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Release: Bugless Beast Froyo V0.1

Finally, after 25 emails and tweets of “Bugless Beast Froyo is out!”  we have a post! Haha.  You guys all really love you some Pete!  Below are a bunch of download links that should work for now.  If you have others, feel free to post them in the comments so that everyone who wants this can get a hold of it.  I’m not currently in a spot where I can upload. Sorry!

*Rooted users only.  Still not rooted?  Follow our full guide here.

This is not in ROM Manager yet, but should be soon.

Download: BBFroyoV01.zip (alt link)  (alt link2)  (alt link3)


1.  Download Bugless Beast Froyo V0.1 from one of the links above to your SD Card.
2.  Open ROM Manager and choose “Install ROM from SD Card.”
3.  Navigate to the folder that has the BB Froyo file you just downloaded and tap on it.
4.  Probably a good idea to check the box to make a backup.
5.  It’s up to you if you want to check the box to “wipe data and cache.”

I came from FRF57 Froyo and this new BB installed just fine.  However, if you run into issues, flash your backup, re-install BB with at least one wipe.

6.  Allow your phone to boot into recovery, work some magic and BAM!  Done!

Full support thread and Pete’s donate link here.

Feature list after the jump.

-Base FRF57 (credit to Google)
-Fully Zipaligned System (credit to Pete)
-Fully Deodexed System (credit to Pete)
-Chrome To Phone App (credit to Google)
-Native Flash Player (credit to Adobe)
-Milestone Video Player App (credit to Pete)
-Native Sound Recorder App (credit to Pete)
-Native Usable Quick Office App (credit to Pete)
-Spare Parts App (modded by Pete)
-Neural Network Live Wallpaper with Google Colors (credit to Pete)
-Huge Library of System Audio (credit to Pete) *All 2.0 & 2.1 Sounds*
-Longer Duration Between Wifi Scans Tweak *Battery Saver* (credit to Pete)
-Version Information In Settings > About Phone (credit to Pete)
-SuperUser App V2.1 w/ new UI (credit to ChainsDD)
-Ads blocked by default in apps & browser (credit to Pete)
-Eliminated the need for SetCPU, AutoKiller, AdFree, TaskManagers, etc. (credit to Pete)
-Camera Sounds Silenced by default *shutter & video recording* (credit to Pete)
-Nearly 100MB free at boot (credit to Pete)
-Over 50MB of free memory at all times (credit to Pete)
-Busybox & Toolbox commands installed at boot (thanks Koush)
-No longer need to “EnableScripts” (credit to Pete)
-Backup/Delete Apps Using Astro & godmode
-Percentage in Battery Icon (images by xeudoxus)
-Less CPU Intensive LWPs (idea by ChevyNo1 & ReverendYo)

Comments, questions or issues?  Drop them below!

  • sexydjb

    What about the gapps ???
    are they inbuilt in this version????

    • I had the same thoughts! James, Koowie.com

  • Nex theme for BB froyo frg22d is awesome!


  • Cptbfrank

    I have a little question if anyone might be able to help. I just rooted the other day. Started with the 2.1 rom with root. I liked it but wanted to try bb. Started with 1.1, was ok but no icon for my Visual VM, and i could nto figure out how to get it. SO i then switched again to 0.2.1 froyo. I like it very much but i still dont have an icon for my Visual VM. how do i get it back? do i need to go back to another rom or is there a way to install it or open it?

  • Erik

    I have this all loaded now and I am not seeing the SuperUser App. Also no Flash, I saw a post that you need to download root explorer to get that but then I saw another person say you cannot get it because this is just the RC. Thoughts?

  • herroherrera

    sorry i just rooted today and its probably a really dumb question but do I lose all my apps everytime i get a new rom? i was able to save them to my sd card but its such a hassle to re install them all and how bout the paid apps like premium rom manager?

    • otter34

      It's my understanding that w/ titanium backup you'll be fine. I haven't flashed a new rom other than bb 2.1 so I can't speak from experience, however that's what I heard. I also heard that it will back up sms. I emailed him 12 hours ago but haven't heard back yet

  • has anyone had any problems with advance task killer cuz when i open it and try to kill all programs the actual task killer doesn't close ever again

    • otter34

      Same here. I had too many problems and went back to 2.1 :-(. Sad

  • Joe Levin2

    First time doing this followed all the instructions and im just getting the “eye” flashing…Help

  • Jfuertegc

    I have a question. I am currently running DM which is based off of 2.01. To move to BB do I need to update to 2.1 first or can I go straight to this BB build?

  • cashmere_and_khaki

    does anyone know how to use Pete's Optional Scripts?

    • Haven't tried them myself so I'm not sure, but my guess would be to run the commands in terminal.

  • Phil
  • otter34

    I'm going to finally root. Just so I'm clear, can someone please verify the steps?

    I know I follow the guide below to to flash SPR. Then I need to install a rooted ROM. Do I install a 2.1 ROM or 2.2, or does it matter? And which do I choose?

    1. “Guide to rooting Android 2.1 on Motorola Droid” http://www.droid-life.com/2010/05/06/guide-to-r

    What's next with regards to downloading kernels, ROMS, themes, etc….that don't have any bugs? I have been reading a lot of these forums the past few weeks and it's come to a point of confusion. I know there were some bugs in the google maps app as well as some bugs in the new bugless beast and the themes from last week so now I have too much information in my head and don't know how to process it!

    When I install a 2.2 kernel does that mean I'm overclocked or do I have to adjust the settings somehow to become overclocked? Which one should I choose?

    Which theme would you recommend?

    • The ROM you install does matter: it dictates whether you get Android 2.1 or 2.2. The 2.2 ROMS still have a few things to be worked out since they are so new, but they also have new features that the 2.1 ones don't. The 2.1 ROMS are more stable and (some are reporting) *feel* faster (the benchmarks seem to suggest otherwise). The choice is yours.

      There are a few bugs with certain apps, but fixes have been found in almost all of them, and are detailed as some of the top posts above.

      The 2.2 Bugless Beast ROM is overclocked to 800 Mhz. You can flash other kernals (I flashed the P3 ones…the link is listed somewhere above) to overclock to other speeds. Pete has included a speed regulating feature that adjusts the clock speed (up to the maximum speed of the kernal you've flashed) based on usage. To control the clock speed more finitely, many (myself included…as does Kellex, it seems) use an app called SetCPU (links should be easy to find). It's $2 in the market, and it allows you to fine tune the clock speeds, based on things like temperature, battery life left, and whether the device is plugged in.

      Hope all this helps.

      • otter34

        OK I just installed sprecovery…a little nervous for some reason, but hey it's my first time! Which ROM would you suggest installing? Should I backup my information again before installing a ROMd? Should I use titanium backup or am I not ready for that yet since I'm not rooted? I backed everything up with Astro

  • Tasuki55

    The starting download problem is happening for me as well. I've rebooted my phone like 20 times and nothing works. I have fixed permissions multiple times. Now I'm back on my 2.1 bugless beast 1.1 and I still can't download anything. What the Hell?

  • I like the looks, but until all of the bugs are worked out I'm going to stick with regular froyo 😉 thanks anyways

  • Brandonkturner

    ok, so i rooted two days ago and love this ROM. But, I'm curious about overclocking a little further than 800, (I was thinking around 1000). I have read the thread on overclocking but am still a little unsure about the idea of what kernels are exactly. For instance, if i were to use a p3droid kernal would that change everything like a ROM or just some of the background stuff like processor speed. And of course are there any suggestions for kernels to try.

  • Steven

    Hello all. I have upgraded from BB v1.1 to the newest BB v0.1 after some difficulty. When I first tried installing 0.1 through the Install from SD method, my SD card was constantly entering “safe to remove” state. Then, I flashed back to my most recent 1.1 install; my SD problem was fixed, but all non-base apps would FC. I finally found a ROM state from May that would launch apps and give access to my SD, so I installed BB 0.1 through ROM Manager and it worked fine. Froyo is awesome and all that…

    but now I have two big problems and need help.
    1) I am suffering from random reboots. The longest I saw my phone on today was 2h 50m, and the shortest was around 8m. At one point the reboots were somewhat regular–around 20m–but then went back to random occurrence. Is there anything that can be done?
    2) The big problem. I cannot boot into recovery using either the “hold X key” method or through ROM Manager. I've run into this from trying to do a couple things, such as backup the Froyo install and update my baseband. No matter what, I cannot get past the M logo.

