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Breaking: DROID Incredible Froyo Update Starts Tomorrow

To all non-rooted users, you may want to hold off from updating your Droid Incredible just yet!  The Froyo update appears to be hitting DI devices tomorrow.  Coming packed full of all the Android 2.2 goodness you can expect including Flash 10.1, the “Dinc” will officially be caught up.

Full list of updates:

VZW’s Incredible support page has more info as well.

And if our VZW email plus the support page wasn’t enough, Android Central has also received word.

Now how about the Droid X?

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  • Whitneylee826

    Do I need to remove my memory card first? What if it is too late?

  • Hi, i am enjoy reading your website or blog. just got off the phone with tech support asking when existing DI owners will get 2.2 since Verizon is marketing the DI now for sale with 2.2 installed…Thanks for the information.

  • Karl

    8/27 and I still dont have the update Its frigging 9/6 does it take this long????

  • Karl

    8/27 and I still dont have the update Its frigging 9/6 does it take this long????

  • Fuzzy Logic

    Just received FroYo this morning on my DInc. Was a shocker, figured the boondocks would receive it last.
    Middle of nowhere, Ohio.

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  • still no update for my Droid Incredible…should I bet worried by now?

    • I don't have mine yet either. I don't think it's cause for alarm though because they push the OTA update out in groups to people, not to everyone at one time. I'd say it might be cause for concern if you don't have it by late this coming week. Just my understanding. I'm still a newbie at all things Android.

  • If I'm rooted already, I won't get this update?

    • that's what I'm wondering also.

  • Devilprobably

    anything yet?

  • sharkura

    I talked to V customer support today, and they assured me that the OTA was going out today. I asked, “For the Incredible, right?” “Right,” they said. They also told me that, since it was going out in stages, if I did not have the update notification when I awoke, that I should not expect it today … watch for it tomorrow, or the next day, or …

    Still, I wonder. Why no ecstatic reviews from the people that ARE in the first group?

    ¦ {Þ

  • Sinteck1

    nothing in south New Jersey 🙁

    • Hellno

      except faggot ass guidos

  • Steve Edholm

    Not that we need more confirmation, but Verizon Twitter now says “The Incredible update starts on 8/27/2010”

    • Storms20002000

      lol beat me too it..haha but yah it does say it now.

  • jcdagget

    I think we'd all just like to see one person confirm that they received via OTA.

  • Tailinonthefly

    Remember everyone, I spoke to Verizon yesterday. YES the update is out!!!! BUT, Only 10,000 customers at a time will receive the sacred “2.2” update. So no one will know exactly when they are getting it. Now my big question is, do I have to Unroot my Incredible before the update hits my phone?

    • jcdagget

      I think we'd all just like to see one person confirm that they received via OTA.

      • Tailinonthefly

        Very true. I have even searched youtube for someone who has received official update and can only find videos of hacked 2.2. Now if what Verizon told me yesterday is true, i'd expect to at least hear from someone who has it already, but not yet.

  • Tempestxii

    Does – settings-about the phone-system update
    actually do anything?
    CMH – no OTA yet

  • Esantiago487


  • Jjj

    What time do usually send updates? If it is done over a period of a week then how do they determine who comes first?

  • Esantiago487


  • sharkura

    Has anyone noticed that the two software update PDF files that are touted as “confirmation” that the incredible is getting froyo also exist on the droid x support page. It looks like they are just place holders for when an update does come out, even if the droix x pages don't specifically mention Froyo. I'll still believe it when I see it.

    ¦ {Þ

    • sharkura

      PS. They even have similar documents for the droid 2, which already has 2.2.

      ¦ {Þ

  • Christopher

    my DI is rooted, will i be able to update when the OTA is pushed out to Users? if not will i have to do a restore?

    • Aaron Decker

      Nope. Rooted users cannot download it. You have to un-root.

      • Christopher

        ah ok, thank you 🙂

  • WhereIsTony

    Guess not being vanilla did not slow it down much after all.

    • bravoleader2

      HTC is for winners

  • Finire

    I love that they have upgrade instructions, but what I want are instructions to remove CityID and VZNavigator after the update. Thanks Verizon, but I don't want background apps that are completely useless to me, and start up every time I get a phone call or txt, because I don't pay your monthly fee's for what I can get for free elsewhere.

