? since my last swype update, all new words are gone ;-((

    • Normanb20

      Type them in then tap the swype button.

  • char-Lo

    i love swype but when i got the update there was an error and was unable to make it work on my moto droid. so my question is to download this leaked version do i need to be rooted or does it matter?

    • standardsdt

      Uninstall BOTH Swype and the Swype Launcher. Then to be sure that the apk wasn't corrupted, redownload it ad reinstall. Then proceed with the installation as you normally would. I have the recent Swype Beta and had no issues on my Motorola Droid.

      • char-Lo

        thank you very much. im trying it right now!

  • Cyberdemon

    i got the 2.4 version, seems to be running flawlessly. D1

  • kulz