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Custom Theme Friday: DropTheme

Similar in ways to the DarkEdge theme, DropTheme is an impressive MetaMorph theme which works on the newest CyanogenMod, BB 1.0, and others.  It’s still in beta, but I’ve run into zero issues so far.  In fact, this thing is beautiful.

Theme:  DropThem [MM]

Instructions for installation…

*Rooted users only.

1. Download and install MetaMorph from the market.
2. Download the correct DropTheme for your particular ROM:

3.  Unzip DropTheme folder and place in “AndroidThemes” folder on SD card.
4.  Open MetaMorph and choose “pick existing theme.”
5.  Open the DropTheme folder and choose
6.  Click “apply all!”
7.  Let all 23 files load and your phone should reboot.  If it doesn’t force it to.
8.  Your phone should reboot with DropTheme!

Full support and release thread here.

*Note 1* – If you wanted a themed launcher, follow the instructions at the support thread to get your launcher apps in /system/app.

*Note 2* – Font color on dates, time and notification menu will need to be changed in Spare Parts.

*Note 3* – If download links go down, let me know!


Comments or questions?

  • Nik

    a ROM is the theme you have. It's created by whomever and then once you're rooted, you can get the custom ROM or themes.

  • Tareq

    I dont know if this the right place to ask this: should I root? and what is rom? I tried to google and search for ROM but I still dont get what it does :/ I am a droid freak and I love sweeter home, would I still can use it after rooting? will rooting will speed up my droid?

    sorry too many questions.

    • Nik

      a ROM is the theme you have. It's created by whomever and then once you're rooted, you can get the custom ROM or themes.

  • Ben

    Links are down

  • Les

    Links must be broke as I can't get them to work.

  • aczm1988

    Ok heres a new link, however all i had on pc was the bugless beast drop theme, sorry cyanogens 🙁


    • lesprince

      Thanks BB is what I need as that is my main ROM will try. Great site very informative any idea when a 2.2 will be caught in the wild and rooted :>)

      • aczm1988

        Havent seen much of anything on a release date for one but i know there trying. Will definitely will find out on this site first 😀

  • I had nothing BUT problems with this on my BB1.0 install. Force quits and massive instability, so I went back to a backup, but this morning I bit the bullet, wiped the phone clean, did a BB1.1 install and immediately installed this theme and wow. So, so nice. It's about 98.9% of exactly what I would have done if I had the skill and time to create a theme that detailed. And I think I can get that 1.5% myself… 🙂

    Love. It.

  • Pat

    hey droidlife. has anyone been having issues with downloading new roms?
    iv downloaded new roms lately and for some reason after its applied i loose the superuser/root capabililty.
    any help on this subject?

    • caphoagie

      I had the same problem thought I was doing something wrong so went back to 2.01 and used the droidmod method to root and flash recovery all has been good since.

  • alex

    the links dont work anymore.
    any alt links?

  • lonz77

    The links are no good anymore.

  • skltr21

    i still think that slayher's Genesis theme over is the best thing out right now. its by far the most beautiful ROM i think that's out there right now. and im using launcherpro with it and its fast. i havent had one issue with it so far. its so stable and super fast….. and best of all it's a gorgeous theme. check it out people you won't be disappointed.

  • Chumbie

    Been running it for 2 days now. not bad. i was using jrummys cyan then went to dark cyan. (dark cyan was all buggy for me)

    so far so good with this theme though. had to flash the frame work twice though for everything to get changed over.

  • gloom

    Sorry for being late to the party, but to anyone only seeing the dialer or font changing after applying the theme, this solved it for me:

    “…reapply just “framework-res.apk” via MM and reboot”

    -From the support thread

    Slick theme!

