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Let the Android 2.2 Chatter Begin

We just pulled that shot from our Google Analytics and yes it indeed says that we’ve had visitors on Droid Life running Android 2.2.  So what does this mean?  That Google is definitely testing 2.2 like mad which could mean that we’ll see the release of Froyo (or whatever creative name they come up with) much sooner than we had ever expected.

First though, we’ve got to give credit to the Android and Me guys who posted their analytics first and gave us the idea to check ours.  (Great work as always guys.)  They are also calling out May 19th as a possible release date.  Craziness.

So what now?  Anything special you’d like to see in Android 2.2?  Time to speculate!

  • david johnson

    will an android 2.2 update be provided for motorolla droid owners that are running android 2.1 right now?

  • mare

    I would like to see root access.

  • mare

    I would like to see root access.

  • Devonte

    more homescreens and smoother scrolling and a better looking music application

  • dekker23

    Email and Gmail… please put an option to SELECT ALL. and an Empty Trash option.

    Apps2SD standard

    More stock control over themes

  • jdl

    I use my Droid and the car cradle every day on my 25mi commute to and from work. I would love to see a horizontal landscape layout for the in-call menu when I’m using my bluetooth headset with the phone in the cradle.

    Also, the ability to customize which apps are accessed from the car menu.

  • Brian

    APPS2SD..save my phone memory!!!!

  • jgmo

    1. Customize notificatin bar – color and what apps we receive notifications from
    2. Be able to organize my favorites in contact in the order that i want (not alphebetical)
    3. Flash…given
    4. Ability to download apps to SD Card
    5. Ability to customize my lock screen – look, notifications, etc.
    6. In MMS…ability to pick and choose which threads to delet w/o opening indiv threads or mass deletion
    7. Ability to check MMS & email while in a call w/o putting on speakerphone
    8. Battery life % in notification bar
    9. Teleportation…

  • Matt

    “Update All” in market would be a start

    • ninjahippie

      Second that!

  • ninjahippie


    1) MORE HOMESCREENS for cryinoutloud!!!!! Launchers are fine and all but seriously…
    2) Bluetooth voice recognition.
    3) a Swype style keyboard WITH the voice button.
    4) Direct Picassa upload (sync) from the gallery app.
    5) A media player that recognizes video. It's just weird I have to go to the gallery app and then guess which thumbnail is the video I'm looking for.
    5) Cleanup of the cut and paste feature. Should work (the same) in any text field on the phone.
    6) Ability to sort by last name – or any other field in the contacts app.

    Also – Flash would be great if you have any influence over Adobe.

    Seriously love Android though. You guys are doing an incredible job!

  • – better market, it could have features like games of the week, top publishers, and rankings/points are always fun. I just feel bad cause so many people dont know how to find good apps.

    – Picasa and Panaramio need to be added to the mobile world considering pictures are a more mobile thing now days, especially with the new Droid Incredible. With that I would also like to see it updated on the PC as well.

    – I want a google music player on my PC so i can have my phone connect via blutooth and transfer my music. Is that to much to ask for?

    – Pay the Helix creator a lot of money for his app drawer, and same with beautiful widgets. Or just design something better and push them to do better 🙂

    – I would really like it to be connected to my pc more, thats one thing apple gives with all its products is connectivity to other products. And by connected i do not mean the ability to access the root folder, i want it to sync with my photos, music, games and movies. Oh and work as a great external hard drive.

    – But most importantly I think they should focus on speed. Get all the android phones running as fast as possible, because hardware is only doubling in speed every damn day, and I don't really want to have to keep spending $300 every year.

  • Grasshopper

    1) “Select All” tab when deleting old emails and option to permanently delete from inbox instead of sending them to the delete folder.
    2) Unified volume control page so no matter where you are in the phone you can adjust the ringer, media and call volumes.
    3) 5 home screens as stock.
    4) Flash, flash, flash! But I know this is Adobes issue and not androids.
    5) Better refined UI for the music player…….similiar to the 3d gallery in 2.1

    • fred4405

      Flash is coming. I got information that it is to be released in 2nd halr of this year. I know that is a big window but at least it is being worked on

  • josh1980

    To anyone who knows,

    I have a question about rooting. I'm still on stock 2.1 update 1, thinking about flashing SPRecovery and then ROM Manager to get Cyanogen theme. But my question is can I do a back up to keep the stock recovery just in case I need to if I want the next OTA update? Or what is the way to get back stock 2.1 without root?

