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Motorola DROID, the End is Near

News has leaked out today that the Motorola Droid 1 (our baby) has been listed as “end of life” meaning in the next few weeks, it will be phased out of Verizon’s system.  This news isn’t surprising as the Droid 2 was made official just the other day, plus we’re seeing special promos for the device ending in a few days.

This is sad news, but that doesn’t mean the D1 is disappearing off the face of the earth.  The dev community is bigger than ever and as one of the few “developer phones” for Android, it’ll like still see plenty of action.

Thoughts anyone?

Source:  Droid Forums

  • I still can't believe 2.2 Froyo isn't out yet. Rumors said that Tuesday we'd be getting the update. I wasn't surprised when Tuesday came and went & we didn't get the update. I just called a local Asheville Verizon sales rep (trailed monkey) who (of course) doesn't know anything!

  • Saint714

    Does anyone have any SOLID information as when the hell Verizon is going to make the Froyo 2.2 update available? They've been dicking around with hints and leaks for months and I'm getting damned sick of being jerked around. At this point, I'm going to root my Droid this weekend and use the new unofficial release that came out this week (probably by someone who knows that Verizon plans to continue pissing in Droid users' Cheerios and not care about it).

  • (aP)

    Not surprising @ all.

  • Rick00770

    the droid original was a super phone, i may get one anyway, i tried it out, didnt like the keyboard, i dont like keyboards on anything but i didnt care, just a great phone, i think they should keep it alive.

  • SilentJay

    As long as my game gripper holds up and I don't destroy my keyboard with all my tecmo my droid will be my best friend for quite a while. Plus with all the great devs out there our baby is still as fast and as smooth as anything. I played with the dx and I tell ya no keyboard is a deal breaker for any phone. The keyboard is what really drew me to this phone to begin with, then I fell in love with android. Long live our moto droid, not dead just an endangered species 🙂

  • Cxpitt

    Where's my 2.2?

  • jay

    How is this sad. It's being phased out for its upgrade, the Droid 2, which is prry going to be on sale for around the same price as the original Droid was. And it will still be supported, the already phased out Droid Eris still receives updates and support.

  • Jarrett

    eh saw it coming… not that i dont like the other droid devices, but i kinda miss when this site was only about the motorola droid 1… the beast…. well, we had a great run

  • Last time I checked, my Droid 1 was still alive, thank you ;). Especially since the Droid 2 seems underwhelming (for existing Droid owners, at least). When I do retire it though, it will retire as probably my favorite device of all time. Completely open, solidly built, amazing OS and hardware, and with loads of features lacking in other Android models (x854 resolution, hardware keyboard).

    Long live the Droid 1.

  • guz_1115


  • TJS

    So the phone I paid $200 bucks for this past November when it came out,is now obsolete and will not be updated? Aholes

  • Droid will go down as the pioneer of Android on Verizon, and it helped Motorola out as well!

  • salient7

    Talk about your abridged product life cycle: 9 months and already kickin my baby to the curb! On the bright side, I am ready for the D2.

  • Jinjelsnaps

    My Droid was stolen yesterday so I went to file a claim with that Asurion insurance company. They said the Droid was EOL and out of stock, so they are replacing it with an HTC Eris…which is also discontinued. Ooookay then. This explains all of that…but to replace it with an Eris??? I'm sure it's a good phone and I'll find out the hard way in an hour or two but it kinda sucks.

    • GNO

      Sorry to hear the news. I think the D1 is a much better device. They should at least replace with a DI. The man is always keeping us down!

    • BlueKnightOne

      Usually they get more of a replacement device in as the manufacturer refurbishes Worry-Free Guarantee returns. Did you ask how long until they would get more? Or you could have asked about paying a little extra to get a re-certified replacement and upgraded to an Incredible or an LG Ally.

  • Cbes

    Good bye D1! I have been droiding this.

  • D4L -(DROID 4 LIFE)


  • Bj70117

    Don't believe this rumor. The DROID will be around for a few months. The factory is still building them. Sure, it will eventually go away just like car models. It may actually increase in value once it ends its life span as it is root friendly.

  • I will not give up my D1! Never! Rooted this baby long ago, and until something absolutley amazing comes along, I stand by my….. Droooooid!

