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DROID 2.2 to Start Rolling Out August 3rd?

According to the latest leaked Verizon document, the Droid Android 2.2 update should start hitting devices on August 3rd.  There is a small chance that test updates could start tonight, but the mass rollout appears to be coming this Tuesday…

Android 2.2 (Froyo) Update for DROID by Motorola
Updated: 7/30/2010 5:58:38 PM(ET)

Starting 8/3, the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for DROID by Motorola becomes available.

Starting 8/3/2010, Verizon Wireless introduces the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for DROID by Motorola.

The new Android 2.2 (Froyo) software update includes new enhancements and tons of shortcuts.

It’s like downloading a new phone!


  • Improved Web browsing with Adobe Flash Player 10.1 beta for Android
  • New security options including remote device wipe and device lock, password complexity and minimum password length.
  • Easily switch between the eight most recent applications.
  • Rotate the screen 270 degrees to work with apps in any direction.


  • Enhanced audio quality
  • Easy shortcuts for access to the phone, application launcher and browser from any of the five home screens
  • Support Exchange calendars in the Calendar application.

The update will be available to customers starting 8/3/2010. For more information and step-by-step instructions on how to perform the upgrade, please visit http://www.verizonwireless.com/droidsupport.

As soon as we see an update.zip for this, we’ll be sure to post it.  Stay close!  You never know what could leak out in the next couple of days.

Via:  Alldroid

Cheers Picolas!

  • Love the Droid. Best phone ever! James, Koowie.com

  • Dogstar585

    I got the new update on my moto Droid.. but I don't have the wifi hotspot option wtf?

  • Dogstar585

    I got the new update on my moto Droid.. but I don't have the wifi hotspot option wtf?

  • Jroppelt

    Can't figure out if i have Flash 10.1 or not!?!? DLd adobe showcase from market wont run. Any help out there. Flash isn't on the market, and half my internet videos wont load, can't play flash games I am sad.

  • Leo

    For all of those who aren't getting the OTA and are stuck on 2.0.1, I don't think it's coming. I unrooted the other night by downloading DM Updater and using that to flash the 2.0.1 stock image to my Droid. after I did the factory reset and all that stuff, I waited awhile for the OTA to hit my Droid but to no avail. I actually had to the 2.1 image saved to my pc since I manually updated to 2.1 instead of waiting for the OTA, so I just used the same process as I did before to get back to 2.1. But I figured since 2.2 was being released to test groups already that they would no long be pushing the 2.1 OTA out anymore. Makes sense you know? Why would they push two different OS's out at once?

  • I have kind of a big problem here, I have stock 2.01 on my phone right now but the OTA isnt coming like i said in an earlier post. I checked manually and the phone is up to date. I even downloaded update.zip for 2.1 and put it on my sd card but when i go to check it nothing is there….no files, no folders….nothing at all but the phone is running…lol, im so confused with this phone right now its crazy. Do I need to format the sd card from my computer first using either FAT file system or FAT32?, then reload 2.01 sbf? Please I need help people, im getting so frustrated with nothing staying on the sd card, im about to throw away this phone.

    • Chris Nimon

      If the update isnt showing up on your card but you know its on there then I can think of 2 possibilities. Windows will add .zip so if you saved the file as update.zip the phone may be reading it as update.zip.zip. first try changing the file name to just update. When i did the wifes Incredible i had to save everything from her sd card to a folder on my computer so i could format her sd card to fat 32. Then I copied all those files back to her sd card and everything worked like a charm.

      • i double checked for noob inaccuracy but it is update.zip only. i just dont get why there are no files or folders whatsoever on the sd card and its still running. anytime in the past ive deleted stuff from the sd card my phone wouldnt boot and in turn id have to flash an sbf file. if i can get 2.1 on here im not touching this thing ever again lol. should the file system be fat or fat32 on the sd card cause formatting in the phone doesnt seem to do crap. do i need to create a folder or something on the sd card manually so it reads the damn update.zip? i really want 2.1 on here so i can just stay stock until 2.2 comes out in a few days.

        • Chris Nimon

          your not showing anything at all on your sd card? are you reading it on a computer? did you format the card without saving the files on a computer? Sounds like you may have erased your sd card. first put youyr sd in a computer. make a file and save everything to that file. Then format your sd card (on your computer) I would use fat 32 when it asks. Then transfer everything from the file you made back to the sd card. take the 2.1 update file and reaname it “update”. put that on your sd card (not in any file). put the sd card back in your phone and do the “hold X and press power thing” and update from sd card. If there isnt any files on the sd card when you read it on your computer then im really not sure what youll need to do.

