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Enough with the eFuse DROID X Talk Already

For some reason we’re seeing news all over this morning (and 1,000 emails) that there is a mysterious “eFuse” in the Droid X that will “blow up your phone” should you tamper with the encrypted bootloader.  Seriously?  First off, this news was reported 4 days ago as “a bit of conjecture” and has not been confirmed by, well, anyone.  Second, I’ve heard from 2-3 sources already within the dev community that have said this is as far from the truth as possible.  It’s the same bootloader as the Milestone.  Has anyone’s Milestone blown up from an eFuse yet?  Someone find me one.

If this turns out to be true, then this is awful news, but until Motorola or one of their developers comes out and admits that this is the truth, take it for it’s worth people, a “guess.”

And I’m done.

Update 1: Stephen Bird is also shooting down this eFuse blow up rumor…

First we need root, then we need to figure out this boot loader business.

But wait! Birdman! what about the efuse?! Guess what? google “omap3 efuse”

Droid, Milestone, DroidX, Droid2…all these phones have efuse…they just really haven’t been put into use…

Update 2: Boy Genius Report has weighed in…

This breaking news may not be as dire as many are claiming, as a google search of OMAP3 and e-fuse reveals that current OMAP handset already have e-fuse in place as part of the M-Shield hardware security technology built into TI’s OMAP system on a chip. It is on the very hackable DROID and the not-so-hacking-friendly Milestone, but it is not being used by Motorola to lock the bootloader of the handset. The current theory being put forth by the non-alarmists in the Android hacking community suggests that the DROID X is locked in a similar manner to the Milestone. Though it may be difficult to crack, and may lead to many hairs being pulled out, mucking with the bootloader probably won’t brick your phone.

Oh on a side note, the downtown Portland location just turned away their biggest Droid promoter because he wasn’t a new customer or extending a contract and wanted to pay full retail.  Yikes.

  • Aaron

    I will be picking mine up at 2:30pm.

    They didnt sell them all (go figure) and are reserving it for me

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i might leave early!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tonytbone7883

    Will launcher pro work with Droid X ???

  • timarnette

    Now I am pissed. I do not have a tracking number yet. They told me over night shipping. I just got off the phone with a Verizon rep. She said you know the X is very new. I told her I placed my order at 12:19 am this morning. She said all I can tell you as soon as we get a tracking number. I told her I have been a customer from the time they open their doors. She could care less. DAMN

  • mkregs

    They wouldn't sell you a Droid X???

    Don't they know WHO you are? 😛 jk…

  • villian1998

    I heard that the Droid X produces yellow #5 and makes you impotent if you tinker with it.

    • Bj70117

      It is actually Red #5 left over from hot dogs in the 80's.

    • jerkface

      yellow #5 is the one that shrinks your nads

  • I love everything about this phone already…played with it at my buddies VZW store a few days ago. But there is already a need for Launcher Pro and hopefully root. Anyone notice that if you are scrolling from left to right the app drawer turns into a page button? Then there is a few second wait for it to return to the drawer button and your two presets to come back to select them. I couldn't find anything else that bothered me and I couldn't slow it down for the life of me but the launcher buttons started to annoy me a little.

  • Awpilot

    I'd also like to note that I also walked into a downtown seattle store to aska bout the droid x and was essentially turned away because they were reserving the stock they had on hand (5) to new customers. Luckily I'm not all that concerned with upgrading to the droid x, as it's not really any better than the rooted droid I have now. I think I'll wait a few weeks for the droid 2.

  • Usdibebnan

    That's terrible! I hope they leave OMAP3 with e-fuse off on the newer phones coming late in 2010. I love this community and the wealth of Droid roms.

    Well, at least you have the Moto Droid and the DI. It makes sense to make sure these are all new or renewal contract purchases to extend the Droid user base.

    I'm waiting for a front-facing camera and a 2ghz Droid…

  • Jmar1183

    I don't even care at this point, I have played with this phone nonstop since I got it this morning. I have yet to install Launcher pro, because I don't like the moto skin(not as bad as I thought it was though). I just ran the quadrant and got a score of 1262, which is even higher than the Shadow <2.2 score. This is just fantastic, so I can only imagine how fast this beast will be on 2.2. I'm sure Moto could cave under pressure and unlock the eFuse through new software too.

  • J-Dawg

    Question: Why can't people just be excited to get a solid phone on release date. I could care less about it being hacked or anything, I am so stoked to get it today. This will be my first Android phone and I'm ecstatic to get it. I hate the negativity just because it can't be custom rom'd or whatever. BTW, got mine at Costco, no lines at all.

