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Try on American Eagle Jeans, Receive a Free Android Phone

Either American Eagle is really struggling or they just really love their new jean lineup.  According to, well, American Eagle, then plan on running a promotion which will land you a free smartphone as long as you try on a pair of their jeans.  Yes I said “try on” not buy.

The story from AE…

…every customer who tries on a pair of AE jeans receives a free smartphone after instant discount with a new two-year service plan, from July 21 to August 3. Customers can choose from more than 40 phones from a variety of top brands including BlackBerry® and Android™ smartphones and many others. Every customer who takes advantage of the promotion will also receive a $25 AE “Money Card” redeemable online or in stores.

How it works…

  • As customers exit the AE fitting rooms after trying on jeans, they will receive a special card that explains how to select their phone and carrier at www.ae.com/jeans.
  • The new phone and $25 AE Money Card is sent to the customer via FedEx.
  • Users will be given the opportunity to download an AE logo to their phone deck that acts as a direct link to the AE mobile site.
  • Online shoppers will receive the special card in their order shipment with every denim purchase.

Update: Here is your list of phones courtesy of @Evolvehawk!

Come July 21st, you better be out getting your skinny jean on.  (Hah!)

Oh, and if you know anyone at American Eagle, tell them to be on the lookup for new marketing materials!

Source:  American Eagle Outfitters
Via:  BGR

  • what a great offer, i do like jeans just about as much as my phone!

  • april

    The best jeans ever

  • good post

  • Just came and read, this is wow! I was seek from many blogs, but here is the best, I love it.

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  • Yep! I was agreed, I'll keep in touch to your blog. This blog is so usefully, Thanks for the posted 😉

  • I'm not finished read this yet, but it's so fabulous 'n I'll back again when I was finished my job 😀

  • Devin Rs42

    You won't be able to get the free phone without signing a contract

  • steph

    i am looking at the free phone deal but even when i say upgrading phone it still makes me get a plan, how do i get the phone without the plan?

    • Devin Rs42

      You won't be able to get the free phone without signing a contract

  • Louis vuitton
  • T3lancer2007

    Totally not worth it for me. I'll just stick with my droid.

  • doomsjay

    Definitely looks like excess inventory and price point smartphones, and possibly a discount towards more advanced phones. Great if you like AE and are in the market for a new smartphone plan. I'm curious if I could just get the Money Card, since I already have my Incredible with a new contract.

  • Rogue5

    It looks like only the old phones and the good ones you would still have to pay. Good try but i'll pass.

  • so not true, i work at ae and this is just bogus

  • Ok so i am not completly sure if i understand this i either have to sign up a new contract with verizon or be able to upgrade my phone. Inorder to do this sory if i sounds dumb im just unsure and would like comfermation.

  • Kevin

    guess they had to get rid of the stock of the Eris model somehow…

  • wow, all of my jeans are from AE so they should just send me a droid X about now 😉

  • El El Kool J

    They just discriminated against all the big bone (fat) boys and girls… AE is for the skinny

  • Scott89

    oh well…fat people like me can't fit into AE's faggy lineup of pants so that counts me out….

    already have my Incredible, not like I need to waste my time in embarrassing myself anyways.

  • Droidzilla

    Can't you get a free one of these phones with a new 2 year contract, anyway? Heck, can't you get a free Droid with a new, 2-year contract with Wirefly? Oh, but you get that sweet app where you can directly purchase AE jeans from your phone.

    Marketing at its best, indeed.

