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Video: Returning to Stock 2.0.1 From CyanogenMod

After looking at some stats from this site and reading a ton of user comments, it seems that many of you have gone the rooted route and installed the CyanogenMod which we covered last weekend.  (Congrats!  And I hope you are enjoying it!)  With that said, I also realize that many of you are now wondering whether or not you should return to stock for the rollout of the official 2.1 OTA update which was basically announced through Verizon yesterday.  While I gave you some basic written instructions on how to return to stock, I know that video tutorials are indeed a great format to help walk you through a process like this.  So here we go!

A couple of things to make your life easier once this is all said and done:
1.  Go into Astro File Manager and backup all of your apps. (Options>Tools>App Manager/Backup>Installed Apps>Backup)
2.  You might also want to backup settings, bookmarks, etc. with a program like Sprite Backup.

*Note 1* – This process will wipe your phone basically back to a stock Droid, meaning you will have to add back all of your Gmail accounts.

*Note 2* – Please remember that you will not lose your contacts.  These will sync with your phone once you log back in with your Google account.

*Note 3* – Please also remember that you will not lose your applications.  They are attached to your Google account and can be redownloaded through the market.

Uninstalling Cyanogen and returning to stock…

Retrieving your phone settings:

1.  If you backed up your apps into Astro, you can retrieve them now. (Options>Tools>App Manager/Backup>Backed Up Apps>Install)
2.  You should also restore any backups from Sprite or other backup programs to return settings.

And you are now ready to receive the OTA update!

  • KCshuffle

    I am having problems my DM updater keeps saying that my sd card isnt mounted. any help?

  • Jacob


    THANK YOU SO MUCH…. it was getting hectic without your video tutorial…

    best driod site!

  • harleyp

    I rooted to CM and something obliterated my entire sd card. So, I have no original files. Now, I have RM premium loaded, but all attempts to boot into recovery to get back to Stock 2.0.1 fail. Can anyone help or point me to where I can download the proper files to a new sd card?

  • harleyp

    I lost everything on my sdcard – something obliterated the whole thing. So, I don't have any of the original files before I rooted. Now, I have RM premium installed and am trying to get back to Stock 2.0.1, all installs from zips fail and it just keeps rebooting into CM. Can anyone help?

  • brimonster

    Hey Guys,

    First of all, total noob as will become obvious.

    Okay, I modded to Cyanogen following Kellex's videos, worked fine, but had a continual reboot issue that made me want to go back to stock. Nothing seemed to help this issue, plus I wanted to be able to do it for the ever impending elusive update.

    When I launched DMUpdater it never gave me an option to download SPRecovery, only Droid 2.01 Stock and DroidMod. When I selected Stock and tried to flash it would stop and give me the Droid/Triangle symbol. Eventually I just went into Clockworkmod (but hitting the power button) and selected Restore Nandroid (or something similar) which it did and I'm back to Stock 2.01 with my emails all synced and all my apps are there! Frankly I'm a bit amazed.

    My question is this. Is there any lurking danger in doing it the way I did it. Is there stuff sitting on my phone I should get rid of (meaning, if I root again I want to do it as cleanly as possible)?

    Any help appreciated. And once again, yeah, total noob over here.

    • kellex

      There is an issue with SPrecovery not recognizing that you are rooted if you have a newer Cyanogenmod installed. Still looking into this.

      • brimonster

        Yeah, I was kicking myself for going for the “latest and greatest.” Any danger in getting back the way I did?

  • I don't know if its just me, but the video won't play

  • Ok, I’ve tried several suggestions here and other forums. My phone is so slow and buggy it’s unusable.
    I’m getting the same error other people were where DM Updater wants permissions but never lets me allow them. I can’t flash a ROM because of this.

    I tried rebooting into recovery and it’s Clockwork. I reinstalled Cyanogen, no effect, reinstalled DM Updater, no effect. Tried installing the update.zip, no effect. I can’t do a restore from Clockwork from recovery because it says there’s no file found. Clearing data/cache has no effect. No combination of these I’ve thought of has worked.