  • Digbob

    has anyone else noticed that folders no longer work in 2.2? This BB build has solved alot of glitches I had with 2.2, except one… I like to keep all my games in a folder on the desktop. Ever since going to 2.2, I can make a folder, place all my games in it, but if I re-open the folder 5 minutes later, the folder is empty. Tried making my normal “Tools” folder, same thing. Folders lose their contents under 2.2… bizarre.

    • Digbob

      ok, I'm not sure what I did, but I hadn't tried doing folders again since last night, shortly after installing the BB 0.1 ROM. I was still having the problem right after installing, then quit messing with it and went to bed. Playing around with the phone today, alot of things have been much smoother… so I tried making my folders again, and after 20 minutes, they are still holding their contents…

      • Digbob

        well, nevermind – an hour later, all my folders are empty again

    • Rick

      Hi Digbob,

      I use folders too and I have the same experience you have. The contents do not persist after a reboot. This happens on BB 0.1 FRF57 and the other leaked versions of non-BB that first appeared. Hopefully someone will find the problem because folders are so convenient.

  • chuck

    Running bb and can't get my apps to download…just says starting download…but never does, can anyone help with this issue??

    • Rick

      Chuck, whenever this happens to me I go and turn off WiFi, wait a minute and turn it back on. Then the downloads are fine until the next time I flash my phone. Then I may or may not need to repeat this once.

      I'm not sure if the very first initiation of a download after a new flash has to happen over 3G and then all subsequent ones are fine on wireless.

  • Alex5606

    Can you go straight from 2.1 Bugless Beast V1.1 [Baseband C_01.3E.03P] to this Bugless Beast V0.1???

    Thanks for the help guys!

  • Anyone else having a problem with their Droid rebooting randomly? Since I installed this rom (and today those Team Chaos roms with skins – same thing) it's been happening to me quite a lot. I guess I'm going to have to restore my 2.1 backup, which is really disappointing. Anyone who's had this happen to them figure anything out to stop it?

  • EricPitt01

    I installed this ROM, but do I still need to update the baseband? Or was it included?

  • Ben

    I spoke too soon. While Market is fast, downloads will not initiate. Anyone having this issue, too?

    • spursrchamps2007

      I had huge problems for the first 12 hours or so then it just worked itself out, dont know why.

  • Ninjah

    for some reason im unable to upgrade any apps pandora, rommanager, dropbox, and a few other… i dont get an error or anything but it just stays at starting download…. and sits there forever… well.. still… sitting there… and ive tried both rebooting phone, through 3g and through wifi… any thoughts or ideas or anyone having the same issue?

  • Ben

    First attempt coming from Stock 2.1 to this. PURE AWESOMENESS – everything works and works well. I am done. This is the last one I am installing :-> …. who am I kidding?
    The baseband REALLY helped me with my voice quality. Simply I could not use the phone to make phone calls at all before this ROM. Smiling and dialing in my rural area now! THANK YOU!!!

  • Pat

    Ran this yesterday for about 16 hours and while it was fast at first, it got buggier as the day went on. Lots of full-system freezes (necessitating a hard reboot), FCs, and just overall weirdness. Going back to 2.1 until something more stable and close to official drops.

  • Carlitos

    i want just the wallpaper…

  • Carlitosway

    i want the wallpaper..

  • spursrchamps2007

    So this might not be the best place for this but im getting no response on the flash thread. A lot of people are saying flash is running completely smooth on fancast, fox.com etc, but Im definitely having issues. Fancast wont even load (it gets stuck where the content would load and just keeps saying fancast is loading.) And on sites like fox.com where other people are saying everything is smooth for me it is sooo choppy. There has to be a difference somewhere but we are all running the same mod. It could be overclocking (i can only go to 800) because Im not sure how to overclock this build (which may be the solution) Overall im not going to complain but when some people have it working great, I want to know why lol.

  • Warren Peace

    I downloaded the Bugless Beast Froyo V0.1 file but when I go into the ROM Manager the “Install ROM from SD Card” is not highlight (not available to access). Anyone have the answer? Sorry, I am new to being rooted! Cheers

    • Warren Peace

      Never mind! “However, if you run into issues, flash your backup, re-install BB with at least one wipe.”
      Just a learning curve. Have a great weekend Fools!

  • Maguiz

    everything fine but my phone lost google mapsand it reboots randomly mostly when you are in a call or at the end of it. Regarding google maps, I tried to download from market, it failed to install it. Any help??

    • Hey, I got everything working on mine (full data wipe) but it also randomly reboots every so often. It's done it about 5 times since I got 2.2 working yesterday afternoon. Any luck stopping that?

  • Quick questions that I did not see asked before but might have missed. I have been missing google maps since upgrading to FRF57. When I try to download it from the Market, I get a message that states “Installation error: Unknown reason -8”. Does anybody know what this means? I have even downloaded the apk file from my computer onto the phone and install that way and it will not install it. Any ideas or suggestions?

    • aczm1988

      Ya man read my post on down a bit it fixes the maps. You still cant update them in the market but the app is fully functionable.

      • Thanks for the help! It does show up in my drawer which is even better,

  • Kaeo Ortiz

    kellix i want to change colors of the live wallpapers. how do i switch scripts? can anyone help me??

  • peetz

    Please help me…I have rooted my droid and installed an earlier version of Froyo…lots of buggies!!…So now I want to put on this BB Froyo..of course…I downloaded it and got the ROM manager from the market..and attach my USB and mount it to copy/exchange files between my device and PC…yet when I go into the ROM manger it says my SD card is NOT mounted and will not allow me to Install ROM from SD card….yet…I know it is….hmmmm….I am stuck….please help if you can..thank you so much!!!

  • dannyyang524

    Hey guys. This off topic but I need help with my Droid. I installed Bugless Beast 1.1 running @ 1Ghz. Everytime I kill the apps with TaskPanel, the available memory is around 70~80mb. I checked with other killers and they show similar results. So what's up? On stock 2.1, the available memory can go up to 120~130!

  • Mike Gill

    It works great. Heroic effort again!!! Needs OpenVpn (tun.ko) to be just about perfect. Thanks!!!

    • Dharpell

      Agree with that. Were you able to get openvpn working?

      Don H

  • Ryksn04

    How do I get setcpu on froyo BB V0.1?
    I have everything installed but that.

    • aczm1988

      The market

  • Klockworks

    Silly question, but does this have the newest baseband update in it?

  • Spursrchamps2007

    Anyone else having issues with market load times, its taking about 30 seconds at least per screen.

    • YES…I noticed this too. It takes forever for the market to load, for searches to load, and for apps to load. Update/DL times are fine, just loading times…it's weird. And it's not a network thing because it happens on both 3G and wifi for me. I did notice, though, that it gets slightly less bad the more time spent in the market. But it's a pain as is. Oh well, no one's perfect, but Pete's ROM is about as close as you can get.

      • Spursrchamps2007

        I actually just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one lol. Not a huge deal, just first time I had rooted my phone since I had my G1 and mytouch, so I'm having to re download all my apps just taking forever lol.

  • blackcatroad

    @Locsta —-That is Beautiful Widget – available in the market – it does both the time and weather. fully customizable with lots and lots of downloadable skins

    • Locsta

      Thanks blackcatroad & Nick. But for $ does it do anything besides tell me the time? I dont mind paying for an app, but not if thats all it can do…

      Thanks again..

  • Locsta

    And yes I am running Android 2.2 Froyo Bugless Beast v0.1.

  • Locsta

    How do I get my desktop to display the clock like the picture above?

    • Really…… It's called Beautiful Widgets $2 Market.

  • Ryksn04

    So i just rooted my phone today. I got everythign working ROM manager installed and what not. Then i Downloaded this ROM and installed it. Now when i power up it asks me to access my location and then im stuck at a black screen. What should i do?

  • Warren Peace

    I rooted my Droid just to get Froyo. Not only can I not download Froyo, but I've lost all settings & apps. Even lost the paid for apps that had months of information in them. To root must we start from day one?

  • Jwwods0105

    Hey i installed this and now my phone wont mount my sd card. anyone know of a way to fix this.

  • Jwwods0105

    Ok installed went smoothly but can't mount my sd card. Can't do a whole lot I find a fix. Please help!!!!

