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Breaking: DROID Incredible Froyo Update Starts Tomorrow

To all non-rooted users, you may want to hold off from updating your Droid Incredible just yet!  The Froyo update appears to be hitting DI devices tomorrow.  Coming packed full of all the Android 2.2 goodness you can expect including Flash 10.1, the “Dinc” will officially be caught up.

Full list of updates:

VZW’s Incredible support page has more info as well.

And if our VZW email plus the support page wasn’t enough, Android Central has also received word.

Now how about the Droid X?

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  • Whitneylee826

    Do I need to remove my memory card first? What if it is too late?

  • Hi, i am enjoy reading your website or blog. just got off the phone with tech support asking when existing DI owners will get 2.2 since Verizon is marketing the DI now for sale with 2.2 installed…Thanks for the information.

  • Karl

    8/27 and I still dont have the update Its frigging 9/6 does it take this long????

  • Karl

    8/27 and I still dont have the update Its frigging 9/6 does it take this long????

  • Fuzzy Logic

    Just received FroYo this morning on my DInc. Was a shocker, figured the boondocks would receive it last.
    Middle of nowhere, Ohio.

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  • still no update for my Droid Incredible…should I bet worried by now?

    • I don't have mine yet either. I don't think it's cause for alarm though because they push the OTA update out in groups to people, not to everyone at one time. I'd say it might be cause for concern if you don't have it by late this coming week. Just my understanding. I'm still a newbie at all things Android.

  • If I'm rooted already, I won't get this update?

    • that's what I'm wondering also.

  • Devilprobably

    anything yet?

  • sharkura

    I talked to V customer support today, and they assured me that the OTA was going out today. I asked, “For the Incredible, right?” “Right,” they said. They also told me that, since it was going out in stages, if I did not have the update notification when I awoke, that I should not expect it today … watch for it tomorrow, or the next day, or …

    Still, I wonder. Why no ecstatic reviews from the people that ARE in the first group?

    ¦ {Þ

  • Sinteck1

    nothing in south New Jersey 🙁

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  • Steve Edholm

    Not that we need more confirmation, but Verizon Twitter now says “The Incredible update starts on 8/27/2010”

    • Storms20002000

      lol beat me too it..haha but yah it does say it now.

  • jcdagget

    I think we'd all just like to see one person confirm that they received via OTA.

  • Tailinonthefly

    Remember everyone, I spoke to Verizon yesterday. YES the update is out!!!! BUT, Only 10,000 customers at a time will receive the sacred “2.2” update. So no one will know exactly when they are getting it. Now my big question is, do I have to Unroot my Incredible before the update hits my phone?

    • jcdagget

      I think we'd all just like to see one person confirm that they received via OTA.

      • Tailinonthefly

        Very true. I have even searched youtube for someone who has received official update and can only find videos of hacked 2.2. Now if what Verizon told me yesterday is true, i'd expect to at least hear from someone who has it already, but not yet.

  • Tempestxii

    Does – settings-about the phone-system update
    actually do anything?
    CMH – no OTA yet

  • Esantiago487


  • Jjj

    What time do usually send updates? If it is done over a period of a week then how do they determine who comes first?

  • Esantiago487


  • sharkura

    Has anyone noticed that the two software update PDF files that are touted as “confirmation” that the incredible is getting froyo also exist on the droid x support page. It looks like they are just place holders for when an update does come out, even if the droix x pages don't specifically mention Froyo. I'll still believe it when I see it.

    ¦ {Þ

    • sharkura

      PS. They even have similar documents for the droid 2, which already has 2.2.

      ¦ {Þ

  • Christopher

    my DI is rooted, will i be able to update when the OTA is pushed out to Users? if not will i have to do a restore?

    • Aaron Decker

      Nope. Rooted users cannot download it. You have to un-root.

      • Christopher

        ah ok, thank you 🙂

  • WhereIsTony

    Guess not being vanilla did not slow it down much after all.

    • bravoleader2

      HTC is for winners

  • Finire

    I love that they have upgrade instructions, but what I want are instructions to remove CityID and VZNavigator after the update. Thanks Verizon, but I don't want background apps that are completely useless to me, and start up every time I get a phone call or txt, because I don't pay your monthly fee's for what I can get for free elsewhere.

    • bravoleader2

      Bloatware = suck

  • I'm new to Android, got my DInc about a month and a half ago and was just wondering with the OTA update coming (allegedly) tomorrow, will all my apps, contacts and other stuff be wiped or will it stay on the phone??

    • I don't know, I've had my DInc about as long as you, @Will.

      I made a list of all my apps (using free AppList from the Market) just in case. I don't care about any app data like a log of calls or msgs, and everything else is “out in the cloud” for me, so that's all I need in case it does wipe the apps, etc.

  • My2k1rS

    Did anyone else notice that the phone description on VZWs order page for the INC now shows it as having 2.2 as the operating system and that it also shows 720p and hotspot has features of the phone? If its shipping 2.2 today, pretty good assumption that the OTA will at least start tomorrow…

  • eeMeaM

    Hooray!!! I'm holding my breath:)
    I heard that you have to enable your Wireless in order to get the notification — true???

  • LutherKing

    5 wifi devices? the Droid X can do 8 like the commercial said.. fakee!!!

  • whoCares


    • Aaa

      go to the verizon wireless support page it's list all the information there. It looks like this is happening finally.

  • While I see in the pdf that you can use your DI as a 3G hotspot, what they don't address is whether Verizon plans to CHARGE you to do that !! It also says in the instructions pdf that this is a Mandatory (?) upgrade and if you don't install, it will bug you every 30 minutes til you DO?

    • Aaron Decker

      It's mandatory because if some people have it and some don't support is going to be terrible and it fixes a lot of bugs too. Its just much nicer to have everyone on the same page.

    • Hypcrsy

      Of course there will be a charge for the 3g hotspot. VZW charges for all tethering and all hotspots except for the Palm.

  • A big and busy day lies ahead for Verizon.

  • IronManCC

    Let's see how many people are complaining first thing tomorrow morning when they wake up and don't have Froyo. Then tomorrow afternoon…. Then tomorrow night…. Any bets on how many days it'll take before everyone has Froyo? Just keep this in mind: It's not gonna be instantaneous and everyone won't get it at the exact same time. 😉

  • Marcusothomas86

    i went to verizon's site and if you were to buy an DINC right now it show's show Android 2.2 feature's in the phone info, check it out this is no rumor or yo can call tech support and they tell u.

  • palomosan

    Wow, it's about time, even though I'v been running Froyo for a while now.

  • Emacpgh

    awesome!! 2.2 really improved my fathers phone(moto droid 1) cant imagine how sick this phone will be with it. soooooooooo, when should we expect gingerbread? jk!! anyone know how long it will take for everyone to get this update. im in the pittsburgh region and it seemed like my dad got his update pretty early in the process.

  • Abacusparr

    …..Whew….Finally! I Feel like the ugly girl at prom!

  • booyamachine

    Happy Birthday to meeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • booyamachine

    Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

  • Yes! i like the part about improves battery life

  • jcdagget

    Anyone know if the new boot animation with 'DDDRRROOID' audio ended up in the final version? I know, minor, but I'm curious….