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New DROID Incredible User Guide, Maybe they are Shipping with Froyo?

After Verizon updated their Droid Incredible page to include Android 2.2 and bloatware in the description of the device, we had to wonder if they would start shipping DI’s with Froyo already pre-installed.  It now looks like that will definitely be the case going forward after we received this new user guide.  While the massive 308 page guide doesn’t actually mention Android 2.2, it drops enough hints including the screenshot above which shows the Froyo Google search bar.  We also just received word from a reader who’s brand new DI is apparently running Froyo out of the box.

Download:  New Droid Incredible Userguide

And to answer the question we’ve seen a lot over the last few days; yes as far as we know, 2.2 is still being sent out to all Incredibles.  But remember, you can update to it now by visiting our guide if you’d like!

Anyone receiving a new Incredible today?  Would love to hear what OS it’s running.  And who’s received the 2.2 update?  We’ve heard from a few of you, but want to show the world that it’s still rolling out.

Cheers Jordan!

  • Frank6773

    Nope, got it today and no 2.2. Luckily, I'm downloading the update from Google to get to 2.2.

  • Joe Liotta

    I used this download but now I see the OTA is coming around. Should I delete and use the .zip file?

  • fritz_sean

    The OTA update was pushed to my phone last night at about 1 a.m. CST. I am located in Grand Island, NE. Good luck to everyone else!

  • Romma1

    I had saved my pics to a computer file.. I admit that I did not back up my apps, and I had to manually reload them. I do not have many apps and they are all free, so I did them one at a time. I was too impatient to set up a back up program, but now that I have the 2.2, I am going to set up a program. It works great.

  • Kille50035

    got my update 8:40 am eastern time in Buffalo NY

  • gnawledge

    Received my update at 2:00AM pacific. HOLLA!!

  • fritz_sean

    The OTA update was pushed to my phone last night at about 1 a.m. CST. I am located in Grand Island, NE. Good luck to everyone else!

  • Kille50035

    got my update 8:40 am eastern time in Buffalo NY

  • gnawledge

    Received my update at 2:00AM pacific. HOLLA!!

  • Sean Garst

    First off. I think everyone needs to take a step back and chill out for a second. Complaining on here will not get results. If you take your phone up to a verizon store they will manually start the update I was told. So, if that truly is the case and you are too impatient to wait for it to come over the air, then go check it out at a verizon store. I am just going to wait for mine over the air, but hey my phone works fine as is…once the update hits it will just be that much better. So just be patient it will make your days much easier and probably happier.

    Oh and hey Kellex you guys have a fantastic site I read it every day religiously.

  • jim

    still waiting and waiting and waiting for the update.

  • droidaholic

    but the hour format for “PM” is still the regular 2.1 style..

  • Smurfette8202

    go to page 203 it talks about wi-fi hotspot!

  • Ojdukes

    will the droid eris get froyo

  • xelandroid

    A note to all: I came to Droid X from Blackberry and I am absolutely thrilled with my new Verizon Droid X. I took an onslaught of attacks from my BB forum members but I am here to say the Droid is a huge upgrade from the Blackberry experience.
    For all your still running on 2.1. I recently installed the leaked 2.2 Froyo OS and there is a HUGE improvement in battery performance. So much that I am not inclined to root at this time just to remove the bloatware. On 2.1 I got a half day of battery performance and had to connect the phone to the charger. On 2.2 I simply turned off the GPS / Bluetooth, Wifi, Airplane modes when not in use, removed all unnecessary widgets, and I am getting a FULL days used with life to spare.
    Having come from the Storm, I will tell you I endured almost a full year of waiting before getting the necessary upgrades and beta OS version to get the Storm to run acceptably. From the outset, my Droid X outperformed my Storm. On 2.1 the battery life was disappointing but that really is the only complaint I had about my Droid. With 2.2 I am completely satisfied with the phone's basic operations.
    I will say this, as I said previously in Blackberry forums. Above all, the Droid is a cellular phone. If you are making phone calls, receiving voice mail, and sending sms/mms messages, you have absolutely nothing legitimate to complain about otherwise. If you want to play games – buy a gaming device. If you want driving directions – purchase a GPS unit, and if you want to take photos – buy a digital camera. That the Droid performs these tasks in addition to making phone calls is highly commendable. If you are using these features and have to recharge the phone mid day – do so with a smile on your face. The Droid performs all those tasks and more. If you have an issue with battery life, blame battery technology and not the Droid. The Droid is performing these tasks and such tasks place a heavy demand on the processor which requires energy. Nuff said.