  • Ok anyone know why my calendar is not syncing??? Everything else seems to be working, except for that.

    Except when i put it in my dock, the screen turns off, which is annoying seeing how it sits next to me all day at work.

  • Tibblesus

    youtube stopped working after installing froyo. any advice on how to get it back up and running?

  • Shaydogg007

    I just installed the BB froyo and my market would not open, i didn't have the froyo home laucher and my voice search would not work . What did i do wrong?

    • same thing is happening to my voice search on v0.2.1 closes voice search without even a FC dialog. Sometimes it will even read what i'm doing and then close before it opens navigation, or while it's opening navigation. Wondering if it is a JIT issue or what it could be.

  • Natthompson72

    so guys, is this new build safe and good to go? i like to download a day or two after, just to make sure everything's safe 🙂

    • dylan84

      Yup. Its safe and stable as hell. Make sure to backup your apps and wipe though. I had some problems the first time I installed it because I didnt wipe.

  • Falcon34

    Question everyone: I saw this “Over 50MB of free memory at all times (credit to Pete)” in the listing. However, I am constantly having to kill 10+ apps and I have only 30-40MB of free memory every time. Any explanation? And yes I am running BB version of Froyo.

  • dylan84


    Here's a Blue Energy theme for those interested. I'm installing it right now.

    • jimmy

      this theme is great did you put it on the BB 2.2?

      • dylan84

        Yeah, I did. Worked beautifully. And it looks great.

        • jimmy

          not to be a pain but which link did you use to download it … i went to yours then there were a few to choose from… also can i install with the same method from last week on bb 1.1? by the way thanks for your help

          • dylan84

            I installed it through ROM Manager. Under roberj13's section.

          • jimmy

            just tried downloaded and didnt wipe data all it did was reboot?.. dang i really want this

          • dylan84

            Are you coming from 2.2 already?

          • jimmy

            yep the 2.2 that was released lastnight. i just tried to drop it on my sd card and install that way same issue… should i try the one that says which did you download?

          • dylan84

            I installed Bugless Beast v0.1 FRF57 Froyo, and then once I got that running, downloaded this theme today. If you have rom manager…do it that way.

          • jimmy

            im attempting to download bb again but this time through rom mgr to see if i can get the blue theme… even though my 2.2 bb zip from lastnight is running smooth… your the man dylan thanks for helping hopefully this works.. i also noticed there are two froyo themes in roberj

          • dylan84

   is the newest one, and the one that I myself installed.

    • Bethlyn184

      I installed it and love it! Thanks!

      • dylan84

        Its not my theme, but when I found it I thought I'd go ahead and let the droid-lifers know about it.

  • Phil

    Since I updated to 2.2 my Clockwork Recovery has never worked (either trying to put the phone into recovery through Rom Manager or manually attempting to put the phone in recovery). So I've had to use SPRecovery. In order to install this rom, would I just need to rename the .zip file to “update.zip” and install through SPRecovery? Also, any ideas on how to fix Clockwork? (I've re-flashed back and forth countless times and even completely reset my motorola Droid). Thanks all.

    • Phil

      SOLUTION: delete the Clockwork Mod folder and re-flash clockwork recovery. I just tried it am in the process of backing up old rom and install BB 0.1. Hope that helps other people who've been having a similar issue with Clockwork Recovery

      • Klockworks

        Which clockwork mod folder are you talking about, if there is more than one? I know of the one in the sdcard folder, is there another somewhere?

        • Phil

          The only one that I deleted (the only one that I found) was in the Root directory on the SD card (called clockworkmod). I deleted it using astro then jumped into Rom manager and flashed the Clockwork recovery and followed the rest of Kellex's instructions. Hope that helps!

  • vOc

    Seems slow on my end, I wiped (the phone sickos) and installed without a hitch. Getting aprox 15 MFLOPS on Linpack. Something I'm overlooking? Dolphin has been giving me FCs too.

  • Sixvoltsystem

    What is that clock widget I see a bunch of people using in Froyo?

  • Rick

    I have tried a few versions of the leaked 2.2. I noticed if I make a folder and put objects in there they are not persistent across reboots. The folder is empty. Anyone else notice this?

  • EC8CH

    V0.1 is now in the ROM Manger. Available once you enable Andvanced Mode from the Rom Manager Main menu.

  • Well, when I installed it, not only did Maps and Navigation not work, but the whole Google cloud integration was gone – contacts, the Marketplace, Calendar, etc. Rebooted and reinstalled, but given how much was broken I figure best to just wait for the next version with built in fixes rather than fiddle all day.

    • dylan84

      Hrmm….I had that problem as well when i first installed it, so I backed up my apps and then did a wipe and reinstall and everything worked.

      • Yeah, I thought about doing that too, but I hate having to set up everything on my phone again from scratch; it's like an hour commitment. Figured they might have a version that handles the upgrade better in a few days.

    • aczm1988

      As far as maps go read my other post in this thread i fixed that problem.

  • dylan84

    Oh man…this rom running at 1.1GHz i think is the fastest my Droid has ever been. It's insanely fast.

  • blackcatroad

    Sorry if search didn't find the answer, but does the update fix the issues with flash/maps?

    I want some Pete BB, but don't have the time to go back and fix issues right now…..

    oh, and is the BBFroyo in ROM Manager the updated one?

  • Olrosa

    i lost my gmail… help

  • Ghostrigger

    Fraking sweetness awesome im now rooted. Thanks kellex and the rest of Droid Life helpers.Took one time simple process following your instructions Kellex.

  • Olrosa

    my gmail is gone and i cant get it back? can someone help me

    • friedricho

      Happened to me too. I fixed it by wiping data and cache before updating the rom. I came from BB 1.1

  • Nick

    I went back to Bugless Beast 1.1 non-froyo because it just wasn't as fast as i thought it would be and flash never installed for some stupid reason even though i did wipe data and cache 5 TIMES!!! lol. The Original BB 1.1 is faster anyways on my rooted Droid. I have it set at 1.2Ghz and theres no problems except for heat. I can fry an egg on my Droid sometimes haha. So I think im gonna stay with this version and kernel of BB until the real Froyo is pushed to my handset OTA. Or I might wait for a while for Pete to release a few versions of his Froyo ROM then download it again and see whats better with it than this new Froyo build he has. Peace out everyone and have a good day

  • Jörn Malich

    anyone knows if this also works with milestone?

  • khunter86

    This seems like a minor issue but I have been playing iMobsters since basically the first week the Droid came out and still enjoy playing it. Once I flashed this ROM, when iMobsters was reinstalled it created a new account. Does anyone else play any storm8 game and experience this problem? When I go back to my backup my original game is there again. Anyone have a clue why this happens? I wiped data and cache plenty of times in the past and never experienced this before.

  • Obiwancanola

    with 2.2 skype mobile is gone. Any ideas?

  • Puck3511

    BB V0.1 is now in rom manager

  • Steenerk

    I am having a problem with the market downloading apps. Once they are downloaded it still showing that they are being downloaded. Anyone else have a problem like this?

  • EC8CH

    Has it been confirmed that these builds for the Droid include the JIT compiler?

    Anyone know why the N1 is seeing much higher Linpack gains (2.1=6.7, 2.2=37) 500%
    while the Droid is only seeing gains of (2.1=5 , 2.2=10) 200%

    These are what I find for people running stock speeds without OC'ing, but the percentages hold even for those that are OC'd. Why is the N1 seeing 5x the speed moving to 2.2 while the Droid is only seeing 2x?

    I don't want to be greedy, but I have yet to see anyone explain the difference in the observed tested gains.

    • Bill

      Well for one the Nexus One has a 1 GHZ processor, while the Droid only has a 600 MHZ processor. Also, I very much believe that seeing as how the Nexus One was the 'flagship phone' developed by Google, they designed that operating system based off that phone so it is going to run better on that phone than any other, (bus configurations/speed etc).

      Just my thoughts.

      • EC8CH

        I am just wondering if we will see even further performance gains once the official 2.2 for the Droid is released, since we're only seeing a fraction of what the N1 has seen.

  • Is anyone else having an issue with the music application? All of my mp3's are correctly tagged and they are all showing up as “unknown artist”. I'm running FRF57.

    Favorite feature: Answering a call while in the car dock and not connected to bluetooth automatically goes to speakerphone! It's the little things.

