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Rumor: (Updated) Verizon’s Big Sunday Meeting Means Name Change and No iPhone

We just got a hot tip that corporate Verizon Wireless employees are in the middle of a meeting which is a pre-cursor to Sunday’s store closures.  You know, the store closures which never happen, but are happening in some areas today and throughout the rest of the company on Sunday.

So what’s the big news?  Name change and no iPhone baby.

From what sounds like a pretty amped up webcast, Verizon Wireless has announced that as of Monday, they will just be “Verizon” without the Wireless tag.  We were not given reasons as to the change, but it’s definitely coming.

Their new slogan will be “Verizon, Rule the Air!”

Update 10:03AM: We’re getting more info on the name change and it’s looking less like a permanent name change and more like an advertising adjustment.  What I mean by that is the “Wireless” tag will just be dropped in their new marketing campaign.  The thought is that the single word “Verizon” appears bigger and bolder than the 2-word combo of “Verizon Wireless.”  (Cheers Tabe)

Update 10:19AM: Engadget has snagged an image from the upcoming Verizon ad campaign which features the new “Rule the Air!” slogan…

And the second part of the meeting (and most important to us) was to announce that they will not be interested in the iPhone 4 (as of now) and are putting full effort behind Android and the new lineup of Droid devices.  From what I’ve gathered, the Droid X promo video that was shown at the launch was played again plus the announcement of an August release of the Droid 2.

They basically called it the “Summer of DROID.”

Lovin’ the sounds of Verizon backing away from iPhone rumors and sticking to the hottest mobile OS on the planet.


  • Tnnisace

    I am hearing now that Droid 2 could have a late August release date…anyone know?

  • Fmcountry

    The earliest that anyone could reasonably expect an iphone 4 appearance at Verizon is November. It would be the equivalent of business suicide to admit that fact now officially. The smart marketing move is to cencentrate on the great line-up of droid phones available NOW. I still believe that the iphone 4 will happen for Verizon, we'll just have to wait and see when it's officially announced. My guest is that once product starts flowing into the pipeline and actual SKU's start appearing in the distribution channel, we'll get the official word.

  • Blacktiemidnight

    People are sheep…the IPhone is the “thing” to have right now. Never mind that Steve Jobs basically told his customers in so many words they are stupid and are using the new IPhone wrong and that is why there are receptor problems. Nevermind that ATT service sucks. Nevermind that Apple is so proprietary its ridiculous. People will pay for crap no matter how much it costs. That is why apple continues to get away with what they get away with. The “new features” on the Iphone have long been offered on other phones before IPhone such as ..oh..lets see…mms capabilities. That didn't come out until the 3Gs(lame). Gimme a break with this IPhone worshipping. There is so much more out there if people would take off the brainwashed blinders of Apple.

  • Personally I made a side by side comparison of the iPhone and the Droid — had both of them in my hand with both services turned on. Gave both of them a very thorough workout on a long weekend trip. Checked everything from apps, to data coverage, voice coverage, tunes, etc.

    It was a total no-brainer to me! I went with the Droid and have never been sorry! I can upgrade the memory in my Droid simply by buying a new SD card – the iPhone can't. When I want apps I can find anything I could need or want and am not locked in to what one company, Apple, determines they want me to have. There was NO comparison when it came to coverage between AT&T and Verizon. Verizon had sooo much better coverage in sooo many places that it was a joke. I can tether my Droid to my laptop to gain internet access when wireless is not available. Can you iPhone do that?

    These are just a few of the reasons why I went with the Droid. I agree that all the sheep will buy the iPhone without doing any comparison. But if you are like me and compare service for service and application for application, there just is no comparison.

    I was an AT&T customer for over 10 years. Switching to Verizon was both painless and sensible.

  • Chris J

    I'll be honest. I wanted an iPhone largely due to its design and app store depth. I was on a VZ family plan and almost jumped ship when the Droid was released. I bought it as an iPhone alternative. I haven't regretted this decision since I bought the phone. I also have a third gen iPod touch so I have some familiarity with the OS3 and now 4. Every since I got my Droid I have realized how frustratingly simple the iOS is. The lack of multi-tasking, the inability to change preferences within any app etc. The iOS is very polished and responds pretty flawlessly but it isn't enough to make any iPhone better than my Droid for me. I feel much more in control, both rooted and stock. I think that the future advancements in the UI coming with Gingerbread will finally remedy the last shred of iPhone envy I and many others have. I wouldn't give up my Droid for any number of iPhones as it stands.

    P.S. KELLEX! You are getting shout outs all over the web for this post with quite solid props even from fanboy sites (http://www.9to5mac.com for example). GO DROID LIFE!

  • zeeds

    Iphone users take off the training wheels and get a droid

  • John

    They shouldnt be telling people this that theres not going to be a Verizon iPhone now people are going to jump ship to AT&T i know i am!!

  • anon

    Tell you the truth. I'd get an iPhone, if and only if, it was on the Verizon network. Sorry.

  • Football4lifeson

    Kellex, is your “Summer of DROID” comment a reference to the Seinfeld episode “Summer of George?”

  • Steve W

    My understanding is that Verizon is selling a lot of Droids, and AT&T is selling a lot of iPhones. Sounds like a win-win to me. AT&T doesn't make money from iPhones, and (probably) ditto Verizon and Droid. I know Apple is making the money on the iPhone; I hope for Motorola's sake that they can make the same claim with respect to the Droid.

    AT&T and Verizon make their money from the service contracts, and every phone sold represents one more contract to profit from.

  • Ken Berger

    Android is the hottest mobile OS for people who can't get the iPhone – Verizon and it the only reason that it is selling in the US, and why it is not selling well in markets where it has to compete with carriers selling iPhones!