    • bravoleader2

      Bloatware = suck

  • I'm new to Android, got my DInc about a month and a half ago and was just wondering with the OTA update coming (allegedly) tomorrow, will all my apps, contacts and other stuff be wiped or will it stay on the phone??

    • I don't know, I've had my DInc about as long as you, @Will.

      I made a list of all my apps (using free AppList from the Market) just in case. I don't care about any app data like a log of calls or msgs, and everything else is “out in the cloud” for me, so that's all I need in case it does wipe the apps, etc.

  • My2k1rS

    Did anyone else notice that the phone description on VZWs order page for the INC now shows it as having 2.2 as the operating system and that it also shows 720p and hotspot has features of the phone? If its shipping 2.2 today, pretty good assumption that the OTA will at least start tomorrow…

  • eeMeaM

    Hooray!!! I'm holding my breath:)
    I heard that you have to enable your Wireless in order to get the notification — true???

  • LutherKing

    5 wifi devices? the Droid X can do 8 like the commercial said.. fakee!!!

  • whoCares


    • Aaa

      go to the verizon wireless support page it's list all the information there. It looks like this is happening finally.

  • While I see in the pdf that you can use your DI as a 3G hotspot, what they don't address is whether Verizon plans to CHARGE you to do that !! It also says in the instructions pdf that this is a Mandatory (?) upgrade and if you don't install, it will bug you every 30 minutes til you DO?

    • Aaron Decker

      It's mandatory because if some people have it and some don't support is going to be terrible and it fixes a lot of bugs too. Its just much nicer to have everyone on the same page.

    • Hypcrsy

      Of course there will be a charge for the 3g hotspot. VZW charges for all tethering and all hotspots except for the Palm.

  • A big and busy day lies ahead for Verizon.

  • IronManCC

    Let's see how many people are complaining first thing tomorrow morning when they wake up and don't have Froyo. Then tomorrow afternoon…. Then tomorrow night…. Any bets on how many days it'll take before everyone has Froyo? Just keep this in mind: It's not gonna be instantaneous and everyone won't get it at the exact same time. 😉

  • Marcusothomas86

    i went to verizon's site and if you were to buy an DINC right now it show's show Android 2.2 feature's in the phone info, check it out this is no rumor or yo can call tech support and they tell u.

  • palomosan

    Wow, it's about time, even though I'v been running Froyo for a while now.

  • Emacpgh

    awesome!! 2.2 really improved my fathers phone(moto droid 1) cant imagine how sick this phone will be with it. soooooooooo, when should we expect gingerbread? jk!! anyone know how long it will take for everyone to get this update. im in the pittsburgh region and it seemed like my dad got his update pretty early in the process.

  • Abacusparr

    …..Whew….Finally! I Feel like the ugly girl at prom!

  • booyamachine

    Happy Birthday to meeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • booyamachine

    Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

  • Yes! i like the part about improves battery life

  • jcdagget

    Anyone know if the new boot animation with 'DDDRRROOID' audio ended up in the final version? I know, minor, but I'm curious….

  • viewthis66

    just got off the phone with tech support asking when existing DI owners will get 2.2 since Verizon is marketing the DI now for sale with 2.2 installed. she said the update will start tomorrow and everyone should be up to date no later than the middle of next week. Kellex, let's start the DI 2.2 thread watch begin starting to morrow morning!

  • ju1c3

    i’ll believe it when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet

  • house

    If you go and look at the DI on Verizon it already has the features of the 2.2 in the specs. It even says OS 2.2.

