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Video: Installing CyanogenMod V5.0.4.2 for Droid

We’ve been covering various custom ROM’s over the last few weeks and stumbled onto another one last night which left us so impressed that a video tutorial on how to install it was needed immediately.  For those of you not familiar with Cyanogen, go ahead a do a quick Google search and you’ll realize that he’s kind of a big deal in the mod/ROM world.   However, there wasn’t a version of his ROM available to the Motorola Droid, until now.  Custom ROM guru Koush took on a current Cyangen build and blasted it over for our using pleasure and trust me when I say that this thing is crazy cool.

Video of CyanogenMod v5.0.4.2 in action…


*Warning* – As always, you are performing these tasks at your own risk.  We are not recommending that you do ANY of these, but simply providing information to you.  There is a chance you could brick your phone, do other permanent damage and this will more than likely void your warranty. Please do as much research as you can beforehand.  We are not liable for any of your actions.

1.  Root your phone.
2.  Install ROM Manager from the market:  Download Link
3.  Download the newest Cyanogen:  Download Link
4.  Place Cyanogen file in the root of your SDcard.  (DO NOT UNZIP.)
5.  Open ROM Manager and “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery”.
6.  In ROM Manager go to “Install ROM from SD Card”.
7.  Select option for “wipe data”.  (See Note 1)
8.  Let it go to work and you are finished.

*Note 1* – There is an option to also perform a backup after selecting “Install ROM from SD Card.”  A ton of people are having issues if they select this option.  If you want to perform a backup, I would do so with the option at the bottom of ClockworkMod which says “Backup Current ROM”.  After that backup has completed, then go back and install the ROM.

*Note 2*Instructions for uninstalling and returning back to stock 2.0.1.

For the newest release and support check out the dedicated Cyanogen Droid thread.

  • cyphre

    Wow…cool stuff. I would love to CyanogenMod my droid….but my droid was recently updated to the official Android 2.1…..does that affect in any way modding my droid? I really wanted a N1, but if this would work on the updated droid it would save me all the $$$ the N1 would cost me. I love my droid and just want to have the N1 interface running on it. Thanks much in advance.

  • Josh


    All goes well until the very end. When rebooting the phone for the last time, the phone does NOT ask for a gmail account sign in/syc. Also leads to no gmail, or market icons/applications.

  • Where's the Cyanogen mod for the Moment.

    • Tom

      Cyanogen does not develop for the Moment. They develop for Dream, Magic, N1, and Droid [thanks to Koush]

  • Todd_Anthony

    I installed Cyanogen with no problems so I thought, I try to sign in to my google account and it tells me (cant establish a reliable data connection to the server) Been trying 4 days. Help plz

  • Todd

    Installed Cyanogen mod on droid. now cant establish reliable connection to google to sinc.HELP…Tryed wireless and 3g. everything else works fine.

  • Sarcen

    I'll give it a shot, but that launcher is just Helix2, which is one of the options now available on UltimateDroid. I was using DroidMod (Sholes.info ROM) for a while, but it was so slow compared to the ESE53 ROMs. Hopefully this one will be better.

  • Blah Blah Blah

    Hey Kellen when rebooted my phone and had to enter my gmail account info I got a message saying that I didnt have a data plan and asked me to use a wireless network. I attempted to connect to my office network and it kept telling me that the network settings info was wrong. Tried rebooting several time with no luck.

  • DroidFan

    Ok guys for those of you who trust me(after my little white lie:) I had the same problem you all had. I did not have my android market app or gmail app and some others…..I am going to tell you how to fix this.
    When I had the problem I rebooted back into recovery mode by holding the power and “X” key. then I restored from the back up I did before doing all this. it took about 30 mins. I then decided to try again but this time I downloaded the cyanogenMod straight from Rom manager. I let it do its thing and low and behold I have everything. I hope this helps all of you all who had the same problem I did.

    • scammah

      I hope your method works. I am going to try this tomorrow and hope I can get through this. I am glad you were able to figure it out.

  • DroidFan

    and now Im restoring from the backup……it seems all of us had the same problem…..please let us know if we messed up on something Kelly

  • DroidFan
  • DroidFan

    after seeing the video this look cool as hell……but will we still be able to get the real 2.1 update when it comes out? mabe that is a rookie question.

  • DroidFan

    installing…..cross ur fingers 4 me!

  • DroidFan

    backing up now……takes forever!

  • Kevin

    I've run into a little problem. On reboot, it did not ask me to reactivate my phone. I do not have the Market nor can I get to my google mail. Any idea what I might have missed? I'm not sure what to do next to get myself back to a point where I can activate the phone and sign into Google.

