Up to $1,100 Off Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is Happening

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

Apple may have just launched its fancy new iPad Pro with its special OLED screen, but there’s one thing that device will never have – Android. You know what does run Android? Samsung’s tablets, including their ridiculous Galaxy Tab S9 line, one of which is the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra with a 14.6″ display. Absurd and awesome.

To kick off the latest Samsung Discover week, you’ll find discounts through trade-ins on all three Tab S9 devices, but the biggest discount ($1,100 off) will happen through the biggest tablet, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.

What’s the Tab S9 Ultra deal: Right off the bat, Samsung is knocking $200 off the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra to drop its starting price to $999. That matches the Galaxy Tab S9+ price and gets you 12GB RAM and 256GB storage. From there, the next versions have bigger discounts – $250 off 12GB/512GB and $300 off 16GB/1TB.

After starting there, you can then dive into the world of trade-ins (like I did) to further reduce the cost. If you happen to have a Samsung tablet, you can get up to an instant $800 off. The Tab S8 Ultra is the only tablet from Samsung fetching that amount, but the Tab S8 and S8+ are both worth $700 at the moment. The Tab S7 line (including the Tab S7 FE) is worth $500.

Combining top discounts, you can get up to $1,100 off the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. The fully kitted out version with 1TB storage and 16GB RAM would be just $519.99. The 256GB/12GB version (aka the cheapest) is $199.99.

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