    The new Droid Incredible with Google by HTC: YOU want a phone with attitude
    Super sleek on the outside, 8–megapixel camera on the inside.
    Slick form factor: YOU look marvelous. With its sports–car–inspired body design and 3.7″ HD screen, the HTC Incredible™ is always dressed to impress.
    Superior camera: YOU are a shutterbug. What will you do with the 8–megapixel camera with auto focus and 2x power LED flash? Capture all of your favorite moments in super–crisp detail with a variety of effects options from sepia to posterize, crop them and post directly to your favorite social networking sites. People may think you’re paparazzi.
    Undeniable speed: YOU better buckle up. The Droid Incredible by HTC uses its 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor and 8GB internal flash memory to provide you with a super–fast performance.
    Navigation: YOU know the way. Feeling a bit lost? Use Google Maps to steer you clear of trouble and keep the party rolling.
    Contacts closer: YOU like things tidy. HTC Sense automatically organizes all of your incoming emails, texts, Facebook messages and tweets by sender so all of your latest communications remain in their proper order.
    Customizable: YOU scored! Your Droid Incredible by HTC comes preloaded with many helpful tools including the Footprints, Friend Stream and Weather widgets. Make it yours.
    DROID is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. and its related companies. Used under license.
    3.7″ 480×800 WVGA Touch screen
    Virtual QWERTY Keyboard
    Bluetooth Supported Profiles: Headset, Handsfree, Stereo, Phonebook Access Profiles
    Camera: 8MP camera w/auto–focus and HD 720P video capture
    Create and manage playlists
    Sync music from PC to phone
    Headset: 3.5mm Audio Jack
    Fm Radio Capable (wired headset required for use)
    Audio Formats Supported: Unprotected AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, MP3
    OS: Android 2.2, Google Experience Device
    Integrated Google, Exchange & Facebook contacts
    User Interface – HTC Sence 1.6
    Push Gmail and Exchange
    8GB internal memory*actual formatted capacity is less
    1 Ghz Snapdragon processor
    Tools: Calculator, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Stopwatch & Voice Commands
    Bilingual User Interface
    Advanced Speech Recognition
    Embedded Ringtones, vibrate alert and silent
    Phonebook capacity dependent upon available memory
    TTY compatible
    Up to 32GB of optional microSD support
    Hearing Aid Compatibility = M4/T3
    Skype Mobile Capable
    3G Mobile Hotspot Capable
    VZ Navigator® Capable
    Backup Assistant Capable
    Asian Language Support Available
    Visual Voice Mail capable
    Backup Assistant capable
    Mobile Broadband Connectcapable
    HTML Browser: Supports Adobe Flash 10.1
    WiFi® capable 802.11 b/g/n
    Text, Picture and Video messaging with threaded messaging feature
    Speech to Text Feature
    Google Maps with Navigation, Latitude, Google Talk; Gmail; YouTube™, Google Calendar, Google Search
    Fast access to YouTube™, Twitter and Facebook®
    Google Over the Air updates
    Dual Band CDMA2000 1xRTT/1xEVDO/1xEVDO Rev A (800/1900 MHz)
    Memory: ROM: 512MB, RAM: 512MB DDR
    Qualcomm® QSD8650, 1Ghz
    Dimensions: 4.63″ (H) x 2.3″ (W) x 0.47″ (D)
    Weight: 4.59 ounces
    Usage Time: Up 312 minutes OR
    Standby Time: Up to 146 hours
    SAR: Head: 1.40 W/kg; Body: 0.7 W/Kg

    • jcdagget

      Was it really necessary to post that entire thing?!?!?

      • house


      • Dirty


  • And now the fight to uninstall all the bloatware…

  • Gardner24

    I hope its real. Verizon has made a real terrible update status name for themselves!

  • sc4fpse

    Dear Kellex,

    Never listen to the source from yesterday again.


  • Samhain5150

    Anyone notice the update is listed as 93.7 m on the instructions pdf page from verizon

  • MBizzle

    I have a serious chubby…..Verizon please don't leave me with blue balls!

  • kulz

    i was kinda pissed losing my OTA 2.2 DROID and was getting an Incredible as a replacement via asurion…this makes me feel better 😀

  • Axel

    Cool story, but for the record, that verizon support page already existed for a previous update. I was looking at it some weeks ago in the build-up to the 18th, which was where I found out the software update screen doesn't actually search for updates (it only shows ones already downloaded so you can install them if you haven't already).

  • Got a question… I'm still a bit of an Android newbie and this is my first OTA update.

    I realize that we won't know for sure until this thing actually rolls out but has it been people's experience in the past that these OTAs wipe out our existing installed apps? If so, recommendations for how to back up so I know what to reinstall would be MOST appreciated! I did a lot of homework with regard to which apps I wanted to install before I picked up this awesome little Droid buddy. I'm not so concerned about any app data as I have everything “out in the cloud” that I need to keep. I just am concerned about making sure I have a list of all the apps I have now in the event this thing resets me back to factory settings.

    • The350zWolf

      Are you rooted? If you are, just get Titanium backup from the market and perform apps & data backup. If you are not rooted, then I don't really know anymore. It used to be that you could use Astro file manager for backing up your apps but I know that that stopped working sometime ago. Synch'ing with your google account might work but not sure. Before Titanium I would have to re-install everything manually from a paper and pencil list.