  • King Kyle

    Has 2.1 been rooted yet??

    • randy21671

      yes… by flashing SPRecovery on your phone using RD Lite.

  • Mrpicolas

    Want my 2.2 to make me breakfast Lol!!!I

  • Mike Hal

    Animated GIF support would be nice for radar images.

  • LTD10

    maybe someone will leave a droid with a 2.2 update in a bar somewhere! Lol…
    We should get the 3 D drawer like helix 2. Flash for sure, video chat, More home screens on stock. The live wallpapers shouldn't slow us down, so, we should have an overclock option on stock. They really should talk to the guys that develops all the mods used. Just give us more options to fully use all the technology the droid has to offer. why make us search for better cameras and file managers. Why should we need to find a better music player. The Driod should come with the best of the best of everything. Stock, and ready to go. Oh and we need a Droid Life Widget. somebody??? Get going on that.

    • kellex

      Hah was waiting for someone to say this. 🙂

  • Bioshnev

    This new update needs to have better bluetooth controls like voice dial from headset. That is such a basic feature that they have overlooked and need to fix as it is illegal for me to use my phone in my car. It is annoying having to pull my phone out when other people who have had there phone for years can just poke themselves in the ear and call anyone they want anytime they want without getting there phone out and possibly getting a fine.

  • ek3

    I have a few issues.

    1. Market needs an “Update All” button.
    2. Widget or Shortcut to Recent Call Log
    3. Toggle Notification bar or change color like many of you guys said
    (which can be done when rooted of course)

  • TheMadGasser

    I was watching the HTC Droid Incredible demo the other day and liked the thing they had going on with the contacts, how you have a wall of contacts and press on one and everything they are linked to or have sent to is there so you don't have to go looking through apps. I dont know if this can be done with 2.2 but I liked it. If this can't be done maybe give us some options for the gallery.

  • 1. background automatic image uploading (e.g. I want the pictures I take to upload to picasa/wherever I want without having to do it manually)

    2. allow non-phones to have access to the android market. I know this isn't really a 2.2 specific thing and a policy issue, but it's important to me. There's a lot of cool android devices out or coming out soon, and if they aren't phones google won't let them have android market. That's really lame.

    3. better notification settings in google talk; AIM on the PC has had the ability to play a sound only on the first IM received instead of every IM for about a decade. I want that on my awesome phone.

    4. allow copy everywhere, not just input boxes.

    5. fix the media player.

    6. a bona fide google reader app and widget.

    • 7. back up my apps and data OTA so when I get a new phone or flash a new ROM they'll come right back.

      • If your phone is signed in to your Google account this already happens. When you set your phone up initially there is a check box that turns on data backup to Google.

        • I was pretty sure you were super duper wrong, so I flashed a new kernel and used it as an excuse to wipe my data and cache. Sure enough, it did restore a lot of stuff. Not everything though. Lucky I made a backup 🙂

  • Michael_NM

    My wish list for 2.2:

    1. Fewer native apps, or at least let me uninstall the ones I don't want.
    2. Honest up-front communication from Google, VZW and Moto about when we'll get this!
    3. Option to download update rather than wait for OTA, and fire BITemePHONE.

  • Doolidg

    More cake ?….mmmmmmm

  • GoneFishing

    2.2 update just needs Flash !!! Once the Incredible comes out and our “Porting Teams” gets the best of it onto our ROOTED Droids, we will rock. I have been looking at some of the reviews and the Incredible does look nice. Lets just get some of it onto our Droids and we are back on TOP !!