    • friedricho

      I noticed that too!! Lots of little things were changed that I am starting to notice.

  • Beatyb21

    Any idea why my Gmail isn't loading and I can't connect to the market place. I just installed this new BB. NIW MY CONTACTS ARE miSSING. 🙁

  • Beatyb21

    Any idea why my Gmail isn't loading and I can't connect to the market place. I just installed this new BB. NIW MY CONTACTS ARE miSSING. 🙁

  • Rlarson_mn

    Now have a Quadrant Standard reading of 1408 with the 1200cpu package loaded on top of Petes latest rom! Disgustingly fast performance.

  • Anyone else having it get stuck on the moto logo when it tries to boot into recovery?

    • Kenbarnum

      yes…trying to figure out how to fix now. boot loop in regular startup and stuck at M in recovery!

    • hawgpapa

      Re-Flash ClockworkMod in ROM Manager…That took care of my problem

  • Chris Nimon

    HOLY SHITE. I was playing with the different themes and got locked up. did a restore and deleted old saves. I KEPT THE TRIAL VERSION OF FROYO. now im reloading the right version again. Oh well, at least most of my stuff is already on the sd card.

    • Chris Nimon

      Well, I can say that Froyo does save most of your settings. Just finished getting back to where I was with a proper save. and it took less than an hour, kernel, theme and all. Thanks Froyo.

  • djspikezz

    Pete just posted a new BB01FROYO, says some small fixes were made.. not sure what though.

  • Bellerj1

    is this a record for comments or close to? what is the record by the by?

    • Chris Nimon

      I know right, DISQUS must be going WTF.

  • Tom

    What happened to Maps? I can't get it to work. I get an install error…Everything else about this is AMAZING… If someone can get maps to work… I'll be golden

    • otter34

      Someone earlier posted got it to work. Check further down

    • Marc

      I got my maps reinstalled from my ASTRO back up file and it worked fine for me.

    • aczm1988

      Check my post i got it to work.

  • dominguez619

    All i had to do to get Flash working was go into Linda File manager–>My phone–>System–>App., and then look for the AdobeFlashPlayer.apk and make sure unknown sources box is checked in application settings. just click on the apk and it will ask you if you want to replace this app; click yes or ok whichever it is and your flash should work. Maybe i just got lucky but it worked for me. Hope it works for you guys good luck. 🙂

  • Dpu328

    I am really out of ideas now. i have no wifi at all. I have ran just about everything that's come out in order since Froyo. I have never had or gotten back wifi. Tried dif kernels, the new froyo, wipes you name it. Also all the basebands. I restored my backup from before the whole mess. Back to 2.1 with BB and Launcher Pro. Just like I had it except, STILL NO WIFI. This really SUCK! Any help would be appreciated. I even went back to my first rom ever and still no wifi. It connect, but can't do anything with it. No internet or Market access. PLEASE!


    • nkhex19

      Sounds like an issue with your router, not any of your Rom's. Wifi shouldn't be broken on any of your ROM's. Wish I could help, never had this issue but it definitely sounds like a wireless router issue.

    • Dito_Muertez

      I've had issues like that with wifi before, no matter what i did it would not connect to known good ap's. All I did was dealt with it and after a day or two, it worked itself out.

      Note: I'm not certain if this is the same issue you're having, or if this will be the fix for you, just sharing a similar experiance.

    • Qball

      I have a similar problem. Everything seems to work except wifi. I have tried different kernals but that doesn't fix the problem. It is not a router issue as I have 3 other devices functioning properly. Any help would be appreciated

  • sonofgunn

    i dont know if u all know this but if u pinch a stack of photos in gallery and spread ur fingers thepics move like a card trick between ur fingers, awesome i love my rooted droid and yes all porn sites work with this 10.1 flash hehehe

    • Chris Nimon

      Nice, but how in the world did you figure that out?

      • Tom

        Google told us about it <3

  • Sabres4510

    does have some good things but no maps, flash or visual mail.. going back to frf57

    • aczm1988

      I fixed the maps problem down below and flash you just reinstall it and it works. And as far as visual voicemail goes just re-download it from the market

  • ethan

    It seems that a lot of people have had problems with maps and flash. My initial attempt had the same problems that have been mentioned here and in other discussion groups. My first pass I didn't do wipe data/cache. Maps wouldn't load and flash didn't work. I went back to my fresh 2.2 backup and ran a fresh Titanium backup. Then booted into recovery and wiped data and cash three times as mentioned in other posts. With a clean install, maps installed fine from Market along with all other apps. I then did a restore with Titanium For apps with data including Flash. Now everything works fine. I don't know if this helps anyone else who is having problems, but it worked for me.

    • pdxhitchcocks

      I went from 2.1 (Bugless Beast 1.1) to 2.2 (Bugless 0.1 Froyo) fairly flawlessly… I did a backup in both ROM Manager and Titanium. Then I did a cache/data wipe as part of the ROM install.

      When froyo came up, I did not have Maps, as expected. I did a restore of apps/data from Titanium. Maps still was not there, but it installed fine from the Market.

      Flash I struggled with a bit – installing the APK Kellex provided sorta worked but it was slow and buggy. I tried to uninstall Flash first from the Market. It looked like it was gone (and the 'need a plugin' image showed in the web browser), but when I looked in Astro it was still there. Tried to remove it via Astro, but Astro reported failure.

      So I decided to get aggressive and fired up Terminal:

      $ su
      # mount

      This allowed me to see that /system was mounted read-only on /dev/block/mtdblock4

      # mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system
      # mount

      Now I could see that is was mounted read-write

      # rm -r /system/app/AdobeFlashPlayer.apk

      Gone! For good measure, I power-cycled the phone, verified Flash was truly gone, and re-applied the new APK (from Gmail – I emailed it as an attachment).

      Now Flash works fine! Time to figure out how to get WiFi tethering working…

  • timarnette

    For some reason my phone will not let me change ROM's. I have tried a few. I ideas why??? I am 2.2, I do not understand why!!

    • Chris Nimon

      roms or themes?

      • timarnette

        i guess both. Never had this problem with 2.1. I have tried to install the
        new bugless beast 4 times and nothing chanes.

        • Josh

          Try clearing data and cache first.

  • Chris Nimon
    • trend

      team chaos do terrible work i only liked that black theme wich kellex posted earlier the ones ur showing is preety hideous like a toddler designed it

      • Chris Nimon

        I dont like the red but I kinda like the black ice.

    • duckphan

      What app is the battery icon on your desktop? That is sick!

  • boostfreak

    MMMM Finally i can haz froyo!!!

  • FP101

    I have BB V0.1 installed, but my Baseband Version is C_01.3E.03P not the version shown on the screen capture above. Does this matter? Sorry, I'm VERY new to this, and not tech savvy.

    • dylan84

      No, it doesnt really matter. I went ahead and updated to the new baseband version (got it in ROM Manager, in Pete's section). It might give you better 3G strength.

  • Chuck

    I was wondering if anyone could give me directions to switch back the the previous 2.2 posted from BB??

    • Josh

      Simply install it like you did the first time, or restore a Nandroid backup. You DID make a Nandroid backup before you installed BB, right?

  • ISUVetMed

    I have a question about beautiful widgets and the new froyo alarm app. Is there any way to make the shortcut go straight to the alarm without having to go through the 2.2 clock > alarm to set them? I dont know if its a BW fix or something I can fix but since I use my alarm a lot having this back is a must! Help me Kellex!

  • teddyrucks

    Need a little help. I noticed I can't get ripped movies to play with any player on BB 0.1. Just shows still image and plays sound. Tried several kernals. Does the player work for anyone else?

    • Josh

      Mine work, but for you, did you try DoubleTwist player?

      • teddyrucks

        Double twist does the same thing for me. Guess i need to reflash and wipe data.

  • Rlarsonmn

    Install went flawlessly. Apps. & data all there. Very fast (931) at 800cpu speed. Great job Pete!

    • Kevin

      At the moment I'm seeing 1018 but was in 900's when checked last night. The BB 0.1 version is a bit slower than the two previous version – but I don't notice it in use and I've always felt the BB ROMS were pretty rugged. This is 0.1 but other than my recovery issue, everything including the Market works great.

