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Adobe Changes Flash Requirements, DROID No Longer Supported?

According to Adobe’s website, the requirements for Flash 10.1 on mobile devices have changed and in a way that effects a big chunk of Android users, specifically those with an original Droid or Milestone.  The new requirement sets the minimum processor mark at a Cortex A8 running at 800MHz which we all know is above what a stock Droid runs at.  Uh oh.

Now before you all freak out, there is a chance that the Droid could be fine and a kernel fix or some other tweak in a software update could clock it to 800 MHz which it can easily run at.  For those not in the rooting crowd, let me just say that the phone’s stock kernel can be overclocked to 800MHz, yet Motorola has chosen to leave it underclocked at 550-600.  There is still hope.

Thoughts on the change in requirements?  Flash not performing well enough or are new versions going to be even more processor dependent?

Update:  Phonescoop actually reported this news on Thursday.

Source:  Adobe
Via: DroidForums, MobiFlip

Cheers Luda!

  • gamos
  • Anonymous

    I am running Gingerbread 2.3.7 on my original droid overclocked a 1ghz with no problems.  Even have great battery life.  So if you gotta have Flash, I would recommend using Pete Sholes Bugless Beast ROM, he is one of the few still supporting this phone!

  • Justin

    I have the same problem with 3G … it works so I wont complain… but the best fix I have found is to use wifi when available … flash loads much quicker for me that way!

  • RoadsterHD1

    I'm running a rooted Droid 1 at 1.1GHz so flash is cool but for the unrooted users, Verizon should give free upgrades to D1 users upon request….. Personally I like my D1 and my wife has a

  • Flash runs just fine on my 550mhz Moto Droid. I dont get what all the fuss is about. It's rooted but not overclocked, and flash runs very well on it.

    Root your phone! Then you dont have to ask Verizon or Motorola for permission to install this stuff anymore.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Download speedtest.net and check your 3G or wifi connection speed as this has allot to do with the quality of your flash video.

  • RoadsterHD1

    I'm running a rooted Droid 1 at 1.1GHz so flash is cool but for the unrooted users, Verizon should give free upgrades to D1 users upon request….. Personally I like my D1 and my wife has a

  • Flash runs just fine on my 550mhz Moto Droid. I dont get what all the fuss is about. It's rooted but not overclocked, and flash runs very well on it.

    Root your phone! Then you dont have to ask Verizon or Motorola for permission to install this stuff anymore.

  • eodman2

    Yea, they love ya until the new kid in the block comes and plays. JUST DONT make promise and then go back on it. Thats why people switch brands!

  • aaronvail


  • [email protected]

    Droid 1 must be oficially and fully capable of running Flash 10.1 as I am rooted and running BB (with Flash already enabled) and as of a couple of days ago, I got an official VZW upgrade notification that promises Flash 10.1 ande better performance/stability…

  • Pseudoelf

    There seems to be alot of fuss from the D1 community. In stock form we have a 550MHz A8 with NEON. It is the MyTouch crowd that should be up in arms (and the like) with their ARM11 processors (promised Froyo). (I'm not considering the phones that won't get official Froyo.) RIM were only planning to add Flash to their OS 6.0 capable devices so any Blackberry without at least 256MB RAM is also up a creek (sorry Storm 1 owners).

    I like having Flash, it makes the Internet the Internet. The visual on non-optimized video can be jumpy but all the content that has been updated seem to run great. I leave the Plug-ins set to 'on demand' to minimize page loading delays. 3G really isn't that much bandwidth.

    Probably they up-ed the requirements because of all the video complaints. People don't seem to want to accept the limitations of their hardware. Flash seems to have the most trouble downgrading the video on the fly. (which is a very computation intensive operation)

    Also Flash ver. (official) runs much better than the betas that came out for the Nexus 1.

  • Ronanderson

    Flash is working on my d1. A little sluggish and HBO will not let me on the real web page. But the other flash sites still work

  • DokDeth54

    It shows the vids, but it's oh so slow and jerky. Takes forever to load and quality is sometimes questionable at best… Not impressed at all and certainly this part of the update was NOT worth the wait…

    • tonytbone7883

      Download speedtest.net and check your 3G or wifi connection speed as this has allot to do with the quality of your flash video.

    • Justin

      I have the same problem with 3G … it works so I wont complain… but the best fix I have found is to use wifi when available … flash loads much quicker for me that way!