  • brian

    i got an Incredible on friday, the 27th and it came with 2.1
    still no update 🙁

  • Verizon and HTC… = Fail

    Why is it so hard to get the update.zip? This is where Apple wins, and HTC fails! Post the update.zip and let people download and update manually, the same way Droid (1) owners are allowed… thank you Google for letting us download the update.zip from YOUR server!

    • Evermour

      Apple never wins…

  • Frank6773

    Just ordered my DInc directly from Verizon and it should be here tomorrow; I will let you know if it has Froyo or not… lady online said it did, but I won't believe it until it is in my hands.

    • ALifeofArticSounds

      Our store in Virginia got a new shipment this week of Incredibles and they do not have Froyo on them yet.

    • Frank6773

      Nope, got it today and no 2.2. Luckily, I'm downloading the update from Google to get to 2.2.

  • Best to root phone, add S-OFF, update radio and upgrade manually. Best thing you can do is to do a fresh install.

  • Romma1

    Froyo Goodness has arrived! via the RUU file that is… Any idiot can do this!! I should know, I am any idiot… I was almost as nervous as iwas when I did the 2.0 to 2.1 on my D1 back in the day (6 months ago). But the confidence of the experts on this site (and maybe 1 or two others) made up my mind. It was way easier than what I thought it would be, and now I join the Froyo ranks… Go for it people!!

    • rebelz13

      Did you have to reload everything on your DiNC?

      • Romma1

        I had saved my pics to a computer file.. I admit that I did not back up my apps, and I had to manually reload them. I do not have many apps and they are all free, so I did them one at a time. I was too impatient to set up a back up program, but now that I have the 2.2, I am going to set up a program. It works great.

  • WhereIsTony

    Anyone got a good link for going back to stock. I would prefer non-video.

  • Blackhawk

    i am still waitin to for 2.2 am in louisiana

  • r0landct

    Can't this be the manual for people after they upgrade, even if it comes in the box? They know they'll be forced to upgrade right away. I don't see why an upgraded manual equals a phone shipped with 2.2 at all.

  • NorCalGuy

    Ha this is like one of those i told you so moments… I didnt see why they wouldnt put the new froyo on them when they are at the factory it seems like it would be harder if they left them at 2.1 and then made people do a 2.2 update on their own.

  • Patrick

    So what's the deal with the battery issue and 2.2? Anybody that has Froyo confirm whether it's fixed or not?

    • Nope its not fixed and also I can no longer watch YouTube videos. Froyo sucks

  • Larry

    Just bought two incredibles from the Verizon Store… no 2.2, although the store demo had it.

  • Murph

    I've had my DINC since the day before launch (pre-order) and i STILL can't play basketball in the rain without getting wet!! wah.

    • John


  • tiptoptommy

    Here here I say good man


    oops i meant HAS anyone…


    Have anyone actually gotten the Froyo upgrade yet? and I really dont know how they are determining who gets it first cause I'm in Calif and I havent gotten it yet either so all you East Coasters dont feel like you're alone!

    Froyo where are you 🙁

    • GinoSylum

      Hi. The updates are coming TOTALLY randomly. Where you are, how long you have had the phone or any of that matters. The Verizon servers are just randomly grabbing phones, and updating them. This will continue (from what i hear) about 100,000 a day until its done. I didn't get it either, but its on its way. Looking forward to it.

      • thatsINCREDIBLE

        Thanks! Just excited to use it and hopefully get flash.

  • leeiii

    My VZW store has two Incredibles on display and both are running froyo.

  • house

    I have a DI question. I did a hard reset on it a few weeks ago and ever since then I've noticed the Sense UI has been sticking. Sometimes it will pop up telling me that it has to be force closed. Does anyone have any insight on this?

  • Gardner24

    Still don't have it:(

  • kulz

    my UNrefurbished DInc i got via Asurion had the same thing…mentions 2.2 out the box, etc, but has no mention of AMOLED screen or SLCD screen….

    WHERE THE HELL IS MY FROYO`?!~?!~?!? >:O

    • CheeseLover

      your incredible has AMOLED. HTC is not making the Dinc with SLCD.


      • kulz

        yea…i was comparing it to my girl's N1 and it is indeed AMOLED~!…now for froyo….

        I miss my DROID that was OTA'd… ;

  • i have had it since launch too. pathetic response Verizon. are you updating 5 phones a day?

