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Release: Bugless Beast Froyo V0.1

Finally, after 25 emails and tweets of “Bugless Beast Froyo is out!”  we have a post! Haha.  You guys all really love you some Pete!  Below are a bunch of download links that should work for now.  If you have others, feel free to post them in the comments so that everyone who wants this can get a hold of it.  I’m not currently in a spot where I can upload. Sorry!

*Rooted users only.  Still not rooted?  Follow our full guide here.

This is not in ROM Manager yet, but should be soon.

Download: BBFroyoV01.zip (alt link)  (alt link2)  (alt link3)


1.  Download Bugless Beast Froyo V0.1 from one of the links above to your SD Card.
2.  Open ROM Manager and choose “Install ROM from SD Card.”
3.  Navigate to the folder that has the BB Froyo file you just downloaded and tap on it.
4.  Probably a good idea to check the box to make a backup.
5.  It’s up to you if you want to check the box to “wipe data and cache.”

I came from FRF57 Froyo and this new BB installed just fine.  However, if you run into issues, flash your backup, re-install BB with at least one wipe.

6.  Allow your phone to boot into recovery, work some magic and BAM!  Done!

Full support thread and Pete’s donate link here.

Feature list after the jump.

-Base FRF57 (credit to Google)
-Fully Zipaligned System (credit to Pete)
-Fully Deodexed System (credit to Pete)
-Chrome To Phone App (credit to Google)
-Native Flash Player (credit to Adobe)
-Milestone Video Player App (credit to Pete)
-Native Sound Recorder App (credit to Pete)
-Native Usable Quick Office App (credit to Pete)
-Spare Parts App (modded by Pete)
-Neural Network Live Wallpaper with Google Colors (credit to Pete)
-Huge Library of System Audio (credit to Pete) *All 2.0 & 2.1 Sounds*
-Longer Duration Between Wifi Scans Tweak *Battery Saver* (credit to Pete)
-Version Information In Settings > About Phone (credit to Pete)
-SuperUser App V2.1 w/ new UI (credit to ChainsDD)
-Ads blocked by default in apps & browser (credit to Pete)
-Eliminated the need for SetCPU, AutoKiller, AdFree, TaskManagers, etc. (credit to Pete)
-Camera Sounds Silenced by default *shutter & video recording* (credit to Pete)
-Nearly 100MB free at boot (credit to Pete)
-Over 50MB of free memory at all times (credit to Pete)
-Busybox & Toolbox commands installed at boot (thanks Koush)
-No longer need to “EnableScripts” (credit to Pete)
-Backup/Delete Apps Using Astro & godmode
-Percentage in Battery Icon (images by xeudoxus)
-Less CPU Intensive LWPs (idea by ChevyNo1 & ReverendYo)

Comments, questions or issues?  Drop them below!

  • sexydjb

    What about the gapps ???
    are they inbuilt in this version????

    • I had the same thoughts! James, Koowie.com

  • Nex theme for BB froyo frg22d is awesome!


  • Cptbfrank

    I have a little question if anyone might be able to help. I just rooted the other day. Started with the 2.1 rom with root. I liked it but wanted to try bb. Started with 1.1, was ok but no icon for my Visual VM, and i could nto figure out how to get it. SO i then switched again to 0.2.1 froyo. I like it very much but i still dont have an icon for my Visual VM. how do i get it back? do i need to go back to another rom or is there a way to install it or open it?

  • Erik

    I have this all loaded now and I am not seeing the SuperUser App. Also no Flash, I saw a post that you need to download root explorer to get that but then I saw another person say you cannot get it because this is just the RC. Thoughts?

  • herroherrera

    sorry i just rooted today and its probably a really dumb question but do I lose all my apps everytime i get a new rom? i was able to save them to my sd card but its such a hassle to re install them all and how bout the paid apps like premium rom manager?

    • otter34

      It's my understanding that w/ titanium backup you'll be fine. I haven't flashed a new rom other than bb 2.1 so I can't speak from experience, however that's what I heard. I also heard that it will back up sms. I emailed him 12 hours ago but haven't heard back yet

  • has anyone had any problems with advance task killer cuz when i open it and try to kill all programs the actual task killer doesn't close ever again

    • otter34

      Same here. I had too many problems and went back to 2.1 :-(. Sad

  • Joe Levin2

    First time doing this followed all the instructions and im just getting the “eye” flashing…Help

  • Jfuertegc

    I have a question. I am currently running DM which is based off of 2.01. To move to BB do I need to update to 2.1 first or can I go straight to this BB build?