    I’m going crazy here and would really appreciate some 1 on 1 help so I can do this live on chat or something. I rooted before and never had so many problems as I did with Cyanogen. 🙁

  • Drew

    Ok so I go to DM Updater and open it then when the screen comes up I click set permission, but the download recovery screen doesnt come up after that. It just asks me which rom I would like to install.. Someone please help me =( Running Cyanogen 5.0.5

    • Spinach

      I'm also having the same problem and the phone is so buggy and slow with Cyanogen, it's unusable.

      I'm going to have to go back to my old WM if someone can't help me. I can't restore a backup with nandroid, erasing cache/data has no effect, reinstalling Cyanogen and DM Updater has no effect. Nothing is working in any combination I've thought to try or that's been suggested here. I even tried another update.zip that was supposed to unroot the phone, but that wouldn't install either.

      It would be really helpful to get some 1 on 1 help live as I do this. I'm never rooting this phone again.

  • Drew

    I have a question. When I open DM Updater it asks me to set permission and I do. But the SPR recovery screen doesnt come up after that =( Please help me out! Running 5.0.5

  • shooter454

    Hello all just wanted to share the way i got back to DM from Cyanogen 5.0.5

    I first powered the phone down.After that hold the x button and power up(into clockwork recovery).Then i went to nandriod(this is in clockworks recovery) let it do its thing.It rebooted on its own and went right back to DM,it worked great for me hope it helps.I really enjoy your vids but this one didn't work the same for me.

    also i must say i have backed my apps up with astro before i did this and I take no responsibility…

    • Stumpster

      I followed what shooter454 said above, guessed at a few things because the way he described it wasn't clear to me, and I WAS able to get back to stock. When it says “went to nandroid” I actually did the restore that I made prior to going to Cyanogen 5.0.5. Once it did the restore I was able to follow the instructions above.

      • shooter454

        Sorry i have a hard with the typing stuff lol and i'm also a noob..
        But it sure work the way i did it.

    • rneal_ra

      Thanks for this post…you got me back to droidmod like I was before cyanogen. I was not getting the flash sprecovery choice. Thanks again!!!

    • Dito_Muertez

      I also followed this process, much easier, and it worked, kept all my settings (even homescreens) intact. If you have the option, just use the nandroid restore from clockwork recovery.

      • shooter454

        Thanks guys i'm glad it worked for you all too…

        Its seems the process maybe diffrent for other driods if that makes since.

        As i said i have enjoy driod-life vids if it wasn't for them i prob wouldn't have rooted…

  • so just to see what all the fuss..im taking the plunge. 5.05.3 is the latest version..gonna give that a whirl…i dont mind so much if i dont have my old settings when I unroot and go back to stock, i can reset them

  • jllj7783

    Oh boy… trying to back to stock from the latest CyanogenMod and DmUpdater gets to the point where it knows I'm rooted but the give it permission screen never comes up….It goes straight to check again….so I can't give it permission? Just trying to wipe it clean, don't care about losing anything….

    Thank, john

    • jllj7783

      now I have the CyanogenMod and can not get root access anymore……

  • durangojim

    I can't get DM updater to overwrite clockwork. I followed the instructions via the video at Droid-life.com to install 5.05 and everything was fine until I followed the isntructions to uninstall at which point when I go into DM updater I get the following message “Your SD card is not mounted. If you SD card is mounted on your computer, you must eject it before running DM updater.”

    I think that has something to do with why the DM updater won't run the SPR recovery program.
    Anyone have any ideas?

    • izzy182

      try reboot ur phone, sometimes when it says that (hope not) it might b
      damaged sdcard

    • jllj7783

      I'm having almost the same problem…..I posted too, hopefully someone can help…. I can't get it off either?

    • Orion

      I was having the same problem. Now your mileage may vary, but here's how I got to cyanogen. First I did the DM updater, then went to droidmod ROM and then to Cyanogen, all using the instructions from this website (which rocks). After that, I decided I liked droidmod better and wanted to go back, but was getting the same error you're getting. I found this:

      “su” press enter
      “flash_image recovery /sdcard/download/recovery-0.99.3.img” press enter
      “reboot recovery” press enter

      And when it rebooted into recovery, it was still in clockwork recovery. So I simply rebooted, and started doing more research. I came upon a forum where someone mentioned nandroid backup, which droidmod evidently does during install and remembered that, while in clockwork recovery, the fourth or so option said “nandroid”. So, I powered down the phone, hit “x” and power and went back into clockwork recovery. From there, I went down to nandroid and selected it. It then asked if I wanted to “backup” or “restore”. I clicked restore and (I think without confirmation, but I'm doing this all on adrenaline and memory) it started doing a whole bunch of stuff. Once it was done, I think it auto rebooted, but it may have asked me to.