  • xmetl

    im not going to give up my droid for the rest of the year, by that time im sure something even better than the droid x and the droid 2 will be out by then, hopefully something from htc for Verizon

  • xmetl

    but will we still get froyo for our droids?

    • Nktizzle


  • SB0b

    The droid is dead. Long live the droid 2 (or droid x)

  • Jayrod718

    I really don't it is the end of D1, it will still have dev for quite some time. I just bought mine 4 months ago and all my buds have the EVO and i think the D1 is better because root is better and also the battery life spanks it.

  • Evermour

    This makes me sad, it was my very first smartphone.

    • xmetl


      • Michoacanrojo

        I Know this was my first Smartphone too. I could upgrade to the Incredible, or DX.(haha Triple H n The Heartbreak Kid, DX lol)
        but i decided to stay with the ORIGINAL DROID. Not as fast or powerful as others but in contrast the perfect phone.


  • kulz

    the DROID had a great run. it definitely served it's purpose, showcasing android to vzw…i will forever love my droid….


  • dylan84

    NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! This is indeed sad. But kinda inevitable I think. I'm still sticking with my Droid for atleast another year and a half. I love this phone way too much.

  • Anybody want to buy an antique original Droid

  • Ravenouse39

    The big question is: Will the Droid 2 with it's identical good looks, ergonomics and beefier processor be just as hackable as Droid 1? This will make the difference in me upgrading before the holiday releases.

    • jacob

      highly doubt it. high probability Droid2 will be just like DX. Droid 1 and nexus one were full open phones for developers and such. these two phones were distributed at google conferences for devs… these two phones will be the standard for programming and such in the future. until N2 comes along – vanilla style….or perhaps the droid pro (3) will be fully open – considering the ginger bread requirements…

  • jawa5636

    Well, we knew this was coming. I will say, this will be the first phone I have ever owned that I will probably last longer then the contract. 🙂 I also think the first Droid will retain value longer on the secondary market then other smartphones.

  • Long life to one of the best smartphone ever made.


  • wow. very sad news. but i am very happy with my droid i wouldnt change it for the world. We have some good memories. Just the way i was able to get it in april for 20 bucks was awesome. so im still happy. hopefully this will push me to root!

  • Bachinphx

    G'd help anyone who drops their phone and needs a replacement. Better get your protection now!

  • Rizzidy


  • Kaufkin

    ok, so I'm going to root when I get home.

    what is the most basic, K.I.S. Froyo build out there? don't need the themes… just want Froyo “android experience”… loosing patience w/ waiting for upgrades that might (or might not) happen…

    or is it as simple as load the rom manager that everybody keeps talking about, and “it's in there”?


  • zepfloyd

    I wonder if this means in a month or two if our D1's break will they send us a 2??

    And I wouldn't worry, DROID still IS Android. Easily the biggest phone with the OS, in fact the majority…it's not going anywhere for a while.

    • John L.

      Right, if this means I get a Droid2 when I make good on my warranty that I pay for, then this isnt such a bad thing. Hahahha.

  • Sean

    My biggest question is what will happen to droid life? Will you continue to give us something to turn to? Or will we be left once the droid is no more? Please don't break up with us droid life. We love you.

    • Flyinion

      I'm sure DL is going nowhere, there may not be new stock of D1's being made, but the phone is not going unsupported. Also since Droid is a line not just one phone and Kellex already has a D Incredible too I don't think the site is going anywhere. I'm guessing he'll probably expand to pick up the newer Droid models.

  • Tabrad

    Does anyone know if there are different versions of the Moto Droid? Because mine seems to run a lot smoother then my friends, who got it during BOGO, and my keyboard buttons stick out farther, his almost flat, and mine seems to weigh a little bit more. Anyone know if Moto made their BOGO phones cheaper?