    It's great that you can get a bad UI copy of the iPhone if you can't or don't want to be on ATT in the US. Anyone who has used both will have to admit that Android still has a ways to go to match the usability of the iPhone and that we 2.2 vs iOS 3.2.

    The competition is good for us all, Apple pioneering how you should interface with a mobile phone and Google adding features that Apple has to figure out how to make useable. The end result is better software and usability for all.

  • Hadlicksr

    just received in the mail today an envelope thanking me for being a Droid owner and all logos say Verizon. No mention of Wireless.

  • Roog

    It make sense to me that Verizon would eventually permanently drop “wireless” from their name as they are quickly shedding (selling) their low-revenue-generating land line services to focus on wireless, thereby making the moniker redundant.

    The longer iPhone stays with AT&T, the more AT&T will have a reason to beef up their network, thereby creating stronger competition for wireless service – hopefully a big win for the consumer.

  • Thiel Terry

    I just sold my HTC Incredible for the new iPhone. The iPhone has dramatically better quality construction and screen, a better OS, much better media integration and quality apps.
    As to Verizon not geting the iPhone its pretty obvious that it would not make sense for them to even hint at it until they have to so people don't wait on the iPhone. Verizon has lost millions of customers to AT&T on the iPhone and they won't be getting them back until they get the iPhone. You can be sure they know this.

  • Magic_Al

    There's already a Verizon, the Baby Bell in the northeast U.S., of course, so this name change will eliminate the public distinction between the wireless and landline companies. The ownership of Verizon Wireless is shared by Verizon and Vodofone.

  • ajavgeek

    No iPhone is disappointing as my wife has Eris and she HATEs as nothing. There is no known way to root it from leaked version, so I cannot get any new Roms on it. She is looking forward to get the iPhone…..

    Atleast VZW should allow Eris (old android phones) for ealy upgrades at some cost, I am sure we will be there….

  • EC8CH

    I'm sure eventually the iphone will find its way on Verizon, and it will undoubtedly sell quite well. Too bad though that it is already too late to stop Android from becoming the dominant smartphone OS.


    WE WANT THE IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jared

    I want the droid x but… I also like the iphones new feature with the front facing camera and video calls. I watched the Jimmy falon video and the guy from engadget said while it was only iphone to iphone now that the source code was being released by apple so other people could make phones compatible. With that thought in mind… I figure there will likely be a new droid device in the coming months that includes a front facing camera as well. So should I really spend money and get the new device then 3 months down the road say novemberish… find myself wanting another new device just as badly?

  • EC8CH

    “So Droid Life — which has earned itself a solid record in the rumor game as of late”… ~engadget

    Is that how you say we're tired of getting scooped by that little blog Droid-Life?

  • Collinsclerk

    Am I the only one who thinks that having the two biggest carriers each whole heartedly embrace one of the two biggest smartphone platforms, by the two biggest tech companies, is a great thing for consumers? Development is nuts on both of these OS's right now. The more competition, with the full weight of the carriers behind it, is a great thing. If AT&T embraced Android and Verizon got the iPhone I don't think there would be as much urgency for the platforms themselves to develop at a breakneck speed. It would become just a carrier war, rather than a platform war. Having Apple and Android going at it is great for both platforms and is great for all consumers, regardless of which platform you're on. I have an iPod Touch with IOS 4 and it is really pretty slick. However, most of what it's added is just trying to keep up with Android (threaded email, synced gmail calendar, etc) This sort of development would never have happened without Android. Now that Apple has hit Android hard, Google will have to respond with something huge in Gingerbread… again, everyone wins.

  • Breakmyfootoff

    YES!!!!!!!!!!! Death to the iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael_NM

    I love the new slogan! Add the Droid Slogan and we have a masterpiece:

    Rule the Air. Droid Does!

  • The Verizon iPhone will be announced this fall and will be available early 2011. Why wouldn't they promote the droid this summer? It's probably the best phone they have.

    • Michael_NM

      Watcha you talking about “probably?” Even if VZ does get the iPhon't, Droid will still be the best phone on the network.

  • iknowthings

    I have to say this is another #Fail on Droid Life's part. There was never going to be any Verizon Iphone until next year. Its currently testing and will be LTE. The hardware may change due to the current Iphone4 problems so instead of early 2011, it may be delayed until the usual announcement every year. So basically there is no story here. Its still on track and the Verizon Iphone and Ipad continue testing. Nuff said. Execs recently said they didn't want to talk about the Iphone so as not to hurt Droid sales this Summer. After Droid 2 and Samsung Galaxy S are released, you will hear more.

  • Paul1paul

    Apple only put out 1 iphone a year because they dont need to put out 10 phones a year to keep their users excited. no matter how much ppl hate apple the iphone is in the lead and droid is playin catch up thats why they have so many phone out. if droid could afford to produce 1 phone a year they would.

  • ericsorensen

    Good news for Android. Bad news for my die-hard Apple fan father. He want's an Iphone bad, but refuses to accept AT+T as the carrier. He said the droid x looks like a cheap plastic toy! There is nothing I can say to change his mind about Apple – they can do no wrong. But I have to realize he's 75 and stuck in his ways…

  • WhereIsTony

    Name change good. The iphone news does not affect me but it sucks for those who wanted one.

  • rockymtnhigh

    Good job. Engadget is sourcing you for this story. Kudos. Keep up the good work!

  • rockymtnhigh

    Sweet. No iphone. Verizon doesn't need it; and this will only strengthen Android. The summer of Droid, I like it. 🙂

  • This makes me VERY HAPPY. I think it helps Android's potential for market penetration and good for the VZW network to not have the iPhone on VZW.

    Droid needs a champion and Big Red is a good choice!

