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Motorola DROID, the End is Near

News has leaked out today that the Motorola Droid 1 (our baby) has been listed as “end of life” meaning in the next few weeks, it will be phased out of Verizon’s system.  This news isn’t surprising as the Droid 2 was made official just the other day, plus we’re seeing special promos for the device ending in a few days.

This is sad news, but that doesn’t mean the D1 is disappearing off the face of the earth.  The dev community is bigger than ever and as one of the few “developer phones” for Android, it’ll like still see plenty of action.

Thoughts anyone?

Source:  Droid Forums

  • I still can't believe 2.2 Froyo isn't out yet. Rumors said that Tuesday we'd be getting the update. I wasn't surprised when Tuesday came and went & we didn't get the update. I just called a local Asheville Verizon sales rep (trailed monkey) who (of course) doesn't know anything!

  • Saint714

    Does anyone have any SOLID information as when the hell Verizon is going to make the Froyo 2.2 update available? They've been dicking around with hints and leaks for months and I'm getting damned sick of being jerked around. At this point, I'm going to root my Droid this weekend and use the new unofficial release that came out this week (probably by someone who knows that Verizon plans to continue pissing in Droid users' Cheerios and not care about it).

  • (aP)

    Not surprising @ all.

  • Rick00770

    the droid original was a super phone, i may get one anyway, i tried it out, didnt like the keyboard, i dont like keyboards on anything but i didnt care, just a great phone, i think they should keep it alive.

  • SilentJay

    As long as my game gripper holds up and I don't destroy my keyboard with all my tecmo my droid will be my best friend for quite a while. Plus with all the great devs out there our baby is still as fast and as smooth as anything. I played with the dx and I tell ya no keyboard is a deal breaker for any phone. The keyboard is what really drew me to this phone to begin with, then I fell in love with android. Long live our moto droid, not dead just an endangered species 🙂

  • Cxpitt

    Where's my 2.2?

  • jay

    How is this sad. It's being phased out for its upgrade, the Droid 2, which is prry going to be on sale for around the same price as the original Droid was. And it will still be supported, the already phased out Droid Eris still receives updates and support.

  • Jarrett

    eh saw it coming… not that i dont like the other droid devices, but i kinda miss when this site was only about the motorola droid 1… the beast…. well, we had a great run

  • Last time I checked, my Droid 1 was still alive, thank you ;). Especially since the Droid 2 seems underwhelming (for existing Droid owners, at least). When I do retire it though, it will retire as probably my favorite device of all time. Completely open, solidly built, amazing OS and hardware, and with loads of features lacking in other Android models (x854 resolution, hardware keyboard).

    Long live the Droid 1.

  • guz_1115


  • TJS

    So the phone I paid $200 bucks for this past November when it came out,is now obsolete and will not be updated? Aholes

  • Droid will go down as the pioneer of Android on Verizon, and it helped Motorola out as well!

  • salient7

    Talk about your abridged product life cycle: 9 months and already kickin my baby to the curb! On the bright side, I am ready for the D2.

  • Jinjelsnaps

    My Droid was stolen yesterday so I went to file a claim with that Asurion insurance company. They said the Droid was EOL and out of stock, so they are replacing it with an HTC Eris…which is also discontinued. Ooookay then. This explains all of that…but to replace it with an Eris??? I'm sure it's a good phone and I'll find out the hard way in an hour or two but it kinda sucks.

    • GNO

      Sorry to hear the news. I think the D1 is a much better device. They should at least replace with a DI. The man is always keeping us down!

    • BlueKnightOne

      Usually they get more of a replacement device in as the manufacturer refurbishes Worry-Free Guarantee returns. Did you ask how long until they would get more? Or you could have asked about paying a little extra to get a re-certified replacement and upgraded to an Incredible or an LG Ally.

  • Cbes

    Good bye D1! I have been droiding this.

  • D4L -(DROID 4 LIFE)


  • Bj70117

    Don't believe this rumor. The DROID will be around for a few months. The factory is still building them. Sure, it will eventually go away just like car models. It may actually increase in value once it ends its life span as it is root friendly.

  • I will not give up my D1! Never! Rooted this baby long ago, and until something absolutley amazing comes along, I stand by my….. Droooooid!

  • xmetl

    im not going to give up my droid for the rest of the year, by that time im sure something even better than the droid x and the droid 2 will be out by then, hopefully something from htc for Verizon

  • xmetl

    but will we still get froyo for our droids?

    • Nktizzle


  • SB0b

    The droid is dead. Long live the droid 2 (or droid x)

  • Jayrod718

    I really don't it is the end of D1, it will still have dev for quite some time. I just bought mine 4 months ago and all my buds have the EVO and i think the D1 is better because root is better and also the battery life spanks it.

  • Evermour

    This makes me sad, it was my very first smartphone.

    • xmetl


      • Michoacanrojo

        I Know this was my first Smartphone too. I could upgrade to the Incredible, or DX.(haha Triple H n The Heartbreak Kid, DX lol)
        but i decided to stay with the ORIGINAL DROID. Not as fast or powerful as others but in contrast the perfect phone.


  • kulz

    the DROID had a great run. it definitely served it's purpose, showcasing android to vzw…i will forever love my droid….


  • dylan84

    NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! This is indeed sad. But kinda inevitable I think. I'm still sticking with my Droid for atleast another year and a half. I love this phone way too much.