    • Flyinion

      Are you guys running the same OS on it? I.e. one of you is not on stock 2.1 and the other rooted on 2.2 right? Same apps? Test after a fresh boot? If he has different apps and for instance is running on 2.1, loading a lot of apps, and not using a task killer that could be a big reason. Even things like live wallpaper on one and not the other or the specific wallpaper can cause slowdowns

      • Tabrad

        Yep we are both on froyo nextang, he had a facebook widget, the htc style weather widget, twitter widget, which I dont have. His is slower when you swipe from home page to home page, but when I recommended not having so many widgets, the reply was “whats the point of having a droid if I cant even use my widgets”. But his freezes up a lot too

        • Flyinion

          Yeah widgets can cause a bit of lag sometimes depending on what they do and how many. Also if he's using more apps and they stay open it eats up memory and low memory causes some slowdowns. You guys are clocked the same? Nextang is stock 800Mhz I believe (assuming you're on JRummy with Nextang). FWIW I had some minor stutters with JRummy's 5.09 and since going to Insane Nemesis “Insanely Clean” with the orange theme, that's pretty much cleared up (I did a data/cache wipe too)

  • D-L

    kellex, any update on froyo for the droid?

  • DeNon

    this just means that the Droid brand is moving on …it will be a long live line of phones..I guess it is time to save up for an X

  • Am still running stock, scared to root..
    Waiting patiently for Froyo… Will keep my outphased Droid1 till the 2Gz option.. ;”)

  • Im ok with this on the bright side for those who have a droid 1 this acts as more reason to root the phone.
    Im actually glad that this happened to the droid with a hard keyboard.

    I''ll more than likely be keeping my droid for the next two years or at least untill the boot loader for the D2 is cracked.

  • Wayne W.

    Awww well at least I've now taken the plunge and rooted. Running Cyans latest mod 6 RC1

    • EC8CH

      Best Way to celebrate… crack open a root!

  • Darkseider

    Hmmm… the way I see it the Droid has more life in it than the Droid X and Droid 2 at this point. Seeing that we can do whatever we damned well please with it it will be seeing Gingerbread once the AOSP gets it. The Droid X and Droid 2 are the ones with the limited life because they are at the mercy of Moto/VZW for their OTA updates. Hell even the Eris now with Unrevoked 3 one click root and some custom 2.1 / 2.2 goodness is still viable.

  • Antivanity

    How did you miss the agent tip of the week? To me thats the big stroy here.. Verizon telling there sales agents to reject RMAs. So someone's phone breaks and they get rejected to have there phone replaced?

    wtf verizon..

    • Flyinion

      Yeah I could see a number of lawsuits (can you say class action?) arising if that happens to force VZW to pay back any/all monthly insurance payments made while a user owned a Droid under contract.

  • This is expected but is also quite sad. No N1 on VZ means that the DROID is still the best vanilla android device I have access to. I was really hoping that the DX and D2 would also be vanilla android phones, but we know better now. I went to VZ today and tried out the X… bleh. Not for me.

    I like having vanilla android, LauncherPro, and whatever else I wanna put on there — not something that some OEM shoves down my throat as “value-added UI enhancements”. Where is the next vanilla android beast? Any word on when another MFR will come to market with one on VZ? I haven't seen any. I know I could go get the incredible and root it to get rid of sense, stick a custom ROM on there, etc., but I dunno — there's something to be said for all the hundreds (thousands?) of options available in the custom ROM / rooting community for DROID1 that just aren't out there / available for Incredible, EVO, etc.

    Ah well — it's D1 for me until something better comes along… and after playing with the DX in the store today, for me, that's not the “something better” I was looking for.

    • pd

      Here! Here!

    • LinZbee

      What do you mean by a 'vanilla android device'? I love my D1, too. It was love at first sight (last January).

      • EggoEspada

        Completely Stock Android is what people refer to as “Vanilla Android”.

        • LinZbee

          Oh thanks. That makes sense now.

      • Yup… EggoEspada nailed it.

        There are only a few phones with completely stock, vanilla android that I know of that are viable options with “current” technology (even if the D1 is getting a little long in the tooth):
        – Nexus 1 (GSM only, so TMo and AT&T in the US)
        – DROID 1 (VZ only, obviously)

        Other manufacturers stick junk on their phone like:
        – SenseUI (HTC DROID Incredible, EVO 4G, HTC Hero, HTC DROID Eris)
        – Rachel (I think that's what they call it?) (Sony Ericsson XPeria X10)
        – MotoBlur (on Motorola Devour, backflip and others)
        – NinjaBlur (on Motorola DROID X)
        – … and on it goes.

        Just gimme some vanilla android, people! Please and thank you! 🙂

    • Etothe2

      Everything I've heard says that the Droid 2 will still be Vanilla but I suppose that could change at any time.