  • cashmere_and_khaki

    does anyone know how to use Pete's Optional Scripts?

    • Haven't tried them myself so I'm not sure, but my guess would be to run the commands in terminal.

  • Phil
  • otter34

    I'm going to finally root. Just so I'm clear, can someone please verify the steps?

    I know I follow the guide below to to flash SPR. Then I need to install a rooted ROM. Do I install a 2.1 ROM or 2.2, or does it matter? And which do I choose?

    1. “Guide to rooting Android 2.1 on Motorola Droid” http://www.droid-life.com/2010/05/06/guide-to-r

    What's next with regards to downloading kernels, ROMS, themes, etc….that don't have any bugs? I have been reading a lot of these forums the past few weeks and it's come to a point of confusion. I know there were some bugs in the google maps app as well as some bugs in the new bugless beast and the themes from last week so now I have too much information in my head and don't know how to process it!

    When I install a 2.2 kernel does that mean I'm overclocked or do I have to adjust the settings somehow to become overclocked? Which one should I choose?

    Which theme would you recommend?

    • The ROM you install does matter: it dictates whether you get Android 2.1 or 2.2. The 2.2 ROMS still have a few things to be worked out since they are so new, but they also have new features that the 2.1 ones don't. The 2.1 ROMS are more stable and (some are reporting) *feel* faster (the benchmarks seem to suggest otherwise). The choice is yours.

      There are a few bugs with certain apps, but fixes have been found in almost all of them, and are detailed as some of the top posts above.

      The 2.2 Bugless Beast ROM is overclocked to 800 Mhz. You can flash other kernals (I flashed the P3 ones…the link is listed somewhere above) to overclock to other speeds. Pete has included a speed regulating feature that adjusts the clock speed (up to the maximum speed of the kernal you've flashed) based on usage. To control the clock speed more finitely, many (myself included…as does Kellex, it seems) use an app called SetCPU (links should be easy to find). It's $2 in the market, and it allows you to fine tune the clock speeds, based on things like temperature, battery life left, and whether the device is plugged in.

      Hope all this helps.

      • otter34

        OK I just installed sprecovery…a little nervous for some reason, but hey it's my first time! Which ROM would you suggest installing? Should I backup my information again before installing a ROMd? Should I use titanium backup or am I not ready for that yet since I'm not rooted? I backed everything up with Astro

  • Tasuki55

    The starting download problem is happening for me as well. I've rebooted my phone like 20 times and nothing works. I have fixed permissions multiple times. Now I'm back on my 2.1 bugless beast 1.1 and I still can't download anything. What the Hell?

  • I like the looks, but until all of the bugs are worked out I'm going to stick with regular froyo 😉 thanks anyways

  • Brandonkturner

    ok, so i rooted two days ago and love this ROM. But, I'm curious about overclocking a little further than 800, (I was thinking around 1000). I have read the thread on overclocking but am still a little unsure about the idea of what kernels are exactly. For instance, if i were to use a p3droid kernal would that change everything like a ROM or just some of the background stuff like processor speed. And of course are there any suggestions for kernels to try.

  • Steven

    Hello all. I have upgraded from BB v1.1 to the newest BB v0.1 after some difficulty. When I first tried installing 0.1 through the Install from SD method, my SD card was constantly entering “safe to remove” state. Then, I flashed back to my most recent 1.1 install; my SD problem was fixed, but all non-base apps would FC. I finally found a ROM state from May that would launch apps and give access to my SD, so I installed BB 0.1 through ROM Manager and it worked fine. Froyo is awesome and all that…

    but now I have two big problems and need help.
    1) I am suffering from random reboots. The longest I saw my phone on today was 2h 50m, and the shortest was around 8m. At one point the reboots were somewhat regular–around 20m–but then went back to random occurrence. Is there anything that can be done?
    2) The big problem. I cannot boot into recovery using either the “hold X key” method or through ROM Manager. I've run into this from trying to do a couple things, such as backup the Froyo install and update my baseband. No matter what, I cannot get past the M logo.

  • Digbob

    has anyone else noticed that folders no longer work in 2.2? This BB build has solved alot of glitches I had with 2.2, except one… I like to keep all my games in a folder on the desktop. Ever since going to 2.2, I can make a folder, place all my games in it, but if I re-open the folder 5 minutes later, the folder is empty. Tried making my normal “Tools” folder, same thing. Folders lose their contents under 2.2… bizarre.