  • Kevin

    Everything seems to be working fine so far except I cannot reboot into recovery mode (to do some other things I want to do). Even ROM Manager's “Reboot into Recovery” just hangs at the M symbol. Pop the battery out and back in and it starts fine.

    Anyone else not able to get into recovery mode?

    • Kevin

      Just saw an update for ROM Manager in the market. Installed but did not help. Still cannot get into recovery mode by any method.

    • blade78

      I'm having the same problem. I can't go back to the previous 2.2 rom.

      • Kevin

        I think I found the solution. If you are using ROM Manager, re-flash ClockworkMod Recovery. After that, I was able to get into recovery mode.

    • Cesser

      I can't get into it either. Nothing i've tried has worked. Anyone have a solution for this?

  • leverlution

    tried to update manually (followed the instructions on this site twice, although by memory)

    keep getting an error message in clockworkmod.. bad .zip, update aborted. I even tried to rename FroyoBBUpdate.zip to update.zip and put in the root of SD, still get the message. Guess I will wait until it hits Rom Manager with a more solid release. I think it may have been my download though, I did it form my basement with 0 cell service and only 1-2 bars of wifi. Took a long time before it would even start the download. Definitely do a FRESH backup before installing guys, just to be on the safe side incase something happens. You never know.

  • Spacemonkey3000

    Am I missing something with regards to custom ringtones? All the ringtones in my media folder arent options to be selected. Anyone know the fix for this?

    • Spacemonkey3000

      hm they all just showed up, nvm 🙂

  • JihadBait

    I am unable to set up my facebook account to sync… has anyone else had this problem?

    • JihadBait

      I forgot to add… it doesnt even give the option. Just has add google account or corporate

      • dylan84

        Did you try just opening the Facebook app and logging in through it? It should give you the option to sync once you've logged in through the app.

  • FrenchToast

    Has anybody tried Mr Bob's 2.2 ROM? It's listed in ROM Manager, but there's NOTHING on this ROM anywhere on the web. Its listed as Onix 1.0.1 Froyoz.

    • aczm1988

      Yea i tried it, its not better then this rom IMO. Seemed to get my phone hot too.

      • FrenchToast

        He just released another part for it though making it 1.1… did you check that one as well? i'm just checking all my options here.

  • iApex

    I can't get the phone to register for Chrome to Phone

  • Zunecrazy

    What clock and weather widget is that? I've been looking for a while now O.o

    • Chris Nimon

      beautiful widgets

      • Zunecrazy

        Thanks 🙂

  • Dpu328

    I want the black notification bar

    • Chris Nimon

      team chaos black froyo theme

      • Ben

        Make sure it is the 1.3 version, the older version had a market app bug.

  • dylan84

    Just ran Linpack. Linpack results were 17.406 MFLOPS…running at 1.1GHz. Before I installed this and was running JRummy's Remix V0.8 (CyanogenMod) I was getting around 9 MFLOPS, at 1.1GHz.

    I'd say thats one hell of an increase right there.

  • Low023

    Well I'm loving the new rom just one question, anyone know if I should update the baseband to the one on Rom Manager?

  • Mikecole20

    somewhat new to this…do you have to reinstall the kernel and baseband after you change from the last 2.2 to this BB2.2? also do you have to have the paid version of rom manager to get themes?


    • rockymtnhigh

      All good questions; I think it comes with its own OC kernels, but these things sure get confusing. I would guess you do not have to update the baseband if you already on the new one; since switching roms in the past has not required changing basebands.

      I am holding off on this one, based on the critical comments in this thread. Think I can last a few more days with plain ole Froyo goodness. 🙂

  • Greg

    Thanks, yes I use that all the time just before I turn the phone off. I have an app called OS monitor which I imagine is something like windows task manager, but I don't know how to read it. I also have lag when running programs. I open the texts and sometimes I see the phone numbers for a few seconds while it refreshes the contact's picture. Other times it's a black screen for up to 2 seconds before an app opens

  • z32589

    To Get Flash to Work:

    1) Download Root Explorer from the Market (well worth the money – Astro does not allow for Read-Write access to the System Folders)
    2) Download the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 APK (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HO8UZSDW)
    3) Copy the APK to your SD Card
    4) Open Root Explorer and select “Mount as R/W” at the top of the screen
    5) Browse to the /system folder in Root Explorer
    6) Open the /Apps folder
    7) Locate the “Adobe Flash APK” -Long Press – Select DELETE

    8) Return to the home screen of Root Explorer and browse to the /sdcard folder
    9) Select the newly downloaded Flash Player 10.1 APK and choose to install
    10) It will tell you that Flash Player is a system app, are you sure you want to replace it (it is actaully no longer there – so go ahead and replace – it never worked in the first place!)
    11) Flash Player is now installed – If you browse back to /system/app you will see it is no longer there (that is because you removed it from the system – further proof of this is if you browse to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications you will see that Flash Player is no longer in “All Apps” but in “Downloaded” also the file is MUCH larger (around 13 megabytes)

    It worked for me – should work for you!

    • djspikezz

      worked for me too

    • z32589

      Just FYI: the new BB build released last night at 2:20am does not include Flash Player and thus the issues that followed it.

      You can just download it on your own like any APK, install, and be on your way.

    • machinegun68

      It wouldn't allow me to delete the APK. Says “Read only File”.

  • dylan84

    Question….is there a way to set it so all the apps Auto Update…or do I have to go through the market and check it on every application I have?

  • Sol Wgn

    Anyone know how to get verisons VVM app back? or anyone have an apk for the VVM?

  • Stephen

    To those asking about BB benchmarks–

    I just linpacked BB froyo and w/ the cpu at 800/500 I got on average about 12.7 MFLOPS.

    I switched back to the original build with the Blue Energy theme OC'd to 1000/600 and I get about 15.4 MFLOPS on average.

    So I guess BB is pretty quick, but I don't really know that its that much quicker, at least with my experience.

  • Hjoconor

    did someone say flash is not working on this? is that true?

  • Greg

    My phone is incredibly slow lately (unrooted). I couldn't even load this page fully and the browser kept asking me to force close. Can someone help me diagnose it and what software would I need to download to help diagnose? It's just driving me crazy

    • Gioportillo

      have you tried using a task killer like advanced task killer? The great thing about android is multi tasking, but the bad thing is is that apps dont kill themselves. They stay open even after you leave them and this can cause a dramatic difference in speeds. A task killer will alow you to choose the apps you want to kill. Or try a phone restart. or maybe you just had a bad connection

      • Greg

        Thanks, yes I use that all the time just before I turn the phone off. I have an app called OS monitor which I imagine is something like windows task manager, but I don't know how to read it. I also have lag when running programs. I open the texts and sometimes I see the phone numbers for a few seconds while it refreshes the contact's picture. Other times it's a black screen for up to 2 seconds before an app opens

  • DeeMat

    I have read and read and see no reason to go to the new BB. I am not having any issues on 2.2 as currently configured, so why bother?

    • Low023

      It's faster for me was doing 9 mflops at 800mhz on the original 2.2 now I'm at 13.6. That and it just seems smoother battery life seems even better as well. I didn't do a wipe so no need to reinstall or reorganize anything. Painless as can be. I did however have to do the Maps trick found in these comments.

  • Gioportillo
    • Gioportillo

      wow, tried to leave a comment from my droid and that completely failed. Anyways, was trying to say that im having some problems with the new BB rom. The video playback is terrible, spotty at best, and for some reason quadrant force closes during a benchmark. I am going to stay with stock froyo until BB becomes bugless again.

  • Joel

    It's an RC (Release Candidate) guys… It's not the final release… Give Pete a break…

  • Heafer40

    Going back to BB 1.1 till some of the kinks are fixed and maybe a Nextheme. Maps not working correctly natively and no flash is just not okay

  • based on all the bugs people seem to be having, im going to wait for an update

  • Edgar

    Is NexusMod not working anymore for anyone else when installing this? It keeps FCing when i try to set it up.

    • Ben

      The Dev for the NexusMod Livewallpaper is aware of the issue with the FC's. He posted a new comment in the Market link for the app… I guess he'll fix it when 2.2 is officially released after the OTA update.

  • necroscopev

    OK I got Flash working using the delete/reinstall apk method, but i have tried a few kernals and can not seem to go over 800mhz, has anyone found a working 1000 one yet?

