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Wednesday Poll: Changing Back to Stock?

We have a little more than 24 hours before the “official” Android 2.1 OTA update starts rolling out to Motorola Droids and we want to know how many people are actually unrooting and heading back to stock?  As the details from yesterday show, this is the ESE53 build which is the same build used in almost every custom ROM on the market  What are your plans?

And for those of you using Cyanogen, expect a video tutorial on how to revert back to stock in just an hour or so.

  • I'm on DroidMod1.0. Love it, but it's not on a 2.1 platform. I have faith in them that they'll offer a new possibility. I'll wait a little to see if anyone finds OTA 2.1 to be unrootable (or when I start foaming at the mouth due to the impatience already). I tried Cyannogen 2.1 and it locked me up. Loved the boot animation, but it kept playing…. and playing… and playing…. and … playing…

    • Paul

      Mine locked up also (showing boot animation over and over) until I wiped data and reinstalled. I can't imagine going back now to less than 7 screens, no overclocking, no free tethering…

  • BRIM

    Very surprised at the results & how many are going for stock from already being ROOTED.

    • kellex

      I'm more surprised at the people saying they are sticking with DroidMod as it remains on 2.0.1…

      • littlemac48

        It is probably because it is one of the most stable roms, out there, and u can just intall helix launcher and it is basically the same thing

      • BRIM

        2.0.1 DroidMod > 2.1 Official

  • HeathCliff

    Is there any downside in waiting to unroot? Is there a reason why we have to unroot within the next 24 to 48 hours in anticipation of the OTA? Isn't the OTA going to be available for several days? Why the deadline?

  • Stephan

    I went back to stock last night from Cyanogen. I tried to use the back up that I made using Clockwork Mod but when I tried to boot into the restored system it got stuck at the Motorola logo and wouldn't move. I gave up and used Droid Mod Updater to go back to stock and un-root my phone. Sure I lost all my apps but at least I have my original phone back. I can't wait for Thursday though, I'm so pumped that I thought that to day was the 18th.

    • SDI

      So let me get this so I can understand,,,no sarcasm at all so please do not take it like that,,,,you gave up a stable rom that has all the features and more then the OTA update will have plus it has 7 screens, for one that has less extras, less screens, and the small (remote) possibility of not being able to root or at the very least have to wait for a dev to create a new rom if they lock it down? I am trying to understand that logic? Is it more that they finally released it after the deafening anticipation that people just HAVE to have it?

      • izzy182

        i think it's merely the "security", or that "comfort blanket" that people are looking for, after all, smartphones are sacred now adays, good ones anyway…LIKE THE DROID! LOL…Bottomline, it is an investment after all, dut i'm going to STICK WITH MY 2.1! lol…

  • markinter

    Getting the OTA update after using Cyanogen is like re-wrapping a xmas gift so you can open it on xmas day. I will wait and see if Santa added or removed anything before I un-root.

  • nick

    yeah i think Kellex knows whats best 4 us

    • phenom

      That's creepy, and almost sounds like a 10 commandment violation.. false idols or something 🙂 Hurrah Kellex! j/k Not that I follow all 10, or specifically any.. but.. 🙂 Thou Shall Not Steal [3G Service over an illegal tether] 🙂

  • jawboner

    Will be looking to Kellex for a recommendation…really like the Cyanogen 2.1 and would not want to take a step backwards. Hoping to hear from him on the new release before moving back to stock.


    If rooted I would stay rooted until the Developers have a chance to examine the exact build update and make sure it can be modified. From the discussions on DroidForum(here is the thread I started http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-hacks/30… ) about this there sure is a possiblility that Verizon could try and lock the device down. There actually is a difference in the Baseband numbers by one digit.

  • nick

    so what time do the Pacific Standard Time people get the update any one knows?

    • SDI

      I hope everyone knows that just because they say that it will roll out on a certain date and time does not mean everyone gets it at that time? It will be the normal “stage” roll out. So I can only imagine the amount of people that will look to commit suicide if they do not get it tomorrow LOL.