  • GoneFishing

    Kellex… ( Apps2sd REQUEST !! )
    I think alot of people would love and “Need” a video or step by step instructions on finding, installing and moving some large apps onto our MicroSd Cards using Apps2sd or some other way you can advise… I have read quite a few requests on this subject… I am running the same CM Rom as you are, but can not find this App……Help !
    Thanks, P

  • jlindsey

    First of all, I love my phone and this site has made me a phone addict.

    As previously mentioned, I would like to see some more focus on the functionality of the phone itself. For me dialing calls seem to lag, bluetooth integration is weak and the are several other little annoyances like not being able to make/receive a call in landscape mode. I frequently have it this way while in car mode using Google Nav or Maps.

    How about the ability to make a call and surf the internet to shut AT&T and Luke Wilson up?

    • CDMA doesn't allow that. It would require your phone to have dual transceivers and would make it twice as expensive and twice the size.

  • DBS

    2.2 must do a better job of handling .eml Exchange files. Just a better overall experience with Microsoft Exchange. Also, I've had the stock e-mail client lose all of my synced e-mail accounts. This is unacceptable.

    • lonz77

      I've had that happen many times too and hate it. Hasn't happened since 2.1 to me though. I noticed they still haven't added the ability to add email signatures. It would also be nice to be able to accept meeting requests without having to go to the calendar and locating and opening the meeting.

  • *sigh* Where do I begin?

    1) Step your Facebook game WAY UP. That app is just crappy. Add an icon to the notification bar.
    2) PLEASE do something about Meebo or introduce a better multi-service IM client. The ones out now have amazing problems staying connected, especially when I use other apps or receive a phone call on 3G.
    3) HelixLauncher2 should come stock without any of the glitches.
    4) Let us choose the color of the notification bar.
    5) AM/FM Radio.
    6) Sirius/XM Radio.
    7) Contacts widget from Incredible.
    8) Apps installed into SD.
    9) Beautiful Widgets should come stock.
    10) NexusMod Live Wallpaper should also come stock.
    11) 64-bit photo gallery
    12) MSNBC app with live streaming video and full episodes of popular shows.
    13) Hulu app
    14) Official Google Buzz app with notifications and Facebook/Twitter sync (I doubt the last part will happen)
    15) Bluetooth voice recognition

    That's all I can think of for now.


    • Drew

      #5&6 are hardware problems, not just software. #11…64 bit? Maybe I'm reading it wrong but that's impossible.

      The rest sound good to me.


      11) 24-bit photo gallery (**typo**)


      16) We should be able to download Android Market apps onto our phone from our PCs.
      17) Make it so we can scan QR codes from the Android web browser.
      18) Picasa app. (See #11)
      19) The stock music player should automatically find and display the album cover of whatever song you're playing.
      20) Make this and all future Android OS updates available on the Android Market.
      21) Sell already-made (and customizable) custom ROMs in the Android Market.
      22) Digital HDTV tuner (on future phone releases)

      I'll probably think of more.


    • randy21671

      That isn't asking to much either!! Is it?

  • 32 Ghz memory support
    End of too-many-windows open messages
    A fantastic media transfer system (like iTunes)
    Flash support (Adobe is working on)

    • Tom

      iTunes is hardly a “fantastic” media transfer system.

      Allow me to list a few problems with it…
      1) It is poorly designed on any windows computer
      2) You can't upload something from another computer…. If you do, it will sync and delete everything on your device
      3) It sucks at conversion
      4) IT RENAMES EVERYTHING ON YOUR DEVICE. I can't tell you how annoying that is… Your music goes from 15-Slash-Sahara.mp3 to 0239834.mp3 ><

      Personally I prefer the drag and drop method, its easier and allows more control.

  • Necroscopev

    I would like to see an option or an app that would let you see the contact photo of someone calling you take up the whole screen, there is so much empty space not being used!

  • Drew

    Ability to add apps to car dock app, such as a quick link to the music app, or maybe a music widget. I'd also like the option to be able to boost the mic volume when docked so that I don't have to yell to get speech recognition to work in my car.

    Overclocking and changing the notification bar color in stock would be awesome.