  • a1locjaw

    the funny thing is that youtube and tv.com videos play just nicely over wifi with no stuttering, so why do flash videos play so badly?


    i love the flash 10.1 my phones runs smooth an fast on the original droid i have kernel 250-1250 chevy no1 an its set at 550mhz when i browse the web an my flash player still work with out over clocking it to 800 or more

  • Sforbes41

    The stock motodroid1 froyo kernel is clocked at 800mhz exactly and has been since the first froyo leak for the Droid. So I don't understand why this is a big deal?

    The STOCK froyo .32 kernel IS 800MHz

  • Jripster

    Ill try this again. apparently my first post was censured….

    I bought this phone because I needed a phone asap and the htc Incredible was about a months wait.

    Now after 2 months of hearing from Droid-life and the comments that all the Flash Betas were running good (whic wouldn't run for $h]T )

    We are now lambasted with all these fanboy comments about spending $500 us, to upgrade to the droid2 or droidx and all Droid-Life can offer is to root your phone to get to 800mhz which will cause my phone to fail before my contract is up for renewal.

    At this time I will NEVER trust Adobe, Motorola, Verizon or Google again

    Have a nice day getting screwed


    • Doolidg


    • GilmourD

      It's Adobe. They've been screwing everybody since they bought Aldus and Macromedia. Adobe can't code software for poo since the late '90s. The problem is that they're the only game in town.

      You can trust Motorola, VZW, and Google cuz Adobe's screwing them on this, too.

      Sadly, ol' Steve at The Fruit is probably right on his Adobe stance — eff them because they're only going to eff us all.

  • Jripster

    Droid Life

    I that all you can say is overclock your phone. How old are you guys anyway?

    • Doolidg

      Over clock your phone or quit your bashing

  • Mandorawk

    If you read the phone scoop article.It states that the moto droid is capable of flash no worries.

  • nblufire12

    This is gay. Too bad im running CM 6.0 stable

  • Chris Nimon

    It seems a lot of people are hating on flash and say its only for watching videos. It's nice to be able to watch flash videos but It's far more useful when it lets you use websites like Facebook. I tried and hated every Facebook app I could find. With Flash I go straight to the regular site where I can do everything the same as if I were on my computer, including instant messaging. What Flash has really done for me is allow me to use regular websites to their full abilities instead of an app that has very little ability and only when its not crashing.

    • Exactly! Flash is a lot more than just videos. Everyone seems to be judging it based on video decoding alone (and I'll even admit it's not that great at it in all cases) when it has far more uses than that. Has anyone even mentioned the fact that it's great for streaming audio? Or navigating flash menus and displays? I didn't think so. One of the great things about Android is that we have the freedom to get things before they're polished and refined. If these people wanted that, they should have gotten an i*hone. Personally, I'd rather stand at the cutting edge of technology and risk falling over it a couple times than sitting back on a flat, shiny plane.

      • Jripster

        Answer me this tarzan

        why is my browser hanging which needs to be powered down to unfreeze it

        This whole situation sounds like what Crapple and its fanboys would say

  • RumbaCembe

    Fore reasons like this i prefer apple's management of their devices and updates. Everyone gets something, if your a 2g iphone you still get iOS4 just without the multitasking. It's this kind of uneven support that manufacturers and google give that doeskin make this the best experience possible

    • Pseudoelf

      Except that the iOS4 update isn't supported on the 1st gen and makes the 3G model run like crap to and doesn't enable the primary feature it could do all along but was blocked by Apple (Multitasking). Also Apple requires you to have a later build of OSX to sync with iTunes…. iProducts need specific (iTunes) programs to manage the product. Besides Apple has one phone line to update.

      Besides the D1 HAS the NEON instruction set. So we're good to go.

      The Flash videos are a little hit or miss on my 600MHz D1. It seems that the Flash apps videos and content need to be updated to run prefectly on the phone considering the limited 3G bandwidth and the limited processing on a mobile divice. It seems to me that the problem is the real time resolution downgrade.

  • The real story is the latest FRG22D Froyo OTA update from Verizon.
    This story dovetails nicely as the latest & final version of Froyo for
    Droid locks the Bootstrap loader so sideloading is harder if not
    I keep seeing links to the Guru's pages on Rooting but the procedures don't
    appear to work for me. The phone just won't allow an update,
    already tried the easy method and the more difficult ones.
    Perhaps I'm just missing a step but the how-to's are pretty
    easy to understand.
    Anyone else still running Stock Froyo Bootloader 2C.7C, ver.
    FRG22D that has beat this please drop a line.

