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Droid 2.1 Update Expected End of March

It has been a while since we’ve had 2.1 OTA update news as Motorola had put a clamp on all messages issued from support personnel.  Well good news Droid users!  Motorola has apparently lifted their “soon” timeline and given us the first semi-specific date since their Facebook page had our hopes raised high.

Our chat with a rep this morning…

Marcelo M.: Hi, my name is Marcelo M.. How may I help you?
Kellen B: Hey Marcelo! Since the Spain Milestone has Android 2.1 and the Bulgarian one launches at the end of this week with 2.1, should Droid users expect it this week as well?
Marcelo M.: Within the next 2-3 weeks
Kellen B: Really? That’s awesome news. So by the end of March?
Marcelo M.: Yes
Kellen B: Very cool! Any details on what will be included in the update?
Marcelo M.: Not at this time Kellen, I am sorry
Kellen B: Ok, well thanks for providing me with a more defined timeline than just “soon”. Greatly appreciated.

Update 10:37AM 3/15: To get a second confirmation I spoke with a second rep who wasn’t as specific as Marcelo but did confirm they expect it to be at the end of Q1 which would also be the end of March.

How you feeling now?  Should we actually believe it?  Are you over the official 2.1 and on to a custom ROM?

  • Thank the phone gods,,,,,, we are, at last going to get 2.1……….

  • JGE

    I find it more than coincidental that the rumored 2.1 release for Droid coincides with the rumored Skype release for Droid. Am I alone in this?

    • kellex

      Probably Flash too.

  • ajavgeek

    I would like to get an update soon but it is hard to keep track of all the ROMs floating out there. Is there any place where I can get comparison among all? Will be very helpful for non-geeks like me

  • BTW, at my store in Totowa, NJ I've been installing roms for a few lucky customers lol

  • 1barlog17, any in-store Verizon rep was pulling it out of thin air. I work for VZW and any of us reps in the store are the last to get any info about updates, phones, rollouts, etc to A) prevent leaks of proprietary info, and B) prevent customers from becoming irate if intended plans get delayed, go wrong, etc. What that rep was supposed to say was “There has been no official word of any said update, its features, nor its release date, but did you know that you can do this with the software you already have?” Then we're supposed to try and teach the customer about a feature or two included with 2.0. that maybe they haven't used yet, such as widgets, custom ringtones for each person, the My Verizon app, etc. to re-breathe life into the built-in software and change the topic I guess.

  • BRIM

    I'm tired Of all the hype that had happened. Now that I'm rooted with Droid Mod I see nothing that the update will have that I don't already.

  • 1barlog17

    I went into a Verizon store over the weekend and thought I'd ask the kid working there if he knew anything and he said the end of the month. I figured he was just pulling it out of the air so I asked how he knew that did he here it from Verizon he said yes still not believing a word he said I asked if he herd if online he said from his coworkers so when I got your post today that confirmed it for me kind of a coincidence I herd the same thing on Sunday from a random Verizon employee Verizon has to know something. I would probably root my phone but I'm not confident enough on how to do it I can't even figure out how to get a super Mario world ROM on my Droid I would die to be able to play it on my Droid I'm starting to think I'm not smart enough for this Droid but I love it if any has any tips for me any help would be appreciated LONG LIVE DROID!

    • izzy182

      If you're interested, there's a topic posted a few days ago for CyanogenMod, it'll show you how to root your phone, very simple steps, and it's a merely installation vs. “BOOT” with most other ROMs. Of course, ALL INSTALLATIONS ARE DONE AT YOUR OWN RISK. It does provide very simple steps and good instructions on how to complete the operation.

    • belsonc

      I'm not trying to sound snarky or rude, but… dude. Punctuation. Learn about it. It took me way too long to try to figure out what you just said.

      • 1barlog17


  • dannydarko

    I am way over the 2.1 ota I am rocking with root and rom so I am good to go they can rub that update on their chest.boooyah !,Drooooiiiid!

  • wyzarddoc

    Is it possible to develop a ROM that would brick the phone if you tried to uninstall it? If so I might not want 2.1

  • I gave-in and droidmod.org'ed mine. DroidMod v1.0 runs pretty well. Live Wallpaper are not interactive though… and I'm still waiting for the official 2.1 in hopes it has interactive wallpapers and the Flash update.

    • Brendan

      you can make the LWPs interactive by downloading launcher 2-app.apk from this site

  • fgonzo98

    should I still root my droid or wait for the update??

    • Brendan

      the choice is yours, you could root your phone and install a custom ROM and have android 2.1, or (according to this post) wait until the end of march for the update.

  • eddiesfl

    I just spoke to a tech person and he said that it was released for a day, but they had issues and they are hoping to get it released by the end of the month.

    • kellex

      Whoa really? You should send me the log of that. 🙂

      • eddiesfl

        I had an issue with my calls dropping. He said that he is hearing that it should be released by the end of the month, but they have not been told for sure.

        • eddiesfl

          I spoke to a tech

  • fgonzo98

    Should I still root my Droid?

  • fgonzo98

    Should I still root my Droid?

  • Mike C

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

  • Droid user

    I'm from Missouri, show me! Been hearin' this shiza since, what Dec? Jan? Those dates came and gone and no 2.1. It'll happen when it happens. Service providers are calling the shots.

