That Scary OnePlus Watch 2 Screen Will Go Away After Updating the OHealth App

OnePlus Watch 2

Over the weekend, OnePlus Watch 2 owners were greeted with a pretty scary pop-up if they tried to access the OnePlus OHealth app to view watch data. The screen warned users that the app tried to “access sensitive info and your Google Account,” so Google blocked it. OnePlus says they’ve fixed the issue as they attempt to calm people’s reactions to the notice.

In a post shared today, OnePlus says that after receiving reports from users across the globe, they “determined that the root cause of the pop up was a technical failure in the verification process between OHealth and Google Fit due to a configuration change in the background of the OHealth App in relation to Google Fit.” Google is close to ending support for the Google Fit API for 3rd party apps and that could be the reason for the warning.

Google has shared with developers that come June 30, 2025 (a year from now), they will shutoff Google Fit API access because they want everyone to migrate to Health Connect. They also shutoff of sign-ups for new accounts as of May 1. So OnePlus claims the scary warning about sensitive info being open was because of this May 1 change, but again, Google wasn’t supposed to have changed anything, as the transition period starts from June going forward. It’s an odd/bad look.

You can see a screenshot of the warning below, where Google flagged the OHealth app and blocked its use on phones.

Whatever the situation is, OnePlus says that they’ve pushed an update to the OHealth app that will get rid of this warning. You can update right away by heading to the Google Play link below.

Google Play Link: OHealth

You can read the full OnePlus statement at this link. Here’s a piece of the statement they hope will bring you piece of mind:

Rest assured, our users’ privacy remains of utmost importance to us. And we devote our best efforts to drive robust data security measures in order to ensure protection of our users’ data and compliance with applicable laws.


This post was last modified on May 13, 2024 12:51 pm