  • My screens/installs load slower than it does in the video, even when I pause the video and wait until your image matches mine (like the Moto logo). Yours still moves onto install or the home screen. Is there something wrong or is this because you have already loaded this on your phone?

  • scammah

    I to did not get the initial sign in screen. I do not have market, gtalk, or my contacts. Please Help

  • seandief

    I loaded cyanogenmod to my droid, when the phone rebooted I was never given the option to sign into my google account. now i have cyanogen and everything works, but i have no android market. how can i go back to stock, or try reflashing a different rom to at least get my market and contacts back?

    • ns

      Same problem here – this sucks

  • Hey there. How will I know when the Cyanogenmod is updated? Will you blog about it? Is there a forum I should subscribe to? Will my phone magically know?

    Thanks in advance.

    • izzy182

      there's actually an update out now, go to the home page and you will see it
      as it is today's post. Word of advice, lf there's nothing wrong with your
      phone, i would not update it

  • Palomosan

    I'm having a proble, when I press Install Rom, the Rom I get is the Sp recovery, you know like if I was going to run Droidmod, however I'm in the flash rom app for the Cyanogen, any sugestions, I follow all the steps to the letter.

    I've tried it twice but the phone is re-booting to start the process of installing the Cyanogen rom I only get the image that comes out in the Sp recovery, thanks in advanced.

    • Palomosan

      Guys, I already got it working, thanks, I just went back to stock and back to root, did the whole process again and this time it installed flawlessly.

  • Cody

    I just installed droidmod today and feel confident about flashing/rom'ming. My question is, if i wanted to switch to the cyanogenmod rom how would i do it? Do i have to re-root, or restore to stock 2.0.1 then install cyanogenmod or what?

  • jake4166

    For the life of me, I cannot seem to get either DroidMod v1 or Cyanogen on to my phone. I am rooted, as shown by superuser Ninja himself, but every time I try to load on ANY custom ROM at this point, I go into a boot loop. What am I doing wrong? I have been obsessed for the last few days about doing this mod on my phone and I am going more and more bald with each re-boot! Please help!

  • david

    i rooted and installed the cyanogen room… but now it doesnt have a market and it does not have a gmail app… can someone help me please

    • ns

      Same problem here – no gmail or market… What now?

  • keithsaarloos

    I lost all my Applications, and i have no marketplace as well…
    any thoughts?

  • Yes, i did “flash clockworkmod recovery” then i “installed rom from sd card” and then i chose the file ‘cyanogen.something something something’ it was the last file on the list, then it rebooted and said it could boot recovery or something so i rebooted and nothing changed. Any help?

  • Glen

    hey guys I cant get my LED notification light to work. Someone posted same thing on here but no response. Other than that cyanogen is good. any help would be appreciated! I use handcent and notification led is selected. help!!!

  • Cody

    When you say “lace Cyanogen file in the root of your SDcard' do you just drop it onto the card, or a specific folder?

    • izzy182

      no, just drop it in the sdcard, don't put it in any folder

      • Cody

        Awesome, thanks for the quick response.

        • izzy182

          np…it's my shift…lol..

          • Cody

            Will i lose my contacts by “wipe data and cache” ?

          • izzy182

            you shouldn't since it's linked to your gmail account, but if u feel safer,
            u can always go to your contacts, and "export to sdcard"…you can also
            backup your apps by download Estrong file and app manager, as well as "SMS
            Backup and Restore" to save and restore your messages. to restore your sms
            you just download the app again and restore

          • Cody

            Alright, yeah i forgot that its linked to gmail. I just got the droid today lol.
            I downloaded estrong and backed up all my apps, now once i install the rom, how do i get the apps back? re-install estrong?

          • izzy182

            you should be aklm just to go back to the market and it would show in your
            "Download"..and you wouldn't have to pay again for the apps you already paid

          • Cody

            Alright thanks, i “installed rom from sd card” and the phone reset, i set it down to let it do its thing and it went to the ! inside the triangle with the phone next to it and did nothing more. I hit the volume up/camera buttons to get it to the one screen and it said 'unable to recover' or something like that so i just rebooted it and everything is how it was before. Idk why the rom didnt install.

          • izzy182

            have to ask this.

          • Cody

            Lol, i know you do but yes i did flash clockwordmod recovery first, then i 'installed from sd car' chose the cyanogen file which was the very last one on the list (maybe chose the wrong file?) then it rebooted and stopped at the ! in a triangle screen. I then hit up on the volume and camera button and chose reboot. The phone loaded and everything was the same. Idk what to do, i don't want to brick it.

