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If You Receive the 2.1 Update, DO THIS FIRST!

The following instructions will greatly help out the rest of the Droid community who does not want to wait over the next few days for the update to randomly arrive on their device.  If you follow them, you will be able to capture the update file and spread the love with the rest of us!

1. You will first see this message appear on your phone if you are one of the testers:

-Press “Install Now.”

2. The update will then download in the background.

3. The following message will then appear:

-You may press the home button but DO NOT PRESS “Restart & Install!”

4. Plug your phone into your computer and mount your SD card. You should now be able to browse the contents of your SD card.

5. On the root of your SD card, you will see a file called “update.zip”. Copy that file to somewhere on your computer like the desktop.  It should be about 15MB in size.

6. Finally, upload it to a file sharing site and post the link to it on this thread.

7. Now, you can now continue the update like normal. To get back to the “Restart and Install” menu as seen above, navigate to Setting> About Phone> System Updates.”

(Android Forums)

  • These things are making the mobile phone as an essential part of our life.We dont need to have computer all the time.Good job…….

  • Noob question: I assume this .zip file won't work on milestone? 🙁

  • Noob question: I assume this .zip file won't work on milestone? 🙁

  • Double-D

    Received updates on two droids this morning – Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Alina

    Never got the restart and install now with the message! Just did it itself! BTW am I wrong, should we not have 5 screens?

  • golfball

    here's a link for the update i uploaded so enjoy…


  • Lane252

    i am so sad

  • storm33x

    i got the update on my droid and other than only having 3 screens, im pretty happy with what was sent out.
    Im excited for the next few updates and hopefully flash support. Thanks Motorola, Verizon & Google!

    2.1 ROCKS!!!

  • golfball

    worked like a charm glad someone uploaded this…. i like the droid version of the nexus one wallpaper…

    thanks again

  • kaufkin

    Can anybody else confirm 2.1 update now supports bluetooth?

    my “answer the phone” button on the Blueant Z9i now works. ;-D

    no auto answer setting though… (not that I can find anyway…)


  • MAKMagic

    Got it….works awesome. Install from the update file went flawlessly. No time to play right now. Helix 2 force close crashes though.

  • DaSpurTitan
  • droiddidit

    Thank you all for the upgrade. Everything went well with the install. The initial reboot was painfully long but successive ones appear to be normal.

    I am not getting any additional home screens. Do I need to do something to enable it???

    • littleneutrino

      there are only 3 home screens as stated in the release notes.

      • droiddidit

        Thanks. The one feature I wanted is not in the upgrade. Life sucks!!!

    • rocketdaddy

      I too was hoping for more home screens. For now try PandaHome2 (search the market). It's got a few nice features, like dock bars and a nice drawer along with great theme compatibility and up to ELEVEN home screens. Been using v1.9 for months and loved it despite a few quirks. Just put v2 beta on and it's working like a charm with live wallpapers at the moment.

      • rocketdaddy

        Update: Live wallpapers are live in PandaHome2 but don't seem to be interactive. Still look cool though.

  • JLeo87

    I already have a update.zip on the root of my droid,, but its from using DMupdater. Actually I have 2 update.zip files on my root, one also says update-stock. Do I need to delete one or both of these files to perform the 2.1 update??

  • bradgog
    • MAKMagic

      Got it….used the link. Install worked perfect. Stupid FB isn't letting me post pics though.

  • littleneutrino

    Kellex Please send me an email and I will send you the update.zip file thnx

    • rayg1969

      Works good so far!!! Thanks!

  • [How-To] Force Motorola Droid 2.1 OTA Update (ESE81) Credit to Fabolous @ Download this file: https://android.clients.google.com/ u…6.fa406da6.zip OR signed-voles-ESE81-from- ESD56.fa406da6.zip Put on the root of your sdcard (not in a folder) Rename to update.zip Power phone off Boot into recovery (power phone on while holding down x) When you see the triangle with the exclamation point, press the volume up key and camera button key (only press the camera key down half way) Navigate to “apply update.zip” and press the gold center button on the keyboard to select it. It will start the update process Reboot If your installation is 'aborted', it's probably because you named the file update.zip in Windows, which results in a file called update.zip.zip. Try renaming it to just 'update'

    • Golfball

      what do you mean power on phone while holding down x? how do you do that? and does you phone have to be rooted?

      • Fawzi94

        power button and the x button on the keyboard