  • Blacktiemidnight

    So happy to hear Verizon isn't caving to the IPhone bandwagon. Apple is so proprietary it's ridiculous. And I read a quote somewhere that Steve Jobs is blaming the users-the consumers who fund his paycheck, that they are using the new IPhone 4 wrong and that is why there are the receptor issues they are having. It isn't a manufacturing defect-it's “stupid users”. Gotta love it. I am on ATT and am hoping to switch to Verizon with the (hopeful) release of Droid 2.

  • Droid in Oregon

    My roomate just got the 4 and while I was impressed by the display and how fast and smooth it is, I don't think I'd go so far as to call it “revolutionary”. What I did find funny is that she and some other friends who are iPhone users thought that it was 4G. They're all pretty computer savvy so it blew me away that they assumed that. I wonder how many other people who bought the 4 think it's 4G?

  • fgonzo98

    Sweet…Verizon's backing away from the flawed iPhone (reception problem)…Summer of Droid…like it!

  • Daballa

    If my memory serves me right, wasn't the creator of the iphone rockin a Droid in a post Kellex ran about a month ago?

  • Alex

    I'm of the opinion that people should be able to choose their phone and their service provider independently. I'd have liked to see the iPhone on Verizon. I'd also like to see decent Androids on AT&T.

    Glad some news is still trickling out about Droid 2. I hadn't seen any mention of it since the Droid X announcement, and I wondered if it was still in the pipeline.

  • EggoEspada

    Did you guys know this week the Droid X made Gadget of the Week instead of the iPhone. It's not even launched and its really stealing its thunder. 🙂

  • t0ni

    Off topic…It's CUSTOM THEME FRIDAY!! Is there any official yogurt out there yet?

    • root4life
      • t0ni

        Are you running this right now?

        • root4life

          no.i was wonderin myself if anyone else was

          • t0ni

            I think I'll try it out then. I'll let you know, thanks for the link..

          • root4life

            no prob. yeah def post some screenies

  • derick

    Sweet! I'm glad that commy piece of garbage phone isnt coming to Verizon.. This network is too good for the iPhone.. for all those who want the iPhone.. go to AT&T.. but good luck getting the same service you got with Verizon. I bet at the end of your contract with AT&T and your iPhone, You will be coming back to a Verizon Droid… I know I did. This news makes my day! Screw you iPhone! Droid Does!

    • Rob

      How old are you anyway? Does your mom know you're online? Either you're 13 or 14, or some drunk frat kid. Grow up, man. You're childish rants make you look foolish.

  • root4life

    man kellex u started some kind of an uproar with this post

  • Uly

    I am more than ever proud to be a verizon customer. We dont want the enemy phone. Android all the way!

  • As a Droid user I am excited about this potential news…but from an analytical point of view VzW has to be missing out on some big money. If the rumor is true, I'm curious just how much Apple wants that would drive VzW away from a perceived onslaught of new subscribers. Or maybe they're just sick of waiting. shrug.

    • EggoEspada

      Apple is asking way to much, which is why T-Mobile backed off the iPhone deal they almost closed with Apple.

      • JT

        +1. Agreed. That is why Verizon turned them down the first time. Apple doesn't want the iphone to go through the normal sales, marketing, tech support, and retail process that Verizon has in place. So, a marriage of the egos of the two company's would be a rocky one at best. Then, throw in the large amount of cash/incentives Apple wants for access to its product (+ huge additional costs to vzw) and it doesn't look right on paper to vzw. But I'll bet 6-12 more months of getting outsold by Android may loosen Apple's position and I think that is the bet that vzw is banking on.

      • Sure the iPhone is cool on the surface but for the money Apple wants to extort from the wireless carriers to offer it, it's just not worth it. Has AT&T even made their money back on that? Water it down with another carrier offering it and the only person that wins is Jobs as he laughs all the way to the bank with the money Apple is asking up front.

        IPhone, no thanks.

    • Derick

      you have to look at it this way… Verizon is trying to directly compete with iPhone and AT&T with their DROID campaign.. They dont want the iPhone because they would most definitly steal AT&Ts customers, while yes, bringing in more money for Verizon, but (and this is why I love Verizon) they would rather take on Apple and AT&T face to face and show the world that Verizon and DROID is a better, faster, more user friendly service than what AT&T and iPhone have to offer. And they're right! This is a brilliant marketing strategy by Verizon and it will kill the compitition in the end. Good move Verizon!

  • I really hope the name change isn't true. All it means is more confusion for people between Verizon Communications (internet, landline, cable), and Verizon Wireless. Great.

  • dylan84

    I think the “no iPhone” is a really smart idea on their part. Verizon has already shown that they're very dedicated to Android…to bring the iPhone in would just water down that dedication and distract their users. This way they can focus entirely on bringing the best Android products in.

  • Droid4Life

    although i hate the iphone, I hope one of the android phones comin out will have a more HD screen. That Iphone 4 has a super hd screen, i saw a vid of it and the water drop i though were actually on it untill they changed apps. but thats the only thing that iphone has done to be nice… the os is still boring sh*t 😀

  • ropedope

    ANyone know when the next Update will sent out for DROID?

    • DroidFan

      supposed to be late july…but all of us Droid owners know how that can be.

  • Any know how to download movies nd watch it on the droid

  • root4life

    anyone have the sapphire froyo sourced rom?

  • DroidFan

    ANÐR0ıÐ all the way!

  • scottholstein

    I appreciate no IPhone. While Android would continue to grow anyway, I believe it stands to grow even more based on a no IPhone decision by Verizon.

  • Guest

    Please tell me this is true! Imagine how quickly the network speed would tank if the iDorks moved over. This just made my day.

  • Cyberdemon

    LMFAO!!! …..NO iphone!! That's just too funny! Screw Steve Jobs and his “you can only have on your iphone what I have on mine”.