      • nick

        im sure some people on the west cost will get the update

  • SDI

    I don't think I will trust any company again that has violated customer trust like what this update has done. For this reason alone I think it is better to wait and see if your already rooted. C'mon now this is the company that lied on several occasions about this release, and for no good reason. Were just hoping it was for stability issues, and if that were true how can there be so many stable rom's out months before the release?

    • DannoFoo

      • SDI

        Thats just dumb LOL

  • consider another poll in the event this 2.1 OTA gets pulled…that would be awesome.

    will you…

    a) jump off a building
    b) punch your co-worker
    c) switch to an N1 or iphone
    d) post a scathing response on motorola's website

  • David

    I'll Believe it when i see it in my notification pane Option plz.

  • Anthony

    Why no poll option for “I'm still on stock”? I won't root my primary device because I need to depend on it (and hence if something goes wrong, I want the ability to go to the store and get a new device in a few minutes and not need to worry about getting home to unroot (if possible given damage) before going in)…

    • Octotron

      I hear you.

    • teddyrucks

      Good thing that $3 a month for insurance plan covers “theft” of your handset.

      • HeathCliff

        $3? As far as I can recall, I'm paying Verizon $7/month. Is there a different fee for different regions of the country?

  • dannydarko

    To everyone torn between the OTA .Go back to stock get the OTA then re-root it will give you better Rom options because most of the tight Roms are based of the recent test dumps ere53 ere25 so once on 2.1 you will get really sweet results when you root! So, get your OTA, Re-Root and get Flashing and remeber LIVE IT ,LOVE IT, ROOT IT, FLASH IT,DROOOOIIIID-LIFE!:)>>>>>

  • dan0matic

    I'm going to sit on it for a bit and see what all is going on in the new 2.1. I love what I've got going with the Cyannogen 2.1 OS I'm running, so no big rush. Seeing that AT&T has locked the Backflip down makes me think that VZW might be tempted to follow their lead. If flash shows up in the mix, I would for sure jump on it asap.


  • gonzo319

    Well so far I'm impressed with Cyanogen, over-clocked at 600-800mhz from time to time, noticing the phone seems to like 600 well my 3G does. Anyway I don't know if I will revert back to stock, I'll have to wait and see what you shows Kellex. If the switch is worth it than I'll will do it if it's the same well….we'll see. Peace

    • dannydarko

      Try the 1ghz OC its works so snappy,but if you find it to draining then stay at 800 it is the perfect in between for speed and less battery drain

      • gonzo319

        Thanks brown I will.BTW what do you recommended me setting the profiles at
        for 800 or 1ghz.


  • nolff

    After receiving the 2.1 update, would there be a problem rooting my Droid and applying a ROM? Would I have to wait for the developers to issue ROMs to apply over 2.1?

    • kellex

      If it is the ESE53 build, there should be no problems gaining root access again. That is, unless Verizon throws in some nice bootloader lock or something. We'll just have to wait and see.

      • Paul

        That's why I'm going to wait a bit.. I want to find out if I can re-root before I go back to stock.

      • dannydarko

        I wouldn't worry about it.That the great thing about Android we will always be covered for root access. I highly doubt they will lock it up I am not sure they can.

    • dannydarko

      No there is already a bunch of ere53 based roms so you are good.Root is always attainable nmw stock you rock.

      • EndiSky

        My understanding is that the rom COULD be changed to prevent (slow down) root access. I plan on sticking w/ a custom rom until something better comes out, 2.1 just isn't it!

  • Mikey67Tang

    BlackDROID has the Ultimate DROID 7.8 out with the same ESE53 build that the 2.1 update will have AND the customization on his ROM is far more outstanding than anything 'stock' on the DROID. Plus, his updates come out on time and all the time where his stuff keeps getting better and better!

    • I agree man ultimatedroid is amazing who needs stock I have all I want and more

  • randy21671

    I plan to go back to stock…. BUT, If I don't like it, Back to CyanogenMod!!!!!