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Custom Theme Friday: Blue Energy V1.0.3

It’s been raining for 20 consecutive days here in Portland, so what better way to celebrate that than with an all blue theme.  Actually, this was a special request from one of our long time readers and we always try our best to meet their needs.

Theme:  Blue Energy V1.0.3 for CyanogenMod V5.0.7.1


1.  Your phone needs to be rooted.  (Full guide on rooting here.)
2. You need to have CyanogenMod V5.0.7.1 installed.
3. Open ROM Manager and choose Download ROM.
4. Scroll down to “roberj13” and tap.
5. Then choose the Blue Energy Theme option for Cyanogen.
6. When prompted, check the box for “App Pack for CM.”
7. Once finished downloading, you do not need to “wipe data and cache.”
8. Check the box to “backup” if you don’t have a recent one.
9. Press “OK” and your phone will reboot.
10. Let it work its installation magic, reboot and BAM! Done!

For users without ROM Manager premium and for the full support thread visit here.


*Side Note* – The goal was to show off Blue Energy for Bugless Beast, but ever since Pete upgraded to V1.1 my phone boots and boots and boots.  It’s stable for about 10 minutes and then goes into a lovely boot cycle.  Tried 4 different kernels, wiped data and cache 15 times, and no good.  Anyone else running into stability issues with BB?

Comments or questions?

  • No major problems with BB1.1 here like yours. However, HelixLauncher1.4b is slow and choppy and Launcher Pro is worse. In fact, phone is basically unusable on boot with LauncherPro and BB1.1 with 800 MHz kernel and SetCPU governor. So sticking with Helix1.0 from mkt while using BB1.1.

  • No major problems with BB1.1 here like yours. However, HelixLauncher1.4b is slow and choppy and Launcher Pro is worse. In fact, phone is basically unusable on boot with LauncherPro and BB1.1 with 800 MHz kernel and SetCPU governor. So sticking with Helix1.0 from mkt while using BB1.1.

  • Hi I loaded blue energy over cm5071, did a backup, no wipe. once loading completed went to boot animation which went through the entire animation and then stayed with the cyanogen logo. I pulled battery and rebooted. Same problem bootloop. I pulled battery and booted into recovery and restored backup.
    My question is did I do something wrong, is there something I can try to load it successfully. The boot animation is the best I've seen so far. It means a lot to me seeing such a nice Cyanogen boot animantion and I would really like to see theme on my rooted 2.1 droid, 7/1.2/LV running 1.0Ghz with a clean cm5071. Any help would be appreciated and a big thanks in advance.

  • loooney2ns

    BB v1.1 and Blue Energy working fine for me. Using 7 slot 1.0. It seems to work better than NexTheme for me. I was having problems with answering calls-I couldn't slide to answer a call. I was going to go back to v1.0 until I installed this. I don't know why, but it's working fine now.

  • Jason

    Running BB 1.1 with Pete's 1GHZ Kernal and WITH set CPU set at 750. Also using (and loving) ADW Launcher. My DROID is running smoother and faster than ever!! I have tried the last three versions of Cyanogen and every launcher EXTENSIVELY and this is by far the smoothest set up I have used yet. It also may have something to do with the fact that I wiped Data and cache before installing BB 1.1 (I think I was really overdo for this with all the themes and such I have played around with since last wipe). OK, now I have one question and I could use some help on this. I noticed that all of the themes in ROM manager are for Cyanogen. Will they work on BB 1.1 even though none of them specify it? I REALLY, REALLY want to try J Rummy's “The Shiz” but get the impression it is only for cyanogen. Thank you in advance for answer to this question!! : )

    • fred114

      will give this a go. I am no expert, so maybe someone else will help as well. I believe JRummy is a full rom, not a theme. It is built on Cyanogen. If you load it, you will not be running it over top of BB. You will be running JRummy. I hope this is correct and answers your question. Am learning as I go. 🙂

  • PDX RainMaker

    My first post!!! love this site.