  • Sergiobenavidez18

    Pointless comments

  • Remember when comments used to be useful and interesting? What's with all the hostility?

    • Jedi_Gunslinger

      What I believe has happened is that too many 'family' members have moved into the same house, leaving those who helped build the house feeling a bit forgotten…While I still enjoy visiting this site and will continue to check in, the info has become quite convoluted with trying to cover too many things and not really getting the same in depth knowledge we used to receive. Instead of focusing on the community and its needs its seems more importance is being placed on breaking the next best thing without much follow up to it, like report and move on…I remember being able to visit and post a question and have 4-5 helpful, insightful responses within just a few minutes, but now it seems more and more posts get ignored and questions go unanswered just so everyone can brag about how cool their new toy is and how lame someone else is for being stuck in the past…but whatever right, at least we still have “first” to keep us happy 😉

  • With the D1 you can have a new phone everyday! dont you guys get tired of seeing the same screens and colors and not being able to change anything on these newer “locked” phones?

  • My wife and I both got system updates for our DROIDs yesterday, and then we were able to download Flash 10.1. Both of our DROIDs are unrooted (stock).

    • Same here. Flash just works. Can't imagine them breaking it. But then, there were the lies about tethering earlier, so who knows.

  • LifeInAnalog

    …it's quite possible Adobe is just doing this to cover their own butts. This way no fingers can be pointed at them concerning any current or future issues.

  • manuel

    I have flash because of system update

  • Cory

    to be honest unless they make flash better and run more smoothly anyway, it's really not that great or useful

  • LOL! I think it's funny how ppl complain about the D1 being outshined by other phones. Don't tell me that you never bought a phone and a few months later, another phone came out that made you say, “Damn! I wish I would have waited”. The D1 has given us a great experience, but when it comes to it's lifespan, it's no different than any other phone, with the exception that we didn't get stuck with the same phone we bought… we actually were given updates. I'm up for an upgrade, but still not sure what I'll go to because I love my D1 and I haven't seen a phone that I like as much as the D1.

  • Rodeojones000

    Just another reason why your Droid ***SHOULD*** be rooted. There is no reason not to do it. I've been running Froyo since June 5th (the day the first 2.2 ROM was released) and I've had Flash since it was made available on this very site. Considering my phone runs stable at 1.2Ghz with no heat issues and extremely good battery life (only charging it at night when I sleep) this news doesn't really scare me.

  • What does it mean by no longer supported? it wont work? you wont get updates? please explain

  • dshizzel

    Rooted D1 – Haaaa!
    D2 – Haaaa!

  • fish1552

    Who cares. I'm OCed anyway. And still not using Flash.

  • Alitke15

    Come on guys if you really want flash just root your Droid. The majority of people who have rooted the droid are running it at 1.25ghz and it is extremely stable and cool. Most of us have had Flash for a good long time now as well as the Hulu app. Just root its the only reason android is so great.

    • Jeffreymeyer99

      What hulu apparently you talking about

      • Jeffreymeyer99

        App not apparently sorry to fast on the touchscreen

    • Rodeojones000

      Unless something happened and I totally missed it, this “Hulu app” you speak of doesn't exist.

      • Jeffreymeyer99

        same here thought i missed something

  • Reggie

    Well iLove mii Droid -But iGuesz itz tyme ta move on ta sumthng better since it seems like that every new update for phones will be 1GHZ or above -so iMite gt the Droid 2 because it'll remind me of the ORIGINAL DROID… But the Original Droid should get all the updates since it is the Phone that put Android on the market b/c before the Droid iNever heard of Android.

  • digitalicecream

    I guess if we want flash we'll simply have to root… but lets face it; if we want the newer OS' and we want to keep our D1 that is simply the way to go. At some point The device will truly be outdated… however I'm amazed at the speed at which D1 has reached end of life. Especially since I play with my wife's D1 so much. Having rooted and ROM'd it I can see that phone lasting at least two more years in her care before we even look at another phone. I guess we'll have to look at Cyanogen and other's for Gingerbread and beyond.

  • disappointed but not surprised. I'm also receiving a droid 2 as a replacement to my original droid, but if I wasn't already, I would be calling and demanding one for the false advertisement that led me to ultimately buy the droid over other devices.