    • root4life

      oh and fyi your holding it wrong lol

      • Cyberdemon


  • rals

    I'm so happy, I can do the dance of joy…

  • thedonxr

    I just hope that Verizon has finally learned that when they allow people to have control of the device they pay for they make the customer happy, which will make them more money (because of more customers) than if they nickel and dime the crap out of you by making you pay for every single service they provide. Cheers Big Red!

  • DeeMat

    I'm cool with the news.

  • They always say that the end consumer won't see any difference when these kinds of things take place but that's rarely the case. It usually means a major re-vamp of their entire pricing structure or something equally insidious to make the end consumer lay out more of his or her hard earned money at a time where said consumer has less and less of that money everyday.

  • My one concern of waiting and NOT getting the DroidX is the data plan change. I read that this or the Droid2 could be the last phones with unlimited data packages. I would hate to wait until the Holiday season to find out I have to pick some sort of tiered plan. Anyone know anything about this??

    • Broken

      actually from the reports, VZW isn't even thinking of doing a limited data package until LTE

  • Mrpicolas

    Good because this site is called droid-life not iPhone life and we just happen to have the best network behind us

    • Daballa


  • Ford5pt0

    Glad they're sticking with what they know, DROID ALL THE WAY!!!

  • bob

    Please get more to known about the droid 2 😀

  • rals

    Awesome news for sure. Android all the way baby 🙂

  • Frederick

    Hopefully this name change comes with a logo redesign. It's pretty much unanimous among graphic designer's that Verizon's logo is terrible. I'm sick of seeing that ugly thing beautiful phones.

  • Dcjohn62

    Whether you like it or not, people want the iPhone. Verizon can fool itself with the “Droid” all it wants to… people want the iPhone. You can sell all the Droids you want… you'll still be closing stores. Business 101- give the people what they want… Hate all you want – people want the iPhone

    • Drew

      I don't want the iPhone…I prefer a phone where I'm not locked into iTunes. And even when I use iTunes it doesn't F me over when I try not to constantly sync stuff. My brother made fun of me for hating Apple so much…then he recently got the 3gs and has hated life ever since. Can't get the stupid thing to work right.

      Android phones are quickly outpacing the iPhone. Anyone who researches the two are now starting to switch to Android phones instead of the iPhone. Hardware and especially software wise, Android phones are 1-upping the competition.

      • Ruel24

        Why is iTunes so bad? Seriously? If you're a Linux user, like me, I understand. However, if you use either Mac or Windows, what's the big deal? I have an iPod Touch and love the thing. I read about Apple's heavy handedness, but just don't see how it affects me. I very happy with it. However, I am a Linux user 95% of the time, and Droid interest me, not just from the Open Source aspect, but because iTunes is not on Linux.

        • Alex

          Not everyone wants a media player program that is also a music store that is also a sync device. My biggest grievance is that it prompts you to completely reinstall the program every time apple releases a new iThing that I have no intention of buying. They can't just patch it to add compatibility. You have to completely reinstall to get the latest version. It also looks like crap on Windows.

          • Mach2pro

            Buy a Mac. I don't even know what you're talking about. You have to reinstall and start over? Are you saying you have to add your music again? That doesn't sound right.
            What's wrong with having the store and syncing all in one place. It's actually pretty convenient. And you don't have to click on the store if you don't want to purchase music. And you can turn syncing off. I'd kill to have my Droid show up in iTunes, and be able to sync my music and photos like I do with my Touch.

          • Steve W

            Patching programs – isn't that what MalWare does? I wonder why Apple uses a different technique?


        • Derick

          itunes is bad because, well.. where do i start.. I have an ipod (one of the old brick ones), and i used to purchase music on itunes.. when i tried to put that purchased music on another mp3 player or another computer.. it doesnt play it.. it only plays on the computer and ipod i registered it too.. that is stupid. I bought it, I should be able to listen to it on whatever media i choose… also, i put all my music on my ipod to save Hard drive space on my PC. But if i want to take that music off my ipod and put it back on my PC, iTunes does not allow it. I have to go through a third party program to do it, and when i do get it back onto my PC, the file names dont make any sense. instead of “Artist – Track” it just says something like UTSD4… its a garbage, proprietary program. just another way Apple controls everything you do with their products.

          • Ruel24

            Didn't they end that? Isn't that the old iTunes? I thought the new format was DRM free? Honestly, I haven't tried it, so…

          • Derick

            i dont know, they may have.. i havent used itunes in a long time. I still have my 60GB iPod brick that i bought 4 years ago and havent upgraded because i hate itunes. So if they changed it, I wouldnt know, nor do i care too. But hey, good for them. Apple finally did something that makes sense.. kinda.

          • Pasha

            Apple only sells DRM free MP3s now. You can, for an additional fee, upgrade tracks you purchased in the iTunes store. Originally Apple required you to upgrade all your tracks but now you can choose which ones you want to upgrade.

            iTunes has problems but it has improved. If you haven't upgraded to v9 you should do so. It's much better at handling large collections of music.

          • Mach2pro

            Removing the DRM from your old tracks is pretty simple – burn a CD of the album. Delete the DRM (purchased) tracks from your library. Import the new tracks from your CD. Done.

            I suppose everyone will now complain how stupid that process is, and it should just work without going through the trouble. Look how many people on here post about how to do hacks for something as simple as taking a screen shot on the Droid. Not everything can always work perfectly the way you think it should.

          • yes. new music is drm free. but they want you to give them MORE money to unlock the music you already purchased/

            It would cost me over $200 to “unlock” my protected content, content that new users can download, for the same price I did, with no DRM. It's a money grab.

        • mathewdev

          itunes locks you down, if the droid had a similar program it would probably do the same thing, unroot the device with it's updates. I use ipod ripper and it's much easier to use and I don't have to worry about authorizing the ipod.