    Basically make Helix 2 stock and optimize it.

    Release with an online market update or downloadable desktop market.

    Install apps to SD.

    Bring back 24bit gallery with ability to sync multiple profiles, sync specific albums, and upload directly to Picasa.

    Flash before new iPhone comes out is necessary to rub it in their faces.

    And while we're doing wishlists…an actual Google Docs app from Google that lets me edit and sync docs. So much more important to me than Goggles or Earth.

  • How bout a way better facebook app…and include black notification bar

  • Rejuvination

    I know this is irrelevant… but does anyone know if this actually works?


    Couldn't figure out how to send a private message to Kellex 🙁

    • Yes it works, yes it is illegal and you are making developers not make money, therefore they go to apple to make money

  • How about better phone features? Any button answer, real Bluetooth voice dial support and full support of the headset button. It just seems the phone function is an afterthough

    • machinegun68

      I agree Mike. Every other phone can voice dial with bluetooth but not our big, bad droids?

  • Ace Z.

    Lol here we go again….

  • I would like to see a optimized version of home that would replace helixlauncher2, but keep all of its speed. As helixlauncher2 gives me many lag problems. I would like to have up to 7 screens, although I believe excessive, some more choices for widgets, especially Facebook, our facebook support is atrocious.

    2.1 is definitely better than 4.0, but would like to see some ideas from HTC's Incredible taken into the 2.2 update.

  • clark

    GET THE F OUT OF HERE WITH THIS!!! gimmie a break…

    • IMA_210

      We need another button for comments like this one…. This would be a good place for a dislike button!

  • A little of topic, but if you install apps to your sdcard, when you clear data and cache, will you still have your apps, or would they be on your sdcard, but you still have to redownload them?

  • Richie79

    If I root, will I be able to get the 2.2 update? Sorry for yet another stupid question from a stock Droider on the fence. Want to root but not real smart with all of this. Everything I do know about my Droid I learned from the website though! Thanks Kellex.

  • Since we know you're out there: Hi Google developers! You guys are doing a great job. Thanks for such an open, un-Apple-like OS. You guys rule.

  • mkregs

    I would like to see more enhanced exchange server integration. I know that's unlikely as Google is trying to market it's own product in an effort to get companies to defect from the exchange platform. I can live with the stock exchange integration, but I'd be lying to you if I told you I didn't miss the level of corporate functionality my old Blackberry 8830 had.

    I would like to see stock functionality to have YouTube videos default to high quality.

    It would be great if Helix Launcher, Beautiful Widgets, and Pure Calendar were incorporated in the stock build…and float the devs a nice chunk of change for a job well done.

    I've said it before….the contacts widget on the incredible is…well…”incredible”. Add that too pls!

    A droid-life app…should come stock on all Moto Droids.

    Oh…and a pony…I've always wanted a pony 🙂

  • “expose” like screen switcher. more screens by default. basically all the stuff they didnt give us in 21.

  • toby

    anyone know how to put all your gallery pics on your sd card..or at least organize the folders?…sorry to be off topic…maybe a 32 bit gallery would be nice in 2.2. since 2.0.1 had it and they took it away with the gimmick gallery

    • They are already on your sd card, under a folder called DCIM. You can dowlnoad astro, if you want to view it or go on your computer and mount your phone

      • toby

        ok thanks just making sure they werent taking up the internal droid memory so i could download more apps

  • Royal2000H

    It's so easy to face a user-agent. I wouldn't be surprised if someone spoofed in order to create chatter.

  • Ok, so, has 2.2 been rooted yet???? Sorry had to ask…. ha ha….

  • gamboo

    It may come out in May but it will take verizon 6 months to test it over and over and over.

    • fyrhtu

      Eh; let 'em- Koush and Cyanogen will take care of all the testing I care about ;P

  • Mrpicolas

    I want Widgets centralized instead of HTC or moto a uniform. Sharing over all android devices would be nice also ui switching would be nice HTC has far better Facebook intergration than moto

  • dylan84

    2.2 already? The Droid just got 2.1! I know 2.1 has actually been out since January though.