    • necroscopev

      To answer my own question i found the P3 Kernals were the only ones that actually overclocked for me. Here is a link in case anyone needs it. http://www.p3designs.info/kernels/

  • DroidFan

    just installed and so far no problems to report…..other than maps being gone,but i never use it anyway so ill be fine till it gets fixed. on a side note i was at the AT&T store today with my cousin(he has the almighty iphone…try not to laugh to hard guys.lol) and the sales rep was trying to sell me the iphone. it was funny he was showing me things it does and i matched him every time…i even raised him a few features.lol it was funny you had to be there.

  • Patrick Stinson79

    I haven't tried yet, but does the swype keyboard from the last update still work with this one. I lost it when I upgraded to Froyo and haven't tried redownloading it yet.

    • Heafer40

      indeed it does…may have to reinstall but it works well

  • trevor

    my maps got deleted and now i cant install it… any ideas?

    • Phillip

      read the comments. youre not the first. there is a download link for maps.apk you can download that, then copy it to your sd card. then install it and it should work. mine did. other people have had to wipe cache up to 3 times to get everything to work..

  • Tituschow

    I can't seem to save my apps to the sd card after the froyo build upadate. Is that normal?

    • Gioportillo

      its only specific apps you can do this with right now. To do it you have to go to settings, applications, manage applications, then pick the one you want to put on the sd card. If the option is not highlighted then the dev hasn't given the option to do so yet. You can do a force to sd card using titanium backup, wich is free, but they warn that the app might not work the same.

  • Ynggun25

    I went back to 2.2 that was posted the other day, I was not that impressed with BB. On a better note, im running 2.2 with Team Chaos Black Ice theme from Rom Manager overclacked to 1.2ghz and it is snappier then anything I have tried so far, wicked fast. As far as I can tell everything works too.

    • Chris Nimon

      im going through the new themes right now. post a screen shot of it so we dont have to load it to see it

      • Andy Perrine

        Black Ice is AMAZING. There are screenshots in this thread:


        They don't do it justice though for everything you get though, and my screenshot powers are not tingling at the moment 🙁

        • Chris Nimon

          thx for the link. looks pretty sweet.

          • Ben

            Team Chaos has several themes that are updated to their 1.3ver to fix the market app bug and a few smaller nuances. Very high quality stuff, especially the boot ani's IMO!

            Running 2.2 FRF57, latest baseband update, 1.2Ghz kernel, and Clean Black theme… lag? what is lag?

    • Chuck

      How did you go back to 2.2 i'm not very impressed with bb either would like to go back…can you help with directions?? thanks!

  • Damonlbeaty

    There a bunch of optional scripts, how do u run them?

    • Gioportillo

      go to terminal emulator, or downlaod it from the market. first type in su then press enter, allow super user permission, and then type in a script and it will perform it.

  • timarnette

    I put the file on my sd card and did everything else. But is did not work. The file is ziped. Do I need to unzip it or something else. Tim are you out there. LOL Anyone that has any idea. Thanks a lot.

  • Grimlyte

    Too many bugs for a 'bugless' release.. i tried it, but i'm going back to FRF57 till an updated release.

  • Nick

    JEEBUS, when is this gonna be on ROM Manager so i can do it through there, i know i can drag and drop from the sd card but id rather download it through the manager. Im wanting to mess with this so bad but have to wait till its uploaded

  • iammebane

    ok…. i have done what it says to do, but im still at the same build… any suggestions

  • dylan84

    All my issues were solved with a wipe. the market is currently redownloading all of my apps for me. NICE

  • droiddidit

    I just installed this update without “wipe data and cash.” Everything went well EXCEPT that I lost my contacts. There is no way for me to add google account. I also lost “market.”

    Any help….please??

  • not to mention you learn the meaning of life…oh and you also learn what Steve jobs is afraid of

  • dylan84

    Will the market automatically redownload my apps for me? I did a titanium backup just incase.

  • jessemyers

    I loaded this on my phone the first time with one wipe and I couldn't get google maps to load. I also had some stuff on from my previous build. I than wiped 3 times and google maps downloaded and installed from the market.

  • Miibuho

    problem, when flashing over to froyo update my mlb at bat app is no where to be found anyone else having this problem and if anyone has an answer please let me know thank you

  • DroidFan

    i know this isnt the place to be asking this but since it is the most recent story i figured i would get an answer quickly.

    is there anyway to get the droid to play avi movie files?

  • Rjoudrey

    I am running great on the previous 2.2 and will stay until some of these bugs are worked out.

    • Bethlyn184

      I'm going to go back to that as this one has a couple of kinks. Shows battery at 100% but really is at 90%, having probs with market and lost signal (even though I was on the same baseband). Its great the tweaks he made but I wait for a couple of days for fixes.

      • Jose Martinez

        This is a problem that I've had with many ROMs (or themes) misreading the battery, I don't know what it is… they seem to be 10% off, if the battery meter reads 100% probably Spare Parts say it's really 90 and so on… I stopped caring and got myself 'Quick Settings' which you can make it reside in the notification bar(very accessible) and lets you toggle(or see info) of a bunch of settings: free system space, battery(real value), all volumes, sync, gps, brightness, rotation, screen-on time and many more… really handy app! (Non-paid plug! ;^))

        • Bethlyn184

          Thanks! I will download later. I really appreciate the help as I am a root newbie.

        • timarnette

          I have tried to load this just like it says. Can you help me please. Thanks,,,,

          • Jose Martinez

            Quick Settings is free in the Market, but if you like I could send it to you… I don't think I understand, what are you having trouble with?

      • Jamerson90

        I'm about to install Onix v1.1 from MrBobrowitz. He's had my favorite themes for a while, so I'm gonna give his rom a shot.


  • Anybody benchmark a BB 2.2 vs a DL 2.2? Just curious if theres some differences in the speeds there. Also.. anyone know if the previously posted overclocked kernels work with this?

  • Has anyone answered the 2.1 to 2.2 question yet?

  • Ok, so I'm new to Pete's whole line of ROMs, so can someone explain to me what he means by “you don't need SetCPU”? Is this ROM overclockable? If yes, how for those who don't have/can't get SetCPU (I can't yet…not for another week or two)?

    • p0k3y

      Usually he supplies kernel files that do the OC for you. But I don't see any with this release. So I am waiting for some1 to try and let us know.

      • droidaholic

        i installed the 900 Mhz kernel from the earlier posts and it works great.. i am using set cpu so i can run profiles so it will hopefully conserve some battery life.

  • dylan84

    I'm going to wipe and reinstall…lets see if that solves the Flash, Maps, and Market issue for me.

    • Anilraj420

      everything works for me fine just not maps

  • Mrpicolas

    Tim O tato will be all over this lol…

    • Already am bro 🙂
      Can you believe I have commented on this sit 687 times now…OMG…
      Some help!!! lol

      • Mrpicolas

        That's alot man

        • It's too much. I think I need to start limiting myself to like 5 a day lol

          • Mrpicolas

            I need you to boost my post count for awhile lol…

          • I'm not cheap…50 cents a post…
            IM me for my paypal 😛 lol jk

          • Ben

            You need a SetCommentCPU app… for min & max settings using a custom DL posting kernel 😉

          • +1 🙂 LOL

      • Ray

        hey is flash not working on this

        • Yes, i reinstalled the APK and it works fine.
          South Park Studios all day at work tomorrow 🙂

  • AndroFan

    I'm getting ready to install this…in the meanwhile, has anyone run Linpack/Quadrant? I'd love to see some numbers on that.

    • droidaholic

      overclocked to 900 mhz
      linpack – highest was about 14.5
      quadrant – 1067 which is not as good as the score from the DL rom which scored higher than the shadow while this one scored less than the shadow. still not bad though.

  • Just installed without wiping data and cache from the previous froyo FRF57 and it works just fine.

  • aczm1988


    Open astro and navigate to the maps.apk file. Install it and then close out astro. Go back into astro and go to the apk again like your going install it but this time you should see “uninstall” and “launch”. Click launch and it opens. From there close that out and go home. You may or may not see it in your app drawer for me in running launcher pro so i had to restart my launcher and BOOM there it is.

    You cannot update this either still but at least it works 😛

    Maps.apk – http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VRB6IKGX

    Enjoy 😀

    • Ludacrosse05

      I can confirm that this worked. Thank you!

    • AndroFan

      Does this include navigation? Is it functional as well?

      • aczm1988

        Yep navigator works too just checked.