          • i tried reformatting the sd card in windows but it was unable to complete….i checked the card using another program and it says i have write protection enabled on the card. My card is a micro sd and there are no switches whatsoever on the card to take it off. Once write protection is off i should be able to fully reformat the micro sd card on windows or another program. Until then i flashed 2.01 sbf rom back on to the phone and its up and running. Doubt ill ever get the 2.1 OTA but im still hoping i do before 2.2 comes out.

  • Swould333

    BAD NEWS FOLKS… :(….. looks i'll be rooting after all…


    • Swould333

      NO native WIFI tether or usb Tethering… BIG RED hits again….

  • i hope 2.2 is still a go for tomorrow

  • ok, flashed back to stock 2.01…i have the baseband thats needed for 2.1 update but it hasn't come OTA yet. Should I just leave my Droid 1 sitting on the charger so its on all night and maybe it will come overnight? I pushed the 2.1 hours ago and it was a damn test key and not official 2.1. How long do you think ill have to wait before Big Red notices my phone is running 2.01 and pushes 2.1 to me?

    • Chris Nimon

      menu, settings, scroll down to and click About Phone, at the top it says System Update. Click it,and your phone will look for an update.

      • tried that numerous times tonight but it still says everything is up to date, i just hope my phone can bypass 2.1 and grab the 2.2 update or this phone is screwed 🙁

  • Simamuroff


    this forum is awesome. I love my droid except for when I am out of country it does not work. I bought it thinking I could make skype calls and it will not allow me o when out of country. Will droid release a global version, or will there be an app. for it?

  • kevin86

    I noticed this said “Enhanced Audio”. Does anyone think that it will drastically fix the poor volume issue that most of us are having with the X?

  • Will the update also gives us USB n wireless tethering for the Droid 1 since Froyo on droid 1 wont have extra layers like motoblur so will Verizon take that away?

  • I'm one of those people that did not root because the OTA was “just around the corner”
    Now that it probably is just around the corner, I wonder if I should root now and get a better rom than the official 2.2 OTA update… Or maybe I should wait to get the OTA next week and then root after that?

    My main worry is that if I root right now while running 2.1, I will not be able to UN-root it later if I chose to. I may never want to, but I would like to keep the option.

    What should I do?

    • Jedi_Gunslinger

      One person's view: Root. Once you are rooted you have instant access to FroYo and beyond. The work the developers do with these ROMs is unbelievable, and this is well before the official release so one can only imagine what will be available once the OTA is received.

      Also there is the very realistic possibility that the official 2.2 may bring with it an even more difficult “rooting” process, if not blocking it all together.

      So while you may not be able to root if accepting the official FroYo 2.2 OTA update, you can always return to unrooted later by flashing old stock recovery from ROM manager and then wait for OTA to arrive and updating that way.

      One thing to consider at least…

  • Zeadaplaya

    Can somebody HELP ME PLEASE! Will there be a time in the near future ( like September – November) where your able to root the official ota Android 2.2, so that way you can be updated officially and have all the perks of rooting? I don't want to wait a long time however I want to get the ABSOLUTE MOST out of my phone.

    • How can anyone actually know this?
      Get a grip. Just root your phone and stop worrying about the official OTA's. Compared to what is already out there, they're worthless…

  • Hey guys i need a little help here…I recently went back to stock on my phone 2.01, then made sure everything was running before I tried the 2.1 update but im getting this error in stock recovery. E:failed to open /sdcard/update.zip (No such file or directory)
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.
    What am I doing wrong here. Im happy that my phone is running on 2.01 but Im worried that I wont get the 2.2 update if I dont have 2.1 installed on it. Ive made sure it doesnt say update.zip.zip and all that jazz. Ran it through RSD lite and got to 2.01 but just putting the update.zip file on the sd card and applying gets me that error for 2.1. Will I be able to jump from 2.01 to 2.2 when its released or is my phone screwed now?