          I don't have an iphone but like many others I have an ipod touch and the apps are much more polished, and I can see why people would prefer the iphone over android. Just imagine a verizon store with both phones that you can try out, I would think 80% would go for the iphone..

      • Ruel24

        Also wanted to add, you don't see the lines waiting to get their hands on the Droid X or any Android phone quite like you do the iPhone 4. Yes, Droid is gaining ground because it is an alternative and many people like me don't want to leave their carrier when they're happy with the service. However, I think in the minds of most customers, they'd rather have the iPhone if it was available.

        • Kedens

          A very important thing to consider when comparing waiting lines and purchasing volumes of android based phones vs the iPhone is that the iphone has ONE SINGLE RELEASE A YEAR… so of course there will be a larger volume of folks who have been stuck with obsolete hardware for many months buying a new model as soon as available. Android users have the luxury of choice and variety, in nearly every facet of smartphone use and acquisition…. You simply cannot accurately compare such a thing…. and please don't reference something, such as the Droid X release, before it happens.

          • Ruel24

            Okay, how about just the original Droid release? I see your point. I still think that a Verizon iPhone would be a good thing. I think they'll be a few Droid owners that migrate, but not a lot, and it'll bring over lots of AT&T customers, plus lure in those that are wanting an iPhone and maybe will be switching from another carrier, or were already Verizon customers.

            My point is this: competition. It's good for everyone. It's good that Verizon hasn't run away with the wireless market. It's good that iPhone has Droid and Droid has iPhone. We all win. I think they should carry them both and let the customer decide.

            Honestly, I'm a huge Open Source advocate and basically a full-time Linux user. I do have Win 7, but not for much. I love Android and the whole concept around it. But, I'd still like to see competition. The lack of competition is how Linux got off the ground in the first place – Microsoft had something like 95% of the market at the time.

          • mathewdev

            great point and it's exactly what I'm thinking, hey I wouldn't mind trying out the iphone! it's all about choice. I'm sure that apple will probably want allot of $$$$ and maybe even more control if they make a deal.

          • Drew

            Without Verizon's hardcore backing of the Droid when it first came out, there wouldn't be half the competition there is now. Verizon made Android what it is today. If Verizon would have picked up the iPhone along with the Droid, you wouldn't see 1/4 the Android handsets being moved everyday that you do now. Good competition is having Verizon push Android hardcore and AT&T pushing iPhone hardcore. Otherwise the marketing gets muddied. And like you said, competition is good. If Android wouldn't have picked up so much steam, it probably would have been iPhone5 when Apple would have added the front-facing camera and some of the other features. We all know how they like to hold back things until they absolutely have to release it and then they call it innovation…wallpapers, folders, multitasking etc etc etc

          • taylorlauder


          • You mean all those Apple zombies that stand in line and freak out when a famous person gets special treatment because they actually are somebody? No thanks. I can wait patiently for any phone if thats what I have to do. After all, no matter how good a phone is, its only a phone.

        • Darkseider

          I have said this before and will say it over and over. Apple has bred a generation of nut sack cradling lemmings. These people waiting in lines, soiling themselves, missing work, etc… makes me laugh. Again a high tech fashion accessory. A device made for metro sexuals and insecure slobs that want to be in the “IN” crowd. If anything the pictures of all these people in the lines documents people who may very well be future Darwin Award winners. I would be willing to bet that the majority of them couldn't tell you what their state capitol is. If anything you can look at people oogling over their iPads and iPhones as the lower end of the gene pool.

          • Samsonite801

            I was going to post something, but then I read yours, and it was exactly what I had been thinking to post. I couldn't have said it in a better way. I just laugh when I see those lines. If anything, I like to wait until a phone is half price on eBay for a new phone and then I'm all over that. They mail to me, no waiting in line like an ox waiting in line to be slaughtered.

          • Darkseider & Chris Mcgowen, you guys are my heroes. You stole the words right out of my mouth..

            The majority of people that I know only buy an iPhone because they are under the false impression that it is deemed as “cool”. I suppose it was “cool” when it first debuted in 2007, but Android phones are now (in my opinion) far superior to Apple's sacred iPhone. If you were to put an iPhone 4 and an EVO 4G in front of me, I'd take the EVO 4G without any hesitation or second thoughts because it is, in my mind, a better product than the iPhone.

            @Dcjohn62 – Sure there are some people that want the iPhone, that is undeniable.. But there are also a growing number of people who are becoming devoted to Android phones. Sure Verizon could adopt the iPhone if they are that legitimately concerned about their current profit margins. However, I sincerely hope that Verizon rejects Apple's iPhone and continues devoting all of their marketing resources to Android phones. I don't say this simply because I hate Apple; I say this because I firmly believe that when companies compete with one another, the consumer ultimately wins..

            When the first Android phone, the G1 (correct me if i'm wrong), was released it went by nearly unnoticed and didn't even make a blip on Apple's radar. However, since those early days of Android, Google, HTC, Motorola and other phone developers have made tremendous strides to make Android phones equally as capable as those from other leading brands such as RIM and Apple. After analyzing the proclaimed “smartphone war” between these companies it becomes clear that the consumers are ultimately benefiting from the competition. Consumers now have more comparable smartphone options than ever before across all networks; Consumers are purchasing their smartphones at competitive retail prices; And smartphones can now do more than was ever thought possible of a phone even 5 years ago..

            So, if Verizon adopted the iPhone, I don't think that a lot of current Android users would switch to the iPhone, but I do think that it would ultimately bring Android's climb to smartphone supremacy to a halt due to the “law of uninformed masses” that Chris Mcgowen referenced.

        • Mcgowen Chris

          @Riel24 Yes, unfortunately you are correct, the majority of people would like an iphone instead. however it is similar to what I call the law of uninformed masses. Just like voting, most people are completely uninformed or misinformed about the everything.like was stated earlier, when people really start to get informed a bunch of them switch to android.

