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Let the Android 2.2 Chatter Begin

We just pulled that shot from our Google Analytics and yes it indeed says that we’ve had visitors on Droid Life running Android 2.2.  So what does this mean?  That Google is definitely testing 2.2 like mad which could mean that we’ll see the release of Froyo (or whatever creative name they come up with) much sooner than we had ever expected.

First though, we’ve got to give credit to the Android and Me guys who posted their analytics first and gave us the idea to check ours.  (Great work as always guys.)  They are also calling out May 19th as a possible release date.  Craziness.

So what now?  Anything special you’d like to see in Android 2.2?  Time to speculate!

  • david johnson

    will an android 2.2 update be provided for motorolla droid owners that are running android 2.1 right now?

  • mare

    I would like to see root access.

  • mare

    I would like to see root access.

  • Devonte

    more homescreens and smoother scrolling and a better looking music application

  • dekker23

    Email and Gmail… please put an option to SELECT ALL. and an Empty Trash option.

    Apps2SD standard

    More stock control over themes

  • jdl

    I use my Droid and the car cradle every day on my 25mi commute to and from work. I would love to see a horizontal landscape layout for the in-call menu when I’m using my bluetooth headset with the phone in the cradle.

    Also, the ability to customize which apps are accessed from the car menu.

  • Brian

    APPS2SD..save my phone memory!!!!

  • jgmo

    1. Customize notificatin bar – color and what apps we receive notifications from
    2. Be able to organize my favorites in contact in the order that i want (not alphebetical)
    3. Flash…given
    4. Ability to download apps to SD Card
    5. Ability to customize my lock screen – look, notifications, etc.
    6. In MMS…ability to pick and choose which threads to delet w/o opening indiv threads or mass deletion
    7. Ability to check MMS & email while in a call w/o putting on speakerphone
    8. Battery life % in notification bar
    9. Teleportation…