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Download: Flash 10 Beta 2 for Froyo

A new version of the Flash 10 beta has been released for anyone running Froyo.  I wish I could tell you exactly what they’ve updated in this build, but their release notes are something else.  Just enjoy it!

Download: com.adobe.flashplayer-2.apk


1.  Download the apk to your phone.
2.  When it finishes, tap on it to install.
3.  It will replace the previous version of Flash.

Here are a few other sites to check out that readers have sent in:

*Note 1* – The guys at the XDA Forums have apparently released a version which has a Hulu fix, but I was unable to get it to work.  Feel free to check this post out and try it yourself.

File Source: XDA Forums

Cheers Jeff and Joel!

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  • Anonymous

    I still can not install flash player. Need help. I download it, but can not install. I don’t know where to find the apk to install again

  • Scavenger

    Thanx for the download man,i own the droid and froyo is still not out for it yet,so i rooted my phone,installed 2.2 froyo,and when i tried to install the new adobe flash player witch is made for froyo it wouldnt show up in the android marketplace where its supose to be,like always when i cant find somthing i googled adobe flash player for android 2.2 and kepted getting the runaround but this is the only site i could find it on.the flash player is ok but a bit of a letdown because it runs so slow.hopefully adobe fixs alll the bugs and get it running better,thanx again

  • Scavenger

    Thanx for the download man,i own the droid and froyo is still not out for it yet,so i rooted my phone,installed 2.2 froyo,and when i tried to install the new adobe flash player witch is made for froyo it wouldnt show up in the android marketplace where its supose to be,like always when i cant find somthing i googled adobe flash player for android 2.2 and kepted getting the runaround but this is the only site i could find it on.the flash player is ok but a bit of a letdown because it runs so slow.hopefully adobe fixs alll the bugs and get it running better,thanx again

  • Luckyr1981

    Im running flash 10.1 on my Moto Droid. It works ok but its a little choppy. Are there newer Adobe flash apk's out there that I'm not aware of?

  • Iammebane

    anyone having problems with flash….. i activated it after i switched to froyo…… i then downloaded bb/jurummy, and it is no longer working….on either one….it works for a little while then stops

  • Kinda off topic but I found this ironic. My nephew was watching the “Quagmire's Dad” episode of Family Guy on Hulu and the main commercial during the broadcast was the Verizon Wireless commercial for the Droid Incredible. I laughed and had to explain to my nephew how that was ironic.

  • Spursrchamps2007

    I know one other person mentioned it, but is anyone else having issues with fancast. Whether im on WIFI or 3g it just keeps saying fancast loading the whole time. I'm also having issues on sites like fox.com with the videos being very jumpy. Im sure i need to overclock the phone, just not sure where to look for the info with me running the froyo rom.

    • Spursrchamps2007

      I am actually overclocked to 800 not a lot but still

  • solo13

    Cant get Fancast to work. I have flash installed and it works on other site but not on fancast. When I try to play an episode it wont load. Any advice?

  • toysdroid

    Lmao so I been saying this stupid flash has not worked since i downloaded it bc I didn't see it in my apps. But I never went to a website to try it out. Now I am watching family guy on fox.com and its soooooo smooth. Thanks Kellex. I never thought it would work. For some reason I can't download a theme bc my phone goes into constant reboot but I rather have this than nothing.

  • FP101

    How do I know if the update worked? Sorry, I'm a newb.

    • toysdroid

      I went to clicker.tv and started watching a show and thats how i knew it worked.

  • Adam

    OK ….. So I been away from DL posting for a bit and just try and work and not worry about my Moto Droid but damn …. I am getting surpassed and left behind lol Im running a rooted 2.1 with the Orig. Black Droid and I want to attempt to go to 2 dot 2 Froyo so I can access flash and some other cool things …. Is there a way I can keep my apps? I dont want to lose them all or certain ones when I have to wipe it ?? Any help…. Thanks again like some others that have posted on here. I would be willing for some help via facebook lol Thanks!!!!

    • JDdub

      2.2 reinstalls your apps. i went from 2.1 then walked through the steps and when my phone signed back into my google it took a few minutes but all my apps where there.

