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Red DROID Incredible, Better than White?

We finally got a hold of a red Droid Incredible back and have to say, it’s giving the white back a seriously run for sexiest DI accessory.  Remember you can order both the white or red with the following info by visiting your local store:

White HTC Back: VZW6300DORW

Red HTC Back: VZW6300DORR

All the Incredible owners been picking these up?  Red or white?  You tell us.

Two more shots after the break…

  • aaronvail

    RED! Awesome..

  • I have the Speck red/black full silicone cover, so I wont be plunking down 25$ for this, but it does look pretty sweet, I was asking for this before I stumbled across the Speck.

  • Falconfree

    I like the red. However, I have an Innocase Rugged, so I don't see the back anyway. I wish I could see the back of the phone (I think it looks really classy), but I'm clumsy and drop my phone all the time. 😛

  • m00se_

    Can you order these over the phone?

  • m00se_

    Can you order these over the phone?

  • Leviticus

    Ive got a red back and Ive been telling everyone its a new phone and everyone of my friends that has seen it thinks its Incredibly (no pun intended) sexy. Get a red back plate for SURE

  • I have mine and love it. I get a lot of compliments on it.

  • i have protective back on my inc, so i will be saving my 25$ for beer

  • I have protective cover so no one is seeing the back of my inc. saving 25$ for beer

  • i have protective cover on my inc. saving money spent on a backing no one will ever see for beer.

  • I have black protect cover so not going to see the backing anyway. saves $25 for beers

  • dannydarko

    I have the red but I honestly like the stock black back, sorry.

  • Letterstopaul

    I got white the second i found out what the code# was and i love it. personally looks better than the red. the red camera eye thing looks better w/ the white back. with the red, it doesn't show off as much.

  • This

    holy crap. a comment war between two color preferences. fml

  • wolfrunner22

    white is way better, the red accents dont look as good with the red backing

  • Eric

    Why are we going over this again? Also why does this one look different (less glossy) then the one from the previous post(http://www.droid-life.com/2010/09/10/red-droid-incredible-back-brings-back-leak-memories/)?

  • Kareem Arsheem

    I've got them both. I personally like the white back better.

  • marquesb82

    Racist! lol

  • Mlbphillies20

    5th 🙂 but idk I might have to get that lol

  • I want this, they need more red accents on the front though and maybe some black accents on the back

  • i want the whole thing in red.

    • kellex

      Whole thing in red would have been hot.

      • wolfpackrunner22

        whole thing in red would be crazy and over done

  • Youdoneyo69


  • not digging the bright red, maybe a darker.

    • Moeyknight

      I agree. While it could be the photos, it does look more of an orange-red.

      • yeah often the flash will glare on brighter colors. I doubt it would make that extreme of a difference, but still darker would be better.

        • Fuzzracer

          I just ordered the white one for mine 15 minutes ago, used my 25% off and it came to 20 even can't wait to slap it on