  • Killer4247

    They said at launch of the Droid it was flash enabled or something like that so either adobe has to make exception or motorola has to fix it but in the end motorola is responsible for theire device so its not adobes fault

  • Awells1258

    I'm also rolling at 1250. I can't see why anyone wouldn't root. Or why u would buy a Droid 2 with basically everything being the same.

  • Pt3005

    Im interested in overclocking my droid to. 800mhz without rooting.

    • RumbaCembe

      good god why would you not root your droid, its the only way to stay on the curve with these new hotshot devices that come with 1ghz snapdragons and extend your droid's usefulness

  • Good thing I'm rocking my Droid at 1250MHz.

  • Hacky

    personally I dont even need flash on my droid incredible… it made my browser slower and its annoying.. I dont get why people need the annoying moving ads, and whats the big deal of playing a youtube video in another window.. are you really that lazy? Id rather have speed in loading than have flash…

    just my 2 cents..

    • You should go to you browser setting then enable plugins on demand. That way you don't need to wait for the flash ads to load. You are right about them slowing your load time but watching embedded videos on the web page is amazing.

      • Hacky

        watching embedded videos still isnt as polished as it should be.. but im sure in due time it will but for now.. not so much. but thanks I didnt know you could

      • I tried that on my Incredible and it still made browsing terribly slow. It was loading the place holders and causing just as many speed issues with Flash enabled. Scrolling wasn't smooth at all. Flash is absolutely terrible.

        • Maybe there is something up with your phone or you have an app that is out of control. I am running CyanogenMOD 6.0.2 on my phone and i have no scrolling issues and the flash is very smooth. I guess different phones and setups have a different user experience.

  • Jedi_Gunslinger

    I guess no one feels it necessary to fulfill the promises they make anymore… they knew exactly the hardware/CPU they were building this for and saying for months how great it was going to be for THE droid to have have the full flash experience… But apparently after dragging their feet for so damn long and the next wave of devices were released they didn't think it was important enough (or financially beneficial) to finish what they started and instead decided to move along to something newer (and probably easier) Again, thanks for leading everyone on and then jumping ship leaving us with months of empty promises…Great Job

  • Eventually the Droid will be outdated. It basically already and is yet when Android 6.0 Lollipop comes out all these people will cry “what about our DROIDS” My advice is get a job and get a new phone 🙂

    • 1lionmurrill

      I don't understand why people are still trying to hold on to the original droid. It was the best in its time, but in tech years its already like 10 years old. Move on.

      • Alitke15

        What it always comes down to is in the US we like contracts and lower phone prices for the here and now and then complain when we realize we are locked into that phone unless we pay full price for another one. Personally I wish all carriers would be like T-Mobile and give you discounted plans if you decide to purchase a phone at full retail. More times than not you would save a butt load of money by paying full retail and then having discounted plan especially today when your phone is outdated after 6 months.

      • fish1552

        Probably for the exact reason Njrufan said. We don't like locked down phones. Besides, I bought mine in March or April. Why should I get a new one every 6 months? That is asinine and a big waste of money.

      • Because I don't have an upgrade until 2011 and don't want to spend $600 for a new phone because I'm a poor starving college student saving up for a motorcycle? Sounds like a perfectly reason to hang onto an Original Droid to me!

      • Give me $350 and I’ll gladly move on. {{-_-}}

      • Jripster

        we hold on to them because our contracts hold you to them or didn’t you know that

      • The350zWolf

        Yeah, maybe you should be replaced too by your –fill in blank– because you have aged and you are deemed no longer useful. Humm ready to be put out to pasture?

      • Why? Because its a great phone, and frankly I don’t need every new bell and whistle, which invariably jam up my phone anyway, to be happy. Most of what these phones can do is for the wow factor. Ooh, I can watch video, ooh I can do whatever… and then your battery dies and you don’t have what you need the most: a phone. The good ‘ol D1 gets the job done quite nicely, and reliably. Oh, and as others have said too, cheaper. When my contract is up I probably won’t upgrade right away. Not till there is a truly amazing device available.

    • Njrufan

      Right, because have a phone that is locked down and doesn't give you the freedom we all want with Android is so much better.

    • Cory

      people hold on to them because you have to pay like 500 dollars to get out of your contract and to buy a new phone with a new contract

    • Jripster

      what did your mommy say when she had to buy you a new phone . Adults have to pay for their kids or didn/t you know that already

    • Outdated? Odd, I have a few friends with the Droid X that are jealous of my D1.