    • thebourbonnflip

      i did the DMupdater to root 2.1-update1….tried a few things out..then learned the 'official' 2.2 is coming out next week or so, so i decided to unroot and go back to stock 2.1-update1, so what i did was flash 2.0.1, then boot to stock recovery and wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache, so then it booted to a fresh 2.0.1, few minutes later, i received the OTA update for 2.1-update1 and now im back to stock, waiting for FroYo. (even tho i know 2.2ROMs are better, im waiting till 2.2 comes out officially and someone roots that to make it even more better)

      • Jager07

        I rooted on Friday night and immediately regretted it. Spent all day yesterday trying to unroot. I also flashed the 2.0.1 using RSD light. It completely reset my phone and I had to initiate it again through Verizon. No problem, though, and I'm back to 2.0.1. This was yesterday. I still haven't gotten an OTA update to 2.1. I wasn't worried about that until I saw your post. When I flashed 2.0.1, I didn't boot into stock recovery and wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache. After reading your post, I tried to boot into stock recovery (power+x, right?), but it just takes me to a screen with an exclamation point inside a triangle. Now what?

        • now you press the volume up and camera buttons to get into recovery

          • Jager07

            Got it, thanks! Found it after doing a google search. Completed about 45 min ago, but still no 2.1 update, though, and phone reports “Your system is up-to-date.” I'm not *too* worried about it at this point and assume it'll happen in due time, unless you guys see something I've missed.

          • Jager07

            Hmm, just found this thread:


            Apparently it's very rare and I have no idea how to check if this is what's happening to me.

          • Jager07

            I just did a manul 2.1 push following the instructions here:


            That got me back to 2.1 and everything is running smoothly. Hopefully I'll still get the 2.2 OTA, and hopefully that will resolve a baseband issue, if that's what my problem has been this whole time…

          • Jobslave72

            do you still have the ninja (supperuser) in your app drawer? if you do I dont think you'll receive the OTA 2.2. I could be wrong.

          • Jager07

            No, I am not rooted and do not have superuser installed. I think it was a baseband issue all along, but I'm not totally sure because I've not seen any large reference to the issue anywhere. At any rate, I'm currently at baseband C_01.3E.03P which, from what I can tell, is associated with stock 2.1-update1, so I'm hoping the 2.2 OTA will happen for me. Just FYI, I also noticed that only about 70% of my contact info returned via syncing with Google during the re-activation process. Luckily I had stuff backed up with Lookout as well, so I'm able to pull the rest of my contact info from there.

  • Sbello81

    i've officially started to drool!

  • Ecolbert07

    ***OFF TOPIC***
    Does anyone know how I can return to Stock 2.1? I had just rooted a little while ago and I figured out that I dont really care for the extra perks of rooting so I want to return back to 2.1 stock before I receive an OTA update and brick my phone. Could someone please help me get back? Thanks!

    ps_idk if it matters, but I used the DM Updater to root and I never installed any custom ROMs or anything. All I did was root and thats it! Again…thanks!

  • JosueD

    So the Leaked FRG01 Update is about 65MB, While the Verizon support page claims that FRG01B is 45.2MB, Strange right?

    • Travillion

      Yeah, I've noticed that, too. 20MB seems like a substantial difference…

  • Robpsmith69

    Tim-A- Tato and all I've enterered the darkside. I am now rooted and man am I enjoyiong it!

  • aczm1988

    Just got my new droid1 replacement time to root 2.1 baby 😀

  • scrage

    When it says “enhanced audio quality” i wonder if 2.2 will have any effect on the x being so low

  • motodoes

    The list does not mention anything about overall speed improvement of the Android OS. From the articles and Froyo introduction from google, the biggest news was speed improvement. Maybe I am mistaken for future OS gingerbread.

  • mjfbush

    The droid ain't going anywhere yall.

    • guy

      that's what they said about the bagphone.

  • PoorLittleBird

    So, being rooted, I a fine with the 2.2 I have already for now and would just as soon wait a few more days for a ROM that improves upon the official release and doesn't charge me $30/mo for wireless tethering. So, how do I avoid the update? The Droid was so easy to root I'm worried a lot of people will end up bricking their beloved rooted D1's already running 2.2 by accepting the OTA update….but is it even possible to permanently decline it?

    • Flyinion

      If you're rooted and on a custom ROM you should never get the update notification. So you won't even have to worry about it from what I understand. I don't know for sure only because I was not rooted when 2.1 dropped. That's the way I understood that it worked back then though, and supposedly will work this time around.