      • Nik

        Some people are saying that judging by the front design it may be motoblur or we is on DX

  • saimin

    Motorola and Verizon should be required to provide software updates to their phones at least through the 2 year contract period. If they don't want to support phones for 2 years, then make the contracts shorter.

    • WhereIsTony

      That would be nice. But its not as though the phone stops working if it does not get gingerbread.

    • DroidDrool

      Updates will be via self service – root the phone after they stop providing updates.

  • Paul E.

    Well, we knew it was coming. I have to hold onto mine until at least Feb 2011.. and I imagine probably longer, because I am going to wait for the 4Gs and the N wifis, and the 2GHz. They'll keep doing developer work for it, I'm sure.

  • Dre

    So does this mean no official Froyo update for the Motorola Droid?

    • Nktizzle

      2.2 is coming.

      This just means VZW will no longer be selling it but is still supporting.

      • Dre

        I see. That's good to know

  • Yeah. My thought is…WHEN DO WE GET FROYO!?!?!

    That is all.

    • wolverinefan

      Man i've been asking the same question over and over. No one know i heard people say until December, i mean come on man wtf Dec. they are saying to realease that 3.0 android version

      • Nktizzle

        2.2 has been tested on the Droid 1. Only a matter of time. Take that with a a HUGE grain of salt (i.e. Eris 2.1)

  • Well we knew this was gonna happen with the appearence of the Droid. though i think replacing this beast with that will be proven mistake!

  • D1

    This is sad news, but what does this mean to Droid Life?

    • EggoEspada

      It will live on for as long as the Droid franchise continues..

  • EC8CH

    Long Live the Free and Open Droid!

    • Drox2k

      Amen to that

  • Bonez

    Look at it this way for the one's still with plenty of time left on there contracts just imagine what kind of android devices will be out when it's finally up, devices that may surpass the Dx and d2 substantially.

  • the D1 won't die for awhile, the community is way too big. “unofficial” updates are waaaaaaay better than “official” updates anyway, right!?

    this will be the only phone that i'll actually keep for the whole 2 year period

  • Wglisso1

    Since the Droid is leaving us when the Droid two comes out and if we have insurance on our phones and it somehow breaks will we receive the Droid 2??

    • Bonez

      Good ?

  • 1bad69z28

    Ahhh, Droid 1 memories, I remember the first day I bought my Droid 1 on the computer looking up forums and Apps playing with my Droid 1 till midnight while the wife was pissed at me for not sitting next to her watching the Bachelor LMAO and found Droid Life then I was really playing with my Droid 1 lol

  • villian1998

    THE END IS NEAR…. AHHHHH!!! *starts looting in the streets of Seattle*

  • Nktizzle

    Just so everyone knows, EOL does NOT mean EOS (End Of Support). You will still 2.2 pushed later this year to all the OD's.

  • tbaybe


  • hawgpapa

    My Droid has helped maintain sanity in my life! My IPhone friends have some envy in what can be done on the Droid. I agree that it is a bummer of the short shelf life of such a great phone. I bought it after researching Droid vs. IPhone and it was in my hands the week it came out.
    The openness of the phone and ability to change it to suit my “mood” is awesome.
    I do have to remember that it is supposed to be a tool for my business and the side bennies are a perk.
    Let's hope that future Droids will be able to be hacked and the greatness of the Droid community grows!

  • Bonez

    Lol so I guess this means no more updates guess they said lets give froyo soon to shut them up at least we won't feel as bad when we take it off the mrkt. But hell with root in the palm of my hand and a great phone there is no way I will feel bad about this I expected it sooner or later they have too many device releases for it not to happen.

  • Hmm. This “Leak” Looks alot like the wonderful “July 13 is when 2.2 will be released for the Droid”. Not saying it's wrong but, how many of these rumors have actually been true? Even if they do “end of life” it that just means that the Moto Droid will be the best costomizable smartphone on the market.

  • tmoney

    Maybe my droid will increase in value among hackers… I'm thinking of holding onto it as a backup phone. It has treated me well.

  • Rooted my D1 yesterday, so I can be sure to get Android 3. Long live my Droid….until my contract is up in May 2012…

  • wolverinefan

    So does this mean we wont get the Froyo OTA now, cuz i havent heard anything on the OTA yet. WHATS THE BIG NEWS??? I mean some off us cant upgrade until next year

    • I'm curious about that, too.