      I saw the moto logo, and then it showed the DroidMod logo and did the slight vibrate. And then it hung there for about 5 minutes. I did a battery pull and booted again and voila. I'm back to droidmod.

      Now, I'm not saying it will work for everyone, but it was easy as pie, and it did work for me. So, that may be an option that other people who know a lot more than I do can comment on as to risk/benefit. Hopefully it helps.

      • jllj7783

        Orion, you rock!!! worked perfect…. got back the permission and flashed back to stock!! THANK YOU!!

        • Orion

          No worries. Glad it helped.

      • shooter454

        Orion I was the one that posted about the nandriod in clockworks am glad it worked out for you.

        Also you worked it so much better than i did.:-)


      • STEVE

        I'm having the same problem but i don't know what any of this means. what do you mean by “su” press enter and the other instructions?

        • Orion


          Those instructions are instructions you would run in a terminal emulator. “su” I think is the command for superuser permissions, and I'm not sure what the rest of the commands do. All I can tell you is that I tried doing those instructions a couple of different ways, and I couldn't get it to work that way. I haven't used the updated ROM manager (because having used the nandroid option I wrote about, I got back to droidmod and have been content to leave it that way), but my understanding is the new ROM manager (which you can download) has the SPrecovery option, which makes me think it should work for you. I think Kellex has done some video or written tutorials that should help out that you might could look at. Endisky on here also helps people out on chat with a lot of success, so you might want to try to get in touch with him for more help. I'd do more, but it'd be the blind leading the blind if the nandroid thing doesn't work for you. Good luck!

          @shooter: then I thank you for the suggestion! I was so happy to get back to droidmod, I didn't know what to do.

  • jake4166

    For the life of me, I cannot seem to get either DroidMod v1 or Cyanogen on to my phone. I am rooted, as shown by superuser Ninja himself, but every time I try to load on ANY custom ROM at this point, I go into a boot loop. What am I doing wrong? I have been obsessed for the last few days about doing this mod on my phone and I am going more and more bald with each re-boot! Please help!

    • izzy182

      what you'll probably need to do (since it happened to me) is go into
      clockwork recovery and manually wipe cache and user data then install

      • jake4166

        My apologies if this question is stupid, I have never modded a phone before, by “clockwork recovery” do you mean the ROM Manager app?

        • izzy182

          no worries, just boot into recovery (hold X and power up, keep holding X
          untill it goes into recovery mode), then select backup (if you haven't
          already), afterwards wipe cache, and user data

          • jake4166

            I cant seem to get into “clockwork” recovery. I just started from fresh, non-rooted phone. Here's my steps:
            1: Dload update.zip
            2: Root phone
            3: Use DMupdater to flash ROM (so I can backup)
            4: Open ROM manager, flash using clockwork (says successfully flashed)
            5: Power off phone
            -here's where I have problems now
            6: While holding X, power on phone (keep holding X)
            …nothing. for minutes. Just “M”. Once I let go, it reboots into regular ROM. Nothing changes. It seems I cannot get into Clockwork Recovery. I have even clicked “reboot into clockwork” from ROM manager, it just reboots like normal.

            BTW, your ridiculously fast response is not only astonishing in that you actually respond (period), but that you are helpful to EACH individual on here. Many thanks to you!

          • izzy182

            you're very welcome, BTW, i was driving so i wasn't able to respond rite
            away, my apologies. if that's the case, i would try using DMUpdater and
            flash into DroidMod 1.0, then use ROM Manager and flash clockworks again and
            go from there. BTW, not that i'm doubting you, if you go into your app
            drawer, do u see a ninja icon for Super User?

          • jake4166

            Yeah, he's there. And I'm about to whoop his ninja butt! I've tried the flashing into DroidMod 1, but I get stuck in a boot loop when I do that. The “M” screen comes up for a few and the phone just restarts. Have you heard of any phones NOT being able to load custom ROM's or broken files or anything. I may be new to modding phones, but I'm fairly technically sound. I just can't see why I cant get this to work.

