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Rumor: (Updated) Verizon’s Big Sunday Meeting Means Name Change and No iPhone

We just got a hot tip that corporate Verizon Wireless employees are in the middle of a meeting which is a pre-cursor to Sunday’s store closures.  You know, the store closures which never happen, but are happening in some areas today and throughout the rest of the company on Sunday.

So what’s the big news?  Name change and no iPhone baby.

From what sounds like a pretty amped up webcast, Verizon Wireless has announced that as of Monday, they will just be “Verizon” without the Wireless tag.  We were not given reasons as to the change, but it’s definitely coming.

Their new slogan will be “Verizon, Rule the Air!”

Update 10:03AM: We’re getting more info on the name change and it’s looking less like a permanent name change and more like an advertising adjustment.  What I mean by that is the “Wireless” tag will just be dropped in their new marketing campaign.  The thought is that the single word “Verizon” appears bigger and bolder than the 2-word combo of “Verizon Wireless.”  (Cheers Tabe)

Update 10:19AM: Engadget has snagged an image from the upcoming Verizon ad campaign which features the new “Rule the Air!” slogan…

And the second part of the meeting (and most important to us) was to announce that they will not be interested in the iPhone 4 (as of now) and are putting full effort behind Android and the new lineup of Droid devices.  From what I’ve gathered, the Droid X promo video that was shown at the launch was played again plus the announcement of an August release of the Droid 2.

They basically called it the “Summer of DROID.”

Lovin’ the sounds of Verizon backing away from iPhone rumors and sticking to the hottest mobile OS on the planet.


  • Tnnisace

    I am hearing now that Droid 2 could have a late August release date…anyone know?

  • Fmcountry

    The earliest that anyone could reasonably expect an iphone 4 appearance at Verizon is November. It would be the equivalent of business suicide to admit that fact now officially. The smart marketing move is to cencentrate on the great line-up of droid phones available NOW. I still believe that the iphone 4 will happen for Verizon, we'll just have to wait and see when it's officially announced. My guest is that once product starts flowing into the pipeline and actual SKU's start appearing in the distribution channel, we'll get the official word.

  • Blacktiemidnight

    People are sheep…the IPhone is the “thing” to have right now. Never mind that Steve Jobs basically told his customers in so many words they are stupid and are using the new IPhone wrong and that is why there are receptor problems. Nevermind that ATT service sucks. Nevermind that Apple is so proprietary its ridiculous. People will pay for crap no matter how much it costs. That is why apple continues to get away with what they get away with. The “new features” on the Iphone have long been offered on other phones before IPhone such as ..oh..lets see…mms capabilities. That didn't come out until the 3Gs(lame). Gimme a break with this IPhone worshipping. There is so much more out there if people would take off the brainwashed blinders of Apple.

  • Personally I made a side by side comparison of the iPhone and the Droid — had both of them in my hand with both services turned on. Gave both of them a very thorough workout on a long weekend trip. Checked everything from apps, to data coverage, voice coverage, tunes, etc.

    It was a total no-brainer to me! I went with the Droid and have never been sorry! I can upgrade the memory in my Droid simply by buying a new SD card – the iPhone can't. When I want apps I can find anything I could need or want and am not locked in to what one company, Apple, determines they want me to have. There was NO comparison when it came to coverage between AT&T and Verizon. Verizon had sooo much better coverage in sooo many places that it was a joke. I can tether my Droid to my laptop to gain internet access when wireless is not available. Can you iPhone do that?

    These are just a few of the reasons why I went with the Droid. I agree that all the sheep will buy the iPhone without doing any comparison. But if you are like me and compare service for service and application for application, there just is no comparison.

    I was an AT&T customer for over 10 years. Switching to Verizon was both painless and sensible.

  • Chris J

    I'll be honest. I wanted an iPhone largely due to its design and app store depth. I was on a VZ family plan and almost jumped ship when the Droid was released. I bought it as an iPhone alternative. I haven't regretted this decision since I bought the phone. I also have a third gen iPod touch so I have some familiarity with the OS3 and now 4. Every since I got my Droid I have realized how frustratingly simple the iOS is. The lack of multi-tasking, the inability to change preferences within any app etc. The iOS is very polished and responds pretty flawlessly but it isn't enough to make any iPhone better than my Droid for me. I feel much more in control, both rooted and stock. I think that the future advancements in the UI coming with Gingerbread will finally remedy the last shred of iPhone envy I and many others have. I wouldn't give up my Droid for any number of iPhones as it stands.

    P.S. KELLEX! You are getting shout outs all over the web for this post with quite solid props even from fanboy sites (http://www.9to5mac.com for example). GO DROID LIFE!

  • zeeds

    Iphone users take off the training wheels and get a droid

  • John

    They shouldnt be telling people this that theres not going to be a Verizon iPhone now people are going to jump ship to AT&T i know i am!!

  • anon

    Tell you the truth. I'd get an iPhone, if and only if, it was on the Verizon network. Sorry.

  • Football4lifeson

    Kellex, is your “Summer of DROID” comment a reference to the Seinfeld episode “Summer of George?”

  • Steve W

    My understanding is that Verizon is selling a lot of Droids, and AT&T is selling a lot of iPhones. Sounds like a win-win to me. AT&T doesn't make money from iPhones, and (probably) ditto Verizon and Droid. I know Apple is making the money on the iPhone; I hope for Motorola's sake that they can make the same claim with respect to the Droid.

    AT&T and Verizon make their money from the service contracts, and every phone sold represents one more contract to profit from.