    • Anilraj420

      hey thanks that was a gud idea it worked

    • DoubleVision81

      I just went into the Marketplace and installed it form there. It had a problem signing in the first time, I tried to run it after installing it. I used Advanced Task Killer to kill it and opened it again and it was fine. It works with Navigation as well.

    • jhietter

      Thank you!

    • MattXB

      This process worked for Adobe Flash but I don't have a maps.apk file and it won't install from the market. Any suggestions?

      • aczm1988

        Yea look at this post lol i have a link to download the maps.apk file 😛

        • MattXB

          LMAO!!! Wow, well trying it with this one. Tried it with a different APK file and it wouldn't install at all and every time I would go back to it I just got the usual options.

  • Phillip

    what happened to google maps? they arent there now and i cant get them to install. i keep getting an error message saying installation was unsuccessful….. any help????

  • jhietter

    Eliminated the need for SetCPU, AutoKiller, AdFree, TaskManagers, etc. (credit to Pete)

    – What? I don't get it. Anyone have an explanation? How do you set cpu & profiles? How do you kill tasks?

    • Jose Martinez

      What he means by that is that if you choose i.e. a 1100MHz kernel the system manages it like Setcpu does 'on demand' so you don't really need the setcpu (you lose profiles and the ability to limit the frequency to a smaller number though). As far as a task manager goes, I've been using Pete for a month and (I had it) but never used Advanced Task Manager simply because I never needed it, I always had 50MB plus of free memory… Adfree is taken care by a script that blocks ads from apps and browser… so in theory you don't really need any of the above mentioned extra apps, they're incorporated already. I still have setcpu for the profiles, to limit the cpu and to monitor temps… task manager I still have but use it very seldom to kill a particular app… ads? what are those? just type 'blockads' in the terminal(after gaining SU priviledges) and they're non-existent. My money is on Pete and I've tried most of the top ROMs around, still the BBeast is king in my ROMLAND! CM is a not-so-close second(too bloated, laggy and the black screens for a few seconds after rotation are unbearable for me… sorry!) Hope that helps.

      • Split630

        Ok, so I have setcpu installed on this new ROM and am limited to 800mhz. Did I miss something? I didn't get an option of what clockspeed I use. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

        • Jose Martinez

          That's because the stock kernel Pete included in his ROM is 800Mhz(max)… for you to go any higher you need another kernel… as of right now, I can't confirm(myself) that old Froyo kernels work, but I think I read a few times that they do, so I wouldn't doubt it… you need to get a higher kernel, let's say 1100Mhz and then the higher you could go with setcpu is 1100Mhz, and so on…

          • DoubleVision81

            How safe do you think it is to run a 1100Mhz Kernal on the Droid. I'm no to worried about battery life, since you can set it to run slower when idle, but I am concerned about frying the thing by over-clocking it way to much.

          • Josh

            I've run up to 1250 with no problems. Most likely, your phone simply won't boot after kernel install if you are trying to run a kernel too fast for your phone.

        • Gioportillo

          thats because 800 mhz is the current kernal you are using. If you have a faster one flashed already, then press menu in the app and select device selection, auto detect and it should give you the proper speed for your kernel. Otherwise it seems you just need to download a new kernal for whatever speed you want

        • Jorian85

          Im running the 1100 kernel from this site on BB. No issues so far.

      • Makes me happy to read intelligent comments and stuff like this 🙂
        Please keep it up!!!! lol

        • Mrpicolas

          Lol.. makes me happy that tim can read

      • picaso86

        Someone with knowledge… thanks for taking the time to explain…

      • redbar0n11

        Anyone else having issues with terminal? I just installed froyo BB 0.1, and went to open terminal – and its not there included with the ROM?… Sooo, I go to the market to download it, and it just FC's on me. Is there a new 2.2 Terminal I don't know about? I figured that anything 2.1 would work just fine, but that's the only conclusion I could come up with? idk… Ideas?

  • carterlive

    i lost root access after installation, rooted apps no longer ork, plz help im running bb froyo v.1

  • Anilraj420

    i wish i would of backed up my old 2.2 cause maps dont work and i need my navi

    • aczm1988

      Check my other post on this page i fixed the google maps problem.

  • LP


  • akrish

    cant uninstall flash10 to reinstall….what to do to fix it

  • Towelie420

    one of the features lists “no need to use setcpu” yet kellex has set cpu on his home screen

  • trend

    ima wait for jrummy do get his hands on this cuz personally im not a fan of petes work its sorta plain to me and people say flash and working so whats the point of trying this rom yet really? either way i think jrummy does better work at theming his roms im currently on his v 8 cyan theme rom on 2.1 which i think is the best rom out for 2.1 but ill wait till he makes a rom for 2.2

    • patryn150

      Pete builds for speed where jrummy builds for looks & speed. The advantage of speed over looks & speed is you get to add your own look to it as you want as opposed to pretty much having to sit there for however long & adjust all of the looks from rummy. I've used both, I prefer BB. It's felt snappier & faster than any other rom that I've touched to date.

      • trend

        thats coo pete does fantastic work i just personally like jrummy cuz my friends have there droids with the ugly look of the orange and green which is just plain as hell and i come along with a cyan themed droid with my gmail app and facebook all themed to match my cyan theme wich just blows there mind cuz they think i bought it like that and they actually went to verizon trying to get there droid to look like mine and the verizon people had no idea what they were talking about haha (p.s.) my friends no nothing bout rooting if u aint already get the hint from reading =)

  • Xintensex

    Question before installing this? Do I have to go to Froyo 2.2 1st before installing this or can I use Rooted 2.1?

    • Gioportillo

      make a backup and find out

      • Alfonzumab

        how do you make a backup? Can you direct me to a guide?

        • Gioportillo

          download rom manager if you haven't already from the market, then just do a backup from the app. also known as a nandroid

          • Gioportillo

            i forgot to mention that that only backs up that state of your phone to every detail. if you want apps backed up to put on a new rom, then use titanium backup from the market.

          • machinegun68

            I tried to backup using ROM Manager and it just basically reboots the phone. What is it supposed to do?

          • That is what it's supposed to do… 🙂
            Go back into rom manager and look at the “manage and restore backup” section.
            You should see your backup there…

          • machinegun68

            I tried that and the only backup I have was from right after I moved over to 2.2. Each time I try to back it up it reboots and no extra backups in management. Weird right?

          • You may want to try using rom manager to flash SPrecovery (flash alternate recovery option near the bottom) then re flash clockwork recovery. After you have done that, try to do another backup and see if it works for you.

    • boostfreak

      Rooted 2.1 works great just backup and wipe data and cache

  • Anilraj420

    its so easy to install people just put on sd card then hit install rom on rom manger and click on it and thats it…but u will lose maps

    • bsteen

      I never lost maps.

  • Do I have to wipe data and cache if I'm coming from BBV1.1?

  • friedricho

    If I am coming from BB v1.1 do I need to wipe data and cache? I keep on getting the same error in clockwork recovery “Cant open file “bad”

    • friedricho

      Re-Downloaded the file again and it worked. Something must have gotten corrupted

  • machinegun68

    I might wait if flash isn't working. On another note I was successful with the 2.2 update with the WiFi tethering from the Market. Works like a champ. Gonna serve WiFi to my future brother in-law on his IPhone. Ha.

  • Natthompson72

    when i go to download from sd, i chose the BB folder, but what file do i choose?

  • Anilraj420

    damn it i lost maps also what use is speed when u cant use navigation

  • oh yeah ohoh

  • dylan84

    Anyone have a problem getting the Market to work? Every time I try to open Market…it doesnt work.

    • Heymikey07

      Try rebooting…i still get the market.

    • kegofkillians

      go into applications and search all – then locate market and clear data – fixed

  • Ace Z.

    Kellex you're the man! Pete…Darn it! You're a Demi-God!!!

  • Phillip

    lost google maps. i cant get it to reinstall. any ideas?

    • aczm1988

      Check my other post on this page i fixed it.

  • Ludacrosse05

    Any idea how to go about getting Google Maps to install? I keep getting an unsuccessful error message.

    • Sdfhl

      Check to make sure its not already installed ; ) Happened to me.

    • Gioportillo

      had the same problem, had to use a maps apk i had from my 2.1 rom that i backed up before i switched to 2.2

  • Tkimball00
    • Tkimball00

      ok nevermind i just uninstalled and reinstalled rom manager but no google maps for bb???