    I'm running BB 1.1 Nex with LauncherPro. So fast!!!! have no problems with it until I switch to the regular launcher.And then its starts FC'ing on me, have to reboot. Thank God I have launcher Pro set as my default or I wouldn't know what to do.

  • junkyarddan

    I've been runni B.B. 1.1 for about a week now with no problems. I loaded the blue energy rom for b.b. last night and all good so far.

  • azurikai

    absolutely loving that lock screen, is there anyway to get it in an apk format?

  • TemplesOfSyrinx

    Bugless Beast 1.1 is just that! The Beast!
    Put the Blue Energy theme and it is awesome. No stability issues here. Bekit 800mhz overclock. No SetCPU, Task killers, or Temp Monitor needed. This thing absolutely flys!

  • mkedroid

    I've read that it has something to do with the notification sound setting. Try turning it off before you flash the rom. I came from BB V1.0 and am now on 1.1. I kept the same theme (nex) and everything is running great. Really fast, really responsive. I'm using Launcher pro. SUPER FAST!!! I didn't wipe data or cache or do a backup.

  • I have decided that I hate hancent… I get double notofications and have no idea how to fix it… and I don't like hancent… I think the default messenger is just fine.

    • Ryan

      Disable notifications in the standard messenger settings…..

    • I had the same problem when I first installed Handcent too. All you have to do to stop the double notifications is open the stock messaging app, go to settings, notification settings and then uncheck the box next to status bar notifications option. Thats it! In my opinion handcent is way better than stock app. It is soooo much more customizable and I love the pop up box that istantly shows every text I get!

  • Sgt_Terry

    This could be a NOOB question, but here goes!! I am running jrummy v.8 blue theme, 7slot 1300 standard voltage kernal, its works great, running at 1100, smooth, have had it since it came out, great job guys!! Anyway back to the question, can I go to RM, dowmload this and load it, without wiping, and without down loading 5071 fresh and starting from scratch? It would be nice to just be able to change themes without having to start from scratch every time. Any in put would be nice…..Kellex, I would greatly appreciate your thought on the question!

    • nkhex19

      JRummy's v.8 is based off of Cyanogen so you should be fine, Create a backup of course just in case but since this Blue Energy Theme is based off of I don't think you will have any issues. As long as a ROM or Theme is based off of the same build you usually won't have any issues flashing from one to the other unless the Dev specifically states to do a full wipe before flashing to their ROM/Theme.

  • prid3

    I'm running bb 1.1 and this runs fine on it. i just dont know how to get the cool blue live wallpaper. help if anyone can 🙂

  • nkhex19

    I've noticed the 2.0.1 rotary unlock screen is making a comeback. A lot of people are requesting them in Themes.


    I am running the BB version of Blue Energy over JRUMMY the Shiz right now, working just fine.

  • Fawzi94

    Looks like bugless beast isn't so bugless after all

    My battery life has been horrible since updating to it the day after it came out

  • Jose Martinez

    Yes, I ran into stability issues and crazy reboots (not all the way from the Motorola M loading, but from the Droid loading screen) during one of my BBv1.1 setups using Bekit 1.3GHz… downgraded to 1.2GHz and still… downgraded to 1 Ghz and still, I think I went on down to 800MHz with no success… So I had to do a fresh install wiping everything. Out of the many times I've repeated this install with different kernels and launchers, only once this instability showed up and I noticed it while un-mounting the SDcard from the PC, when I clicked the OFF button to turn it off, the screen would go black and there would come the Droid loading screen(getting to Home locked screen and going back to the black loading screen several times). This happened every single time I tried 'turning off' the SDcard mounting and I tried many many times. But again, this only happened during one of my setups, which I have repeated many times without replicating this instability… WeIrD… Weird because the kernel I've used the most is the 1.3Ghz during my testing (even getting an 800 in Quadrant SE benchmark, avg around 793) and it seemed pretty stable (considering it's the most 'unstable' kernel because it's so high frequency or 136% faster than stock). Reading this thread it's been pointed out that maybe the SDcard notification sound (or something else) was trying to access a file in the SDcard and this being mounted was non-existent and so the loops, this makes sense to me… It might have been my case!
    To all those afraid to switch over and try BBv1.1 because of this, I say the same thing I say to still unrooted people…. you're 'relegating a diamond simply because it isn't polished' (rooting is polishing that diamond!), you'll be sorry you took so long.. it took me a few days to decide to root a few months back, after some research… and I was sorry I didn't get on it sooner, of course, Kellex was 'holding my hand' all along! He made it simply fool-proof! d:^)

  • eak128

    Have been running NexBeast 1.1 ever since it came out with the ADW launcher. No issues what so ever. Have tried Bekit and P3 kernels, both work great. Might try this blue energy theme this weekend.