          • izzy182

            it would be hard to brick the phone, if this ls the case, i would suggest to
            revert to DroidMod, and retry (from step 2 since you are xlready rooted).
            Practice makes it perfect, and for this particular Mod, it's well worth the

          • Cody

            alright thanks, i will give it a shot. you the man izzy! :p

          • izzy182

            let me know how it works out for ya, believe it or not, although we have
            same phone, still built different, and user behaviors could contribute to
            how your phone operates…holla at me if you have any other questions.

          • Cody

            I appreciate the help izzy.

            If my phone is already rooted using another method, do i need to “re-root” it using dmupdate as on droidmod? http://forum.droidmod.org/index.php/topic,73.0….

          • Cody

            Everything worked 😀 thanks izzy.

            I feel alot more confident installing stuff, now that i installed droidmod.

          • Cody

            If my phone is already rooted using another method, do i need to “re-root” it using dmupdate as on droidmod? http://forum.droidmod.org/index.php/topic,73.0….

          • izzy182

            no need to re-root

          • izzy182

            did u flash into clckwork recovery first?

  • Yo kellex I can't get the link for the cyanogenmod. Can you help abrother out?

    • DeeMat

      Same issue here…

  • zach471

    Yeah, no luck here either. Followed the steps (I think to a T), rooted, then manual backup, placed the ROM on to my SD card through my computer, then go to install the ROM through ROM Manager. When the phone shuts off to reboot I get the exclamation point icon, but nothing loads.

    I'm rooted, but coming from stock ROM, not droid mod.

  • cruzn

    My firmware says 2.1-update1 after installing cyanogenmod…is that right?

  • gonzo319

    Question I just notice the tethering option on my wireless settings on my Cyanogen ROM does this work, that would be great if it did. I probably will stay rooted if this option works, has anybody used it yet? and how to do get it to work?


  • ajavgeek

    I watched this video many times and finally installed it. Amazing development. Happy user!

    Thanks to all who made this happen! Now only if we can get adobe flash 🙂 Very cool stuff!!!


    Kellex, I need help man.. I saved a backup of my favorite setup and I want to go back to it after testing Cyanogen for a minute.. Please help me find it.. I'm back to a flat DroidModv1.0 without all my custom stuff and I need to get back to the original setup..

  • 976Adam

    First, Kellex and everyone else responding, I'm amazed at how patient you all are. I read all of the comments last night to prepare for my installation and saw the questions “should I download on my phone or PC?” and “do I unzip the cyanogen file first?” a million times…

    That said, I need help. I did the DroidMod 1.0 install about a week ago and loved it. Probably shouldn't have messed with it either… but I did. I started the process in Rom Manager and when I'd click on Install Rom, then selected Wipe Data only, I did not select Backup Rom… then clicked on the OK and nothing happened. It just went back to the list of files on the SD card in Rom Manager. Did it again, same thing. So mounted and moved the file to my Download file and named that copy Hero.zip, unmounted, went back to Rom Manager to the download folder and saw the file there, but it said “hero.zip.zip”. Figuring that the name didn't matter, I selected it and it worked! Went the the reboot and bam! Cyanogen! The 3D try was awesome and everything was really snappy… here where it all went south.

    I then used My Backup to reinstall a bunch of apps, and only SMS and Call Log data, NOT system settings. I also went into MetaMorph and install just the framwork file for the smoked glass theme because I really hate the white bar at the top of the screen. Then I rebooted for the first time and… and… anticipation… Force Close Loop!!!! I can't get out of it! I've pulled the battery and rebooted 5-6 times, but still in a FC loop!

    So, any suggestions? I would love to use the Cyanogen Rom, but am okay with going back to using the DM 1.0 with my old setting. I did back up that in the Rom Manager using Kellex's *Note 1* insructions… Thoughts? Suggestions? I'm am trying to be patient and not touch my phone right now until I get some help. We'll see how that goes.

    P.S. This site kicks @ss! It's become my absolute favorite resource.


  • Hey there. I'm pumped to try this, but I've got a quick question. Do I put the cyanogen file in “/sdcard” or just “/”?

    • izzy182


      • Perfect. Thanks.

        One more quick question: Do I need to install DroidMod before Cyanogen? When I tried to do it without installing DroidMod, I got a message that said “can't open cache recovery command”.

        • izzy182

          you don't need DroidMod, DroldMod has SPR, which won't work for
          CyanogenMod…CyanogenMod uses CLOCKWORK RECOVERY that's within Rom

        • izzy182

          also…make sure u wipe cache and user data

          • So, sorry to be a dolt, but I've installed DroidMod, so do I need to go back to stock and then just do the basic root?

          • izzy182

            Are you trying to install CyanogenMod? or just root?

          • Install CyanogenMod.

