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wavesecure vs. mobile defense vs. lookout

there have been many questions surrounding the abundance of security applications out there for your android device and we decided it was time to finally compare the big three:  wavesecure, mobile defense and lookout.  (all are currently free.)

to start off this review, check out this chart we threw together comparing the different options involved in each application…

after looking at that chart, your initial reaction would probably be to want to go out and grab wavesecure immediately.  and sure, it’s a great app, but the one thing you’ll notice missing, is the scheduling aspect.  i find that scheduling is my best friend when it comes to backup applications.  on your home pc, would you ever run a backup or anti-virus scan if you had to do it manually or do you just set those bad boys up to run in the background?

lookout on the other hand, which is the application i currently have installed on my droid runs scheduling but is definitely missing some key features including backups of call logs, videos, and texts messages.  i love that it runs my backup at night while i’m asleep, but i’m not sure how much longer i can go without being able to backup the dozens of videos, thousands of texts, and call logs from my phone.

and mobile defense, as you may have guessed, is miles behind the other two.  the app installs on your phone and immediately goes into hiding and is only accessible from their website.  you can connect to your device from their site which is nice, but the options just aren’t there yet.  they have notices on their website confirming updates in the future which will allow backups and wipes, but right now, doesn’t have either as a feature.

my verdict?  all of the applications do a fantastic job at the security aspect of their functionality which is locating your device if it is ever lost or stolen.  so it really comes down to those few key additional features then.  do you like scheduling or do you want to be able to backup your videos, texts and call logs?  i’m sticking with lookout for now, but if they refuse to add an option for video, text and call log backup, our relationship may end much sooner than they know.

additional info:

wavesecure:  https://www.wavesecure.com/
mobile defense:  https://www.mobiledefense.com
lookout:  https://www.mylookout.com

your questions?

q:  do wavesecure and mobile defense use international sms? 
a:  both have confirmed changes made to their systems so that international sms texts are no longer charged to u.s. customers.  (not sure what that means for the rest of the world just yet.)

q:  do anti-virus programs for android really work?
a: a great question.  since android is a linux-based os, most believe that it is not susceptible to viruses and that anti-virus software can in the long run, cause problems to your phone.  i use lookout, but i have disabled my anti-virus protection.

  • appliedsuccess

    I have heard this dribble from Verizon for the past year and a half. I had one rep go in and uninstall Lookout without my permission and blame it for problems I had with my phone. Then I was sent another phone, and did not install Lookout. What do you know? That phone had the SAME problem. Verizon has wiped pictures from my phone and would be able to do nothing if my phone was lost, so Lookout is on my 28th Droid. That’s right. 28th. This is a Motorola issue in lack of quality control in manufacturing. The Verizon reps all have been told to attack the Lookout app, claiming, “You don’t need that.” My response is this, “What will you do if I get a virus or lose my phone?” They never have an answer. So Lookout is my app for solving that problem. I recently asked Verizon to provide me with the document of the research they have that shows Lookout is at fault for phone issue. They could not provide one. Lookout is widely deployed and therefore a perfect scapegoat for the inexperienced consumer. I have run several Droids without it and many with it, and see no difference in the problems that arise in its absence. So it is not at fault. I’ve been through 28 Droids. I should know better than the average Verizon rep. And I’ll say the app has saved the loss of data a time or two.

  • Ssanguin79

    I recently had my phone wiped I lost all app pic everything it was like a new phone one morning. Verizone said it was because sometime app like lookout and task killers can sometimes causeĀ  a short in a droid. Can you explain that I am not sure what type of protection to get for my phone anymore

  • Lkjlk

    When is this article posted?

  • anyone have tried Seek Droid or SeekDroid?
    Please update the review if you could.

  • Lohtih K S
  • There is at least one program that backs up SMS to your GMail account – “SMS Backup” by Christoph Studer. It's an open-source app and uses IMAP to connect to GMail, so you need to have that enabled. Mine backs up using a label of SMS and marks the messages as read (and archived, they don't go to my inbox).

  • There is at least one program that backs up SMS to your GMail account – “SMS Backup” by Christoph Studer. It's an open-source app and uses IMAP to connect to GMail, so you need to have that enabled. Mine backs up using a label of SMS and marks the messages as read (and archived, they don't go to my inbox).

  • Mobile defense is more preferrable, I once tried it, it did not let me down.

  • Mobile defense is more preferrable, I once tried it, it did not let me down.

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  • OOAndroid

    WOW, just discovered WaveSecure's “Uninstall Protection” – VERY COOOOL

  • Cr1220

    I added Mobile Defense and lookout. When I located my phone with each, Mobile Defense gave the phone less information about what I was doing remotely (which I liked).

  • Tim

    WaveSecure has added scheduling (auto-backup, as they call it), its way cool as it backs up ur data in a “battery friendly” way – only when u plugged in to charge ur your phone. Very cool. that should tip the scale according to your analysis

  • jeff

    i just saw this comparison. have been wondering about this for a while.

    i have tried all three and would go for wavesecure, i think when this article was published (jan), all there were comparable. but by now wavesecure has made significant improvements, which gives me confidence that this will keep getting better.

    my biggest problem is the price ($20) though, but i guess that's the price to pay for a pretty sophisticated app, guess they have to make money somehow (come to think of it.. i would be worried if its free)

  • dukeofrose

    My Droid suddenly deleted ALL my txts last night. Why do I find some sites that claim Lookout backs them up?
    Also, I am in a home w/some kind of fancy WiFi Network setup (b.f. is ex police). Could that have accessed my phone, even w my wifi & blue tooth off?
    THANK U!

  • CyberPete

    What brought me here is interesting. My daughter, who saves every SMS she receives, called and told me her droid just erased all of her messages. I generally erase mine periodically. She was extremely upset about it. I had never heard of this happening, but I did some research, and it appears that MANY droid users of all types have this issue. They have 100s or 1000s of messages/threads, and all of a sudden, they are all gone. I have yet to see anything that even hints at a cause or a solution. Here's what I know:
    This will happen regardless of the setting for purging after exceeding a certain number of messages
    It happens to folks using stock messenger, hancent, and others
    Some have rumored that running antivirus programs may be the culprit
    it may be a problem exclusive to the Droid
    it happens 2.01 or 2.1, rooted or stock
    it's rumored, but not proven, that it may follow messenger force closes

    Specifics for my daughter:
    stock 2.1
    stock messenger
    no force close
    running lookout with AV turned on

    If anyone has any insight to this problem, let us know! Many, many people are screaming mad about it, but nobody has identified the problem, or a solution. (google search “droid text messages disappear”)

    My interim solution to her is to install SMS backup & restore, but running wavesecure might just be a better choice.

    • dukeofrose

      I just posted comment re: dissapearing txts. Then read yours. My texts did indeed DISAPPEAR AFTER STOCK MESSEGING APP F.C.'d!

  • vitalik

    Anti-virus for Linux is usually to protect your Windows PC's. If you use your Android device as storage device and connect to PC to transfer files.