    • Digbob

      ok, I'm not sure what I did, but I hadn't tried doing folders again since last night, shortly after installing the BB 0.1 ROM. I was still having the problem right after installing, then quit messing with it and went to bed. Playing around with the phone today, alot of things have been much smoother… so I tried making my folders again, and after 20 minutes, they are still holding their contents…

      • Digbob

        well, nevermind – an hour later, all my folders are empty again

    • Rick

      Hi Digbob,

      I use folders too and I have the same experience you have. The contents do not persist after a reboot. This happens on BB 0.1 FRF57 and the other leaked versions of non-BB that first appeared. Hopefully someone will find the problem because folders are so convenient.

  • chuck

    Running bb and can't get my apps to download…just says starting download…but never does, can anyone help with this issue??

    • Rick

      Chuck, whenever this happens to me I go and turn off WiFi, wait a minute and turn it back on. Then the downloads are fine until the next time I flash my phone. Then I may or may not need to repeat this once.

      I'm not sure if the very first initiation of a download after a new flash has to happen over 3G and then all subsequent ones are fine on wireless.

  • Alex5606

    Can you go straight from 2.1 Bugless Beast V1.1 [Baseband C_01.3E.03P] to this Bugless Beast V0.1???

    Thanks for the help guys!

  • Anyone else having a problem with their Droid rebooting randomly? Since I installed this rom (and today those Team Chaos roms with skins – same thing) it's been happening to me quite a lot. I guess I'm going to have to restore my 2.1 backup, which is really disappointing. Anyone who's had this happen to them figure anything out to stop it?

  • EricPitt01

    I installed this ROM, but do I still need to update the baseband? Or was it included?

  • Ben

    I spoke too soon. While Market is fast, downloads will not initiate. Anyone having this issue, too?

    • spursrchamps2007

      I had huge problems for the first 12 hours or so then it just worked itself out, dont know why.

  • Ninjah

    for some reason im unable to upgrade any apps pandora, rommanager, dropbox, and a few other… i dont get an error or anything but it just stays at starting download…. and sits there forever… well.. still… sitting there… and ive tried both rebooting phone, through 3g and through wifi… any thoughts or ideas or anyone having the same issue?

  • Ben

    First attempt coming from Stock 2.1 to this. PURE AWESOMENESS – everything works and works well. I am done. This is the last one I am installing :-> …. who am I kidding?
    The baseband REALLY helped me with my voice quality. Simply I could not use the phone to make phone calls at all before this ROM. Smiling and dialing in my rural area now! THANK YOU!!!

  • Pat

    Ran this yesterday for about 16 hours and while it was fast at first, it got buggier as the day went on. Lots of full-system freezes (necessitating a hard reboot), FCs, and just overall weirdness. Going back to 2.1 until something more stable and close to official drops.

  • Carlitos

    i want just the wallpaper…

  • Carlitosway

    i want the wallpaper..

  • spursrchamps2007

    So this might not be the best place for this but im getting no response on the flash thread. A lot of people are saying flash is running completely smooth on fancast, fox.com etc, but Im definitely having issues. Fancast wont even load (it gets stuck where the content would load and just keeps saying fancast is loading.) And on sites like fox.com where other people are saying everything is smooth for me it is sooo choppy. There has to be a difference somewhere but we are all running the same mod. It could be overclocking (i can only go to 800) because Im not sure how to overclock this build (which may be the solution) Overall im not going to complain but when some people have it working great, I want to know why lol.

  • Warren Peace

    I downloaded the Bugless Beast Froyo V0.1 file but when I go into the ROM Manager the “Install ROM from SD Card” is not highlight (not available to access). Anyone have the answer? Sorry, I am new to being rooted! Cheers

    • Warren Peace

      Never mind! “However, if you run into issues, flash your backup, re-install BB with at least one wipe.”
      Just a learning curve. Have a great weekend Fools!

  • Maguiz

    everything fine but my phone lost google mapsand it reboots randomly mostly when you are in a call or at the end of it. Regarding google maps, I tried to download from market, it failed to install it. Any help??

    • Hey, I got everything working on mine (full data wipe) but it also randomly reboots every so often. It's done it about 5 times since I got 2.2 working yesterday afternoon. Any luck stopping that?