  • randy21671

    Good Job Kellex,
    Thank you for all the foot work (per say)… I really like the CyanogenMod. O/C to 800 (1000 when showing off). Like many others, if the OTA 2.1 has Flash may need a vid. to get back to stock. Only if my backup I made in nandroid don't work. But wouldn't is suck if it stops you from getting rooted…

  • Mwest

    It's hard to say at this point. This update has been promised for so long now that most of us just don't care about it any more. Like many people have stated I'm really just enjoying the hell out of the Cyanogen ROM. I'll say this much I don't think ill except the 2.1 update unless its better than Cyanogen Rom.

  • sr_erick

    I think I'll stick with CyanogenMod for now thank you very much. Waiting to see what's all included in the official release but the only way it will top what I have now is if there is flash support.

  • Ace Z.

    I don't know man. I mean Kellex did a great job with the questioning part, but then again it's Motorola. The Cyanogen Mod is sick and I like it, but when I overclock to 1000ghz it locks up on me and just freezes. I used SetCPU and pressed the autodetect option and it only gives me 600ghz. Can someone help a brother out…Kellex you always come through for me brohaim.

    • Rodney Back

      KellenB…I just saw over on Andriod Central that Droidweasel posted the following statement, “OTAs WILL START FRIDAY AND GO INTO SATURDAY AND SUNDAY FOLKS. WE ARE GOOD TO GO, GOT THE GREEN LIGHT FROM VERIZON, WE SHOULD BE GETTING THAT MESSAGE SHORTLY. GUESS ITS TIME TO GET BACK TO STOCK. I HAD ALL BUT LOST FAITH IN THEM, FINALLY. HOLD UR BREATH THEY DONT YANK IT AGAIN.” However, he doesn't say what Friday…. I don't know how true or false it is just leeting you know what they are saying as well. – Peace!

      • Ace Z.

        Let's hope this is the real deal. Thanks Rodney for the update.

  • Tom

    I'm sticking with stock until the OTA comes out… I've seen what the Cyanogen can do, and if the OTA release doesn't equal up to it, I'm switching. I've waited this long… might as well wait another 2 weeks. I predict that I'll probably be switching to the Cyanogen. Unless of course there is flash.

  • ajavgeek

    This is great info, would like to wait till EoM and if it does not come then going for CyanogenMod. Heard many good things about it but if OTA 2.1 comes with Flash then would like to stick to OTA.

    so waiting for “soon” to come 🙂

  • guest

    If Verizon’s version of the Nexus One is coming out at the end of this month or the beginning of April as rumored, I’m sure Motorola will play it smart and release the update to 2.1 around then too, to compete and to try to get people to still buy the Droid over the Nexus One.

  • syntakk

    If it has flash then I'll update. Otherwise I'll stick with cyanogen or Ultimate Droid

  • nseven

    Custom ROM is the way to go.

  • tehckotek

    i dont know if i still interested on it. i installed the CyanogenMod and overclock it to 1000… oh my, i'm not waiting for any 2.1, let see what these guys can do to make the roms around look like stupid. the only thing i'm waiting is for the flash… thats all…

  • androfan

    Optimistic, but I'll believe it when I see it, based on Motorola's past history of disappointing me.

  • gonzo319

    I just installed the Cyanogen Mod and it's great, 2.1 OTA well I'll have to check back her if it's even worth going back. This ROM is cool I like the 180 degree turn. It's fast,clean…I don't know we'll see. On a separate note, I didn't back up my previous ROM DroidMod 1.0 when I installed Cyanogen is this going to be a problem?? please advise. thanks in advance.

  • I'll believe it when I see it downloading. Not a second sooner.

  • Josef F

    Assuming someone wants the “official” OTA update, would they be advised to revert to stock from the custom ROM? (Maybe a video on how to do that would be nice, too.)

  • DeeMat

    Good work Kellex, or should I say Kellen?

    • kellex

      Whichever you like. 🙂

  • If. Had a Rom I would move nback because is not just the visual elements if you don't go back you will miss out on system improvements…

  • Has anyone else gone into a support chat with a Motorola rep to confirm that others beside Marcelo is claiming this? If so then chances are it might be coming out. But I'm very skeptical that it is.

    • kellex

      I spoke with a second one to confirm and was told by the end of Q1 which is the end of the month.

      • Well then here's to hoping that it will be out by then.

  • Octotron

    I believe nothing out of the devils mouth. When Verizon announces an upgrade, then I will get excited!

  • jasenm

    Saturday I ran into a VZW rep who had a droid and I played it off jokingly and asked what he knew. He also said a couple of weeks away as well. I couldn't resist myself and showed him my Droid with the Cyanogen Mod… he kinda tripped out LOL.

  • aarynk

    I don't believe anything anyone says until I see the software update on my screen… Been given too many false dates for this update

    But I do appreciate you trying to get a more firm date out of them!!

  • It will be mighty tough to give up my CyanogenMOD for regular old 2.1. I also wonder if there will be any attempt my Verizon/Moto/Google to prevent root access with this update, a la Apple

  • Mikey67Tang

    I think most people have already said “Screw it!” The DM Updater makes it SUPER simple to root and install ROMs so even those scared to root can easily done that anyway. The only way I'll go back and get my OTA is if 2.1 includes FLASH… Otherwise, the Devs that the DROID community has are AMAZING and in my opinion have come out with cooler things than Motorola anyway and it'll only be a matter of time before most of the ROMs the devs come up with will get FLASH as well. This is what's SO great about Android!!!

  • US_Marine_beta

    I don't believe it. 3 weeks from now is April. 2 weeks is the 29th of March, so that's cutting it close. Lol. I hope its true but you can just never really know. There are probably other reps saying they have no clue when it'll be released.

  • bksone74

    i can believe that, sure. Marcelo the support tech wasn't apprehensive at all about giving you a time line. seems legit enough. no custom ROM for me.