      • No, not rooted yet… want to wait through at least this OTA so I can see how it all works (I'm a learn-by-doing kind of person). Once I get on Froyo and feel comfortable with it, I will root. Guess I'll just make a list for now. Lovely. LOL 🙂

  • jag28co

    Hey Hey guys we are all Android Family here. Happy for you Incredible users to get the update. VZW I cant take it anymore, I want some Froyo with my DX.

  • bravoleader2

    It's funny to me that it says “Incredible operating system”

  • Very nice!

  • Keith Stone

    I just called verizon and they confirmed the update tomorrow…it is about time!

  • sjm614

    I am so freakin happy!!!

  • Killer50035

    seriously droidx this is our day u guys go whine somewhere else or root it will probable come for u guys in a week or 2

  • Deacon51

    We may not have a car dock (or desk dock, or HDMI out), but we are running 2.2, so SUCK IT DX owners!


    • bravoleader2

      DINC has a car dock, it just isn't carried by hardly any Verizon stores. I have one, and it is Verizon branded. It has a holster that clips onto the phone and then into the dock. I love it.

      • Yes it is. Sometimes. I got my Verizon DInc car doc at my Verizon store for $30. I've seen it for $40 on the web.

      • Does your car dock charge as well? I have been looking everywhere for one!

        • Anonymous

          No it doesn’t charge. It is basically a holster that you can wear (I just leave it always on the dock) that clips to the docking arm. The docking arm has a suction cup for windshield/dash mount. The holster is made specifically for the Incredible, so it has a spot for the aux jack and for a car charger. That’s how I use it.So you can charge it while it’s in the mount, but the mount itself doesn’t supply the charge. Also I can tell you that mine snapped into two pieces the first time I touched it, and I had to fix it myself. It has been solid ever since though.

          • Deacon51

            Yeah, I have that one too. My buddy with a X has a dock that charges his phone and opens the “Driving Mode” app all automatically. That’s a dock. What we are stuck with is a windshield mount.

    • Brandschnizzle

      Droid X owns the droid incredible!

      • Romma1

        It sure is big enough to own it… Your X's are blocking all the sun from my Incredible… What are you feeding those things?

      • Jimmy Jamm

        Only in dreamland. Check out the publications. Even after being out for 4 months, the DI is still considered the best phone of 2010. the DX could only muster matching the specs of the DI except for the extra large screen. That thing is so big it’s like carrying around a VCR on your hip, because it won’t fit into your pocket.
        Oh, I did forget about the HDMI out, so the DX must be better. By the way, what does that thing weigh 14 or 15 pounds?

    • Austin

      um my X has been running 2.2 since last week… so instead of suck it.. welcome to the club DI owners 😉

      • Big-brother

        your mom sucked it 😀 hehe

  • Brandschnizzle

    So was the Droid X 2.2 leak offical? Or will we still get the OTA if we already have the 2.2 leak?

  • Romma1

    I want everyone to know that although this has been one hell of a ride for us (yes Dinc) owners, alot of whining by some of us, false release date rumors, tail chasing links to bogus sites trying to get “hits”, poor support by Verizon, the laughing stock of the rest of the Droid Family, shortage of phones and virtually zero cradles and such, you all are some of the finest Dinc soldiers I have served with.

    I will see you all in the trenches waiting for Gingerbread, and proudly fight beside you all. Except the whiners of course…

    • EC8CH

      We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
      For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
      Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
      This day shall gentle his condition;
      And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
      Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,
      And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
      That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day.

      • sharkura

        Henry V. In the film, Kenneth Branagh did a hell of a job with that speech.

        ¦ {Þ

    • Dan

      Poor support by Verizon? Since when is Verizon the developer and manufactuer of any of the software or hardware for Android? I agree that it has been a long wait but the blame is on Google and HTC. Just had to say that due to the many posts I see stating SERVICE providers are to blame for all software and hardware issues.

      • Romma1

        Well you can pick my “relief” post apart anyway you see fit Dan… Verizon has not been the best at giving answers to numerous questions of mine, and of others regarding service issues. ota update information or whatever… It was a fun post based on long sought relief by many of us fellow Incredible owners.

      • Emtronics

        It is Verizon's fault to some extent. They test the software against the hardware because it's Verizon's tech support people that hear the bitching when something screws up, not HTC or Google. So, if Verizon puts their brand on the hardware, they should make sure any updates don't toast the phone as it's Verizon paying their tech people, not HTC or Google.