  • wolverinefan

    I got a question that i need some help with. If i got the option between Droid X and Droid Incredible what should i get. Please give me some info and thoughts on the two phone cuz i am stuck i've had a horrible experience with original droid 6 droids

    • adada

      id say go with the Droid Incredible, its more pocketable, and its just as fast as the DX. And once you get by the battery problem for the DI, (there is a fix and it works) its still the best phone out on the market ATM. its so smooth in transitions, while the MotoBlur is laggy transitioning. Go with the DI.

      • RAE

        what battery fix are you talkin about?

        • adada

          well personally, I did the one where you charge it till it turns green, turn off the phone, charge it again till it turns green. I did that once, and then I have the Advanced Task Killer Free widget that I press everytime I'm about to locked my phone so no unnecessary app are running when I don't need them. I leave my screen on full brightness and I get a full day out of it.. charge it once a night

          • PhaZePhyR

            and if you find it absolutely necessary, you can always buy the seidio slim 1750 mAh extended battery to help you get a little more juice.

        • r0landct

          Another battery fix someone at my job used was put in an HTC Imagio bettery for 1500 mah. No new battery cover and (he claims) a noticeable increase. They are only $20.

      • wolverinefan

        Let me ask you this. Verizon switch me into an incredible and is being shipped but i got the option to get Droid x but i got to wait. Batter is my main concern and the talking i hear that talking is not as clear as the incredible. can you elaborate

        • themiracle2012

          I can say for sure that even the very first leaked 2.2 update for the Dinc (the one before unrevoked fiddled with it) had vastly improved call clarity.

          • themiracle2012

            GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  • GinoSylum

    For everyone posting “Verizon fail”…. SHUT UP!! really, what is wrong with you people. You paid for a phone (one of the best on the market btw) with Android 2.1. The phone and OS are not perfect, but its really one of the best you can get. Now, FOR FREE, you are getting an update that will have things to make it better, new features, again, FOR FREE! They are taking as long as they are so they can make sure that it is as bug free as it can be. Why? Because all you people who complain that its not on your phone yet would be the first to complain when there is a lock, or a bug.

    And it makes PERFECT sense that the new phones will ship with 2.2, because its done. If they ship new phones with 2.1, then that just adds more phones that would need to get an over the air update, that will make it take longer over all. What should they do? Not ship anymore phones until YOU have your 2.2? Or just add to the volume of 2.2 updates that need to go out over the next week or so?

    People, please, stop being kids and wait for the free update that is already on its way.

    • kellex

      Pretty well said actually.

      • agree with you and kellex, nice way to shut people up! haha

      • wolverinefan

        Kellex i've been one of your first droid followers. I've had multiple problems with my droid 1 up to6 droid changed now they are switching me into a Droid incredible but i got concerns with the battery and talking. What can you tell about it cuz i have the choice to switch into Droid x but i got to wait

    • Evermour

      Lol i said something like this awhile back to the DX owners.

    • Bobalay

      Verizon fanboy, if they're shipping new DIncs with 2.2 because it's done then why are they sloooowly rolling it out. If it's done well enough to ship on newer units then release it already and make it downloadable to manually install. Why shouldn't we be able to loaded it manually and have to wait for those slow ass mofos at Verizon. And all those assclowns that said they got the OTA and are loving the Froyoness I'm yet to see a single screen shot of proof I think everyone's full of shiiit.

      • GinoSylum

        Let me understand this… you feel that its bull shit that Froyo is going out there because YOU haven’t seen a screen shot? Trust me, I’m no fan boy, just using logic. It takes time and A LOT bandwidth to push full OS updates to hundreds of thousands of units. I’m a video game developer, trust me I know software, but most people who own the phone don’t. To be as good to the costumer as they can, Verizon is pushing the OS to phones so the end user just has to hit “ok” and they will have the OS with no hang ups. As far as not just putting it out there for manual install? I would BET it has to do with one thing. If they do, people who don’t know what they are doing will brick their phones left and right if they mess something up. (happens all the time with the rooted phones) Its easier on them and the tech support team to just slowly pass it out.

  • rals

    What's the linpack scores on the ones that do have the 2.2 on the phones?

    • themiracle2012

      I'm getting between 38 and 45ish, but i'm running the hydra ov/uv 1.15gh kernel.

  • i've had the droid inc since the launch….and still waiting for 2.2

  • Worm4603

    on the website for verizon it does say 2.2, and as stated in another post all of my phones are still running 2.1

  • Havent gotten my Froyo updated yet NYC BROOKLYN

  • It's ridiculous that you can buy a new DInc with 2.2 before those of us who have been waiting months for the update. Verizon fail.

  • adada

    I have an Incredible since august 15th and still no 2.2 OTA update, in Philly