        • Snarf

          Your a huge idiot because the Droid X hasn't been released yet so there isn't a line to be had…

          Oh and there was a line for the Droid and the Incredible is out of stock…

        • Jill

          Who cares about the lines waiting. I am with AT&T and can easily get the iPhone , but don’t want it. I prefer an android phone any day. Don’t like the small display and don’t like Apple’s closed system. That is how I feel and also how a whole lot of others feel. The Captivate is my choice over the iPhone any day of the year. So , I had a choice and I choice Android over the iPhone.

      • Snackbarber

        I think you mentioned a very valid issue. “Anyone who researches the two are now starting to switch to Android phones instead of the iPhone.” The problem is that a lot of people don't do any research into phones. Maybe they don't have time or just don't really care enough. These are the customers that are likely to just be influenced by the “buzz” or clever advertising. Apple is very good at advertising. Thankfully Verizon is really making a concerted effort to advertise the Android platform. I think a lot of the growth of the Android platform can probably be attributed to the increase in advertising. Although I usually hate advertisements I hope I see a lot more “Droid Does” type ads in the future.

    • Jtloc81

      They are closing stores due to changing signage, not for lack of business

    • I have not seen anything that says Verizon is closing stores. The closings that are mentioned in this article are just stores closing early on Sunday for meetings with employees. And it is more that just 'give people what they want'. I'd love to have a new phone every year and a completely unlimited contract all for around $20 a month. I'm sure there are tons of people that would like the same thing but it obviously won't happen since it doesn't make any business sense.

    • You're partially right, so you get half credit. I completely agree with you that it's silly to talk down the iPhone. It's definitely in high demand, and people want it…but that doesn't mean at the expense of Android phones. All the growth data (granted, pre-iPhone4 release) suggests that Android is growing at faster rate than the iPhone is. So I think it's misguided for you to say that Verizon is “fooling itself” by heavily marketing/focusing on the Droid line – it's clearly been quite a successful line for them. Similarly, though, I think it's foolish for some of the other commenters to dismiss the iPhone out of hand. It moved 600k devices in 1 day. That's absurd. I think there's room for both – I don't think that if Verizon took on the iPhone that a massive number of people would make the switch from Android to iPhone…More likely, Verizon would get a massive influx of disgruntled actual or potential AT&T customers who have either experienced the complained-of network problems, or have heard about them. Verizon adding customers isn't a bad thing at all – even if they're iPhone customers. People tend to stay with the network they have (assuming they don't experience serious issues), and further down the line, many of those new iPhone customers may eventually give Android a whirl. At the end of the day, though, I have nothing vested in Verizon, so I don't really care if they do/don't take on the iPhone. I just think it's silly to have a serious, impassioned opinion against it.

      • mkregs

        Very nicely put…

        If Verizon and Apple ever inked a deal, I agree that most Verizon iPhone sales would come from AT&T defectors. I have to disagree with you on another point though as I believe a substantial number of Android users would switch to a Verizon iPhone, if given the opportunity. I will not be one of those people, but I believe it would happen.

        Passion about things can be good, but it can also be blinding. People can hate Apple all they want, but it should be respected. For those that say that iTunes and the iPhone suck, that's just ridiculous. They produce some pretty cool, great quality stuff. At this moment, Google doesn't have anything that can come even remotely close to iTunes.

        Seriously…over 600k iPhone 4s sold in one day? Over 3 million iPads sold in 80 days? and I don't even know the ridiculous amount of iPods they sell each year. That is respectable.

        What is the best smartphone/OS out there? That question would bring on a passionate debate.
        What is the best mobile network out there? There is less of a debate there.
        It would be great to see the best phones on the best network. That would give consumer the true right to choose. {ok…snapping back to reality now…}

        • Thanks. Your reply is extremely well thought-out as well. Great points all around. I get where you're coming from, but I really don't think there'd be a massive switch from Android to iPhone. The user satisfaction survey and the “desired future OS” data is most telling (http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/10/01/04/u…). Basically, Android (72%) and Apple (77%) are pretty much neck and neck on current user satisfaction, and Apple's (28%) lead over Android (21%) has been cut from 6-fold to 7% in the course of just one year. With the numbers so close, I just don't see a mass exodus. Both OS owners like what they've got. I really believe any gains would come at the expense of AT&T the carrier, not Android the OS.

          • marky

            I bet Verizon would love the iphone to go to Sprint then?

          • mkregs

            Thanks for the article!

            Consider this…
            Could it be that the 77% user satisfaction rating for Apple is due to the fact that those users love their iPhone despite the inferior network they are on? So, as it stands with iPhone being exclusive to one carrier, those people would be less inclined to leave AT&T as they wouldn't want any other device?

            On the other hand, could it be that a decent number of Verizon/Android users are satisfied as they have a pretty great and developing device/OS on a superior mobile network?

            In a perfect world, the metrics would be based on common factors (meaning competing devices on the same mobile network). In other words, the iPhone has to skate on bumpy ice now(i.e..AT&T). How would those metrics look if the iPhone was able to skate on smooth ice (i.e..Verizon)?

          • Fair enough…there could be flaws in the survey (after, that would be a “flaw”…the question asked is about the OS. If people answer based on the network, that's a survey/data flaw), or the data could just really reflect a serious, significantly growing interest and satisfaction in Android. The year over year numbers (not in that study, and I don't have them on hand at the moment) are just astronomical. Remember – Android is still in its infancy. So, who knows. I tend to believe that from a technical standpoint, Android just offers more…But from a usability standpoint, I can see where the critics are coming from. And at this point, usability trumps for most people (since most people are casual users). But I think Android has some serious UI revamping in the works which is aimed at improving usability. When all is said and done, the better OS will ultimately draw the most users – irrespective of network, it seems (Apple's reign is proof of that). For quite some time, that was Apple. It took Blackberry's market share over time because it was the superior OS. So, if Android gets to a point where it's indisputably “the better OS”, I don't think who has the better network will come into the equation.