  • Ghostrigger

    I am now rooting phone for 1st time. Just checking that i can go from 2.1 doing the process to rooted 2.1 then the bugless beast?

    • azurikai

      Yea I am doing the same. You're fine.

      • Ghostrigger

        Thanks for the response.

  • Let me warn you this is a very very stupid question, but what are the plusses of rooting. im still running stock 2.1 and i've always been the kind to keep uptodate with my cell phone stuff, but im scared to screw up my droid. I love it. So what are the plusses of rooting, in the short and long run? thanx for your answers guys. told you it was stupid question lol.

    • Ouch…..ummm, pluses? Too many to list lol
      Speed, sense of control, and a sense of purpose. lol

      • so it does make it faster less laggy? right now im compensating not having themes and installed pandahome, but i feel so lame. i want to do it but am scared

        • Bgoodwood

          Just do it dude. Sometimes you have to just cannon ball into the water. You've got your toe in the kiddie pool.

        • Ouch…Panda Home? We need to get you rooted!
          If you search on this site “root” or “theme”
          then you will see a lot of the capabilities then rooting can allow you.
          After install a custom rom, and then over clocking the cpu, “laggy”
          will NO LONGER be in your vocabulary…

          What exactly are you afraid of? Bricking your phone?
          The actual event of bricking a phone is next to impossible when you have an active healthy
          community such as this one you have found.

          I myself, and countless other Droid people could easily walk you through (if the step by step videos arent enough) the process of rooting 🙂
          If you have facebook, then “like” droid life and watch the videos he listed.
          “rooting android 2.1” and then “installing custom theme”.

          Any more Q's?? Go for it!

          • Ok just one more, well maybe one more question lol. how do i do this on a mac. i was looking at the how to thingie and it says its for pcs. so is there anything different? and i wouldnt mind a personal walk through lol.

          • Ouch………you will need a PC. The process is pretty shady on a Mac from what i hear. I heard it has been done, but I never found a 100% accurate way.
            PC is the way to go.
            Do you have access to one? 😛

          • well not in my house but my sister does. so i guess i might postpone it till i get to a pc. so hey i was wondering you think you can e-mail me a couple of pointers like what do i have to do first, or what happens if i screw up. cisnerosbrandy at gmail dot com i'd really appreciate having someone with experience doing this.

          • Spamd

            FWIW I've had my moto Droid for about 3 weeks and decided to root. Look on this site for the instructions complete with two videos. With SPRecovery it is really simple. I was a bit hesitant since. I JUST got this thing, but figured what the hell….definitely worth it…BB 1.1. If you decide to wait for a bit do NOT install the official OTA update just in case they lock the phone down more and make it more difficult to root with 2.2. Just do it dude. Way worth it.

          • Greg

            How do you “not” install it? I thought it's automatic?

          • caphoagie

            If you have a copy of windows laying around you can use virtual box from thats what i had to do to root from 2.1.

    • evltwn

      How about changing the look of your phone, with the different developers out there, you can change the ROM almost every day. Over-clocking (speeding up) the CPU, changing the boot-animation, and my favorite, wireless tethering.

      • I've been wanting to change the look of my phone from like week two that i've had it. Like i said i got the pandahome app but it just doesnt do it for me i feel like im missing out on too much with everything that i read here.

    • machinegun68

      I was a little frieked out too. I took the jump only because of Froyo 2.2. With some of K's help I did it with very little trouble. Only problem I had was I skipped a step so shame on me. Love it. Now have Bluetooth dialing,WiFi tethering and full control. Very nice.

      • wow, i think im gonna do it. Everyone is so willing to help i almost feel like its gonna go well the first try. So can i root it and get the 2.2 instead of the 2.1 rooted? or what do ihave to do first.

        • We'll get you the 2.1, then up to 2.2 🙂

      • Flyinion

        Did bluetooth dialing come with one of the ROM's or is it a rooted app? I'm sitting at 2.1 rooted and deciding which custom ROM to try, getting bluetooth dialing would rock.

        • machinegun68

          just a rooted bonus from FRF57. Not even an app, it just works. FINALLY!

  • EpyonZeroX

    alright found a quickfix. get root explorer and goto system/apps and reinstall the adobeflashplayer.apk and thing should work. worked on mine.

  • dylan84

    How do I overclock with this rom? Can I just download one of those p3droid kernels posted here the other day?

    • Follow that Droid Forums link and see the list on intended kernels 🙂

  • z32589

    Is this the same file being hosted at AllDroid.org? (aka: FRF57V01.zip)? Thanks.

  • ZeeJay93

    C_01.43.01P is the new froyo baseband.

  • Chris Nimon

    why isnt kellex in a spot to upload? Why does he think he has a right to a life outside the droidlife clan? just kidding, have fun what ever your doing and keep up the good work.

    • kellex

      Hah 😛

      • z32589

        Hey, Kellex, is this same file posted on AllDroid.org? It's FRF57V01.zip. That's what I downloaded. Any idea? Thanks.

  • kegofkillians

    THIS IS SO MUCH FASTER THAN ANYTHING OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I need is the smoked glass and I'm set. Peter Alfonso is the man.

    • Jose Martinez

      The same epiphany I had a month ago… and because I couldn't trust my eyes I left it to setcpu, linpack and quadrant to reveal the truth to me. Long story short, I got better numbers with Pete's (v1.0 and v1.1) than with any other ROM I tried (CM, UD, etc) Ever since then Pete is the guy to beat in my experience!

  • DoubleVision81

    Damn, I tried unsuccessfully to install the first Froyo build on Sunday. I got my phone rooted with 2.1 no problem, but after installing the 2.2 build, my phone just froze at the Android logo and wouldn't get past it (even with a battery pull reboot). I just went back to stock 2.1 after my failed attempt to restore my warranty. Now I am really tempted to give this another go with this new rom, since everyone seems to get excited over this guys releases.

  • Adamania

    Do I have to install FRF57 Froyo first? Or can I just come from rooted 2.1?

  • Thank Kell!!!
    Remember something: YOU ARE NUMBER ONE! 🙂

    • kellex

      Those jeans are so money.

  • EpyonZeroX

    flash isn't working though :

    • kellex

      Wasn't working on mine, but didn't want to say that and scare everyone who wanted to try it.

      Looks like it could be an issue much bigger than just me heh.

  • Bhdave10

    How does this compare to the regular 2.2?

  • Looks nice. 🙂

  • Phillip

    the baseband version on this is the old one isnt it? i thought the newest baseband version was C_01.3E.03P

    please get back to us on this one….

    • sudoscientist

      Dunno yet if an old baseband (or any) is in here but if there is a baseband that's not the latest, go into ROM Manager > Download ROM > Buglesss Beast > Baseband Update

      That'll download the newest C_01.43.01P Radio which is the very newest baseband.

    • kellex

      Pete has the new baseband listed in ROM Manager.

  • Braydennn

    wow, i wish i could root on my macbook pro:[ reallllly cant find out where or how:[

    • Yea that is disappointing I have a mac but I rooted back when it was 2.01. I am never unrooting, you should just go take your friends computer or do it at best buy lol 😛

      • kellex

        I love the idea of doing it at Best Buy. When the Incredible is rooted, I may bring a camera with me an do it there just for fun hah.

        • That would be great, I could just picture all of the workers standing there being like “dude we are on tv!” lol

          • Limpshades

            i work at best buy

          • So am I right or am I right? 😛

          • FunkyMonkey88

            I am sorry….

        • bgoodwood

          That's awesome, I used to work at my local BB. Maybe I'll pay a visit to my old stomping grounds and do the same. Could be a chance to have fun with my new flip hd…

    • Gtavc200

      Why cant you root?
      Ive been rooting since the phone pretty much came out on my Macbook.

      • It now requires something that only runs on windows. RSD lite or something like that

        • Ryan

          Use virtualbox to run rsdlite, you'll need to install a windows guest os. Thats how I did it from linux without a problem (though I already had the guest OS setup before I had my droid).


  • first

    • Sorry I was too busy laughing about Kellex's crying in the stock corner post! lol

      • That is hilarious! haha I might have to join him in the corner, I am still debating on flashing it.

      • kellex

        Nice, I was successful in distracting you from your greatness. 😛