        • sharkura

          Not to mention that Verizon does some bundling. VZ Navigator will be included in this build. That’s not a Google or HTC product. Every step of the way, each vendor has to test the product in their own context. That includes Google, then HTC, then Verizon.

          ¦ {Þ

      • Mark Fournier

        Yeah, HTC completed their official work on the update back mid/end-july. Verizon has had the update for about a month now I think, probably testing it and working on any software bundling they needed to do. ATT does the same thing with blackberry… they had OS5 for the Bold Classic when RIM completed it, but they chose to never release it (as far as I know, they still havent) as the new bold was coming out 3 or 4 months later. RIM couldn’t do anything because it is up to the carrier to release the updates for their devices… same kinda thing here.

        but oh so excited w00t w00t… ok i’m done 🙂

    • Hotboimob

      Hooah! Sarge! To the trenches we go! LOL:D

    • Emtronics

      I never complained only because I have had the Dinc less than a month but have always wondered why I needed to wait for a major software update. I felt like I was back with RIM and Blackberry. Now those poor people get excited when a new icon shows up.

    • Oh my god I just Seriously died of laughter! That had to be the greatest comment I've seen!!
      See ya in the trenches soldier! hahahaha

    • Jpc0480

      This is my Incredible. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My Incredible is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My Incredible, without me, is useless. Without my Incredible, I am useless.

      • sjmontana

        oh Jpc that had to be the BEST comment EVER!!!!!

  • viewthis66

    question… since i'm using LauncherPro will the update force the HTC Sense and i will have to re-apply my LauncherPro and all other custom widgets or will it update and keep my custom settings as is?

    i'm not rooted.

    • In the Launcher Pro settings, you can back up all your customizations… It backs it up to you SD card and then after OTA comes, just go back into Launcher Pro settings and you'll see restore backup 🙂

      • viewthis66

        awesome. thank you sir.

  • LTL

    Nice for the non-rooters.

    I am surprised some of you are being so cynical about this sites posts. They do say everything is a Rumor and from what I have seen they are usually pretty dead on.

    Keep up the good work guys. I love this site.

  • JubbaTheHutt

    Yes…how about the Droid X?

  • Brandschnizzle

    WTF? Wheres the Droid X?

  • jcdagget

    Way to go Droid-Life.com!!! Nice work breaking this before everyone else…it has been a very long wait for us DInc owners.

  • Russ

    Verizon's website now says “OS: Android 2.2, Google Experience Device” in the features list. It looks like this is the real deal.

  • bravoleader2

    best news of the day

  • Shawnx1

    lol just rooted my droid inc last night went and put skyraider on it hmm any good reason i should go back to stock??? Same crap when I rooted my moto droid make up my mind errrrr

  • greyhulk

    So why is the X the absolute last phone to get the update when it was advertised as a “Froyo coming” device at launch? Lame, if you ask me. I bough the X partially because I felt that it would be better supported with updates than Sense phones would be.

    • BAoxymoron

      well because htc has been working on their froyo release the longest…. droid x frozen yogurt is coming just be patient

      • greyhulk

        I'm aware that it's “coming” and I certainly don't need anyone to tell me to be patient. I simply don't understand why older devices are getting the update before the newest, flagship device. Not only that, but HTC updates to Sense phones have historically taken much longer. When they had the press release for the Droid X, they advertised Froyo and flash and then said “coming late summer”, while still giving the impression that you would have them shortly after launch. Here we are, nearing the end of summer and just about every other phone is getting the update (including the original Droid, which is being phased out) except the X?

        • BAoxymoron

          Why so hostile?
          Yes verizon promised it would get Droid X users froyo… guess what they did the same thing for Dincs only they promised it for them when the Droid X was thought to be the Droid Shadow… They have gotten delay after delay and still don't have it look through this website you'll find droid incredible update everywhere so calm down.
          Welcome to BigRed this is what they do best tell you they're going to update your phone by such and such and then delay it until another promise and then another promise… EVERY SINGLE VERIZON ANDROID PHONE HAS EXPERIENCED THESE DELAYS!!!!

          • greyhulk

            I think a better question would be: Why do you interpret everything as hostility? Trust me, if I chose to be hostile, you'd know about it.