  • DiGz76

    I'm having a problem getting these themes to load properly. It has happened both this week and last. When I'm using metamorph I get to the point where I hit “apply all” and it seems to start out fine. It will go through the themes one by one applying them. Then about half way through I start getting force close messages. The message is for com.android.phone. As soon as I hit force close the same message pops up again immediately. But in the background it looks as if it's still applying the theme. So I just let it run it's course. After a while it finishes and the phone reboots. On last weeks theme when the phone rebooted I got stuck in a boot animation loop and had to pull the battery and do a restore. On this weeks theme it booted up all the way but the theme was not applied to anything and a bunch of my apps were missing. To be honest I really wanted to get last weeks theme on my phone, I think it looked pretty hot. Suggestions anyone? Thanks.

    • What was last weeks theme again? :-/

      • DiGz76

        Dark Cyan

  • Sorry to sound silly, im new to all this. But are there themes for non rooted users? Do i have to have like one of those launcher apps to be able to have a theme as kewl as this one? Thanks for all the help in advance guys.
    I just wanna say that i love this website, i learn so much from here and i love being the first in my family of droids to know all the news:) good job to everyone involved. I go to best buy and i use all the macs i leave this website up so people can see 🙂 .

    • StephanC

      You must be rooted.

    • Yep, roots only.
      But hey, if you decide to root, you got plenty of people willing to help you out here!

      • Brandy c.

        thanx. but i am still scared to root. scared of the uknown. 🙁 maybe i'll gather up my guts soon.

    • DiGz76

      I was on the fence about rooting for a while too. I wanted to do it but was afraid I would screw up my phone. Finally said screw it and went on with it. It was super easy. I didn't have any troubles at all. And I'm a person who though I'm not “tech-illiterate” I'm certianly by no means a tech guru either. Just read the instructions and watch the tutorial video a couple times each. Follow it step by step and you'll get it done no problem. And there's plenty of people on here that will help you if you have any questions. I'm telling you once you do it you're gonna wonder why you waited so long. The things you can do with a rooted droid are unbelievable.

  • Ray

    I put this on bb 1.1 and it didn't really change much of anything but the font and dialer maybe its not fully compatable.

    • Yea, no true compatibility for 1.1
      Only V1.

      • aczm1988

        I had to flash the framework twice to get it all to work. Maybe thats why.

        • Ray

          Thanks doing it the second time made it work now if I could only find out where launcher pro is located so I could put it in the system file to get the theme too

  • aczm1988

    I applied this theme but got only bits and pieces of it, did not get the notification bar, or gmail theme.

  • EggoEspada

    Nice… I had this for only a little bit. Blues just not my color.

    Side note: Droid II Keyboard


    • aczm1988

      That keyboard looks so much better, would be a nice replacement to the droid 2 😀

  • aczm1988

    Looks pretty slick, i dont much care for the plain smoked glass of bugless beast will give this a shot.

  • Randy

    I look foward to the ROM Directory…. Good Job Kellex…

  • William S.

    Darn rooters lol

    • Think about Nike shoes…..and just “Do it”! 🙂

  • James_Murphy

    'Sex And The City 2': Meet The Sequel's Sexy New Men. :-p

  • Yes, but does it work with BB v1.1? Curse my early adopter status.

    • kellex

      Doesn't say that it does, but you could always make a backup of your current state, and give it a run. 🙂

    • necroscopev

      I gave it a go and the only issue i had was that the Market FCed after every download before installing/updating. I did a fresh install and had the same issue….i just went back to basic BB 1.1. Anyone else have this issue?

      Also where in Spare Parts do you customize colors? i don't see the option in there.

      • Shoul be in your app drawer

        • necroscopev

          Sorry i meant where IN Spare Parts. I don't see any options in it for changing clock color…..do different ROMs have different Spare Parts options?

          • Yes they do. If it is there it should be near the bottom :-/

          • bettadaze

            how do you actually save the changes in spare parts? ive changed them a few times now, backed out, rebooted, just reverts back to black.


    • Try it Jeffrey

    • Well, definitely didn't work over BB1.1 Smoked Glass. Just broke a few widgets, and possibly changed the font.

  • droidaholic

    im running the stock with root access rom.. i think its a bugless beast version. will i be ok to go with the bugless beast download?

  • Nice 🙂
    Looks very clean!