    • Timoh

      Because some people like to plan more than a couple days in advance when they spend hundreds of dollars on something.

    • Tyler

      Because we see right through the shady business practices of Verizon and Motorola in locking the boot loader saying things like “we can't please everyone” when this pleases absolutely NO consumer. Verizon/Motorola screws up every update for the Moto Droid (I've been running 2.2 for a month and a half on mine, they haven't even announced when the OTA is coming out), AND they'll come up with bogus requirements for new operating systems to leave older phones in the dust. With a two year contract, that's a huge problem. The only reason I'll ever see 3.0 is because some dev will release a Moto Droid compatible version, they just want us to upgrade our entire PHONES to see the new upgrades. I'm not going to spend $550 to essentially rent a new phone and get the shaft whenever they want to push me to buy a new phone.

      • J-Dawg

        OK, thanks, that makes more sense to me now. I'm still excited to use Android for the first time. Bye Bye Blackberry.

  • Me3ghosty

    Better Business Bureau Complaint their ass for not selling to a customer with an account in good standing…

    • timarnette

      I agree with you 100%

  • Droidzilla

    Which store was it? We can descend on them like angry flies on a pile of-

    New analogy. We can descend on them like angry chimpanzees on a pile of bananas. Except it would be like the chimps just emailing or calling the bananas. You get the point.

  • Infynityx

    i paid full retail for mine and didn't have an issue. my ne2 will be up next august then i can redeem for new droid then 🙂

  • Mark

    I just called up Motorola and a customer service rep just confirmed that if you make any modifications, it WILL self-destruct. Not only that, I tried to ask him why, and he hung up on me.

  • 1bad69z28

    This eFuse thing is smelling more and more like a Steve Jobs/Apple rumor lol, I bet they're behind this LMAO

  • Kellex,

    I had the same problem trying to get mine renewed. Talk to a supervisor at Verizon's 1-800 and they can push it up for you if you are a long time customer.

  • Gujupmp88

    eFuse doesn't “blow up” your phone. eFuse is a device on a computer chip that “trips” or “blows”(like a bad fuse, hence the name) when you do something that isn't kosher with what it was programmed with. If we are to believe that this is in fact in the X, it can not be taken off with an OTA because it is hardwired into the phone. although, i believe the process is reversible if someone has the knowledge on how to do it.

  • Hogasswildmc

    I got an X because I have faith that in time it will be worked over. I only want root anyway. Don't care about custom ROMs. And if it doesn't happen, there will be a LTE/4G phone on the horizon for me.

  • Infernox51

    Stupid rumors like this probably come directly from Apple's corporate office.

  • Aaron

    Hey kellex, I feel ya.

    I went in last weekend to “reserve” a droid x for pick up on launch date. The store KNOWS me and know im good for it. They said no reservations are taken. I then called yesterday to try to reserve one again (yeah yeah) but the girl i was speaking to said that they were all reserved….WTF?

    So my gf went in later that day and told them that, the rep she talked to said that they are NOT reserving phones for anyone but would “””””PREFER””””” to keep them open for “new customers”….WTFBBQ.

    I was their at launch day for the droid (the only geek….nay only person in the store at open)

    They know that but still wont reserve one for me. So now i have to wait until 3pm to go there and see if they have any “left overs” which I KNOW they will. They had 10 droids on launch and did NOT sell them in one day. They claimed they will have 15-20 X's today so……I better get one.

    Or ill be on HTCEVO-LIFE.com o_O

    • I saw a few new customers get turned away today at my VZW store this morning, but it was probably more of a stock issue. They could have easily held the X's for new people vs people that were upgrading (and there were a LOT of people upgrading this morning) but I walked in with a Droid 1 and 10 minutes later I had a Droid X. 🙂

      • X2talk

        So did I… in Coral Springs, Fl. .. best bet is to buy 1 online.

  • xsoldier2000

    ….feeling better Kellex? lol

    • kellex

      Actually a little. 😛

  • tbaybe

    yikes, was that customer you?!?! if so, that sux!

    • Aaron

      Oh boi XD


  • Dito_Muertez

    The whole efuse thing, I'm skeptical about. But I am still agitated by the bootloader. If I buy the hardware, let me do with it what I want.

  • Timoh

    While I wouldn't “buy into it” immediately, I would keep an eye on the claims. I'd also watch how much deve support the X gets. It's the future design moto will base their bootloader on. You can claim the milestone is the same etc. You can't deny it will be a bit different than the milestone.

