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Droid Incredible Finally Receives New Packaging

It looks like the Droid Incredible is finally shipping with DROID themed packaging after almost 2 months of life in the wild.  We knew it was coming, but had almost forgotten about it after all of the delays.

A few additional shots…

Not sure I totally understand the neon green accents, but at least we’re a matching family again. And I’ve got to admit that I feel a little robbed. That original white box just wasn’t all that fascinating.

Cheers Joey!

  • Ndaoud360

    they made a new packaging because htc remade all there incredibles with slcd screens instead of amoled

  • kkj

    That is really similar to the Eris box.

  • kkj

    That is really similar to the Eris box.

  • Zero7starz

    Cool, I always thought it was silly that the Incredible was in the standard white Verizon packaging. I was slightly disappointed with it when I saw it. This is niice 🙂

  • fiskadoro

    Box isn't that important, but I kinda liked the lack of “droid” branding on the plain and simple white box of the original… seemed more classy.

  • Droid in Oregon

    The HTC Droid Eris shipped in the same kind of box. Droid theme on the outside, and bright green on the inside.

  • WhereIsTony

    any word if the new look comes with the eye background?

  • Potterdood

    I say the green is in reference to the little droid guy, he is the same shade of green!

  • I'm jealous that I didnt get my DI in that packaging.

  • EC8CH

    White box was more “quietly brilliant” than “Droid Does”.

    'bout time

  • Winterfresh

    It looks like a huge box, the box my droid came in was so small i thought the guy gave me a special display box with a rock in it.

    • KaZx

      when i got my droid i was half expecting it to be a brick the box is excatly the size of one!.

    • theineffablebob

      The Droid Incredible box is actually really small. I was surprised how small it was when I saw it.

  • MotoFanboy

    About time they decided to join the wagon

  • Guest

    How is this relevant again?

    • Ludacrosse05

      It was relevant enough for you to open it and leave a comment.

      • kellex

        Hah exactly my thoughts. +1 Luda

        • Jay P

          I think he a was and I crap owner chiming in.

          • andrew401

            +1…. Def a I Phone faggot talkin crap as usual

    • WhereIsTony

      Its droid related news on droid-life…..

      How are you missing the relevance.

      • Ludacrosse05

        Maybe he doesn't know how to read so he just saw the pretty pictures and thought it was an unboxing photo set for the HTC Incredible and thought it was old news?