  • Typercrazed

    if you want black get on your knees ill give u some black bar!

  • brain550

    Surprised to hear talk of 2.2 already, hope it gets leaked so we can get some more custom roms.

    • jeesung

      don't worry. if Google releases it on 5/19, the Verizon update won't pass testing until sometime late Q3 😉

  • duckphan

    I would like to be able to attach a signature to outgoing hotmail via the “email” app instead of just the “gmail”

  • Ability to install apps to the SD would be nice….so many apps, so little space.

    • Jason Standiford

      I agree on this one. I'm rooted and love the apps2sd function in some of the roms,

      • toby

        yes, i agree…whats the vast amount of sd space good for if you cant put what you want on it…off topic..is there any way to organize your gallery folders..like put all my pics on the sd card and such? thanks

        • GoneFishing

          I like uploading my Pictures onto a program called “Picasa 3”, it drops into Gallery and doesnt take up memory space. You can also make a friends and family account and they can add and view everyone Pics. Give it a try..

      • jonj95835

        what roms have app to sd card

        • nkhex19

          I believe the Cyanogen ROM's have them. Not sure about other ones.

          • jonj95835

            I Cyanogen but it wont let me check apps2sd what do i need to do to make where i can check it

          • You need to go into rom manager and then on the home page there is a button that I believe says partition your sd card, which say in the subtitle enables apps to sd.

        • chabuku

          UltimateDroid also has it now. Running UD10

          • NewDroidOrder

            Well that makes sense seeing how UD10 is the same code as cyanogen lol.

      • GoneFishing

        How does this apps2sd function work? Is it only for new app downloads? Does it only store the data or the whole app with data? Where can we find it? Thanks, P

        • Jppress

          first you should prob be running a CM rom. 2nd back up EVERYTHING on your sd card to your computer. 3rd open up rom manager (on the market) and select Partition SD Card under utilities. Let that run, will need to reboot after its done. After rebooted go into settings/applications/apps2sd…..check that box. Everything you install after this process will be installed on your sd card! Plus when you view the list of applications installed on your phone (settings/applications/manage applications) you can select a particular app and MOVE it to your sd card!

          • Jppress

            ….oh yeah, make sure you back up your card to your computer FIRST before all of this because when you partition an sd card, it WIPES it clean. After you've finished this entire process you can replace everything that was wiped from your computer.

  • I thought Froyo was 2.5+?

    • No, the naming system is alphabetical. 2.0 = (D)onut, 2.1 = (E)clair, 2.2 = (F)royo.

      • jordan

        no its 2.0 is eclair 2.1 is flan and 2.? is froyo and afterthat is gingerbread

        • Royal2000H

          No. 1.5 is Cupcake, 1.6 is Donut, 2.0 is Eclair, 2.1 is still Eclair…
          Then it's Froyo if it's a big enough update… or still eclair. An after that, Gingerbread.

  • rals

    Copy and paste in email would be nice and overclocking without rooting. I love my droid now running 1ghz and running cool! I hate to go back to the 550mhz to get the froyo update.

    • Tom

      They won't allow OC on nonrooted. Because it can burn out your phone.

      • rals

        I Know…wishful thinking.

  • Thegoldendroid

    is there anyway a stock droid can have any other color notification bar besides white kellex?

    • No not on Stock, any of the ways to change the color of the Notification Bar require root.

      • Thegoldendroid

        ok…ok….im going everyway around rooting but I can no longer justify it…

    • brain550

      Jrummy's green custom rom has black notification bar. Don't know if it can be changed on its own or how to even go about doing that.

  • greatone_pro

    I don't think Flash is going to be tied to the operating system. Flash will come when it's ready all on it's own with no need for a OTA update.

    • I think you are right, but if 2.2 comes out soon, because of all the problems it needs to fix with 2.1 and then flash is ready they can tie it together.

    • J. Glenn

      Droid Incredable is advertiing that it has 2.1 with flash already?

      • kellex

        Flash Lite which is not full Flash 10.1

        • tommytmt

          What would be the diff between flash 10.1 and lite?