      • Adam

        Yeah but what about if the App is not on the market anymore? will it still install that app?

  • djspikezz

    Question…. What's the deal with trying to download the files from Droid-Life.com? I follow the download using the links you provide, including this one. And on my Droid I just get contacting server.. and it rarely downloads. As soon as I get home and down it on my home PC, it's no problem.

  • timarnette

    Off topic. What would cause my droid not boot into recovery. I press the X and turn on the phone. All I get is the logo. Forever. I have also tried through ROM manage. Any ideas? Thanks

    • Chris Nimon

      you cant even load into recovery? I have never heard of that. Rom manager doesnt work either? sooooo, you cant even go back to an old rom? That problem is way above my paygrade, sorry. HEY KELLEX, SOMEBODY, FIGURE THIS OUT. (please)

      • timarnette

        Hey Chris,

        It is fixed. I had to uninstall and reinstall ROM Manager. Now I have the new BB. Thinks for everyone's help. Tim thank you for helping last night. You guys ROCK!!!!

        • Chris Nimon

          Im glad the ROM Manager update worked. I couldnt think of anything else to try. Happy theming.

          • timarnette

            Thanks for all of your help. You were a big help. What them do you use??

          • Chris Nimon

            Im using team chaos black ice right now with blue glass beautiful widgets. been trying them as they come out.

    • Bethlyn184

      That happened to me and for the life of me – I cannot figure out how it was fixed. I know I used Rom Manager and went to download Rom then stock images then Verizon Droid 2.2 Froyo Leak and it worked after some fiddling. Hope that helps.

    • Gator6977

      I had the same thing happen as I was rooting his phone and updating it with 2.2. I tried everything I could think of and no luck. But theres hope! I pulled out the sd card and put the base 2.1 rooted version on the phone as i had already been successful in putting on the sprecovery. Boot back into recovery and follow the directions from the heading “rooting a 2.1 version” posted back on 06/05…not positive on the date. Once you get that file on your sd card you can load it and salvage your phone. Good luck and remain calm.

      • timarnette

        Thank you

  • toni

    So, I'm having the same issue as another person in this thread. It doesn';t seem like my ROM mgr is working. i went to stock Froyo from ROM mgr, and tried to get to BB v0.1, and nothing. I can't boot into recovery, thru ROM mgr, or manually. Anybody have a fix for this?

    • timarnette

      I had the same problem. Ununstall Rom Manager then reinstall it. Works great then,

      • t0ni

        Thanks for the response. I had to flash CM recovery a few times, finally
        got it to work. Running DL froyo right now, waiting for a good theme.

        • timarnette

          You welcome. I am using the new BB for froyo. I love it.

          • Thegoldendroid

            where do I find the new bugless beast for froyo them? the only one I see on Rom manager was the one from 2.1 and I hate this stock look..white tool bars are so last year…

          • timarnette

            On Droid Life. This site. It was posted a few days ago. Pete did a Great job. You will Love it

  • Voc627

    I'm also noticing some sites being choppy but I'm content so far. Offtopic question, anyone using Pete's Froyo release and if so, any themes?

  • jj

    so do i need to hace root access? or froyo?

  • dr0id

    whats the difference between this Adobe Flash Player version and the older one?

  • Doolidg

    Man I've been with this site from the beginning…i couldn't wait to check out the news and tricks, the new launchers new apps…..but it seems that this site has undergone some changes without even noticing..I'm sure there's a lot of un rooted users that will agree with me..we read the posts…help my phone isn't working I tried to do this or that and now it doesn't work… So many if us original Droid lifers are being left out in the cold because we don't want to do something to or phones that voids our warranty, or makes our phones unstable. in the beginning the site was called
    Droid-life… It would now seem the site should be called (rooted-droid-life)

  • Kellex, I love your work man. Thanks for being so on top of this. Jared does a good job with your site design. I'm a manager for the company that provides us these lovely pieces of equipment. Let me know of you ne ed anything.

  • schmaltzy

    Anyone notice that with 2.2, when you do any web browsing and then go to something else like messaging, when you hold down the home button to go back to the browser it isn't in the “Recent Apps”?????