      • punkbitch

        Me too. Plus, if you've rooted your phone, but neglected to learn / understand that you don't want official updates, it's on you. That's like driving a car and not realizing that you need to turn once in a while…

        • PoorLittleBird

          I understand I don't WANT the updates, I just didn't know if I was going to have to hit “Update Later” every time I turned on my phone from Aug 3 on. Sooner or later I'd hit the wrong button. Hopefully I'll just never get the push, as Flyinion indicated (thanks!)

  • Towelie420

    Side note, off topic: how do I get the market fix for Cyangenmod 6 RC2 . . . .? Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have an X yet I'm still flashin roms on the D1

    • phillip

      rom manager>>> download rom>>>cyannogenmod>>>>google apps froyo>>> and they are back… worked for me…

  • Kellex,

    Just broke a new droid record. While flying over your house at 40,000 feet enroute to Alaska, I used the wifi on this plane to download a rom, install it, and then make this post. We land in 2 hours, so I am going to see what mayhem I can get into.

    Pakman from FL400 enroute to ANC

  • So im pretty excited for this thing to roll out, im ready for some refreshing things to show off to all my friends that own an iphone >:)

    • Flyinion

      lol, I just show them my custom ROM every time I change it. The jealousy renews instantly 😀

      • haha i bet so, one of my friends had the samsung moment and was saying how bad android sucks based off of that phone.

    • Just show them the various ways you can hold your Droid when in a conversation (without dropping calls)

  • Enhanced Audio quality…mmmmmm my beats by dr dre will sound amazing

  • Wasn't Froyo going to have the true hands-free BT support? You know dail the phone with me having to touch it at all?

    • Electro

      I have a rooted version which does that (leaked 2.2)

  • NorCalGuy

    I like how there r two sections one for enhancements and one for improvements and the first thing under improvements is “enhanced audio quality”?? Kinda ironic

    • Zeadaplaya

      lol your right!

  • Dora

    how would we be able to update i jst got my new droid x

  • BAoxymoron

    Hey on a side note… if we update via OTA will it change the bootloader making it inaccessible or make flashing SBF impossible?

  • If I root my Droid, but don't install any ROMs, will I still get the update? I ask because I think I want that overclock app.

    • U will get a update notification, but if ur rooted, don't install since that will brick ur fone. I just recommend rooting and installing a custom rom if u want to make ur fone urs

  • Outsider_Droid

    I have a ? for anyone that can answer, what is a sd-ext when ur using Rom manager?

    • nkhex19

      sd-ext is if you used apps2sd (any apps saved to your sdcard)

      • Outsider_Droid

        Ok thanks, one more ? sorry still learning the whole root thing. When i load up a Rom thru rom manager it says “no sd-ext found” does that mean that on my sd card i should have a folder for that?

        • nkhex19

          “no sd-ext found” just means you didn't have any apps saved to your sdcard. No need to worry about that. You don't need a folder for that.

          • Outsider_Droid

            Cool thanks nkhex and Flyinion for ur help 🙂

          • It says no sd-ext found even wen all my apps r on my sd

        • Flyinion

          You'd only have the folder if you ever used the apps2sd thing. I haven't and haven't tried Froyo's version either so I just uncheck any boxes in RM for sd-ext when dealing with restores.

  • Jeff
    • If you read the text when it's talking about the update in screenshots it says Flash 10.1 BETA. :/

      • Flyinion

        Yeah I don't think adobe has released the final version yet. Nothing wrong with that though, it's not verizon's fault.

  • I'm way behind the times, but I am buying a droid 1 from the used market tomr. Finally going to be on an adroid phone. Im very excited. Wished verizon would have let me upgrade for this.

  • mjfbush

    Booyah, gonna polish my Droid up to get ready.

  • Dang so much D1 news today. Im so excited for the 3rd now.

  • ricky

    this would be a great birthday present for me i wish i can get the motorola droid as a birthday gift

  • I knew this was going to happen. I just rooted yesterday and the ota is coming next week, I guess ill have to wait and see if this true.

    • nkhex19

      Custom Froyo ROM's will be more enhanced and have more features then the official OTA.

    • Mchlls22

      Me too :/

  • ajavgeek

    I want to get this update but now when I get it, that is going to update the Google voice, killing unlimited minutes features. hmmmm, not worth today…..

