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Android Quick App: MusicSleep

Guest post written by Michael T, a self proclaimed “geek” with a passion for scanner radios and getting amazing nights of sleep using soothing jungle beats.  Oh, you can add guest posting to that list too.

I’m a bit of an insomniac, and always listen to something to put me to sleep. Typically it’s a podcast. My Droid would be a great sleep assistant if it would stop after a podcast ends. How cool would it be to set my Droid in its ezeStand, start a playlist, podcast or audio stream and set a sleep timer? Well, it’s very cool! MusicSleep is the solution. For $1.49, you’ll a get a sleep timer for almost any media player available. If you’ve got a player that’s not compatible, contact the developer and he’ll add it. I did this with Scanner Radio, and it took less than 24 hours for an update to be pushed to the market.

It’s very simple to use, simply start your preferred media player, and then open MusicSleep and set the timer. When the time is up, MusicSleep fades the media volume and closes the selected player.

Sweet dreams!

Price: $1.49


  • Barlog

    I use my phone as an alarm clock. If I use this app at night will it interfere with the stock alarm clock?

    • Michael_NM

      I do the same thing, and this app doesn't interfere at all. My Droid puts me to sleep and wakes me up. That's living the Droid-Life. 🙂

      • Barlog

        Cool,thanks for the reply 🙂 I'm gonna check this app out sounds awesome!

  • droidroks

    Imma have to get an ezeStand or something similar first.second Musicsleep = Awesomeness

  • billtvshow

    I've been using this for a long time and through the update process I have seen support for virtually every new music app of note added. Great app.

  • I use Lightning Bug, a free app that generates stormy weather sounds that sooth the ears. Rain, waves, thunder, etc, along with animations and a clock. It also includes a customizable timer to stop itself. I find music to be a little distracting when I try to sleep.

  • k1cks

    I definitely recommend this app. I tried to use SleepTimer, but it required that you set the music application you use each time you wanted to use a different one and it wouldn't stop last.fm if it was still scrobbling the song you were playing.

    Sometimes you just have to spend a little to get a quality app.

  • Thank you for this review. I'm the developer, and as the writer said, if there's any music player that you wish for me to add just shoot me an email and Ill try to add it asap.

  • conner

    I have this app and it is worth the money. I use the “cubed” music player. Well,when I first downloaded this app, it was not supported. After a few battery draining nights I emailed then developer thinking it would maybe be resolved in a few weeks. Much to my surprise, I got an email 10 minutes later telling me an update would be out soon. In this case, soon meant 5 minutes. Good stuff.

    • aarynk

      Glad to see it works with the “cubed” player that's the one I was wondering about

  • Brandon

    SleepTimer is a free alternative and works with alot of music players.

  • Mrpicolas

    Can this be done with pandora

    • bdcigar

      Yes, Mrpicolas, I have been using it with Pandora ever since I got it two months ago!

      • Mrpicolas

        Nice thank you

  • StephanC

    Very useful!

  • StephanC

    Very useful!