    • You'll still get Froyo. As another commentor said, EOL is not EOS (end of support). Froyo and beyond will still be on the Droid!

    • Nktizzle

      Yes, 2.2 will be pushed to the original Droid.

      What this posting shows is that it will no longer be stocked by VZW. The Eris went EOL and is still getting OTA's.

  • eddieonofre

    Men those are sad news since there is not a real replacement for the Droid… the hoped that the Droid2 would be a next generation of the Droid but if is gonna be bootload locked I don't like it. A big cheer for creator of Droid Does,the King of Droid

  • nkhex19

    Its sad to see them officially phasing out our Moto Droid but its time to make way for future Android devices including the Droids successor the Droid 2. Atleast the Droid still has so much growing support from the Devs and don't see that changing anytime soon especially if all these newer phones are gonna have locked bootloaders and may have a slim chance of ever seeing custom ROM's.

  • Bound to happen sooner or later…it was a great run and pretty long too. My infatuation with technology makes me a prime target for wireless carriers. I typically upgrade about every six months, but the Droid is staying with me for over a year until that 2ghz and hopefully 4g moto drops late this year. The Dx is on the way for the wife which should satisfy me for a bit.

  • DroidFan

    well this is sad,but im ready to move on…im trying to sell my droid on ebay right now. the only reason I am selling it is because evidently the early upgrade stuff mentioned at the droid x launch event was bogus. I was just told that I CANT get a new phone till september by customer service. so i am hoping some one loves the Droid enough to pay me enough to get the X a full retail price. I know its a long shot but I got to have this device. maybe the motorola God will shine down on me. But if you all can help me out i would be in debt to you forever

    • Tuna

      you couldn't throw in the shipping with a starting bid of $500.

      • DroidFan

        my bad thought I did

      • DroidFan

        free shipping is fixed….lol

    • tbaybe

      wow $500 for a used droid? good luck… try craigs list too lol

      • DroidFan

        I know I know…..but like I said maybe the gods will shine on me…..i hope.

    • you can't upgrade online or at the store with the “anytime in 2010” promo but i just ordered the X for 269 1 year mail in rebate through customer service *611. Rep new all about the promo…

      • DroidFan

        i tried calling 611, and they are the ones who said i couldnt upgrade….i am so peed off that I cant upgrade

        • I guess I'll see if it actually arrives. But my official renewal date was Oct 2010. And she said all is well and I paid for it with CC and got a confirmation number. Are you sure you were eligible to upgrade in 2010?

  • 1bad69z28

    No way, I still stand by my Droid 1 even though with all of the new phones coming out Droid 1 set the bar and revoluiton. I can honly hope that Motorola will do the Droid justice and bring it's 2GHZ to Droid #3

  • Bonez

    It's still one of the best phones out there compared to every other company even the iPhone I wouldn't trade my d1 for a iPhone 4

    • Droidzilla

      That would be like trading your 1969, 427 SS Camaro for a new Vespa just because the Camaro is old and the Vespa makes you look cool at the local, metrosexual coffeeshop.

      • 1bad69z28

        I would never trade a 69 Camaro for a Vespa ha ha I've too many of them and I am a die hard 69 Camaro fan. Go Droid!!!!!!!!

        • Mbenson

          Cummon, 67 Camaro – rebuilt one in High School – Still the best (as in fun) car I have ever (or will ever) own…

  • Sad sad sad…. 🙁

  • Adam

    This feels like an awfully short life. Does anyone know what the average is for these types of devices?

    • Actually, I think it's a long life. My Moto Krave came on the market and was off in like six months. The Droid has been around since November of 2009, that makes it almost a year old. That seems to be standard for phones. After all, other than Blackberries and iPhones, how often can you buy the same phone you originally bought? Especially given Android's exponential growth! Droid 3 = 2ghz. 'Cause that's just about when I can upgrade.

      • Stinky McTurd

        Uh, November is four months away; that's not “almost a year.”

  • Dan

    Look on the bright side, once the Droid retires, it can start to collect social security while it's two children continue to bring home the bread!

    • tbaybe

      thats cute! ha

    • FireCongress

      good point, but the way DC is going, there will be no SS left.

  • Droidzilla

    The king is dead. Long live the king!