    • Derick

      Then those people can go to AT&T if they want the iPhone… Droid is kicking the crap out of the iphone.. even iPhone devs are switching to Android because the SDK allows for more tools and easier ways to create apps… Give the people what they want. Thats exactly what Verizon is doing. We want DROID!

    • Daballa

      Take that over to iphone-Life. This is Droid-Life and these people don't wanna hear it. You have the option to go over to another carrier if you want. At least Droid makes phone calls, from what I've been reading the iphone4 can even do that right!

      • Ruel24

        “A closed mind is like a closed book; just a block of wood” – Chinese proverb

    • Yes, people want the iphone, but at what cost? Remember the post on this site from a few weeks ago, where they were talking about how what apple demanded for the iphone would pretty much bankrupt tmobile? It wouldn't do that for verizon, but it would mean their other smartphones would take a serious advertising hit.

      Att is basically the Apple Carrier. Verizon doesn't want to become Apple Carrier 2

    • Darkseider

      Well people that want iPhones can go to AT&T. As for the rest of the world and the other 3 major carriers in the US they all have or will have Android based superphones. The iPhone is nothing more than a high tech fashion accessory. Smartphones are evolving at an incredible pace and the iPhone, event the iPhone 4, is way behind in terms of features, flexibility and raw horsepower. By the time the next iPhone is released the Android handsets will be sporting dual core 1Ghz+ Cortex A-9 SoCs with whatever other goodness the hardware vendor and Google throws in with the upcoming release of Gingerbread. With Android handsets also outselling the iPhone as per Andy Rubins, 160k DAILY, that means that within 12 to 18 months Android will have equaled Apple's installed base.

      • Honestly, I think the spec increases just will not do it alone for your average Joe User. You say “dual core, 1.5Ghz Snapdragon” to Joe User, and his eyes will glaze over immediately. You simply tell him “it's faster”, and he'll respond by saying that his iPhone is already “really fast”. After all, the most he'll ever do is maybe run Pandora or (now, he can do it “while”) check his email…and that sure as hell isn't going to cause his iPhone to hiccup. While features may matter to Joe User, I don't think specs do.

        It's your second point that I think is the real winner. Google's talk of “revamping the UI” in Gingerbread is the sweet spot. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the iPhone's UI, but the people who do like it (and there are tons of them…at this point, more/as many of them as there are Android users, though that's changing) tend to hate Android's UI, calling it too confusing or counterintuitive. If Google can make the UI more approachable to Joe with Gingerbread, I think that will do way more to get Android converts than any new spec boost can.

        • Darkseider

          See this is the problem. Apple nut huggers have no clue about anything which is a problem in and of itself. Apple banks on the fact that people, most of them, are stupid, complacent and lazy and will just about believe any marketing hype and snake oil they feed them. This in turn makes said nut hugger completely oblivious to the fact that there are choices, most of them better, than Apple and its' iProducts. I guess Forrest Gump said it best, “Stupid is as stupid does”.

          • Frankly, it's not about stupidity. It's easy to forget this, but we power users are at the margin. 99% of smartphone owners are not spending their afternoon posting on a cellular phone forum. Smartphones are becoming ubiquitious…that means significantly more people who want to turn their phone on, check their email, and have it do the occasional “cool” thing. They don't need to know the intimate details about what's going on – the behind the scenes process could be magic for all they care; as long as it does the few basic things simple users want, they will be largely satisfied.

            It's no different than a poster over at Hondaforums.com calling all of us stupid because we pay $30 to get our oil changed at Pep Boys, when it's really a 5 minute, $8 process.

          • mkregs

            I had to laugh at the fact that you are trashing on Apple and the people that own them and then dropping a Forrest Gump quote.

            I haven't seen that movie in a while, but didn't Forrest Gump invest some money in that “fruit company” (Apple) and get rich from it?….lol

          • Nice catch.

          • While your comment is a little angry, I agree with the principle of what you are saying. An iPhone user will believe anything Apple and Steve Jobs tells them. Take the current issue with the antenna, there are many out there who agrees with that Steve said, there is nothing wrong, hold it different or get a bumper case. That would be a realistic response if it were not for the fact that you must activly think about how you are picking up and holding your phone to be able to use it as a phone. Sure, all phones have spots that you should avoid, but not that bad. I can cover the internal antenna in mine quite well and only sometimes lose a bar at most. Sure, some report little or no issues, but they probably have a low skin capacitance, so they do not disrupt the electronics much. The normal response you would expect is users outraged that Apple comes off like its designed that way. Really? Where were the printed instructions explaining how to hold the phone, and why did Apple take so long to respond? The answer is most likely because they had to wait for the owners to figure out what the problem was, so Apple could issue a damage control statement that made it sound like it's a minor issue. What happens in an emergency situation when someone is trying to call 911 because their friend or family member is dying and they are too freaked out to remember that they have to hold their phone a special Apple perscribed way?

    • Derongarrett

      you are super right!

    • 28

      only idiots want the iphone.

    • Samsonite801

      To me, an iPhone is like those newer riding lawnmowers with all the safety switches…You cannot put it in reverse with the blade engaged or the engine will shut off, you can't stand up off the seat or it will shut off. It wont start with the blade engaged. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. The first thing I do when I buy a riding lawnmower is to DISABLE all of those safety switches. iPhone is a perfect phone for grandma, the Apple/Mac-only user, a child you don't want to see porn, etc. It has its place in life. But me, I prefer Android, since it is much , much more customizable. And there hasn't been a moment where I couldn't find the app I needed to do what I needed to do on a Droid. Apple's market is just flooded with too many apps because it's a gravy train of $$$ so it got flood with so much useless fluff. I bet only 10% of those apps even serve much useful purpose.