    Any idea how can I save the current version of Google Voice

    • nkhex19

      You can back it up in Astro File Manager I believe, and just don't update your backup to the newest version so you can always use your backup of the older version of Google Voice if needed.

    • StephanC

      I have the APK for an the previous version of Google Voice which would probably work. If you're interested in free calling though, you can get it through a Gizmo5 account tethered to Google Voice.

      • Stephan,
        I'm very disappointed in this grammatical slip: “I have the APK for an the previous version of Google Voice”. The word “an” should never be followed by the word “the”, nor should the word “an” be used before most words beginning with consonants. This is quite hypocritical of you.

        • StephanC

          That was a virtual keyboard mistake. I was editing the message and forgot to take out the extra “The” and “N.” The original message read “I have the APK for an earlier version of Google Voice.”

          My sincere apologies for this tragic error!

          Yours truly,
          Stephan C

  • Codonova

    Yeah, and in Europe and Latin America, Motorola isn´t sure about give us Froyo in our Milestones.

  • Stephen

    Pete released an untouched FRG01B Froyo build a few weeks ago. How did he get this so early? And I'm interested in the enhanced audio quality and remote device wipe. The Droid's speakers are great already, so I'm wondering how they could improve them with a software update.

    • StephanC

      It's probably a bit rate improvement.

  • Sarah

    I was just wondering with the new update about to come out will I lose my apps and things on my phone if and when I update it?

    • Chris Nimon

      most of your info will be reloaded when you activate with your google account. Your contacts will be there. You will probably have to reload your apps but if you load the appbrain app and sync it, when your done updating you can open appbrain and select My Apps and it will show everything you had before. then just click to redownload them.

    • belsonc

      Nope – it'll just update the stuff in the background. Kind of like applying updates in Windows – you can go from (for example) Windows XP to Windows XP Service Pack 1, but it won't change the fact you have MS Office and Napster and other programs like that installed. Same thing here – a lot of changes in the background, and it may look a bit different, but it won't change the fact you have Pandora, Chomp SMS, etc installed. 🙂

  • JosueD

    This is great news for Droid1 owners, I'm already rooted on 2.2 leaked, I need advice should I go back to stock 2.1 and wait for the update?

    • StephanC

      No, you shouldn't. I did that and 3 days after I did Verizon announced that the update to Android 2.1 would be delayed. Trust me, knowing Verizon and Motorola's past it's better to just stick with what you have.

    • andrew401

      DO NOT UNROOT! you will have official 2.2 before the majority of the people will who are waiting for the OTA.

  • skyrant

    Will this also be the same time/date the droidx receives it's 2.2 update?

  • I'm more that a little curious how the remote lock/wipe will be brought to fruition…

  • lvmydroid

    And some people were worrying about wether we would be getting 2.2 before X or DI or if we would be getting it at all. YEAH for first ! ( although I do hold this all very loosely. No expectations = No disappoitments )

  • Puck3511

    tryin to decide if i wanna go back to stock and recieve the OTA or not. It sounds like theyre adding more features to this update then what i have now.. aaahhh F*CK IT imma stick with what i got and im sure there will be alot of new roms coming out that will mirror the OTA

    • StephanC

      What ROM are you using? ROMs get updated faster than official OTA updates and this update could quite possibly be the last one that is released for the Droid.

  • Joster2609

    I hope the droid x update comes out soon as well because that will be awesome

  • i wanna get excited! But scared i don't want another 3 month delay!

  • k1ng617

    It looks like this version is slightly different from the leaked FRG01B from a couple of weeks ago, because I don't remember there being a remote lock and wipe option -which I am super excited for. I don't even theme but I am not going to unroot for this update since I pretty much have everything I need except for the Google remote wipe.

  • OreoMan

    Man I can't wait!

  • Chris Nimon

    NICE, for those wondering if you should unroot, the kick ass developers will take the stock 2.2 and add some features to it. So youll be getting even more from the stock update. On that note, thanks to all the devs who make this stuff for us. Your doing a great job.

    • nkhex19

      I totally agree, these Devs are awesome and the Froyo ROM's will be way better then the OTA Update. These devs always add so much more cool features and tweaks. No reason for someone to unroot for the update unless they have to have the stock version for whatever reason.

  • kluuuz

    when to mexico? moto roi (droid 1)

    • StephanC

      Who knows? It all depends on your carrier.