      • drathos

        With Flash Lite, not full Flash 10.1.

  • Hoagie

    Phone comes rooted by default.

  • Flash obviously….

    • kellex

      If you want black, buy an Incredible. Haha, sorry had to.

      • You know my feelings about that Kellex…They're not positive 😛 lol
        That's why, like i said, I am rooting tonight! haha

        • briderx

          I know there will probably be some blown out something over how I root – But it works. I download DM Updater from droid mod. Then, I root. Which is pretty basic – without installing their rom. Then, I download Cyanogen “Rom Updater” from the market and flash their recovery over the top of DM Updater, erasing everything (wipe data). I know there are many tutorials out there, and maybe I do some extra unneeded steps, but I haven't had one error this way, and have never been stumped. (if there is a step I can skip, let me know).

          As for the 2.2 release.. How about something “NEW” this time? Oh yeah, I forgot.. Installing Goggles and Earth automatically doesn't count as something new. Had Earth about a month or two before it came out on the update. I want to see something innovative.

          Do you guys think there is really not too much more “FLASHY” things that can come to the droid? (See what I did there?)

      • Ace Z.

        Kellex…do you know how to do the apps2sd thing through ROM manager?

        • IMA_210

          I will go through the steps and document them for you. I am sure others would like to know as well. Will post my results shortly.

          • Ace Z.

            Alright…thanks a lot…you're the man for doing this.

          • IMA_210

            Stealing a line from Kellex the Master….
            *Warning* – The process I am about to layout is extremely risky. If you choose to do this, I am not liable should you brick your phone or cause any sort of permanent damage. If you do harm to your phone, please do not email me asking for help as you have already been warned and accept all risk involved. Cheers!
            BACK UP THE CONTENTS OF YOUR SD CARD BEFORE PROCEEDING!!!! You are formatting your SD card when you do this. (READ YOU WILL LOOSE ALL DATA ON THE CARD)

            You will need to be running a custom ROM(and have root access) that supports Apps2sd. Cyanogen, Ultimate Droid there may be others. Stock 2.1 does not support Apps2SD!

            Open ROM manager (FYI there is a new release tonight to… scroll to nearly the bottom of the list, you will see Partition SD Card. Touching that option gives you three options for the EXT partition (Where your apps are going to be installed). 128MB, 256MB and 512MB.. Take your pick. Default is 256MB…

            Next it gives you the option of a swap file 0MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB there again take your pick. There is some logic to this choice, however I just haven’t read up on it. Defaults never hurt anyone I say! The default for the swap size is 32MB. Note: this can have adverse effects on your phone.
            Touching OK here will FORMAT your SD Card!!!! If you haven’t backed up your card yet, this is your last chance! Hitting the back button will cancel this step so that you may back up your SD card.
            Clicking OK here will reboot your phone and the next screen you will see is:

            Waiting for SD Card to mount (20ms)
            SD card mounted
            Partitioning SD Card…
            Phone then reboots.

            Now to enable Apps2SD : Touch Menu -> Setting -> Applications-> Apps2SD and check the box. And you’re done. All newly downloaded apps will be on your SD card. Using ROM Manger from now on will backup and restore this partition.

            Once you are back up and running I would recommend restoring the contents of your SD Card. If you had previously downloaded custom ROM’s, your existing ROM backups, pictures, music, any extras.. Whatever they are now gone from your SD card because of the previous steps. Once you have restored the contents of your SD card you should be good to go.

        • GoneFishing

          Kellex… ( Apps2sd REQUEST !! )
          I think alot of people would love and “Need” a video or step by step instructions on finding, installing and moving some large apps onto our MicroSd Cards using Apps2sd or some other way you can advise… I have read quite a few requests on this subject… I am running the same CM Rom as you are, but can not find this App……Help !
          Thanks, P

          • brandonmee

            It is built into the settings. You go into settings and then applications and it is the second one down.

    • Or….install Smoked Glass-Esque theme over Cyanogen. I love it and felt naked without it while it was bring rewritten to work with 🙂