          • jcdagget

            You should just be happy that Swype came pre-installed on your X. Droid Incredible owners have to trace the web far and wide to find a working version.

            DInc owners should bask in the glory that their devices 'll be faster than the Droid X running that oh-so dated 2.1 — even if it is for just a week or two! 🙂

          • Seejay614

            Swype is available for DINC, you just have to go to http://swypeinc.com/ and register for the beta version when they open it back up. Took me about 3 weeks to get my download. LOVIN IT!!!!

          • jcdagget

            Word is that you have to re-activate Swype after each reboot once 2.2 is installed…that kinda bites.

          • Seejay614

            That won’t be any big deal. Once Swype sends you the link, you have an account with them that you can log into and reinstall the program should you ever delete or lose it. All is good, a little inconvienent but we do what we have to do. :o)

          • jcdagget

            Word is that you have to re-activate Swype after each reboot once 2.2 is installed…that kinda bites.

          • Seejay614

            Swype is available for DINC, you just have to go to http://swypeinc.com/ and register for the beta version when they open it back up. Took me about 3 weeks to get my download. LOVIN IT!!!!

          • Ya, but hows that battery going to treat you when it’s dead halfway through the day?

          • Ya, but hows that battery going to treat you when it’s dead halfway through the day?

          • Blackhulk

            your mom would know about it 😀

        • droidd

          You're making no sense! Of course older phones would get the update first! Their manufacturers have been working on the updates the longest, and older phones should get it first. We've had the phones in our hands for the longest, waiting for something new. The Droid X's newness has barely worn off.

        • Mark

          you know, in some parts of the country, summer is a very relative term… 😉

          but yeah… motorola has to complete their work on the mod of froyo to fit their device. then it has to goto verizon for bigred to do their work modding it for their software and network stuph. then they have to test it. then they have to plan the rollout and then delay it a few times… then roll it out.

          the dinc was just further along in that process when the x came out. I’m sure x is right around the corner… as I think this counts as a delay 🙂

          that being said, wasn’t there a leak of the supposed official update the other day? My buddy is running 2.2 non-root… if you want it that bad, im sure someone out there still has it. he says its quite faster… tho I understand wanting to wait for the official official ota. we all have been!

          • Anonymous

            I actually considered updating to the unofficial, leaked version. But I’m not sure how hard it will be to update to the official version when it finally comes out, so I’m waiting. I have a feeling that Motorola and/or Verizon will make some last minute changes to the official version that are important or desirable.

            You make a good point about he Inc. It was just that the way they toted the X when they did the press released, it sounded like 2.2 was all but ready to go for the device. They actually put “Full Flash” in the features list. I can wait, I just think it’s lame that it’s the last device to get it, especially when it’s not all that different from the Droid 2 hardware-wise.

          • YOUR-DAD

            Shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

          • Aaaaa

            I eat hamsters!!!!

        • Rdcamero

          I would have thought the Droid X would have got it first.Not much incentive to buy a new phone just to be the last to be updated.Does not make much sense.They want you to buy the latest and greatest just to have it be one upped by phones that have been out for months.I think I will just keep my Droid X until it dies, since it looks like the older the phone the more support and quicker updates it gets.

        • Droid-4-life

          Shut up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

        • WaaI’mABaby


        • DINC REWELZ

          I paid the $35 restock fee and swapped out my X for a Dinc.

    • jcdagget

      Quit your whinning, the Droid Incredible has been released for months. As if I recall at launch, only Droid 2 as announced to have Froyo from the get go, not the X. You'll get yours soon enough…

      • greyhulk

        Quit my whining? Really? How about if you learn to spell, mkay? It's not about how long a device has been released. You latchkey kids are under the impression that that actually matters.If that was the case, the Eris and Hero would have had the latest updates first.

        Also, go back and read the press release for the Droid X. I actually watched it live. They started out by advertising it with Flash, then said it would be coming with Froyo later. The way they pitched it, it was like they were saying it was right around the corner.

        Historically, flagship (and newer) devices tend to get the big updates first and then the older devices are grandfathered in. It's part of the incentive to buy a new device rather than stick with the old one. It's called capitalism and business sense.

        • Little-scarface

          shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

        • 1001

          I think the most entertaining part is that you believed the ads. Motorola stood to benefit from misleading you, and you allowed yourself to be misled. Next time, put less faith in the commercials.