  • Just another boring weekend…. 🙂

  • StephanC

    “Rule the air!”

    “Oops, wait a second we discovered a bug in the air during our ridiculously detailed testing and you're going to have to wait another three months.”

    “So for now, just use the rule the outdated air and we'll work on it later”

    Yours truly,

    • Bobhillyard2003


      • StephanC

        Your response is a sentence fragment composed of poor grammar skills and improper syntax. Please make an attempt to form a complete sentence before you post a response. There is enough ignorance and illiteracy in the world already, please don't add to it.

        Yours truly,
        Stephan C

        • Etothe2


          • StephanC

            Are you really that stupid? Your comment is still a sentence fragment even though you've add proper capitalization and punctuation. I'm going to assume that you just changed your screen-name and posted as another guest. It may be difficult for you to form an intelligent thought but I'm sure that one day, you'll be able to fully grasp the concept.

            Yours truly,
            Stephan C

          • Jedi_Gunslinger

            Judge Judy just made a ruling and came to the conclusion that: You Are The Man!! Seriously though all joking aside (which my original Judge Judy comment was of course ) you couldn't be any more accurate with your assessment of those posts and I couldn't agree with you more… Awesome job, let 'em have it bro!! 🙂

          • bob


          • drZombine

            I am actually really sad that I didn't get to see what those two comments were.

      • erwinaroin


    • lol, I agree! I bet thats what they'll say.

  • C Rillo

    Just rooted today…dang!

    • StephanC

      So forget the OTA update and get on Pete's BuglessBeast v.4! It's much better than anything that Verizon could offer you!

      • C Rillo

        Took your advice…wow! BB v4 is reallllly fast I'm so impressed

        • StephanC

          Glad to see you're enjoying it! Rooting my phone is probably the best thing I've ever done for it!

          • Khyzzer123

            Every time i try to root my Motorola Droid it does'nt seem to work for me :/

      • Bb 0.5 will b out soon. This 1 will b faster than ever. He has alreasdy released his 'virgin' so I am anticipating his new release to b out sometime next week during the official froyo update

        • StephanC

          What has changed in v.5 that's going to make it quicker?

        • C Rillo

          Im so shocked with the BB .4 speed vs 2.1…I seriously downloaded a new phone!! Any recommendations on themes for BB .4?

      • Jobslave72

        I have not used BuglessBeast v.4, but I know Sapphire 0.8.4 is sweet.

  • Sky-tek


  • So the more this sounds legit the more people might want to go back to stock and then update OTA. I know I did, and when i tried using ROM manager to get back to stock, the install never worked, Ive reinstalled a couple of times and tried redownloading and everything else i can think of to get it to work… Do you guys suggest we just stick to the ROM's or go over the air update? and if so how can i get back to stock?

    • Fordc08

      have you tried wiping your cache on your phone a couple of times?

    • vonbane

      I don't know if there is an easy way to go back to stock. I think you have to go back to 2.0.1 and then update to 2.1, but I haven't seen anyone post specifically on the subject.

      • Yeah thats how I was doing it, back to 2.0.1 but still be rooted, I also tried without Superuser… but both times get an error message, and I also wiped cache i couple of times… and sent the error message to Rom manager but haven't heard anything back from them

      • Jonathan

        Hey when you go back…does it prompt you immediately to go to 2.1? The correct way is here guys…But please answer my question…I haven't tried it yet and was wondering if the 2.1 would just realize…oh I need to update on here…


    • Way i did for my brothers droid was download the 2.0.1 Stock nandroid for SPRecovery. Go Into Rom manager flash the Alternate Recovery. and simply Restore this Nandroid and then Update to the OTA 2.1 and your back at stock 🙂

      2.0.1 Nandroid(SPR): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=72T0I27Y

    • Puck3511

      why go back? Im sure the devs will come out with new roms that will have all of the features of this new build and then some

  • Finally! Wow! Excited…. 🙂

  • rusty_richards

    Where's the Droid X love????

    • Totally! I want some 2.2 on my DX

      • kellex

        It'll be here pretty soon as well.

        • chops5648

          how soon kellex please tell us!!!

  • Fordc08

    FIRST…. cnt wait for this beautiful update!!!!!!

  • Pfrie4

    first? haha cool

    • Fordc08

      once again… someone beat me in claimin first. sad face lol