  • audio

    Hey Kellex, I bet all you've seen of the Beautiful Widgets Weather Live Wallpaper is the rain and the clouds. The sun is pretty cool too!

    I love PDX by the way, but I don't miss the constant clouds/rain. Lived there for 8 years but I'd still move back. 🙂

  • MB

    Currently running BB 1.1. It's good for a bit and then I get this overall sluggishness. Makes the ROM just about unusable. I have wiped and reflashed but get the same problems every time. About to switch back to Cyanogen. Oh well.

    • jiggaman508

      I installed bb v1.1 when it was released, coming from bb v1.0. had a few problems with v1.1. restored a backup of v1.0 and haven't had any problems, super fast and no reboots. i love petes work, v1.1 just didn't seem to run well on my phone

  • jlj7783

    Been running BB for 2 weeks slot 7 1000 ….no problems…

  • scuba_koop

    Ok now I deleted the download in clockwork and re-downloaded. It started to install then rebooted phone and it stuck on the motorola icon! Pulled battery and no luck. Recovered to my last backup. Now I am on Cyanogen……guess I haven't backed up in a while!!
    My question is: Do I have to wipe data and cache to go to Can't remember!! Thanks!

    • Aleks

      You don't need to wipe

      • scuba_koop

        Thanks!!! Couldn't remember, been a while since I went backwards!!

  • Chris Nimon

    I too had bootloops (note to self – need cereal) with BB. Switched back to CM and happy days are here again.

  • Andy

    I know you can get the rotary lockscreen working for cyanogenmod but will it work for jrummys rom?

  • benny

    is that google chrome i see???

    • Jose Martinez

      …could be the Xscope icon themed…

  • evltwn

    I have been running it over BB without any problems. I used slot 7 1gHz kernel. Works awesome.


  • Kellex…have you tried disabling the sound when booting…I had the same boot loop problem because my ROM was trying to access a sound file that didnt exsist. Try disabling sounds…worked for me!!!

    • BUGS
      -If you are using a notification tone from your sdcard, please disable 'SD notification', as it may cause a reboot loop when trying to access the sound file before the card is mounted

  • The only problems i had with BB 1.1 is that when it booted, it would allow me to go to the home screen then it would reboot like 3 times. Right now i am running team concepts Succulent Desire v6.0 with insanely clean theme.

  • scuba_koop

    Tried installing it twice. When it boots to clockwork, there is an error that says it can't open the file?? Any suggestions?

    Thanks as always!

    • This happened to me the first time as well. Go into Rommanager, clear your download cache, download again and you should be good.

  • Zero issues running BB 1.1 NexThemed. Bekits 7 slot 800 LV. I am not running Setcpu. I did read where Pete suggested using only the kernels he supplies. Maybe that is a possible issue?

    • douching droids ftw!!! 🙂

    • Raj

      hahaha that's hilarious

  • teejaytm

    I have had MAJOR problems with bugless beast. Boot loops, and when it finally turns itsef on it doesnt read the sd card. Im running JRummys right now and love it. Might have to give this one a try though.

  • hawgpapa

    I have been using BB v1.1 since it hit. No problems w/Bekit 7 1.0 LV kernel. Have used a number of different themes. Really like the blues – Luna and Blue Energy and they have not had any problems on my Droid w/BB
    BTW – I do miss the rain in Oregon. Will be moving back in 1 1/2 yrs when I retire from the State of California. Lived in the Willamette Valley for 40 yrs – CA for 19.