  • EC8CH

    In a related story…

    The GAP is running a promotion where they are giving away I*phone 4's to anyone agreeing to wear this outfit for the rest of their life:


    Terms & Conditions
    * your soul will not fit into this apparel and must be forfeited to qualify for this promotion
    * side effect of wearing this apparel for extended periods of time include but are not limited to:
    -increase of obsessive control desires
    -sudden urges to sue others around you
    -inability to admit mistakes leading to outburst of blaming how others hold things

    • Droidzilla

      Additional side effects:
      -Inability to see Flash video
      -Irrational belief that neither your poop nor your farts smell horrendous; even though they do
      -Mind control over the weak minded
      -Belief that everything not on your phone is porn

      • EC8CH

        I knew there was some more funny left in there… thanks for squeezing the rest out for me 🙂

  • Coffee

    They don't fit me! UGGGGHHHHH lls

  • Marballe

    they don't have Droid X 🙁

  • saimin

    You can get these same phones for free at Amazon or Wirefly without the jeans, right? And the 2 year contract is not free.

  • rals

    LOL no wonder there free phones hahahah

  • EggoEspada

    If there was no plan and Samsung Facsinate or Droid X was available I'd jump on it… But no.

  • Dan

    My pants come off for Android.

  • Simply this is a way for them to attract sales for jeans and earn money for 2 year service plans. AE will a a sub-outlet like RadioShack or BestBuy. When you sign up for a contract for 2 years a small percentage of your monthly plan will go to AE. Well lets do the math now. Average data plan $30 + Phone Plan = $80 x 2% = $1.60 per month per customer. This looks small but now imagine AE's following

  • Jamerson90

    I thought the Eris was discontinued, and no longer in stores? Vzw still have stock and want them gone?

    • Exactly lol

      • Jamerson90

        I can hear it now.

        “What do you want me to do with this Eris stock, they aren't selling?”
        “Hell, give em away.”
        “But how?”
        “Let someone do something simple, like trying on Jeans. Anyone can do that”
        “What about the devour?”
        “Throw the devour in too, now, LEAVE ME ALONE!”

        • You could not be more 100% correct.
          Win! 🙂

        • Ace Z.


  • AE = Desperation?

  • Timoh

    I bought jeans from American Eagle a month or so ago. They aren't skinny jeans, loose fit, comfortable, and cheap. Was $25 on sale I think. I'm the first in line to call out how gay skinny jeans are, probably the only one here that'll admit to buying clothes from them too, haha.

    • kellex

      Nothing wrong with AE. And I know they aren't all skinny jeans, just like laughing at them. 🙂

      • Skinny jeans are worse than jeans falling off your a$$. It used to be girls wanting to dress like guys and now it's guys wanting to dress like girls. I'm old!

      • Timoh

        Sorry about the language, didn't even think about it. Yeah I know, I'm embarassed to even go in the store.

    • Well as a women i guess shopping at American Eagle is different… There clothing has gotten alot cheaper, i love a good sell.. but really a giving out phones from trying on a pair of jeans.. thats real cheap!

  • So in order to get the phone you have to sign up for a new service contract….meh…pass.

  • Yea, a free phone with a new 2 year contract? Come on…..lol

  • Wayne W.

    Time to take my sister to the mall. lol

    • Scott89

      why? so you can watch her try on jeans, you sick F!

      lol j/k

      • Wayne W.

        Well technically she's not my blood sister… bow chica wow wow… lol

        I don't step foot in those stores, but her on the other hand loves them. Soooo let her do my dirty work and me reap the rewards of an android phone. Doh re-read things and you gotta have a NEW 2 year contract. Oh well back to the scavenger hunt.

  • Ray

    Cool idea

  • TooBIG
    • So it's all the phones the carriers can't even give away.

    • holidayK

      think they will add more to the list? anyone?

  • i used to shop American Eagle…but Express has better jeans.

    • Mrpicolas

      Isn't express a women's store?

      • it's now for men too which used to be called “structure” remember them, now it's just express for men or something like that.

  • Tabe

    Hmm, that seems way too simple… lol
    Wonder if the X will be on the list?… Maybe I should wait and see! lol

  • GNO


    • kellex

      To try on jeans? 😛

      • GNO

        If it got my DX here a week early, hell yea I'd do it.

      • Mrpicolas

        They don't fit 🙁 lol..