  • Ken Berger

    Android is the hottest mobile OS for people who can't get the iPhone – Verizon and it the only reason that it is selling in the US, and why it is not selling well in markets where it has to compete with carriers selling iPhones!

    It's great that you can get a bad UI copy of the iPhone if you can't or don't want to be on ATT in the US. Anyone who has used both will have to admit that Android still has a ways to go to match the usability of the iPhone and that we 2.2 vs iOS 3.2.

    The competition is good for us all, Apple pioneering how you should interface with a mobile phone and Google adding features that Apple has to figure out how to make useable. The end result is better software and usability for all.

  • Hadlicksr

    just received in the mail today an envelope thanking me for being a Droid owner and all logos say Verizon. No mention of Wireless.

  • Roog

    It make sense to me that Verizon would eventually permanently drop “wireless” from their name as they are quickly shedding (selling) their low-revenue-generating land line services to focus on wireless, thereby making the moniker redundant.

    The longer iPhone stays with AT&T, the more AT&T will have a reason to beef up their network, thereby creating stronger competition for wireless service – hopefully a big win for the consumer.

  • Thiel Terry

    I just sold my HTC Incredible for the new iPhone. The iPhone has dramatically better quality construction and screen, a better OS, much better media integration and quality apps.
    As to Verizon not geting the iPhone its pretty obvious that it would not make sense for them to even hint at it until they have to so people don't wait on the iPhone. Verizon has lost millions of customers to AT&T on the iPhone and they won't be getting them back until they get the iPhone. You can be sure they know this.

  • Magic_Al

    There's already a Verizon, the Baby Bell in the northeast U.S., of course, so this name change will eliminate the public distinction between the wireless and landline companies. The ownership of Verizon Wireless is shared by Verizon and Vodofone.

  • ajavgeek

    No iPhone is disappointing as my wife has Eris and she HATEs as nothing. There is no known way to root it from leaked version, so I cannot get any new Roms on it. She is looking forward to get the iPhone…..

    Atleast VZW should allow Eris (old android phones) for ealy upgrades at some cost, I am sure we will be there….

  • EC8CH

    I'm sure eventually the iphone will find its way on Verizon, and it will undoubtedly sell quite well. Too bad though that it is already too late to stop Android from becoming the dominant smartphone OS.


    WE WANT THE IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jared

    I want the droid x but… I also like the iphones new feature with the front facing camera and video calls. I watched the Jimmy falon video and the guy from engadget said while it was only iphone to iphone now that the source code was being released by apple so other people could make phones compatible. With that thought in mind… I figure there will likely be a new droid device in the coming months that includes a front facing camera as well. So should I really spend money and get the new device then 3 months down the road say novemberish… find myself wanting another new device just as badly?

  • EC8CH

    “So Droid Life — which has earned itself a solid record in the rumor game as of late”… ~engadget

    Is that how you say we're tired of getting scooped by that little blog Droid-Life?

  • Collinsclerk

    Am I the only one who thinks that having the two biggest carriers each whole heartedly embrace one of the two biggest smartphone platforms, by the two biggest tech companies, is a great thing for consumers? Development is nuts on both of these OS's right now. The more competition, with the full weight of the carriers behind it, is a great thing. If AT&T embraced Android and Verizon got the iPhone I don't think there would be as much urgency for the platforms themselves to develop at a breakneck speed. It would become just a carrier war, rather than a platform war. Having Apple and Android going at it is great for both platforms and is great for all consumers, regardless of which platform you're on. I have an iPod Touch with IOS 4 and it is really pretty slick. However, most of what it's added is just trying to keep up with Android (threaded email, synced gmail calendar, etc) This sort of development would never have happened without Android. Now that Apple has hit Android hard, Google will have to respond with something huge in Gingerbread… again, everyone wins.

  • Breakmyfootoff

    YES!!!!!!!!!!! Death to the iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael_NM

    I love the new slogan! Add the Droid Slogan and we have a masterpiece:

    Rule the Air. Droid Does!

  • The Verizon iPhone will be announced this fall and will be available early 2011. Why wouldn't they promote the droid this summer? It's probably the best phone they have.

    • Michael_NM

      Watcha you talking about “probably?” Even if VZ does get the iPhon't, Droid will still be the best phone on the network.

  • iknowthings

    I have to say this is another #Fail on Droid Life's part. There was never going to be any Verizon Iphone until next year. Its currently testing and will be LTE. The hardware may change due to the current Iphone4 problems so instead of early 2011, it may be delayed until the usual announcement every year. So basically there is no story here. Its still on track and the Verizon Iphone and Ipad continue testing. Nuff said. Execs recently said they didn't want to talk about the Iphone so as not to hurt Droid sales this Summer. After Droid 2 and Samsung Galaxy S are released, you will hear more.

  • Paul1paul

    Apple only put out 1 iphone a year because they dont need to put out 10 phones a year to keep their users excited. no matter how much ppl hate apple the iphone is in the lead and droid is playin catch up thats why they have so many phone out. if droid could afford to produce 1 phone a year they would.

  • ericsorensen

    Good news for Android. Bad news for my die-hard Apple fan father. He want's an Iphone bad, but refuses to accept AT+T as the carrier. He said the droid x looks like a cheap plastic toy! There is nothing I can say to change his mind about Apple – they can do no wrong. But I have to realize he's 75 and stuck in his ways…

  • WhereIsTony

    Name change good. The iphone news does not affect me but it sucks for those who wanted one.