  • Octotron

    I would like some Verizon rep to read this and understand how bad it looks to consistently deny this blog access to your devices.

    There is no reason that the creator of Droid Life should not have had a Droid X in his hands weeks ago, and now to deny him the ability to even purchase one at full retail in one of your stores is simply poor form.

    • It's worse then just poor form. It's completely MAD! :-/

    • jiggaman508

      Well put… I couldn't agree with you more

    • Mrpicolas


    • banditball

      Very well said Octotron….hope Apple and AT&T don't start rubbing off on Big Red! :'(

    • Yeah, this falls under the “lamest thing ever” category. Next thing you know, VZ will announce that they want to start approving all applications before allowing them into the market. Oh wait, no, I doubt any company would be that stupid.

    • Antivanity

      I was turned down as well, paying full retail shouldnt force you to get is shipped. I was rather pissed. I waited in line at the verizon store 2 hours early from when they opened and i wasnt the only one.

      • Exactly what happened to me this morning. I ended up paying full retail to have it shipped here.. WTF. I didnt pay $604 just to wait an extra day for my damn phone.

        • timarnette

          I agree with you 100%

    • WTF. Is this policy? If it was I had no idea. Research time.

  • Does anyone know if the Droid 2 is gonna have this same bootloader?

    • nkhex19

      Rumors suggest the Droid 2 will have an encrypted bootloader. Guess we will wait and see.

    • Darkseider

      From everything that has been said by Motorola publicly and those in “The Know” every handset from Motorola will have an encrypted and signed bootloader. The only exception was the original Droid and that was because they had to get it to market A.S.A.P. and nothing else regardless of what Motorola PR spews. So from the looks of it HTC, Samsung, etc.. whomever can give me what I want as a customer regardless of carrier is getting my business. Motorola fails.

  • Chop

    I paid full retail for mine at a verizon store…

    • kellex

      What the!

      • DroidManX

        Thats Messed Up Kellex, I Live In NJ And Wasnt Eligible For An Upgrade And Paid Full Retail For My Droid X. Oh By The Way The Camera Button Is The Type Of Paint That The Droid 1 Had Just In Red, So Id Advise Everyone To Use Clear Nail Polish To Make Sure It Stays That Way And Doesnt Start Flaking Off Due To Excessive Camera Button Mashing.

  • Towelie420

    How dare they! They're lucky Droid-Life.com is a peaceful site.

  • Kaufkin

    BGR has posted some interesting stuff…


    • “the Droid Life forums claims”??? Since when does that exist? lol

    • kellex

      Asking them to fix this post. We do not want to be associated with these false claims.

  • DeathofGrim

    Lol if this were true that would be hardcore fail

  • Don't get the Droid x, it is the devil.

    • Bj70117

      At least Moto (devil) won't be sued by Apple (antichrist) with the Samsung iClone.

  • Niggy

    Kellex – I'm sorry! try the mall kiosk

    • kellex

      They turned me down last night hah.

  • Dt Hg

    Paid $179 plus a $50 BING cash back from WireFly early this a.m. – Free shipping and no sales tax either, just have to wait until Monday or Tuesday before I get it which is no problem.

    • Wirefly will sell them at full retail with no contract as well

  • Octotron

    They seriously denied you paying full retail?

  • I Guess It's A Waiting Game Until Someone Confirms It… But I Would Say It's Highly Unlikely Because Isn't That How The Verizon Reps Repair Phones Is Thru The Bootloader??

  • Towelie420

    YAY I GOT THE DROID X… It is awesome.. Anyone else notice that when you download Launcher Pro, it automatically sets it, without having to press the home key and choose between the stock launcher and pro (with the option to make it always default to one of them) . . . Love this thing!

    • Is it possible to put the original android theme or so on it

      let me rephrase that can you take out the blur on it

    • Aaron

      Forgot about luancher pro. That will make the phone super dee duper!

  • Only an idiot would buy into the eFuse claims without confirmation. The big drain in modding etc for the hardware manufacturer is support and replacements which is why they try to lock it down. But a lockdown mechanism that intentionally breaks the phone would be counter to that goal by causing more suppport and replacements. I seriously doubt Moto or any major manufacturer is that stupid).

    • kellex

      THANK YOU. Adding this to the post.

    • 1bad69z28

      I just followed a post off Phandroid to MyDroid world, and Kellex is CORRECT, alot of people are making guesses with this eFuse thing without any confirmation from Motorola or Verizon confirming anything yet. Follow the information trail and you will see the “I am guessing” statement. Let's wait and see how this plays out.