          On buying the X–Don’t ever buy early and hope it gets better later. That’s like marrying a man and hoping he’ll change in ten years. Stupid move. Buy your phone based on what it’s got now, not what it might have in a few months.

        • Jimmy Jamm

          It looks like you bought a bill of goods, then. Take a chill pill and get your panties out of a wad. If you really bought the phone based on a supposed immediate update, then you should have known better based on Motorola’s update history. The original Droid has had problems with every update. 2.0 to 2.1 and 2.1 to 2.2 have had to be rolled out twice each due to problems with the phone not taking updates properly. What makes you think that the X would be any different? You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig…

      • I agree! haha

  • EC8CH

    Sweet… Preloaded VZ Navigator… wait… whaaaa?

  • Romma1

    I was just getting ready to upload this, I had an error and came back to Droid Life, and,,, Voila!

  • Jquant1075

    it's about time!!!!

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    YES!!! I wet my pants when I saw this!!! Oh yeah baby bring on the desert google!!!

    • Jsmuli2

      “Dessert.” Remember, “dessert” has two ‘s’ because you can spoil yourself when having dessert.

      “Desert” barely has anything going on so only one ‘s’ survives.

      Also, I shat myself! Dinc celebration!!

      • Hellno

        no dessert with 2 ‘s’ because you always want seconds

  • sharkura

    Why no links. I can't find this at Verizon, but it would be easy for the OP to post a link to these pages.

      • sharkura

        Thanks Chris. @Storm – that is still not a link to the OP's screen shot, and we've seen this kind of cra..stuff multiple times. Also, I did see a screen shot of the software version info on some blog, and it shows a baseband number > 2.0, while verizon's PDF still show a baseband version number of 1.0 something. Is this a complete update? How about WIFI hotspot. Not addressed in the PDFs.

        I want this to happen as much as everyone. I'll find out for sure, tomorrow, when more than one person says, 'I got it”.

        ¦ {Þ

    • Storms20002000


      theres your 2 links just incase you needed to see some proof

  • Joe Schmoe

    o cool. I remember hearing this before? like once a week for the past month. Post this article anymore and I might start to memorize it.

    • kellex

      First time we've had confirmation via VZW. Cheers though for being an awesome human!

  • xdroidx

    Great hopefully when the DI is done with the update the DX can get the offical update soon after.

  • Grand_Moff_Tarkin

    Feels legit to me. The instruction and features PDFs are live on VZ's website: http://support.vzw.com/system_update/htc_incred

  • manderko

    off topic but does anyone know where the droid x update.zip is hiding online?

    • Timoh

      Moto has been forcing all the host sites to take it down. You can still find it if you search hard enough. I wont link it though because I'm sure they're watching. Hold on, I need to go make a tinfoil hat.

  • Nothing new…we've had 2.2 for a while…probably just minor bug fixes. A welcome update nonetheless.

    • kellex

      Hah what? Only leaked version for rooted users. This is official baby.

  • Steve Edholm

    While you COULD mock up that screen, THIS is what I have been waiting for! Verizon's twitter still says no info (as of 9:47 am PST), but that doesn't shock me

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  • FINALLY!!!

  • can we get a source cause it seems like droid life is pushing out reports but not really coming through with what they are reporting?

    • kellex

      The source would be the email from Verizon. What else do you need?

      • EC8CH

        A video of a Dinc playing a flash video of Steve Jobs singing Android is for Porn.

      • Michael_NM

        Is that the same VZ that pushed FRG01Brick after I safely manually updated from Droid-Life? 🙂 Hmm… If VZ said it was going to be sunny tomorrow and Droid-Life predicted rain, I would carry an umbrella.

        It amazes me that folks can't read the word “rumor” or the see the question mark at the end of posts that are simply sharing speculation with us. Obviously, this post has neither. Of course, VZ has well-established record of fumbling, but that's not the fault of this site. Maybe a post on critical thinking skills is in order…

    • Mrpicolas

      dude we are waiting on it just as you are were trying to get the word out so that you our readers know whats going on

      • Anonymous

        honestly…it’d be better if no one knew when these types of things were going to happen, that way people will stop with the “they lied!” crap…i’d rather be pleasantly surprised than let down

  • F150Fan

    If this actually goes through, congratulations DI owners! You have been waiting a long time for this! Now, come on DX!

  • im not wearing any pants!

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    • Haha!

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    • Twotrac

      pics or you still got em on

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