            On a side note, I have SetCPU on my phone, but its limiting my top speed to 550. Do I need to do something else to overclock my phone? Is that part of loading the custom ROM's?

          • izzy182

            let's take this offline, i just sent u an invite for Talk…c u in a bit

  • iamthewalrus2211

    Ok, first let me say thank you for everything here. This site is awesome!!! Now for my query; following kellex's videos to the “T” i rooted using dm, installed dm1.0, then installed cyanogen. Two days after that the update was announced. So I followed this video and went back to stock thinking that i would actually be “one of the lucky ones.” Now I want cyanogen back, so my question is, can i just do everything i did in the first place to get everything back? Or do i need to somehow make sure everything is deleted from my previous root? Sorry for the noobish question but hey, I am a noob, for now. 🙂 Thanks in advance.

    • izzy182

      just follow the instructions, including rooting

      • iamthewalrus2211

        Copy that, thanks alot. I will be re-rooting tomorrow. I think this time i will play around a little bit with metamorph.

  • Tom

    Do we HAVE to accept the update if we have rooted and installed Cyanogen? If not, how do we NOT accept?

  • Eak

    What should we do with the root apps that are still showing up in applications list? Like android.tether, com.android.apps.genie and so on. They show as 0 bites so they are not actually installed.

  • nick

    going back to stock but when i pick choose rom from sd card i get no tar archives found

    • Tom

      I'm getting the same message so I did a reboot and when the phone comes back on its still with cyanogen. When I go back through dm updater I get the message “Looks like your phone is rooted, but you have not given DM Updater access yet. You *must* check the remember box!” but even after uninstalling dm updater and reinstalling its just goes right to that pop up without the one to allow.

      For what its worth setcpu doesn't recognize that the phone is rooted and I can't overclock anymore.

      • bkck2k3

        Anyone cleared this up yet? I can't get DMUpdater to prompt for root access, it just says I haven't given root access yet and tells me to check the remember box.

        • Tom

          Still having the issue, now just get the error “The application Launcher (process com.android.launcher2) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” with the option to force close.

      • bkck2k3


        This got me back in business. Use at your own risk.

        • Tyler

          This did the trick. It's pretty sketchy though. I use this tool almost daily at Verizon but I was a little less sure of myself using my own laptop.

      • pappy53

        I am having the same problem. DMupdater just says that message, and when I press “check again”, it does nothing. HELP!

    • Anothamexican

      Im also getting the same message, I tried doing it again but DMUpdater wont give me the set permission screen anymore so it wont go past the “check again” screen except by the hitting the back button.

  • Richard


    Awesome as usual! SoI have what may be an unusual question. When I first rooted my phone I did it using the DroidMod updater and then installed the DroidMod as my first ROM. Then I went to BlackDroid's UltimateDroid 7, then 7.5. Then I went to Cyanogen's Mod using the Rom Manager route, which I guess replaces the DroidMod recovery with it's own. Along the way, I did several Nandroid backups just in case I needed to go backwards. Then, as I did the Rom Manager flash, I did another backup (of UltimateDroid 7.5) using Rom Manager just before I installed Cyanogen's Mod.

    So I was wondering, because I prefer the Nandroid backup to the Rom Manager way, while I have Cyanogen's Mod still, could I reactivate DM Updater and then use Nandroid to make a full backup of the Cyanogen Mod, and then do a restore using my original Stock backup, which I did just before installing UltimateDroid 7? From there I could go back to stock for the OTA.

    The upside, if this would work, is that I have Nandroid backups of my original stock, my blackdroid mods (7 and 7.5) and my cyanogen mod. Once the OTA update is installed, I can flash the DM Updater once again, do a Nandroid backup of the “new” Stock ROM, and then use any of the Nandroid backups that I have as I wish.

    The downside is that if Cyanogen releases an update, I will have to go the ROM Manager route all over again, then back to DM Updater to Nadroid that (unless somone can convince Cyanogen to use Nandroid restores instead).

    So sorry for the long post, but I would like to hear your opinion.

    Thanks again for all the great work you do!


    • Ok so this works. Do the Advanced Nandroid backup and choose to backup EVERYTHING. Then the restores put everything back just as you left it.