      I've always said that I compare Apple/Macs to a radio with a tone knob on it for adjustment, and Linux world is like the hi-model with a 300-band EQ. For basic people who want basic function and don't want to tweak and tune, Mac/Apple is your product, and you will probably like it. If you like to tweak and tune, dial-in, modify, customize, then Android-based device is for you. I love my Droid.

    • Durangojim

      I agree. Regardless of how bad or good we feel the iPhone is and it's inferiority or superiority compared to Android, there are a whole bunch of people out there who like the iPhone and would like to purchase one. I think it is silly from a business standpoint for VZW to put down or discount the iPhone especially in light of its attacks on ATT. If VZW doesn't realize that they could gain a lot of ATT customers by simply offering the iPhone, then the people in charge of VZW are blind, I think this announcement may be more spin than anything while they try to work out a deal with Apple for next year.

    • What the hell are you doing here? {{-_-}}

    • Ozzy0086

      the reason y they arnt goin after the iphone is cuz att still has the contract with apple it wont b till like 2012 till verzion brings the iphone out in the US

    • Your right, people want the iPhone, and they can go to AT&T if they want it. But you need to realize that people want Android phones too. It's a fact of life that Apple people are going to have to deal with. Android phones are not going away and are only going to keep increasing in popularity. Yes, there will still be people out there who want an iPhone, but you don't have to act like people can't have a choice. This is America where we are free to choose what we want, so don't act like Steve Jobs and try to control people and try to make them think they have to get an iPhone. Thats just lame.

    • Zia4444

      I have been an iphone user from the day first Iphone was released. I cant wait to finish my contract with AT&T and move to android. Not sure who are those people you claim want iphone on Verizon? 77% of all the iphone4 buyers are returning customers who have been given to do an early upgade or they would have bolted too.

    • big dog

      your an idiot. the iphone is the biggest rip off of all time. sadly i have an ipod touch which does all the things that the iphone does and costs less. the only thing that it doesn't do is call. who cares!!! the droid on the other hand, is made by google and is a hell of alot better than microsoft. microsoft is the biggest rip off of all time, google is the best company of all time.

  • mathewdev

    disappointed about the iphone! I think it would be a big acquisition and it would only strengthen the company and would transfer allot of att customers to verizon. Love the droid don't get me wrong and I think android os is only going to get better but think of what it will bring to verizon. There will be a cdma iphone I hope verizon won't pass it up twice!

    • EggoEspada

      Without Verizon though, the iPhone will cripple due to At&t and Apple's own ignorance and mistakes. 🙂
      Besides, more money will be put into the Droid line-up and Android will grow due to Verizon and Motorola and Google.

      • root4life

        verizon+motorola+google=holy trinity haha

        • Don't forget Adobe!

          • root4life

            fearsome foursome

          • guest

            Oh yeah…I'd like to see that video…uhhh, sorry…I was thinking 'bout something else..lol

          • ericsorensen

            Did you know Android is for Porn?

  • Tabe

    VZW only wants phones that you can make calls on while HOLDING it! lol

    • rals

      LOL you cant hold the iphone in your left hand hahahaha

    • Every time I hear a joke of not holdiing it rigt makes me laugh haha iphone sucks just like lebron F.u.B

  • Ruel24

    Would like to have a choice between iPhone and Droid. Honestly, competition is choice and choice is good. I understand why they aren't, since Droid is doing well and Apple got a king's ransom from AT&T for carrying it, but I'd still like the choice. Right now, I don't have a Droid, as I'm waiting for my Verizon contract to come up again to get one. I would never leave Verizon for any phone. Verizon's service is head's and shoulders above the rest.

    • I think that having iPhone with At&t and Droid with Verizon is a good thing. This make the verizon, google, moto, htc, and adobe all team up to beat apple. Making their android phones better and better! This is especially good for me as an android user!!!!

    • DaveMTL

      From what I see up here (CDN) it appears that price is driving many Droid sales. Even in the states I often see 2 for 1 sales on Droid phones. People do react to price.

      What people hate in Canada is the high charge for data access. In my view each OS has it's advantages. Both will grow but not at each other's expense but rather by stealing future market share from the remaining competitors, largely from MS and Nokia.

  • iphone (at&t) vs android (verizon)….it's war baby!!!!

  • t0ni

    WOOOOOOO!! Great news!

  • Thoughts? It's all good news IMHO. The “wireless” is silly since they sell wired services, so why not maintain uniformity of branding, and YAY ANDROID. I'm really looking forward to the future of this OS. Can't wait for truly useful Droid netbooks Or Droid tablets that are seamlessly integrated with my Droid phone, etc.

  • EggoEspada

    Verizon makes me so proud sometimes… 😀

  • Daballa

    Good, I don't want that piece of sh%t anywbere near our Droids! Any word on new Froyo ROM's?

  • EC8CH

    The Verizon Iphone is Dead…. Long Live the DROID!

  • Banditball

    Just made my weekend great! I hate iphones more than the devil himself! So glad they are charging forward with android by its side!!

  • root4life

    woot. droid 2 in august.good call verizon. we didnt want the iphone anyway

  • root4life

    just saw a video on boygeniusreport that says there is no motoblur ninjablur on the droid x.

    • iknowthings

      He's a lying SOB. It is on there.

  • Drew

    Fantastic! Who wants to join up with a company that tells their customers how to hold their phone?!?! Talk about a closed system…haha

  • TheDonXR

    First! My First!

    • Br_d


  • Br_d


    • kellex

      Hah I like that. Creative “first”. +1