          • Noctphob

            Hi there,
            Sorry if this has already been discussed:
            I have a similar problem. I have DroidMod installed and I've followed every step described but after step7, i just get stuck on the moto logo. I've tried to go into Clockwork Recovery from Rom Manager and it still just hangs on the Moto Logo. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


  • Stephan

    For anyone getting the “Error dumping boot image” error message I have a solution! Create a directory in the root of your SD Card named “download”, copy the Cyanogen.zip file into the directory, rename the installer “Hero.zip”, start the phone into recovery mode, wipe all data and cache, and install using the “Hero.zip” file. This worked for me after I had countless issues with the boot image not dumping and ROM Manager flat out not detecting the Cyanogen installer.

  • gonzo319

    So far I think this ROM is great, but I think I may have an issue with it. Is anybody else experiencing problem with their 3G coverage less bars? I don't want to believe it's the ROM but wanted to check it out with you guys and see, I'm overclocked at 800mhz and was also wondering if this could be the problem. Anyway I'll change some setting and see if that changes anything, let me know.

    • izzy182

      Actually…to burst your bubble…LOL. Nope, I have full bar on a 3G network. Your phone running at 800 could contribute, and also check your GPS, WiFi, etc.

      • gonzo319

        So Izzy your running cyanogen too huh. Cool what do you mean my GPS or Wi-Fi


        • izzy182

          Yes, check your settings for GPS, Wi-Fi, sometimes when you're using WiFi and GPS, frequencies might cross, so if no need, turn off your GPS and WiFi. Not to mention saves battery life

      • gonzo319

        Are you Overclocked?


        • izzy182

          I am actually at 800…but just depends…I setup profiles to change my processor speed based on battery life and phone state…..but typically I run at 600…

          • gonzo319

            That's. Another thing I wanted some clearity on how should I set my profiles
            on setcpu?


          • izzy182

            well, think of it this way, there are 4 profiles: Chargin, Sleep/Standby, Power <100%, Battery >50.0c. Typically when you're charging, do you also run other apps? Slacker? games? etc, if so, it's ok to run 600mhz and it'll still work great… When your phone is sleep or standby, you can merely lower your phone to 250, since you're not using it, lower processor speed means preserving your battery life. When power <100% (which is 99.9% of the time..LOL..mathematical joke, sorry) I don't even bother to check that nor the one for >50.0c, since I have SetCPU, if I see over 104, I let my phone go for a bit to cool off. Hope that helps

          • gonzo319

            basically I'm running both my max and min at 800mhz. I don't run any apps
            when I'm charging because when I'm charging my phone I'm asleep, I'll fiddle
            around with the setting a see what works for me.

            Thanks Izzy appreciate your insight

  • Nathan

    ok I have my first issue with this Rom, thinking if it has anything to do with this ROM actually, …my ringtones sound like there chopped and screwed lol anyone having these issues??? When I tried to download beautiful from Akon on Mabilo Ringtones and my phone sounded like it was melting literally…..lol HELP!!!

  • Studlychris

    Nevermind, I figured it out. If anyone else runs into this problem, I just installed Helix launcher then uninstalled it. Then the first time you hit your home button it asks you which launcher you would like to use. Just choose the correct launcher.

  • Studlychris

    I accidentally set the home launcher as my default launcher. How do I tell the droid to use the other launcher with the live wallpapers and 3d launcher.

  • Mike

    I can't download the ROM Manager ;x I cannot see it in the market, and i've been trying since i read the post. Any ideas? I saw just a few comments complaining about this, and no one answers what to do. And, seriously, i'm dying for this Mod ;/

    Thank you!

    • kellex

      Are you rooted?

      • Mike

        Yep. I even used some apps like Android Terminal. And i have the 'Superuser Whitelist' on the launcher. ;/

        Thanks for answering.

  • Jason

    Doesn't seem like anyone has mentioned this, but my Alarm Clock program completely disappeared after installing this.

    • kellex

      It was replaced with the “Clock” app which is much better.

      • Jason


  • gonzo319

    Hey guys, I wanted to ask anybody that would know. What recommandations on the setting/Profiles would any of you recommned for my phone. I'm running the CyanogenMod (badass) with and overclock frequency of 800mhz, I was reading the intructions and got lost on all the verbiage. Please advise thanks.

  • sr_erick

    I've been running this mod for a few days now – still thoroughly impressed! Going on a solid 28 hours off the charger and still have 50% of my battery left – this is with light to moderate usage. Sweet! DroidMod would never do this for me.

    • kellex

      That is fantastic news. I whipped through my battery on it pretty quick, but my office is in a pretty low connectivity area and it destroyed me. Glad to hear you are seeing some good life though.

  • ken77

    sorry if this has been already covered but where is the corp. calendar? i setup to sync with our email server via active sync but the calendar is no where to be found! 🙁 this is a deal breaker for me and will have to roll back to 2.01 if its just not there.