      Now to go back to stock and wait.

  • ACmusic

    Hey Kellex,

    First off you single handedly introduced me to the world of cell phone modification…for that I thank you. I've basically become an addict to this site haha. I thought the least I could do is contribute. If you have a nandroid backup of a previous droidmod and restore you can boot to that from your sd card once reinstalling sp recovery. If you do that, when you reboot back to stock in the DM Updater none of the settings, data, or apps will be reset. You'll have the same settings as the droidmod nandroid backup u just installed, just with stock 2.0.1. I hope that made sense. Thanks again, you guys do really great work.

  • Chaser457

    Private video?

    • kellex


  • RealGame22

    Staying rooted. Was some rumor going around,that Motorola or Verizon put a new bootloader on it. I'll just check out a friends phone first.

  • ViggS

    YouTube Video is private for some reason.

    • Mike

      it was private for me too why cant we watch this video?????

      • kellex

        FIXED! SORRY!

  • Hep

    I'm new to the whole “root / mod” thing and might want to try it after I get the update. If you root your phone and install Droid Mod or Cyanogen and then follow these steps (or updated ones with the 2.1 OS) to get back to stock mode, is your warranty no longer void then? Or can they tell you've changed up the phone still?

    • izzy182

      they should not be able to tell as reverting to 2.0 is pretty much mirroring the original stock files from whez.you initially purchased the phune

  • Here we go.
    My question is I followed the written instructions from the other day and did not have me go to droidmod 1.0 but everything is stock is that ok

    • izzy182

      as long as you firmware states 2.0, you're all gravy brother

      • maizekidstill

        Thanx I appreciate that

  • shawnb1824

    Hey guys. Just want to be sure… I am using Droidmod. My firmware version under phone info is 2.0.1. Without doing anything, will I still receive the 2.1 update? Thanks for the info.

  • Sgt_Terry

    Ok, calmed down a little, pulled battery several times and finally when it turned on it was back to stock droid???? build number is ESD56 firmware version 2.0.1 So I beleive I'm back to stock now….WHEW!!!! got a little scared for a minute, but the video said DON'T PANIC, the droid is a tuff phone…..and it is, THANKGOD!!!! I love this site!!!!! I probably should have waited before unrooting but I just wanted to see if I could, hell I might even reroot again tonight just to do it again, then undo it again and wait for the update. Practice makes perfect….as long as I don't screw up and brick my phone…..LOL

    • kellex

      Pretty tough to brick a droid. It is fun to play with though and there is nothing like practicing flashing ROMs. 🙂

      • Sgt_Terry

        Your right, I love missing with cell phones and this site is AWESOME!!!!! You have done an AMAZING job here, I couldn't do this stuff without the guidance from YOU!! Please keep up the GREAT work. I got pretty good with hacking the Motorola RAZR's but the Motorola Droid is a whole new ballgame(I LOVE IT). As you come up with new things to do, I will try them and post my results, if that might help someone in any way. THANKS AGAIN FOR THE WORK YOU DO KELLEX!!!!!!!!!

      • mike

        kellex why is the video private???? what do i need to do so i can view it ?? By the way i installed the cyanogen ROM a few days ago its awesome

  • syntakk

    Wanted to make a note that apps restored from Astro don't show up as installed in the market. At least they never do for me.

    • izzy182

      the restore is merely showing you what apps you previously had so that you could download it again, it's like having DL then deleted apps but it shows in your "Download" part of the market

      • syntakk

        Actually it does let you install them. When you make the backup it creates an .apk for each app and lets you reinstall them again. You have to enable third party app installation on your phone to get it to work. It is much quicker than going through the market. It just doesn't register them under My Downloads because they were installed through an .apk on the SD card.

        • izzy182

          ahhh….learn something new everyday

  • syntakk

    You are the man, Kellex! Wish I had enough free time to hang around and post here more often, your work with updating your videos, and this cokmuni

  • Sgt_Terry

    Well I tried to unroot to go back to stock according to the videos on here……….AND NOW MY PHONE WILL NOT COME BACK ON!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!