      The whole premise of the D1 and this website was on how you could do ANYTHING with it. No restrictions, locked bootloaders, etc. Yet the DX comes out which goes against all of that, and people (and this website for the most part) drop it?

      It is commenters like you and lack of D1 info that make me visit this site less frequently.

  • Darwin

    I don't run that POS Flash on my desktop or laptop computers and sure won't be running it on my mobile devices either.

    • Antintyty

      Hater! lol, how can you survive with flash??

      • Killer4247

        If he doesn't want flash he should go buy into j*bs walled garden

    • It's far from being a “POS”. Just go watch a youtube video of it in action. Oh, wait, you can't.

      • Davidtaylorjr

        Actually you can run youtube in HTML5

      • Jripster

        Youtube ran great long before flash came out for the droid1 get your facts straight

    • 1lionmurrill

      You don't run flash? LOL

      Doesn't this web site use flash?

    • Moeyknight

      Go play with your i*hone on another playground. We don't serve your kind here.

  • Does overclocking to 800 MHz deplete the phone's lifespan?

    When it comes to overclocking I don't fully know what to think. I don't know much about it.

    • kellex

      I've had mine since last November and been overclocked since January. I'm still on my original and have yet to have even 1 issue.

      • Legoturtle92

        I had a lot of issues with my Droid and Verzon won't let me get a DX. Even though It had a lot of problems it's still the best phone I've ever had! When I have some free time I will root it though.

      • Wilsodw

        Ok so I guess Iam stuck on frg22d. Have not seen an easy way to root with frg22d already installed on the phone. If I could find an easy way I think now I would. Iam not tech savy on this old droid 1

    • It will, but at this point, no one knows what the lifespan of the phone really is assuming you don’t physically kill it and ofcourse, since the phone came out in November 2009, you know the lifespan of the phone overclocked or not is 10 months atleast if not more. Whenever you overclock a CPU, it basically stresses the CPU at higher levels than it’s intended to run causing it to run at higher temperatures than normal which shortens the life as there can be crystalization of the CPU over time. With the DROID, it seems like you can either run at stock voltage or lower voltages than stock, the later is supposed to be better for the processor since it means the CPU that is capable of running at higher speeds with lower voltages stable is capable of more than it was intended for. With my DROID 1, I can only run at stock voltages up to 1.1Ghz as the Low Voltage and Ultra Low Voltage would boot with the 1.2Ghz and 1.25Ghz kernels, even with the standard voltage except it would either completely freeze or reboot on it’s own which means the only way to get it to run at 1.2Ghz and higher is to get the voltage higher than standard and even that is unknown until it’s tested. While a CPU can be overclocked to 800Mhz and 1.0Ghz when it’s a stock 600Mhz, it might or might not be as fast as a CPU that runs originally at the overclocked speed because the speed is nothing more than a Frequency per second and even CPU’s running at the same identical speed Mhz/Ghz wise can be different in benchmarks as there is internal cache and also, the I/O structure is important too. As far as flash is concerned, flash was really intended for smaller things in the old days and not for current things even though the DROID does amazingly well with flash. If you look on a desktop, flash will always put your CPU at high utilization which is one of the complaints. It’s just being used widely so having it is better than not having it. But in reality, flash has gotten worst and is a resource hog after Adobe bought out Macromedia, the company who originally made flash.

  • bkj216

    It makes sense. I really dont see why they didn't just set the limit at 1 ghz. If they want this Mobile flash thing to take off they have to make sure that the performance precedent is set high

    • The new G2 is believed to only have an 800 MHz processor in it, but a phone like that should easily be able to support it.

  • Well if you already have it installed then just don't update it and you should be fine… I already upgraded to a Droid X so I am good.

  • Phonghuynhq

    I hope that overclocking it to 800MHz will work if not you will have a lot unhappy users.

  • Mr. Joshua

    What about the people who have already downloaded it?

  • Lee

    Amazing, and I may be first

    • Lee

      It's a good thing I got a brand new Droid 2 as a replacement the other day! The Droid 2 is an awesome phone and honestly a pretty big improvement over my Droid 1 which I loved.

      And there is a HUGE difference in the performance of Flash on the 2 vs. the 1.

      I am not all that surprised at this recent development.