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Second 10: LauncherPro Icon App License Winners!

We’re still pumping out winners to our LauncherPro Icon App contest!  We had 50 to start with, gave away 10 last night, and are ready to do the second batch of 10.  Remember that all you need to do to enter is join our forums and post at this thread with whatever you want.  Simple right?

And the second 10 winners are…


Congrats all!  You should receive an email within the next few minutes with instructions on how to get your free LP Icon App.  Stay tuned tomorrow for our second batch of winners!

  • Xhanzo

    Ive been on these forums for some time since march. Will try to contribute from now on.

    Droid-life community rocks 🙂

  • 0ddh1nn


  • Beenka2

    What a desperate attempt to get people on a forum. I wish I didn't register. I thought it was for LP plus. Can u undo the registration for the forum?

  • how the heck does”blah” win lol. jus playin

  • asdroidx

    First time I ever actually won something. Thank you Droid-Life and LauncherPro Icon!

  • Justin

    You mean third batch
    I win!

  • nberry

    Thanks for the win love the software!

  • viewthis66

    Launcher Pro question… when i select a home button function like “preview screens” or take me to the default screen, nothing happens when i push the home button. its as if the button has been deactivated. i have the latest version of LP too. the one with the Friends widget.

  • im never gonna win 🙁

    • briderx

      With an attitude like that? You are probably right! Congratulate the winners, move on.. It's a dollar or two prize package.. Seriously?

  • legobricke

    Here again for da LP !

  • Lukekool

    I still havent won anything …………… 🙁

  • john

    wat i cant believe this my name is not der :O

    Anyways Congrats to all de winners..u guys aare soooooooo dam lucky:P

  • Rogue_5

    Still no luck, but a few more chances to go, here's hoping.

  • tztex

    signed up. Thanks.

  • Hopps

    Droid life 4 life!

  • Manuelgalaz1

    hook a brother up

  • Once again, if any of the winners have any trouble, or do not receive your license email, go to http://bit.ly/contactlpi, and email me from there.

  • missed yet again. Congrats winners!

  • Fabieldeb

    finally yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh. froyo is here……every DX user go to settings/ about phone/ system uddate/ and star to finally enjoy froyo

  • Ahh, nice! Looking forward to seeing who won tomorrow(hint: maybe me?!)

    By the way, Killex, ya might want to change “second batch of winners” to “third batch of winners”.

    Just letting ya know is all. 🙂

  • Michael_NM

    Off-topic: I'm a stickler for time alright, but I just got the 2.2 update for the Droid X. 10:04 PM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) that is. Looks like VZ can't screws up AM/PM like the screw up EST/EDT. Check your “System updates” Yippee…

    • Straitkd

      Same here just got mine!

  • snafu009

    Entirely unrelated, but I think the Droid X rollout might have started at midnight? Mine just updated, FWIW.

  • briderx

    Congrats winners!

  • agh no luck….

  • DroidHex


  • Cpeter753

    Yes i finally won something from Droid-life haha i guess coming to this site since it opened almost a year ago finally paid off. oh wait… i probably wouldn't have learned 80% of what my D1 could do without this site. Thanks Kellex

    • lakerzz

      Haha…that's awesome…CONGRATS!!!!

    • Congratulations! You win again because you are the first of this batch to activate your license as well. For that, get a second license to give to a deserving friend. Check your email for instructions.

      • cpeter753

        It just keeps getting better lol Thanks alot to the people over at LauncherPro Icons. you guys are awesome

        • john

          U can send across the license to me 😀

  • Good news is that if I don't win one of these licenses it's more reason to use ADW which Birdman and bgill says is the better between the two.

  • *attempt to foil attempts at 'First!'*

    • cpeter753

      nice job at stopping the first thing. but technically you just stopped the first by announcing you were stopping the first lol