  • timarnette

    A little off subject. I am still having problems with BB. But it is with all the ROM's. I have Froyo and Flash. I have tired a few ROM's. Seems like it does nothing. Any thoughts.

  • bildo818

    So I cannot uninstall flash – Never really used root explorer though, is there a way to do it? I find it in /system/app – But its says its read only or something. Any help?

    • z32589

      You need to mount the system to be Read and Write. In Root Explorer, on the home directory, you will see and icon that says “R/W.” Press it, and you should now be able to delete any file.

  • Funny… if it was two woman kissing, it would be a total different story!

    • Towelie420

      only if they were hot 😛

  • Game_face38

    bb Works great for me also flash is running find.went from your Saturday release to the newly updated Monday release, to BB.. Without a wipe.. also

  • User

    Hardware acceleration enabled
    long tap to fullscreen any flash content

    • EC8CH

      If Hardware Acceleration is enable I believe that would be a big step up from the prior beta, which was lacking that feature.

  • Towelie420

    Wow we now have flash! NOT SO FAST. From the Froyo leaked build I had the other day, to the Bugless Beast I'm running now, whenever I got flash working, it was so darn choppy and laggy it's not even watchable.

    • Game_face38

      Towelie420 stop crying wow you people r not happy at all we have one of the best phone. wow

      • Towelie420

        youtube full browser works flawlessly. But intense flash content like jimcarrey.com was choppy as heck. Has your experience been any different?

        • Game_face38

          yeah some of it is choppy but come on dude the is a mobile phone not a computer just be happy they give us flash

    • timarnette

      My flash is great. I have watched it a lot today,

  • adam

    Download apk, but says having problem parsing package.

  • EC8CH

    Is that Steve Jobs smooching Jim Carrey… I'm confused?

  • Towelie420

    New movie called “I Love You Phillip Morris” where he is literally gay. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    He was so hilarious when I was a kid, then he started making god-awful, touchy feely emotional movies. That began the terrible downfall that led to him being GAY. It's not that I'm a homophob, it's simply that I don't find having homosexuality thrown in your face very funny.

  • briderx

    I noticed there is now a “javascript console” at the top of the screen.. ???

    • briderx

      … Turned off VIA Settings..

  • twohawks

    I'm seeing nothing at the sites you have listed after installing flash. Flash doesn't seem to be working on the BB Froyo release. Is there a fix?

    Thanks Kellex, you rock! You got anything to stop all this rain here in Portland? I need sun!!!!

    • Uninstall and reinstall, by default for whatever reason the Flash Beta that was included with BB doesn't work. You need to install over it.

      • twohawks

        Looks like this worked! I'm rocking fancast.com now with no problems.

    • kellex

      I've heard that flash is broken in BB. Anyone got it working while running it the new Bugless Beast?

      • briderx

        Worked fine for me Kellex.. Out of the box. I didn't update/install.. The one thing I did do differently than some: I went from your saturday release to the newly updated monday release, to BB.. Without a wipe.. So.. I am assuming that flash hung around from there. Works great.

        • bsteen


      • z32589

        Check out my post in the BBFroyo Posts 🙂 🙂

      • necroscopev

        I got it working by going into /sytem/apps deleting the flash apk in there, then just reinstalled and boom it worked.

      • twohawks

        Thanks Kellex!

        Now… you got an app for my droid that will give us some better weather here in Portland? I'm sick of this rain!!! 😉

      • My comment below explains how to fix it. I replied to twohawks but for whatever reason it didn't post right.

      • sonofgunn

        yes np

    • Yep, as Dave said…install this new one over the BB version and you are good to go…

      • timarnette

        Hey Tim,
        I am still having problems with BB. But it is with all the ROM's. I have Froyo and Flash. I have tired a few ROM's. Seems like it does nothing. Please Help.



    • sonofgunn

      flash does work make sure u installed it correctly cuz the first flash i tried didnt work either so i dropped it in root on sdcard from pc and bam

  • Sweet sauce!

  • Towelie420

    Okay why are there two dudes kissing?

    • Guest

      Yeah, what the heck

      • Guest

        haha. i thought the same thing. I think that they are both photos of Jim, photoshopped together.

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  • Jedi_Gunslinger