  • I have bb v1.1 and I love it, won't change it. But, I do have boot loops every time the phone is turned on or re-booted. Sometimes it takes up to fifteen min for the phone to straighten out. It doesn't matter if I boot the phone into recovery first or not. Thats my only issue. Its still worth keeping BB. The fastest rom out there.

  • Randy

    .. I have been having issues for a while. No reply to my to my posts so I'm back to stock.

    • Wear were you posting?? We would have helped! 🙁

  • dj79

    I had the same problem with BB v1.1 It would boot loop for 3 or four time then load. I set SD notification to off and it works fine no boot loops.

  • I am running BB 1.1 when I start up my phone it will go into a loop only once. then it is fine. I have not had any problems other than that. I am running a 1 ghz rom on my droid. every once and a while you may run into a program that FC but just report it.

  • fred114

    Well definitely wanted to try this on BB. Been running it for a while and love it. Have not upgraded to 1.1, but Kellex has me worried now. Anyone else having any issues with 1.1?


    • bsteen

      Been running 1.1 for many days. No problems.

  • blackcatroad

    Its available for BB here: http://tinyurl.com/2fh8zee

    I've been running it on BB1.1 for a couple of weeks now (with the hexfusion battery mod available in the same thread) No issues with either (Bekit 7 1.0 LV kernel) – partnered with the latest LauncherPro, this thing flies!

    • bigred4x15

      I couldn't get the Rom Manager download to work, but the file that is on the thread in the URL above did the trick. I didn't like the battery icon, so I changed it out for the white round battery icon, much better. I would like to post a screen shot with the new battery icon, but not sure how to add a pic to a post.

      • bsteen

        Did you change the battery icon in the notification bar? How do you do that?

        • bigred4x15

          Yes, I changed the battery icon in the status bar. You will need “Metamorph” from the market. this link has the directions to change the battery icon. let me know how it turns out.


        • bigred4x15

          This is the actual link I used, but the first one i mentioned has more colors. Good Luck!


          • bsteen

            Thanks. I'll try it out later after work 😉

          • bsteen

            Every time I try to use Metamorph on the SkaggzColor0.9.1.zip file I get the following message: “The Theme you selected is invalid because the theme control file could be missing or is not correctly written (contact theme creator).”

            Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

      • mkedroid

        Please tell. How and where did you get the round battery?! I have been wanting that forever.

  • djspikezz

    With BB… if you just got done installing BB 1.1, wipe data/cache and backup previous… the phone gets warm. I notice this boot cycle loop happens if the phone is real real warm. Try letting it cool down and see if it keeps boot cycling? I use the BB 1.1 boot script. the faster boot that he includes with it.

  • joed5122

    I did have a problem with BB 1.1 where the phone would reboot whenever I went into Accounts & sync under settings. I redownloaded BB 1.1 with the transparent theme and wiped data and cache and so far it's working. I've tried Shiz and Cyanogen but just like the speed of BB so much better.

  • Looks good 🙂

    • Ray

      Funny tim…yes you need to be rooted but what does root mean? Lol

      • Umm, I think root means like the base of the SD card. I'm not certain though 😛

    • so..im on Bugless Beast 1.1…this will work? yes?

      • This is for CyanMod

        • scorpion77

          The arching lock screen is for Cm only at this time .. bb doesn't have it .. he couldn't get the code to work right with it he said he would try later on but i didn't see any updates yet …

          • i just installed the Bugless Beast one. Works fine boss. I'm liking this. It looks so hot with my blue Android as my background, and my blue snap on cover 🙂 (courtesy of Mr. Kellex)

          • Oooo I bet you're excited for HTC's new creation, the Scopio(n)?!?! 😛

      • kellex

        There is a version for BB. It's in ROM Manager.

        • I'm running BB V1.1 1ghz.

          I've noticed all other kernels besides 800mhz cause boot loops.

          I used to be able to run 1.3ghz No problem.

        • I had the same problem with BB 1.0 and I turned off the SD notification and never had a boot loop again.

          I have moved to BB1.1 yet. Will the theme work on 1.0?