  • dquicknc

    I need your help. I got back to stock 2.0.1 with no problems. I then reinstalled the apps I backed up with Astro and data backed up with MybackupPro. Rebooted and then keep getting the following “The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” Force Close. I select force close and it pops back up again every time. It doesn't give me time to go into menu>settings>apps so I can uninstall the problem app. I'M STUCK.

    • izzy182

      did you wipe user data during your restoration?

    • dquicknc

      I got it fixed. My gmail contacts were trying to sync and I was trying to reinstall data from mybackup pro at the same time. My sync got looped causing the error. Booted into recovery and wiped data/factory reset. Reactivated and my Droid is back in business, stock 2.0.1. Bring on the OTA update!

  • Mathew

    This wasn't easy as the video showed for me, but I was able to get it back.. First few steps went fine.. I booted and the droidmod 1.0 was not on my sd card instead I found update.zip I assumed since I had no other options I should install that.. I booted and got back to cyanogen.. I went back to dm updater and I was able to download droidmod 1.0 reset the phone and then I was able to install from there.. Then I was at the point where kellex was rebooting to stock 2.0.1.. I'm guessing because kellex has done this so many times that he already has droidmod 1.0 and stock 2.0.1 on his sd card therefore he didn't have to download them again like I had to. The video still helped allot thanks and good job..

    • kellex

      Very true. I do leave them on my SDcard just in case.

  • Brendan

    why is this process different from the process you posted a couple days ago?

    • kellex

      The more I thought about it, this method just seems more clean to me.

      • Brendan

        ok because i did it the other way and i was just wondering if i did it wrong

  • How painful was making that video. I don't know if i could bring myself to do it.

    • kellex

      Semi-painful. Needed to be done though!

  • Sgt_Terry

    I am running droidmod 1, I downloaded Cyanogenmod but never installed it. If i use Astro to back up my installed downloads will it save it too? I'm new at this, I got pretty good at tinkering with moto razrs, but the droid is TOTALLY different, (I LOVE IT). I don't know if I want to wait and see how the update is first before I revert back to stock or keep droidmod 1and adding Cyanogenmod????

    • kellex

      As long as you dont delete Cyanogen off of your SD card it will still be there.

  • Ace Z.

    Kellex are you on stock now and waiting for the OTA update?

  • NikolaiVolkov

    I just used dm updater to root but never installed droidmod itself, just went straight to cyanogen, will that complicate things? I did my original rom back up in rom manager so not sure how I would get back to stock that way

    • kellex

      If you have Cyanogen installed, whether you installed DroidMod or not you can use this process.

      • NikolaiVolkov

        Thanks Guys, although Im gonna wait for some vids of 2.1 from Droid Life a.k.a. the swiss army knife for droid owners before I switch back. I like cyanogen too much. But once Tat Home comes out I'm going straight to that, rooted or unrooted

        • kellex

          “Swiss army knife” I like that. New slogan! Hah

    • Ace Z.

      It shouldn't affect it in any kind of way. If you wanna go back to stock trust me Kellex knows what he's doing. I did it the exact way he conveyed in the video.

  • HeathCliff

    I am SO impressed with both your professionalism and generosity, Kellex. Thanks so much.

  • phenom

    Question: Through this process, it looks like the phone's ROM is replaced by the stock 2.0.1 ROM, but the stock recovery remains off the phone, replaced by SP Recovery. I understand this shouldn't affect flashing, but is there a way to flash the stock updater back, or is this done as part of the flash in your video? I supposed it must be because I understood that having/using SP Recovery prevented OTA updates from being installed a la update.zip. Just my thoughts after watching the video.


    • kellex

      When you choose the option in DMUpdater to return to stock, it should wipe SPRecovery off of your phone. And actually I just checked to make sure and it does.

      Also, you pretty much need a custom ROM and an OTA blocker to not receive the update. 🙂

    • Ace Z.

      I would've tried to answer, but I'm somewhat of an amateur in that. Sorry. I definitely know the way to go back to stock is just flash the 2.0.1 StockRom through DMUpdater and wipe the entire phone and partition. After, maybe just delete the update.zip file just in case from your SD card. I could be wrong with the update.zip part, but definitely right about how to go back to stock.

  • Ace Z.

    Thanks for the post Kellex. I went back to stock before when using CyanogenMod, but now I have a new…no sorry “certified” DROID…whatever that means. LOL