      • Mark

        It was confirmed by a Motorola rep when I called. Now whether they are just saying that or it really does that is up for conjecture. I suggest trying it out and seeing what happens.

        • 1bad69z28

          I am rooting my Dorid 1 this weekend, I'll let the dev's crack the code first 😛 lol

    • xsoldier2000

      Kind of like what Sony did with their rootkit… only, with this community, it would blow up ALOT bigger.
      I don't believe they're that stupid.

      • hello we're talking about verizon… VerizonMath anyone???? they don't know cents from dollars, they won't sell a device to one of their biggest supporters because they want to buy the phone outright, etc.

  • Punkroyale

    Kellex, You should go to BestBuy instead to buy it, they will not care.

  • so they wouldn't sell you a new droid? that's terrible

  • Ruel24

    Junk it. Buy HTC or Samsung. Motorola showed the most promise and best quality, but this is something that should be protested by simply not buying one.

    • digitalicecream

      OK guys, frustration aside… this is why the US is falling by the wayside. Motorola is a US company. Samsung is not, HTC is not. Vote with your dollar, I know… I hear ya… I just thought I'd put in my two cents next time we stand in the unemployment line. Rant over.

      • Motorola makes their phones in china, samsung makes their phones in china, HTC makes them in Taiwan.

        So while Motorola has their “headquarters” here, saying they are a US company is a bit of a misnomer.

        That and you vote with your dollar for the device that is the highest quality for you. Don't support an inferior product.

        • digitalicecream

          I guess its just a sign of the times.. consider my information obsolete. Thanks for the refresh Menno 🙂

  • 1bad69z28

    Damn Kellex, let them know who they are messin with with ha ha, That's meeesed up, So verizon will turn you away if no contract ext. or new customer huh. Money hungry is all I can say.

  • Dan

    Social platforms can strike with a vengeance! Watch out VZW portland!

  • so wait, you didn't get one then? how dumb is that?!

  • Br_d


    There is apparently an efuse in the Droid 1 also, and as we all know, that phone can't be hacked or modded or anything.

  • Dety Fg

    Apple fan bois busy at work trying to keep the X from lift off.

    • James

      If the droid does contain a working efuse, then it's Motorola/Verizon that have spoiled this “lift off”. I'm on hold until I get confirmation, but if it proves to be true, I am boycotting them.

  • ngomez

    seconds away from first lawls

  • Bonez


  • Bonez


  • fred114

    Whew. Didn't think it would blow up, but article did say it would brick it. But thought that would be a little outrageous.

    • Ska T73

      The reports are not saying that it will “brick” it. It looks like what will happen is that eFuse is meant to lock down the phone if any tampering is done to the bootloader. You will then need to bring it into Verizon who will have to use special software supplied by Moto to un-lock the device. This will of course void your warrenty and I am sure Verizon will charge you money for the un-lock.

      • Ska T73

        Sorry for the self reply, forgot to add that Cyanogen and his team have already sworn off the Droid X, they will not be developing for it at all.

        • Nktizzle

          Actually, no he hasn't:


          @cyanogen Hey, are you guys going to be attempting to root/load custom roms to the X at all? Didn't know if you were going to try X stuff

          @guts311 eventually, the DroidX I have right now isn't mine to keep though

  • Ummm, wow. Business fail.

    “Oh on a side note, the downtown Portland location just turned away their biggest Droid promoter because he wasn’t a new customer or extending a contract and wanted to pay full retail. Yikes.”

    • LobbyDizzle

      See, this is a respectable 'first'. You actually made a comment to the article rather than immaturely yelling “derp, first!”

      • Appreciate that. I never saw the post in just yelling FIRST all the time. 🙂

      • Yes, highly respectable 😛

        • Can you guys stop with the inside jokes you are scaring away readers.


    • dustan

      no paying full retail!

    • Gottheguds112

      I had a very similar experience in NY. The quite hostile employee told me it was a management decision to not sell at full retail 'until the promotion is over'. That could mean anything. Conveniently, when I asked for a manager, they 'seemed to be sold out'.
      I don't know what kind of smart business practice that is, to deny taking full sale upfront, especially as I'm still paying back the subsidy on my original Droid simultaneously. They should at least be sympathetic to the fact that existing Droid owners want to run the latest & greatest.

      • Harmonic

        It's all about the money. VZW stores take a hit when they don't sell a phone without at least a contract renewal. This practice is NOT supported by corporate though, just some manager/sales team trying to hit their accelerator for the month. :/